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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    I went in to the dealer on Friday and the manager mentioned your name to me but it didn't ring a bell. I guess you read my post on the site.

    You can call Steve Muffley at 281.249.2000. Tell him Paul Garcia told you about him. He'll treat you right. The service is 100 times better than the Centre on Katy Road. I think they might still have two or three SE7s with PPK and RAC. (White Gold, Epsom Green, Oslo Blue).

    I didn't actually see the sticker price on the Disco because they had to bring it in from Dallas, but I believe it should be somewhere around $42,800.00. The X-Plan is for Ford family and friends and I qualified for the purchasing plan through my employer since they have a partnership with Ford. If you ever go into the Centre, you'll notice they have Compaq computers. Land Rover is currently offering 4.9% financing with 5% down. Hope this helps.

  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    The North Houston and South Houston Centres are owned by different companies. The North is owned by Park Place and the South is owned by Momentum or Advantage. The South Centre has a bad reputation and most of the Centres around outside of Houston don't like dealing with them because of past experiences.

  • at1963at1963 Posts: 7
    Tin cup, Thanks:-) for the info, Well we looked over the papers and the financial manager said he could not remove it. It is only 50 dollars and I wasn't sure whether to argue over that amount or not. I did tell him that I would be getting the pin number on wed or Thursday. But he did not reply or say anything. We will most likely be getting the car since it sees to be a good deal SE7 ARC, Climate pkg, 35200, 2500 miles on it. I just wanted to be sure since sometimes one wonders if the deal is too good to be true. Odious, Scott at the North store he was so nice, but since I had spoke to this guy at the katy store, kind of felt obliged to give him a chance to work with us. But i must say that just in speaking with the different individuals at the north store, you may be right about what you said. So for servicing does it matter where you but the service aggreemnet, do you have to to that store only? We found out that we do quality for the 4.9% so that is sooo cool. So in a couple of days we should know more.....
    Again thanks to both of you for the advice and help!
    Yeah i am going to contact Scott tomorrow and thank him for his wonderful explaination of the x-plan on paper.
  • samzurc1samzurc1 Posts: 19
    We are looking into buying a 99 Disco II SE-7 for 24,000 with 30400 miles. The owner will change the tires(uneven wear) and all brake pads if we buy it. Still under factory warranty. Good deal or what? The car is in excellent condition even has an A stainless steel brushguard and an harmon Kardon 12 speaker stereo system. By the way he is leaving for Europe on Sundayand he still owes 24,000 plus on the car to BMW financing. He told us to just send the check to BMW and he will do the same. Any red flags here. Comments and suggestion will be well appreciated. More power to everyone. Thank you.
    Additional Questions....
    1. Do I have Land Rover dealership check it out or have independent LR check it. $120 difference between the two.

    2. What will I expect from this vehicle. This board is really making me feel queasy about getting this vehicle.

    3. My wife likes it very much. Is it true that if I just take this LR to its scheduled maintenance, NO PROBLEMO till at least 250,000 miles.

    4. What's the pros and cons between buying a RX300 or MDX versus the 99 DiscoII SE-7.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    When you get your PIN number, ask the operator about doc fees. Tell them that the dealer won't take it off. Doc fees are a no-no that could cost the retailer the money that Ford pays them for the X-Plan deal (which is what makes the A or X plan sales profitable for the dealer). It may be only $50.00, but it is $50.00 that the dealer is not entitled to under the program.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    If you decide to have an independant check it out, make sure they have the right equipt. The Land Rover computerized diagnostic equipt. is not available to independant shops, and although there are alternatives available they may not be able to check everything ours does. The dealer can also check the complete warranty history, and if the person you're buying from had it maintained at a dealer they can get that too.
    Any vehicle can have problems regardless of maintenance performed. There are no guarantees that any vehicle will last 250,000 miles with no problems.
    As to pro's and con's, that is something that is so different for every individual it is hard to say. For someone considering off-road use, there is no question, the Discovery is going to out perform the RX300 or MDX. They will be better on road, if carlike ride and handling are more important. All SUV's have to make compromises between on-road and off-road prowess, it is almost impossible to build a vehicle that excels at both. Ultimately, you need to drive them all and decide what is most important to you, no one else can make that determination.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    A quick check of shows that the DII that you're looking at seems to be consistent with other vehicles in that price range. Also, a scan of seems to also show that the price is right.

    Just pass the last 7 #'s of the VIN # on to Tincup and he can do a quick check of the vehicle's service history to see if anything is out of the ordinary. Tincup - thanks again for providing us with this valuable service!

