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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Real World MPG



  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,084
    I've had my 2010 Fusion for a year and have just under 16K miles. Its a SE, with the 6 Spd manual. The car's computer states currently I am averaging 28.3. This is combined Highway and City. This is pretty much a 60/40 split. For the last 6 months this is pretty much where the cars computer has placed my average. I'm sure I could get a little better, but I like to push the car a little harder then a normal person and a lot less than what the mar magazine guys do. So over all I'm happy, its not as good as my neighbor's Fusion Hybrid he averages 40 MPG.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    At 9000 miles My 9 months old Milan I-4 6 speed automatic seems to have loosened up or perhaps it is happy to see warmer spring temperatures. The most recent tank had averaged 32.5 by the computer but measured out at 31.8 by calculation using gallons and miles. That is my experience to date, an average (overall with 40% highway) of about 31+ and the computer reading between 0.5-1.0 mpg high. In this case I refueled near the entrance to a highway and my trip took me 80 miles on the highway. I set the cruise control at 63-64 mpg and when I left the highway the computer read 37.8 mpg. I believe that such temperate highway driving consistently gets over 35 mpg. I am pleased with these numbers and find that they reflect nearly the EPA estimates. So far no issues big or small.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 583
    2010 model. 4,800 actual miles. Miles per gallon by 3 methods:

    A. Long term MPG average (life of vehicle) has risen to 38.4 mpg from break-in period through today.

    B. MPG average for May = 40.5 mpg. Winter operation less mpg's. Spring operation yields best mileage. Summer hot weather reduces MPG's a slight tad. Speed limits are complied with most of the time...

