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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Neil, unless you are getting the truck really cheap, you are going to spend a lot of money on repairs. 98,000 is high mileage for a '95. I think the records speak for themselves; you are going to know your mechanic very well. (just my .02 worth)
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • Neil:
    1. I LOVED my Land Rover.
    2. It saved my life in an accident, no question.
    3. Lets be honest, they are junky cars. They will ALWAYS leak. They will blow head gaskets and unless you are always off road and I mean really off roading, buy something else.
  • c211c211 Posts: 1
    My Discovery has 107,000 miles, and yes, it had some problems, but all in the first few years. The dealer told me at the time that the things that messed up were things that were added to make the car sell well in the states. After those things were fixed, we've had 60.000 more trouble free miles. Now my teenager is driving it, and I want it back.
  • i'm still searching for a qualified mechanic for my dealership is great, but $75/hour for service on top of parts is ludicrous. anyone in upstate NY???...I'd prefer to do some of the work my self, such as oil changes and ext. part!?
  • I just purchased a 2000 Discovery Series II. I am looking for an after market CD changer that will use the existing wiring. I opted for the leather upgrade so the vehicle is pre-wired for a CD changer. Any advice?
  • kend5kend5 Posts: 1
    Can someone shed some light? I am looking at leasing a '99 Discovery. Everything I have read says that '99 is the first year for the series II. However, the information the dealer gave me has the stats for the series I (i.e. length and width). Are there '99's that are both series I and series II or are all '99's series II and I got a bad brochure?
  • zinheadzinhead Posts: 4
    The II was introduced partway through the 1999 MY and was sold concurently with the SI for a period of time. Brochures from that time period lists specs for both vehicles.
  • check they offer cd changers for disco I and II pre-wired or not. Happy the way it is cheaper than the dealer ship, but identical CD changer.
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Posts: 62
    Hello, everyone.

    I've been posting here for about 2 years, ever since I got my 99 DII in Feb. 99. It was a piece of crap! One of the first DII's off the line. I traded it for a 00 4Runner (perfect vehicle), traded that for a 00 BMW, then traded that for a 00 DII (I could not stand to be without the Disco, it had grown on me and I had come to love it, except for all the problems).

    My current DII is now 3 months and 3000 miles old and has been perfect. I just did a 2500 mile trip to CO, went off-road, and am convinced that this is the best, all-capable SUV one can buy. And I've had just about every SUV you can get.
  • ichangichang Posts: 1
    Good Day to Everyone,
    Is it OK to buy a 97 Discovery with over 40k of mileages?
    Does year 97 is a good year? (I am not talking about wine)
    Thanks in advance!!
    -- Ivan
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Sure, that's a good number of miles. At this point it's about to go "over the hump" so all niggly repairs are dealt with, AS LONG AS there is lots of warranty left. People will take the BS of fixing all these little problems only so long, then they dump it. As of 30k miles ALL my problems are gone. 30k to 50k is about the right range. Watch out for the 52k mile service, it's expensive. Have the dealer bring up the truck history by VIN and see what its life has been. Lots of regular mainenance? Watch out for the sticking valves problem, it started in '96 with the 4.0 liter engine. It's covered by warranty but VERY expensive otherwise.

    Good luck, -Bob
  • I purchased My Disco this past April and now she has 56,000 miles. Nanuq: you mentioned the 52k service, what exactly does that involve? My dealer hasn't said anything about any needed service. I just had an oil change and the hoses and housing replaced for the power steering, but they said everything else is like new. When I purchased her she had a little less than 52k on her and she came with a certified pre-owned warranty. Any input??
  • Hello all, I am purchasing a Disco 96 next week It has 57,000 miles.The person I am buying from says is has a warranty until 2004 or 87,000. I would like to know about this 52K service too. How would I know if everything was done to keep the warranty in effect? How many more service calls other than an oil changes should I expect.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    You are now on your third '00 model ?...... what a loss of money! If you traded in each vehicle, you must have lost 5,000-8,000 per trade.

    I hope you are happy with the new one, if not, your salesman will be very happy.

    Happy motoring. Mark
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • patmarcpatmarc Posts: 2
    Steamchaser: can you provide some more information on this recall? I have a '00 DII but never got a notice. Purchased in June.

