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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Well, as I said, I called my dealer and they say my car is involved. I just now checked with Owner Link and they still say it's not. I don't trust either place now. I'll have to wait until Monday after making a nervous drive to find out which is right.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Always best to call the dealer or the 800 number. They just confirmed to me what my owner link reported. No matter what, I'd always call the dealer or the 800 number for the extra piece of mind. As a first time Honda owner, I've been very pleased with my LX, actually happier than when I owned Toyota, Nissan, Mazda or the couple of American brands I've owned. Since I plan to keep this car till I retire, I'm very satisfied.
    I have counseled my 3 twentysomething kids that for their first car, they'll have to consider all the economy to mid sized cars out there, as their spending power will be limited and without help from mom & dad, they'll have to keep all their options open as to what manufacturer they purchase from. They might have to "settle" on their first car to be able to save enough to eventually buy what they really want. Luckily, there are so many great choices out there.
    I'm lucky that at this stage of my life, I can probably afford a much nicer car than I drive now...the wife also. We just choose to not splurge on that Lexus or Acura and stay in the under $20k range. But if I wanted to, I could go higher. It's nice to know that we can, which makes us enjoy our current rides that much more.

    The Sandman :)
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    Hi Sandman,
    Just wanted to share that I like my EX coupe also. Yes, the seat fabric is of questionable quality and I got my recall letter for rear wheel bearings yesterday, but overall the car is a fun, solid rider and as a person who has owned many Japanese and German cars, I have no regrets for purchasing my Civic. I've monitered this website for 2 years and read mostly negative comments. I'm surprised. This is my first Honda product. Neal
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Totally satisfied with the Civic. What new model doesn't have some's just what happens. Doesn't make it right, but new models do have glitches that have to be worked out. I'd say that the majority of owners are pleased with their cars and I think with all the negative posts on these forums, someone needs to keep posting their positive results to level the playing field. There will always be vocal people who've had problems...and I do feel bad for them. But when they basically try to take over a forum with all their negativity, I feel that I must post as often as they do to show that there are two sides to every situation.
    Good luck to whom ever purchases a new Civic. I think you'll love the car. Luckily there are many alternatives in the market place for this class of car. All I can tell people is to do their homework diligently and buy what's right for them. Knowledge can be a good thing. And just remember, buying a car is probably the 2nd biggest purchase decision most people make in their lives.

    The Sandman :) (Fair & Balanced)
  • cj7375cj7375 Posts: 15
    I agree with that. Overall - very nice car.

    Mine is 2007 LX, love it. It exceedes my expectation by far. I have had in the past Fort, GM, Chrysler, 1992 Honda Civic, 1997 Nissan Altima (still have it), but this one 2007 LX is the best.

    No complaints so far, except yesterday when opened the passenger's front door, I noticed on the inner side - a little rusty spot at the welding of the door's frame.

    I was thinking to keep the Civic for at least 10 years, but now ... I do not know. May be I have to keep an eye to see how it is developing.

    Again, I am very happy with the car, very economical on gas, quite inside, great pick-up and passing power.

    A keeper.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    True, the 2006 Civic was a new model and as such it could have some teething problems but..and a funny thing it is...2007 models had many of the same problems. After the build up I had for Honda products both in the automotive press and places like this where owners praise it to the heavens I expected much better and I am not willing to cut Honda any slack for "first year" problems. They either DO or DO NOT deserve the reputation they have. It is also funny that you believe you need to be a balance for all the negative posts (mine mostly) because that is exactly what I said not too long ago only I said I felt I had to show that Honda wasn't all a perspective owner might expect.
    I certainly don't feel I am "taking over" the forum. But as you say there is the other side of the coin and if you are going to be the voice of Honda, great, but I will post our less than positive experiences with the Civic loud and long. Not everyone is a happy Honda owner and others need to know.
    I echo the thought, there ARE many other choices in this class so don't jump at the "obvious" choice.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    As for whether the owners link works or not..well, we can only see what kathyc1 says in her case. Owners link says "no" dealer says "yes" I trust the dealer on something as potentially dangerous as this. So yes by all means trust it if you think it is absolutely right. As for me, and kathy1, I guess we don't.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Two things here.
    1. No it should absolutely NOT matter if you bought your car at a specific dealer for a recall notice repair.
    2. I guess point #2 is moot now that you have probably already made the trip but I was going to say your car is probably safe to drive to the dealer for inspection/repair.
  • i have the same issue. i can hear it on the driver side from time to time. sometimes it's a small buzzing sound. other times it's a louder rattling sound. took it to the dealer but they couldn't reproduce... this isn't the only problem either. i've also got this other rattle sound sometimes coming from behind the radio. the dealer could not reproduce that either...
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Yes, the car is fine. Not part of the recall, but they checked it over good and I feel a bit safer now. I really like this model. I think it's the best looking Civic coupe they've put out. I've heard before that you should wait for the 3rd year in a remodel, but by then they're getting ready to come out with a new remodel so who's to say. I agree though that the 06 problems should not have turned up in the 07.
  • cj7375cj7375 Posts: 15
    Great car. I have none of the "bugs" that others have described.