    C. City driving not exceeding 47 mph in evenings can yield = 47 to 53mpg's depending per individual trip .

    Hows about them apples Rhoda ? :)
  • podpod Posts: 176
    Outstnding. I can't match but my one year old Milan I4 @ 10,500 has averaged >32MPG by measurement of actual gallons. The built in calculator is a bit (only a bit) optimistic and gives numbers about one mpg higher. I do exceed the speed limit regularly on ighways (but only to 70mph or so except for uncommon situations in which the car had felt very comfortable at 85mpg. Never have needed more. Most of my driving is "residential" meanings lights and stop signs but less troublesome in that regard than my commute to work each day especially the return home which is interrupted by traffic jams and slow general speeds. 65-67mpg seems to be the sweet spot due to the gearing and whatever else pertains. The built in calculator registers between 34-41mpg at such speeds depending on road and weather conditions (how flat, how cold, windows open, etc.). I haven't changed my driving habits compared to my prior V6 but admit that I avoid situations that would require rapid acceleration (which aren't hard to avoid). What's more important the car is wonderfully engineered and satisfies my high expectations in all regards, this is no econobox despite the brand new price of $18.3K. Let all fusion and milan owners quietly rejoice the absolute absence of buyers remorse. No issues of any kind after a year as expected.
    As an aside. I think to get good mileage you need to use your eyes and your mirrors to avoid the need to brake often. A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless interrupted by braking. If you don't get >60K at least before needing brakework, I'll bet you get mediocre fuel economy as well. If G-force and acceleration are your pleasure, look elsewhere but for a reliable vehicle that pleases with its thoughtful design and excellent engineering think fusion (or its recently deceased sibling, the milan).
  • podpod Posts: 176
    If anyone out there has put many miles on their I4 2010 Fusion/Milan and has these tires (17") I would appreciate an opinion on how they hold up over time. What mileage range should I expect before they wear enough to require replacement? I'm only at 10,000 miles and, of course, they look good. My prior experience is that I get 40,000 miles or so from a set of tires before replacement is necessary.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,084
    Just got back from a trip from Phoenix to Houston to Austin and back to Phoenix. Now driving through TX, the speed limit is 80 mph during the day. So with the Cruise control set at 75 MPH, I was getting 32 MPG. I have a I-4 with the 6spd manual. The engine is almost at 3K at this speed. The car cruised with no problems, A/C on all the time, I don't think its bad at all, since the EPA rating for the is 33 on the highway, which would be easy to get if driven at a lower speed.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Mine only lasted about 25K miles each set, but that's all I normally get out of my tires. I've heard of others getting 50K or more so I'd say if you get 40K now that's probably what you'll get or close to it.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    Continue to get the same mileage as when new; now at 14,000. Almost every tank is between 31 and 32 mpg (as measured by gallons and miles). 70% residential; 20% highway (65-70mph; windows and roof open, no a/c); 10% city (stop and start). Last tank 447 miles/ 14.2 gals = 31.5mpg. Very pleased. Tires kept at 32 psi all 4 wheels. Relatively flat New England terrain in R.I. More than 25 fills and quite consistent
  • podpod Posts: 176
    I meant to add that the built in computerized mpg caluclator on the Milan (left without reset for an entire tank) regularly computes the mpg about 1 mpg higher than measured by the exact method. So it is consistent as well and only slightly optimistic.
    For twenty miles I was able to cruise at 70 mph uninterrupted the other evening, the computer indicated 37.8 mpg over that stretch. I have no way to determine if the computer gets more optimistic as speed increases or stays at 1 mpg over.
    Resetting the mpg feature gives you a reliable estimate of the mpg "at that moment" if you are maintaining near constant velocity--let it go for five minutes or so and you get a good idea what the car does at that mph for those conditions.
    I generally run with the flow spending all my time in the left lane and middle lane, passing many more cars than pass me so these are not "turtle" numbers. If fact the sweet spot for mpg seems to be in the high sixties, close to seventy mph. I usually am alone so that may explain the excellent numbers somewhat. A few passengers, I expect, would add weight and drop the numbers by 2-3 mpg.
  • I purchased a 2008 Milan Premier last year. Traded a great Mercury Sable for the Milan hoping to get better mileage. I really enjoy this car in every way..."except" I am only getting between 17 and 20 mpg in town. Highway is only 21-22 mpg. I have 45,000 miles on the car.
    From what I have been reading, most Milan owners are doing much better than this. I saw posts that say they are getting high twenties and better.
    Any suggestions to improve my mileage...Is there something I should ask my mechanic to check? Thanks.
  • If'm getting between 17 & 29 myself. 2007 6 cylinder Premiere. My guess is that I do a lot of side street driving and heavy traffic driving.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    Is your Milan an I-4 (4 cylinder) or 6 cylinder. The six, understandably gets less mpg. The difference is about 5-8 mpg city and maybe 4-6 mpg highway. I believe that the 2010 engine modifications significantly increased the mpg of both engines so the 2008 may be a relative guzzler. Is it manual or automatic? The single most significant determinant of mpg is how do you bring the car up to speed. If you accelerate aggressively that burns fuel. I would say that any situation in which you put the rpm over 4000 while accelerating is a major fuel penalty. High speed travel, even at a steady speed, costs because of the wind resistance and power use. The 2010 seems happiest between 60 mph and 70 mph as a cruise speed, more toward the 70 mph in my car. A lot of slow travel or stop and go travel will cost as well.
    The published EPA numbers for the 2008 v6 are 20/29 but most reviews at that time reported lower mpg 18/26 being typical. Your city values are not puzzling then but the highway numbers should be better. You can check the air filter. Be sure tires are inflated to recommended. Don't accelerate aggressively. After that it is what it is. Over the last two or three years all manufacturers have made engine improvements and increased the ratios on the highest gear to improve economy. I think 2008, believe it or not, is old school numbers.
  • My Milan is a V6, automatic...I do tend to accelerate quickly and drive mostly in the city, stopping and starting. I will work on the acceleration thing.
    I am replacing all 4 tires before this Minnesota winter starts. Any suggestions as to what kind of tire is the best?
    I am due for an oil change and I will ask them to check the filter and replace if needed.
    This is disappointing, but I will take your suggestions...and after that, I believe you are probably right... "2008 old school numbers" .(The interesting thing is that my 1999 Sable was actually doing better than this!)
    After new tires, oil filter change, and a few weeks of trying to change my driving habits, I will give a report.
    Thanks, I appreciate your responses:) Let me know if there is a best tire.
  • Hi. Have '06 Milan Premier V6, 55,000 mi. Have had it for 15,000 miles of driving. On long trips at interstate (75 mph) speeds with properly inflated tires, I avg 23 MPG. Disappointing. And I am accelerating moderately then engaging cruise control. In suburban driving I can sometimes get very close to 22 MPG, again I am accelerating moderately. Like the car very much otherwise, but fuel econ for a smallish V6 with 6 speed auto should be much better. 23 MPG avg at interstate speeds is poor. Have others had same experience?
  • podpod Posts: 176
    At just under 20K miles I continue to get the same average FE (measured gallons and miles) of about 31 mpg.
    I go 67-70 on highway often with cruise control.
    Did a few experiments. Once to speed on the highway early one morning when traffic was very light, measured by the display mpg at certain speeds (locked in by Cruise control for 25 miles). Results were: 70 mph=37.4 mpg 57 mpg=41.3. To be clear I reset the FE gauge to zero once up to speed and then let the CC take over from there so there were only minor variations from the set speed. and very little acceleration. This is the optimal FE situation. I suppose if you drove an entire tankful at 57 mph on highway, you could clear 600 miles per tankful (without using reserve).
    Very consistent performance and no complaints of any sort. It is a thoughtfully designed car down to little details like the warning chime usually being very faint and unobtrusive for little things but increasing its frequency and volume for major issues. THe Michelin tires which were OEM look to have very good tread left.
    Very solid feeling into turns, very tight suspension, no wiggles or slips. At speed on big bumps on corners the rear wheels will leave the ground and the car will sidestep slightly but settle nicely.
    This car has exceeded my expectations which were high.
  • dj12dj12 Posts: 1
    With 35,000 miles on my 2010 I-4 Fusion the overall mpg is 35.7. Just finished a recent round trip from KS to CA of 3,500 miles which brought up the average to 39.7 (speed often 70-75). Mpg calculated from gallons of gas used gives me a trip mpg of 44.3. It seems the Fusion gets much better mileage on long trips than town driving. Curious, since this is opposite of what Ford says.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    Unless you are talking about a HYBRID Fusion, you have my numbers bested by a phemonemal amount. The reason I ask about the hybrid is your comment about Ford representing better MPG in the city. All cars except electric/hybrid get better mileage on the highway where the starts and stops are uncommon. It is acceleration which burns the most fuel per mile and then at higher speeds it is wind resistance. Outstanding numbers, you have a special little I-4.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,084
    If your Fusion a Hybrid? I'm averaging 28.5 combined here in Phoenix, and 35 on the highway. I am very happy with these numbers.
  • podpod Posts: 176
    30.2 average; 35-37 open highway depending on whether I am at 70 mph or 67 mph.