    Regards, Pat
  • zedleyzedley Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of a 2001 DISCO II with ACE. Does anybody have any info on the reliability of this system.

    Also has anybody gotten any kind of discount off list?

  • Hello, I am in the market for a Disco II.
    Does anyone know if the 2001 model will have
    any new features from the 2000 model? If you do
    could you list them? Also, when will the 2001 model come out?

  • I am in the process of buying a 97 Discovery. Its a lease return so the factory warranty just expired and I am looking for a good replacement. Everything I've scene has been very expensive and some warranty shops don't even offer one for the Landrover.

    Also looking for either aftermarket or factory cd changer!
  • Anyone here work on their own Discoverys? From what I see the problems relate mostly to hoses and gaskets-things that may be easy from folks to fix themselves. Am I being a little too hopeful?
  • I just started looking at Land Rovers for my next vehicle. The one I am currently looking at has 40K miles. I am assuming it's out of warranty, so how do I go about getting one? Also, are these vehicles chic magnets?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I think you'll find lots of people buy a Rover hoping to be able to maintain it themselves. From my point of view it's part of the enjoyment of owning one, you get to know it well enough that within a couple years you've named her.

    A Disco is very simple to maintain and work on, with a couple caveats. You must buy the factory manuals, and they're over $100 a pop (chassis and mechanical, and electrical). Also you'll need BIG tools for chassis/suspension work. Remember this is an alloy engine so use anti-seize compound on the threads when reassembling and be very careful with torque settings. Gaskets and seals are first to go, and they're messy but very straight-forward work. You'll positively LOVE changing the brake pads, you can do it in 5 minutes with your eyes closed. There are lots of little tricks to learn, and over time you'll pick them up here and from the manuals. Also listen in on:

    for lots of good advice. Rememer to change all fluids regularly (another great job that's very enjoyable, done about every 15k miles) and be prepared to know your parts man on a first-name basis. He'll most likely be very pleased to meet you and the more you come back with grease under your fingernails, the more likely you'll get back in the shop to SEE how the guys do it.

    This won't be like owning an "appliance" vehicle and it will be EXTREMELY frustrating at times but also very enjoyable. It's truly a love/hate thing.

    Regards, -Bob
  • I've only owned four cars in my life, but I would have to say my '96 Discover is the worst auto I've bought. I'll just go ahead and list the problems I've had with it.

    1. Passenger side door does not open from the outside anymore (supposedly fixed while under warranty at the dealership which has conviently run out) Not to mention that people have told me that the door feels like it's about to fall off, but I ignored the warnings because it was my new 'baby' at the time.

    2. Makes a 'clunking' sound when I turn the wheel now. I checked the steering fluid, and it's not low. Tired of trying to fix all the problems with this car, gonna trade it in instead.

    3. Once in a while, makes this awful exhaust whistling noise when you step on the gas. This too I have brought in before my warranty ran out but was told by the dealship that it is not a defective part, thus, there is nothing they can do about it. (Design flaw?) I should have sold the car at this point, but I was still ga-ga over Land Rover's 4X4 capabilities.

    4. Last and most importantly, driving along the freeway or up the hill to get to Tahoe, the car will lose power for a few seconds and then regain power. This first occurred about two months after I bought the car and I quickly brought it in. The dealership said they couldn't recreate the problem, thus, they could not fix it. I'm at this site searching for car info because just this past weekend, the car decided to lose power about 25 times in a row while I was driving home from Tahoe; uphill and downhill, so it wasn't because I was putting too much pressure on the engine or anything like that.

    My car now has over 60K miles on it and you may say this has all happened because I did not take care of the car. But on the contrary, the dealership threw in 3 years, 36K miles free maintenance to entice me to buy the car. I brought my car in for every check-up, oil change, and every little thing that I preceived as a potential problem. I even babied the car for the first 5K miles and managed to get 400 miles to the tank out of this gas guzzler driving 55mph everywhere I went. And all these problems I've listed, except the steering noise (which started a month ago), have occurred while under warranty and free maintenance, and were somehow not fixable by Land Rover. I plan on trading in my Discovery rather than selling the car to someone because I cannot in good conscience sell this car to another person just to have it break down on them in a year.