    Also, as a person who recently purchased a Land Rover inspection (on my OWN vehicle), I would highly recommend going the Rover dealer route. They have great insight into the little things and really pointed out a few things I could do to avoid problems moving forward. The one I had done on my '96 SE7 was a 50 point inspection.

    Also, on RX or MDX - those vehicles are worlds apart from a Rover. Rovers are more truck-like while the other two you mentioned are much more car-like in response and feel. In fact, I think they're both based on a car chasis. It really boils down to a few things - namely - will you ever use it offroad, and which feel/experience do you prefer?

    I for one prefer the feel of the Rover and found the others to be a bit too car-like. I've test driven the Mercedes, Acura, Lexus, Toyota LandCruiser, and Chevy Trailblazer (in addition to the DII).

    The only other vehicle that I've test-driven that made me do a double-take was the BMW X5. And it was for an entirely different set of reasons. In addition to my '96 Disco, I've also got a '97 Defender 90. I've been taking the D90 offroad and into the mountains and it has been doing an awesome job at satisfying my 'truck' urges. But I've also yearned for a car since I gave them up in 1994 with my Jeep Cherokee purchase (the start of my SUV career).

    The X5's sporty BMW handling, thoughtful german engineering, and more fuel efficient 6 cyl engine that does 15-20mpg (with many people getting 23+ highway) are extremely appealing to me. It also satisfies my desire for a car and an SUV - in one purchase.

    Those are the 2 vehicles I'm currently contemplating, but the DII has an inherent advantage (IMHO) in price (lower), financing (4.9% APR), X-plan (gotta love it), and appeal. So at the end of the day, barring any irrational (I'm already trying to talk myself out of the X5!) decisions, I'll be maintaining two Rovers in the stable over the next 30-45 days. In addition, my wife is seriously eyeing the Freelander, so we're a bit odd in our Rover tastes :) Keep that in mind when evaluating my post! :)

    Best of luck and let us know what you chose, either way.

    Regards, wasko

  • samzurc1samzurc1 Posts: 19
    I appreciate all your insights on my querry ...will give tin cup the vin #'s ... how about those brakes and tires scenario...any red flags here? much is it to change the pads at the dealer? thanks again. how about mpg on hwys and city.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Just thought I'd share this with you. I've been posting on this forum for a couple of years now and can remember the quality issues with DI's, including mine. For the most part with a few exceptions, these have gone away in the DIIs.

    It's easy to not see the forest through the trees and to think that Rovers are the only vehicles plagued with build issues. Some readers have expressed uneasiness in buying DIIs based on the posts here.

    As I evaluate the BMW X5, I can't help but notice problems that MANY BMW owners are seeing:
    * two major recalls this year alone
    * radiator overheating - could lead to fire
    * stalling issues at slow speeds
    * tailgate button issues
    * random Check Engine Light
    * Open Tailgate light
    * key/seat memory issues
    * random locking door problems
    * squeaking tailgates
    * dashboard indicator lights constantly on
    * AC blowing cold in front, hot in back
    * heater blowing cold in front, hot in back
    * etc.

    As I've made mental notes on DII issues over the past year (with rkoesler's difficult DII being the exception), the DII problems seem to be much smaller, like:
    * rattling sunroofs
    * squeaky back seat
    * one transmission issue (warrantied)
    * the recent accelerating issue (loaner vehicle)
    * radio quiet with rear headphones (design?)
    * etc.

    So, let's tip our hats and our pints to the quality job that the folks at Solihull are doing. British engineering at it's finest - perhaps BMW's influence on LR was better than it was for BMW themselves :)

    Thanks - wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Brakes should religiously be checked every 10-15,000 miles - Rovers are notorious for eating brake pads. Depending on driving factors (stop and go city driving or lots of downhill), some folks will get ~10k off the pads, but most get 20+k off of them.

    As for the uneven tire wear, I can't comment on that. Could be something as simple as the tires being improperly balanced. Again, as I culled through 100's of previous posts in my own research recently (as I prepare for the DII purchase), I can't recall seeing uneven tire wear as a general issue.

    Also, I think mpg is 13-17 on the DIIs. Tincup or other '99 DII owners could comment for a fact but I think it's the same even for the '00s and '01s.

    Thanks - wasko
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Just burned my first tank of gas all around town with my kids and wife doing the primary driving. A/C on all the time (100 F+ in the afternoon) and I got 12 mpg. Not bad with lead footed kids and wife. My old Burb only got 13mpg once in its life on a trip to Disneyland. Most of the time it was 9-12mpg.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Hello Wasko! How's that D90 treating you?! Thanks for the comparison between the X5 and Rovers. I've noticed the same: how many brands can you think of off the top of your head that eat transmissions regularly? Not Rovers, not ZF trannies.

