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Lexus LX 470



  • jejejeje Posts: 1
    So does this mean that the 2005 LX47 will have no problem towing a travel trailer? Help! My husband wants to purchase a 2005 Ford Expedition instead of the LX because he believe it will tow our newly purchased travel trailer better.
  • Thanks Steve. How do I contact Lexus corporate?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Here's their US contact info:


    Some people like to track down an executive in the company to write or email, but usually those missives get routed back to customer service, so you may want to just start there.
  • ksbjksbj Posts: 1
    the wood trim sterring wheel
  • I have a 1999 LX470 and have a problem with getting trailer lights to work. I have plugged up two different trailers to the wiring harness provided and cannot get the lights to function on either trailer. Any answers?
  • Hey guys and gals!

    The reverse lights on my '07 LX470 have recently went out so I decided to embark on a quest to replace them. Although the owners manual suggested that I go to the dealership, I knew the job had to be simple enough to undertake myself. Refer to this back-up lamp diagram for a nice illustration of the assembly.

    1. Drop the gate and remove the carpet cover
    2. Remove the metal cover for the tail light
    3. Reach into the opening, that was just uncovered
    4. Find and unscrew a single nut that is holding the backup housing in place
    5. Put the housing out of place and replace the bulb
    6. You're finito! :P
  • cogcog Posts: 1
    On my 2006 LX470 for the third time in a couple of weeks will not restart if tried within 5 to 10 minutes. The temperature on these occaisons was around 102 degrees F. The engine cranks but will not start. If I wait for about 30 minutes, it starts right up.

    I'd love some theories on the cause. I don't like the idea of going to the dealership and saying, "fix it."
    Do engines now days "vapor lock", as I remember from years ago when this occurred from time to time?
  • tim724tim724 Posts: 4
    This happened to me last year, about 3 times in two months. Took my 2003 LX470 to the dealer. They were useless, the answers were maybe this and maybe that. Even their master-tech could not figure out what happened.
    I then searched the net for information and read that overfilling your gas tank can cause this or even stalling (which I did always overfill about 1/2 a gallon) I stopped doing that and problem has not return since. Hope this helps.
  • The Lexus 90,000 mile check in this south central area is $900-$1000 but my rep told me that is not necessary. Bought the car with 47,700 miles and now have over 182,000 miles and it runs like a new car, ride is superb and has not cost me any money other than tires/batteries/windshield wipers. Speaking of wipers, I love Lexus windshield wipers for they are superb in the way they work and hold up. I have replaced the timing belt at the recommended 90,000 miles but not the water pump which keeps on ticking. Have driven it across the rockies on a 2200 mile (1 way) traveling trip and it was so smooth a ride and great going over the mountains. I do not think that my wife will ever let me sell this one. It will turn on a dime! One time a person's car was in my lane on a rural highway headed right for a head on collision. I turned the steering wheel so fast to the right that it hurt my wrist to do so. Then I had to whip it back straight after I had turned it an extremely fast 45 degree angle. My wife said did you realize that man was still in your lane as you passed him on the shoulder. I said no because I had to fight the car back up the shoulder to get from wrecking in a huge ditch. The car never attempted to turn over although I gave it all that I could to turn from straight ahead to go right as far and as fast as I could. Fourtunately, the shoulder of the highway was as wide as a highway lane which I had never seen one that wide.
  • I have read recently that some vehicles will vapor lock on days that are over 100 degrees and some recommend filling the gas tank more often to cool the fuel down that gets hot over the hot pavement and sometimes people pull off and let it cool a while to get it going againl
  • blutoeblutoe Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 LX that the transmission, ( I am guessing ), made a pop noise on the highway.. then freely revved but no go.. coasted to the side, would not go into Park. When I tried a light grinding noise occurred.
    It is at a dealer, waiting to be seen Monday July 1. Anyone, had this issue? Will I have to buy a new transmission? How much are they?
  • Tom, We have a 2000 Lx 470 with 227k. at 72k, the transmission IMPLODDED! Wife came home and said the car was behaving strangely (Don't remember any mention of a "POP" though). I took the car lout that nigh and within 5 miles, the car made a ghastly grinding sound and would no longer move.

    After some back and forth ("Lexus Regional Director involved), Lerxus paid for the transmission ($2,300?) and we paid for the labor ($ 700?). This was around 2005?

    Had we fought a little longer I believe Lexus would have stood the whole bill. Absolutely NO problems since. GTheir argument was that we had not had the car serviced (Fluid changed). The replacement transmission has now been in the car 7-8 years, never changed the fluid and the current fluid is still bright red/maroon.


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