    Who knows, maybe I did get the rare lemon of the batch, but that's a lot of problems for this to be an isolated incident.

    This is the last time I ever buy a car that is KNOWN to be 'high maintenance'. When you bring in your car and there's 10 other Discoveries waiting to be serviced, makes you wonder what's wrong with all the other ones, huh? Good luck to all present Land Rover owners, and I really hope the new Discoverys aren't pieces of crap after you put some miles on it.
  • I'm awfully close to purchasing a 97 with between 35 and 40K on it. I'd like to get five years of light driving out of it. I'm well aware of some very reliable SUV's out there, but they have no romance or style to them. Any advice on the intelligence of my decision to get a Disco vs a Pathfinder or Four-Runner?
    ...and what is the 52k service all about.
    I'm not concerned about gas mileage as my other car does quite well. Should I buy an off-lease vehicle from the LR dealer or try to
    haggle with a private seller? Help.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Boy I wish you'd got here before your warranty ran out! I had all these same problems with mine and I know the solutions. Your passenger door needs some WD-40 shot up inside the mechanism weekly. They all do this. Your steering clunk is from either loose bushes, the swivel pins are loose (doubtful) or the track rod/ball joints are loose (doubtful). Get some BIG wrenches and torque the front end panhard rod, drop arms etc. to 100 ft-lb. Check also the rear end, the A-frame aligning the rear axle may be loose as may the trailing arms. Your exhaust whistling, hmmmm. Can it be the gasket between your manifolds and the Y-pipe going to the cats? Mine come loose every month. 5 minutes with a 13mm socket. Loss of power: man, this will hurt... I'd pursue this one with LRNA!! Starting in '96 with the 4.0 engine there is a problem with sticking valves. LRNA has a new design that replaces the sticking valves with "carbon cutting" valve stems. It's a warranty job and it solved my problem. This one is EASILY traceable by the OBDII system by a variety of fault codes. But the stumbling and loss of power are clues. You might also see if the fuel filter is plugged or spark wires are old (open the hood with engine running in a dark garage, look for the light show). Also check fuel pressure at the rail, see if the fuel pump is acting up.

    I had a TON of problems with my '96 and got them all sorted... and have had not ONE problem in 2 years now.

    I hope this helps, Good luck!! -Bob
  • My wife and I are debating on whether or not to purchase a 94 w/46,000 miles for $12,500 or a 97 w/35,000 miles for $17,000. The 94 is almost fulling loaded with leather/dual moon roofs and the rest, while the 97, although nice has fewer options. I've read most of the posts in regards to the Discovery's reliability and was wondering if we would get a longer life out of the 97 for the moneys worth. Is the extra money spent going to save us anything in the long run?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    BUY THE '97!!! :) Absolutely no question. You may easily spend the difference in repairs. Have a long look at the vehicle history by VIN# and see if it's had trouble with sticking valves. This started in '96 and is VERY expensive when the warranty expires. Don't sweat the lack of fruit on the '97, that stuff eventually leaks or breaks anyway. Get a simple model and garnish at a later time. Good luck! -Bob
  • Get the 97 absolutely, or better yet don't purchase a Landrover unless you want to advertise to people that you have so much money you can afford to own such a poorly engineered vehicle. Why do you think BMW dumped them, even the German engineers couldn't save this one...
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    This gets old after awhile. A couple questions:

    Travelman9, if you're so upset by the apparent lack of engineering, why are you here reading about Rovers? If it's to convince people of poor quality, then specifics are called for. If you had one and hated it and sold it, then I understand. It really is a love/hate thing.

    Now, please provide examples of their poor engineering? Please distinguish between engineering and assembly in your reply.

    Regards, -Bob
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    ...mentioning the sticking valves in the 4.0 engine. I already provided THAT poor design. (grin) Otherwise... let's have it?
  • smkmsmkm Posts: 11
    stay away from this vehicle. The 4.0 V8 was design by Buick in the sixties.....then sold to Rover...scary....other than a few manditory emissions is the same damm motor. It must have been bad if Buick didn't want it.
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