    With a 140 HP, quiet inside, ice-cold A/C, great pick-up and Honda proven reliability - I feel very confident with this one.

    No car is perfect, never will be.

    Before I bought this Civic, I was considering a Volvo S60 (3 years old), yes it is a different class car - but once I ran "True Cost to own" on Edmunds - the choice was clear - Honda.

    At this point if I want upgrade - it will be 2008 Accord. At this point.

    I'll keep a very close eye on my Honda - but so far no "Lug bug" problem, no squicks, no rattles, no ... problems.
  • I agree that overall my 2006 LX Sedan is a great car. There are obviously a few design flaws and quality escapes that have been reported. I've only experienced a couple. For those who have experienced all of the problems reported, they should be upset.
    The improvements Honda made with this new design completely outweigh the negatives for most people. My son owns an 2001 Ex which is a reliable, quality car but pales in comparison. I just added Katzkin leather seats aftermarket and they look and feel great.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I had just about every TSB problem with my car and then some.

    It was a 06 LX sedan assembled in canada.

    I had problems the dealer could not even diagnose that I learned to live with.

    At 16K I just had to trade, I loved the car despite it's problems and on camping trips it was comfy and held plenty but I put alot of mileage on my car and did not feel good about future problems to come once warranty was up.

    I miss it but I was getting tired of all the trips to the dealer, etc.

    I hope everyone else has better luck with theirs.

    Oh, the value upon trade was horrible. No accidents, no dents, not even a ding, paid 17200 out the door, and only got 13500 for the car.

    Many places I went looking advised that they had many 06 civic trades and some placed did not even want them at that point.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    What did you trade into? Very curious to see if you traded up size wise or did you stay with the compact model and also how do you like your new ride? Is it everything you hoped for and what price did you pay for it? Over time, would love to know if you think the trade was worth it. Sorry to hear that you lost money on the Civic but agree that if the car wasn't meeting your expectations, cutting it from the herd was your best option. Been there...done that and understand that when one no longer trusts their ride, it's time to just let it go and move on.
    Good luck and please let me know how things work out.

    The Sandman :)
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    This week I noticed a rattle when going over bumps. It just started and it's coming from the right side, possibly in the dash somewhere. Does anyone else have this problem? IS there a fix?? It's an 07 Ex Sedan.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Dumb question - is there anything in the glovebox that could cause this?
  • The rattle is caused by the cavitating of the motor mount on the right side. There is a service bulletin for this issue. The dealer replaced the motor mount on my 2006 Civic for the same issue a few weeks ago. :)
  • Is it just me or do other people notice this problem too?

    Ok here is the scenario. I get in the car in the morning (when the car engine is cool). I turn on the engine and wait for 20-30 sec and go. The issue happens on 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. So I shift to 2nd and gas it till I pass 3,000 RPM, let go of the gas and gas again (still on 2nd gear). The car will start to jerk heavily.

    I brought it to the dealership and got it confirmed with the lead mechanic but they don't know what to do about it. I got mad when I took it in for a second look at the dealership and they slapped it as "normal characteristics" of the vehicle. Total BS.

    Well...share any thoughts if someone out there has the same problem. Thanks.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Have the service manager drive your car and then one on the lot back-to-back. If you can duplicate the problem in your car and not in the other, there ain't nuthin' they can say. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I brought in my 2006 coupe with 29G miles for the rear wheel bearings seal recall. Coincidentally the car started to make a constant low whirring sound most noticable at highway speeds just around the same time I got the recall notice... I figured it was an exhaust system issue. Turns out the car needs new rear wheel bearings. I have to wait for the parts. This is the second recall(the first was replacing seat sensors in the air bag deployment system)in which my car reqired the fix, BUT Honda did not have the parts available to do the job. They seem unprepared to handle their own recalls... thus the major inconvenience of returning to leave my car at the dealer for an extra day. Have any of you needed new rear wheel bearings AND what about your dealer's preparedness?
  • I have almost the same problem. when i get into my car in the morning and the engine is cold, start up the car and wait a little bit half a minute or so. when i pull away in first gear the car jerks and hesitates, it does it in second gear as well. once the car warms up it goes away. any luck with fixing this problem? I own an 08 Si and this is crazy....
  • Was wondering if anyone has had the same issues as me. I just bought a 08 Civic Si. when i first get into my car in the morning and turn the wheel i get what sounds like a drum bang in the front of my car. the weird part is it only happens once. always when i first get into my car, then it goes away. does anyone have any idea what this could be? if someone to respond with any suggestions i would really appreciate it. this is BS on a brand new car. thanks
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Could it be the ABS doing a self-test? That is common on cars at start-up.
  • Ok, so I *JUST* got my 08 Civic EX sedan 2 weeks ago. It has less than 400 miles on it, and Im starting to notice some weird things.