    Samzurc1, The book says to rotate the tires front to back pretty frequently, and when you do... to make sure you have the correct pressures. I believe it's 38psi rear, 28psi front. This seems to delay the inevitable tread block cupping. I can only guess this is due to full-time 4WD, viscous drag in the transfer case and diffs, and the tires all traveling different radii as you take corners.

    About the brake pads: this is the simplest and most satisfying job in all of vehicle maintenance... by all means check them regularly but when it comes time to replace them, do it yourself! It's a 10-minute job per side. Really. The big red-flag item is to ensure you don't push dirty brake fluid back upstream into the ABS pump as you depress the pistons back into the calipers... other than that it's doable with a blindfold on.

    Regards, -Bob
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Make it the last 8 numbers of the vin.
  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    Glad to hear you will be purchasing the SE7. I purchased the service plan and it is good at any Land Rover Dealer throughout the US. Land Rover likes to set boundaries for its Centres so they try to get you to buy the vehicle from the Dealer in your area, but it is ultimately up to the customer. I live in Clear Lake and bought my Disco from the North because I just wasn't satisfied with the customer service from the South dealer. I'll also be servicing my Disco at the North Centre. I picked up the Disco yesterday and have been very impressed with the ACE so far. I think our first off road trip will be next month. I'd like to hear how your experience at the South turns out.

  • kkonekkone Posts: 61
    What has been the experience San Francisco Bay Area users of Redwood City Land Rover in terms of customer service? Primarily related to getting your vehicles serviced.


  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    I bought the Disco II mainly because of the numerous items that can be readily serviced by myself. Changing oil is a dream, being able to almost walk under the vehicle is alot nicer than the ground hugging Cherokees or Durangos. Brakes are a snap as is all the filters and hoses. What is left to service? Drain and refill the differentials at 7500 miles and they will go another 90000 before service. The only complaints that I have read on this forum with the new Discos are with the "port" installed accessories. Rattles, squeaks, loose hitches etc. are not the manufactuers fault. What do people expect, ruggedness brings about attention to making sure everything stays tight. If you wanted a rattle-free SUV go with MB or BMW. Tahoes, Durangos and the like will rattle apart in front of your eyes. Though I will not expect seeing any one of these models were I will take this vehicle.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Tincup and all:

    Do you know if Xplan discount covers genuine accessories for the vehicle as well? I'm contemplating getting a few extras -- the load space mat that covers the backs of the rear seats, the trays for the rear seats (for my son on those longer trips), and a Brush bar.

    Do these things get discounted along with the price of the vehicle?

    Thanks - wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    The D90 is running like a dream! Wish my Disco ran this smoothly in the early days. Then again, the 90 has 64k and is probably over the hump. Immaculate past service record though - looking forward to many years with it.

    We took it to Vancouver a couple weekends ago. The trip was a bit tiring, with the jouncing and less ergo seats but overall it was great (definitely would have been more comfortable in the Disco).

    The purpose of the trip was to buy hockey gear for my son and I. Man, if there is one thing I would change about Seattle, it would be to add an NHL team, about 5 pro-shops, and a few more sheets of ice! You can't even buy street hockey stuff here :)

    Thanks - wasko
  • X-plan gets you 15% off on accessories. I know, cause I just bought one under X-plan. Enjoy.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Genuine Land Rover Kit items are to be sold at 15% under MSRP. This discount is not part of the Ford program, LRNA included it. Any other items added can be sold at whatever the retailer wants for them.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Sounds like your D90 is definitely over the hump and well into that sweet spot. Congratulations, tho I wish you'd QUIT MENTIONING IT! (grin)

    Hey we've got Scotty back home this summer... doing hockey skills camps and stuff. The guys I work with are in different leagues... a month ago the Big Tournament came up and all the other teams showed up with ringers, 20-YO college players and stuff. Us old guys have a bit of trouble with them ya know? Anyway guess who showed up playing with the hotshot team? You got it... Gomez. He just cruised, looking smooth and slippery. They were down 6-1 with a couple minutes to play when Scotty cut it loose. Dan said all they could do is stand there and watch with their mouths hanging open. He'd skate thru 5 guys without even looking at the puck, and he tied the game in 30 seconds. THIRTY. Unbelievable. :)

    Let's see, to keep this on-topic what does that have to do with Rovers? Ummmmmm, well you can get lots-o-gear in the back.

  • unsure3unsure3 Posts: 8
    This is a quick follow up to my previous post on the 2001 DII loaner vehicle that wouldn't stop accelerating - around post 873 on the board.