    I too am very pleased with the FE. Beyond that it is such a tight and well built car. I couldn't be happier with my choice of a 2010 I4. It is the rare car which exceeds the EPA estimates. I wouldn't trade it for a hybrid I don't think if any compromise was required to achieve better mileage. I too suspect that the earlier post with the stellar numbers was a hybrid since he had expected city to be better than highway and only hybrids do that. I understand that the Fusion hybrid is one of the better hybrids in terms of driving and feeling like a normal car. Ford has good engineers.
  • 14K miles so far, averaging 27 mixed city/freeway in LA. Finally took a road trip - 32MPG and 33MPG on interstates, 70-75MPH (two separate fill-ups) - outstanding! That was me doing the math - the computer seems about 1-2MPG higher than when I do the math at the pump.
  • After 2 years, overall MPG improved from 37.1 at the end of 2011 to 38.7 at the end of 2012. Annual average for 2012 was 40.2, primarily due to a relatively mild winter in Boston. Lowest Worst average for a tank of fuel was 31.9 mpg in January and best tank average was 48.4 mpg in August, again highlighting the importance of temperature on fuel efficiency: i.e. higher temperatures mean less engine warm-up time which results in higher mpg. Summer commuting traffic is also generally less congested.
  • Ok Rahenige must have a hybrid. There is no way a regular I-4 fusion gets 35-40mpg overall

    If he doesn't have a hybrid, he has no clue what he's talking about or how to calculate mileage. Or he averages 25mph per tank.

    I have a 2010 I-4 Milan. I'm light on the gas pedal and have gotten 37.2 hwy at 65-70. Overall with city, I get 26-28mpg average. Which to me is awesome for a car like this.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,029
    FFH = Ford Fusion HYBRID.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • podpod Posts: 176
    This is the first coldish winter here in New England in a few years and I am impressed at the toll it takes on mpg. I had previously averaged 31.4 or so mpg over 25,000 miles and many tankfuls and through two abnormally warm winters. Since the cold weather arrived (despite upping the air pressure in the tires to compensate) I have dropped to an average that is lower than my previous low tank, somewhere about 27.5-28.5 mpg. No other changes. I understand all the factors which conspire to drop winter fuel economy but didn't expect such a large drop of 3-4 mpg. Are other cold weather drivers finding similar results? I expect that there will be a return to normal values when the weather warms up.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,084
    Different fuel blends will effect your MPG, longer idle time??
  • podpod Posts: 176
    Here's the best list and theory I have come across.

    The viscosity of air was news to me. There is little good to be said about the winter unless you ski or skate.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,029
    I'm in New England, too.
    Who knows what quality of gas we are getting?
    In the old days, it would 'ping', but now the power is just dialed back.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Purchased a new 2013 Fusion SE in mid Oct. 2012. Now have about 1600 miles on it... This is the first vehicle that I can NOT get the EPA mileage or better. Around town I get from 17.6 to 19.5 mpg. I ALWAYS use the on board computer and drive for MAX mpg. No matter what I do, I can NOT get good town mileage with this vehicle. I've checked the air in the tires, the air filter etc and they are all good. A check with the dealer only resulted in : "Maybe when it gets more miles on it, it will get better" The EPA on this is 22 mpg, I'm getting about 17% less. what gives FORD?! Possible : :lemon: ?
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,084
    The Ecoboost engines aren't getting the MPG that Ford was hoping for. I rented a Escape with the 1.6L turbo, and was surprised that I was getting 18 in town. The engine had a lot of power around town much more than what I was expecting.... I believe this is a good start for Ford but they need to improve the MPG.
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