    Most of my life I have driven either a Corolla (80%), Camry (10%), or Echo (8%), so Hondas are new.

    Anyways, is it just me... or is it the car... its a bit hard to explain the matters, but I will try my best

    1) the winshield wiper on the lowest speed (automatic) makes a noise... like its being turned on and off. Best example is if you take an electronic component and give it juice, and take it off. That click noise. this does not happen on the 2nd speed. Sorry, I'm a MechE so thats the best explanation I can give.

    2) it seems as if the car goes into a higher gear when not needed. i haven't "tested" this... just going by when my mind thinks the car should go into the next gear

    3) on a cool day (40 degrees, not any colder) - the car seems as if it wants some time to warm up... like, it will be really sensitive when I hit the accelerator... kind of respond slow.

    4) ONCE, on a NORMAL day (50 degrees) the car had a tad bit issue starting up. it could have been me, cause the first time i tried i didnt "go all the way", so i stopped and tried again - and it took about 2x longer than usual. to feel secure, i turned it off, and tried 3rd time, and no problem.

    like i said, im used to the Toyotas... so I dont know if its just me. Im going to drive it around a bit this week, and if i notice anything Im thinking of just taking it to the dealership. :confuse:
  • Yo joncw55,

    Yes the problem is really annoying. After meeting with the Honda dealership and getting no progress, I'm meeting with a Honda representative from Honda Corp. tomorrow to show him the problem. Hopefully something good comes out of it. It's just frustrating that the Honda dealership failed to acknowledge the issue. I will let you know what the outcome is tomorrow.
    Till then enjoy the "ride" in the morning :)
  • Ok update,

    I finally met with a Honda representative. We went on a test drive in my car but of course it barely shows up, how typical.
    But it was there, just mild symptoms. We also test drove a '07 model car and it seems to drive smooth so it may be just a '06 model issue. The Honda rep however did call another Honda employee who has the same make and model as us (Si '06) and confirm that the car had the same issue. So the rep will do further research. Not home yet but at least a little progress. I'll give an update whenever that is available. Peace.
  • awesome thanks for keeping me up to date, i appreciate it. maybe its an si thing, mines an 08. which u would think if the 06's were doing it and they knew about it, they would fix it by now. regardless keep in touch and let me know. thanks again boss
  • Tried starting the car today ... and NOTHING happend the first time. It was so weird. I put the key in, turned, and NOTHING. The lights for the odometer area may have turned brighter, but that's it. I wonder if theres something wrong with the battery...

    I do always have my GPS plugged in (turned off when the car is off)... does that matter?
  • I have to also say, that I have been very happy with my Honda Civic. I originally wanted the Honda Accord but it was way too much car for me. I previously drove a Toyota Corolla so I was used to a smaller car. When I found my Honda I compared it to the Toyota Corolla. Test driving the Corolla almost felt like I was driving a "granny" car and when I drove the civic it was just like I was in a sports car and I fell completely in love with it inside and out. Also, Honda gave me more car for my money. With Toyota I had to pay extra for all the options that already existed in the civic. Up until discoverying this website I had no doubts about my car. Now when I get into it I listen for knocking, rattles, noise coming from my glove compartment and constantly checking for pulling one way or the other, no vibration in the engine even today I could barely hear the engine run. I even checked the Country Manufactured in and it was Canada so I felt doomed cause it seems like the worst cars came from Canada. I do have to say that I have always felt that the car had a bit of a hesitation when applying gas. Not always, just sometimes. Like a 1 second delay and than it would slightly jerk forward. Honda told me they would run a diagnostic and if there is a problem they will pay for it. If there isn't than I would have to cough up the money for diagnostic and labor. Does anyone know my rights? Why should I have to pay for a diagnostic when it's under warranty.

    Any thoughts?
  • jkypajkypa Posts: 2
    My wife's car is a 2006 Civic LX. We had to replace both rear wheel bearings at 5K. The noise/grinding problem went away, but returned at 14K miles. This time, the problem turned out to be the left rear wheel bearing. We didn't have problems with it so far. Last week, the bearing noise came back on. It turned out to be the left rear wheel bearing again!

    We raised some stink with the dealership (Victory Honda, Plymouth, MI) because they said that the car was out of warranty (which is true), and that there was indeed a wheel bearing recall, but that our car was not affected by it. We explained that (a) We would assume that warranty on the replaced bearings would be longer than the standard warranty because they were changed twice and (b) it could be that Honda probably hasn't published our VIN yet or that they are not aware of it.

    In any case, the dealership worked it out directly with Honda and they replaced the wheel bearing again for no cost. Total of 4 rear wheel bearing replacements within in an year and half. We were, and have been, happy with the dealership. To answer an earlier post, the parts were ready (probably because they have enough cases of this issue being reported to them) and they installed it on the same business day.

    Other than that, the car is great. The powertrain is smooth, we get really good gas mileage (32 city, 41 highway). Space (rear and trunk) is good. We love it so far, except for the wheel bearing issues.
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