    The dealer has since inspected the engine, and found the problem to be a faulty throttle body - a mechanical component linked to the throttle cables that essentially controls the throttle/intake. The aluminium unit had apparently twisted under heat and pressure which is due to two reasons (as far as the mechanic's concerned):

    1. The car wasn't professionally broken in (you probably all know that Land Rovers have to go through a fairly strict breaking in routine that's about 30-35 miles long). This, in my humble opinion is not a reasonable excuse/reason in and of itself.

    2. The throttle body component was not manufactured to the ususal high quality standards at the Factory, causing the circular device inside to get stuck at full throttle - I was surprised that such a "heavy" piece of aluminium could twist, but there you go. Apparently Solihull has requested that the piece is sent back for further examination. As per the mechanic, no official recall exists on this yet, but reports are starting to trickle in that certain 2001 DII's, within a specified VIN range, may be impacted. I suppose an official recall is dependent on the number of complaints.

    The good news is that I've since driven a second loaner car that drove perfectly. I'm picking up the original loaner can (fixed and properly broken-in) for a final test drive before I make a final purchasing decision. The repair itself is fairly minor, only taking an hour or so. I still like the car.

    Moral of the story: make sure your car's properly borken in when you pick it up, and also get the dealer to thoroughly inspect the throttle body for an abnormal contortions/uneveness prior to pick-up.

    Tincup, if you listening, I'd advise LRNA to work with Solihull to fix this problem quickly (should be cheap to do so), before someone has a serious accident. Perhaps a recall is warranted.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Your retailer would have been in contact with our onsite powertrain engineer, he would have requested the part. All driveability or braking complaints are required to be filed with LRNA, so our engineers can spot trends, and take the proper corrective service actions. These could be in the form of TIB's or recalls. Safety of our customers is something LRNA does not take lightly.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Thanks for the update regarding the stuck throttle condition.

    A thought: if that was a new-ish truck and it experienced several trips to redline, to the point of the rev limiter kicking in, that cannot be a good thing. If I was you, I'd have a long long talk with the service manager about possible outcomes before I wrote any checks.

    Yes, these are durable trucks but... they are also not magic. Very likely there will be no problem at all, but you'll feel better having some sort of limited coverage statement in writing... along the lines of "damage or premature wear to internally oiled components due to over-rev condition when new".

    Regards, -Bob
  • unsure3unsure3 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the advice, but rest assured that I wouldn't event consider buying the loaner/demo vehicle after that incident.

    Truth be told, I'm a little hesitant about driving the vehicle even after it's been repaired, but it's the only demo car the dealer's got with ACE. Having driven both a car with and without ACE (OK, so I only drove the ACE car briefly), I think I prefer the sturdiness of the ACE, even if it is noisy.

    Do you, or anyone else on this board, know if ACE is generally speaking reliable? I've seen recall or service bulletins on ACE before, so I'm just wondering if I'm setting myself up for a lot of repair time with an ACE car?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I've read a few scattered stories of ACE problems, but really not very many. I suspect it's as reliable as any other major component on the truck.

    Personal opinion: I avoid as many complex vehicle systems as I can, thinking it will prevent having to deal with those complex systems somewhere down the road. Just my $.02
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    We haven't experienced many problems on ACE. The recall was due to problems with a hose redesign to cut down on noise, but the resulting harmonics caused hose fitting failure, resulting in leakage. The lack of fluid would not mean you lost the sway bar effect as failure mode is full stiffness on the bars. Drive an ACE car if you are considering it as the main complaint with this system is noise. It is not as quiet in the cabin as a non-ACE car. If the noise and price doesn't bother you, it is a worthwhile option.
  • ggilly1ggilly1 Posts: 1
    I have a shot at a 97 with everything including brushbars etc. About 31,000 km (20,000 mi) and am trying to squeeze for Cdn$26,000 (US$17,500). Clean and lady driven in city only. Was a bit unsure reading reviews but this group certainly brings passion to the side of owning a LR. I hear thirsty and unreliable. Should I be concerned. Unbiased comments only!
  • odiopusodiopus Posts: 47
    I have heard that Land Rover offers a 15% discount on accessories for the X-Plan... Is this just a one time offer when you purchase your vehicle or can you use the 15% discount at any time after you have purchased the vehicle to buy accessories?

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    X-plan only covers new vehicle purchasing, so any discount would only apply to items bought at that time. One thing to consider about accessories, is any accessory bought with the vehicle (listed on the buyers order) is covered for the full length of the vehicle warranty. Accessories bought later have a 12 month warranty.
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