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Lexus LX 470



  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    $$ colors are not important for us . We normally keep our vehicles till the crows come home . Always very nice to read your posts . The galactica gray is too dark for our tastes we are holding to our initial choice the EM or VB with gray interior . Can't tell you why . The internet director tell me that they only know toward the end of the month about the allocation for the thirty or so dealers . If you guys come to Florida send me an E-mail we could compare LXs .... Thank you.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    They are always easy to identify, They are the colors the manufacturer makes in the greatest numbers. White and black are always money colors as are most dark colors.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Just received by mail the purchase agreement and it contains a vin # or serial # and the color combination EM with gray. I will keep you guys posted . Than you.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Dealer just sent me an E-mail , about speaking with corporate HQ not being able to come up with the color we want . My response was , refund me the deposit and we will wait for the color we want and if this BS continuos thru the summer we'll wait for the 2004 model . It was supposed to be a painless experience . Now I wonder . Thank you .
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Seems you are dealing with the wrong dealer. Maybe spend a few hundred more $ and get what you want. I thought you had a vin/serial #? Believe me, the color/combo you want is available. You need to talk to the right person. Have faith, someone will jump at the chance to help you get this car. Dealers want to sell it because the more high end cars they sell, the more cars they get from the manufacturer. Good luck.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    I got the retail purchase agreement , it has the stock # , the make , the year , the model ,body style , color , new , the 17 digits serial # , the first letter is " J " and the price and so on . I tried to speak with him but he was off today. I think that after all this time he have been trying to sell from his inventory , even after he sent me this agreement .
     The two dealers that we have dealt locally about 60 miles radius has alot to be desired and the fact that we are in no hurry to buy give us the flexibility to deal with this guys who gave us what seems to be a good deal and good finance rates . My only dispair is that we are not close enough distance wise so I can pay them a visit . The LEXUS experience have been less than lexus . Thank you . I will keep you posted .
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    Help! It does not appear that an LX 470 has any kind of cargo area cover behind the 2nd row of seats?

    It that true? If Lexus doesn't have one, is a good aftermarket one available?

    If not, how do you LX 470 owners hide your stuff in the back?????

    I'll take the 3rd row seats out as soon as I get home and store them in the attic and need a cargo area cover!!
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    I just send them an E-mail terminating the transaction to purchased the LX470 and to refund the full deposit .
    This has not been a " LEXUS " experience .
     What a disappointment !!!
      Before I make another desicion I want to get the refund back .
    Thank you for all your advice .
  • dliptakdliptak Posts: 4
    I am about to purchase a new LX470. Any recommendation for a dealer and what would be a good negotiated price. Current MSRP is around 65,503. Thanks
  • Hi to all LX 470 owners

    I have a question about my LX 470.
    I just bought a 2000 LX 470 and notice that i have to steer the wheel a little bit left to keep driving the car straight. this occurs while driving on freeway and side street. i brought back to the dealer and they centered the wheel. however, the wheel is still off center. Then the service consultant drove with us so that we can show how it is. he said it is normal to a SUV because the street is not even. He even also let us test drive 1999 LX 470. Same thing occurs. So I am just wondering if it is really normal or does it occurs to some LX 470 owners.
    we are worry because our baby is coming pretty soon.
    thank you for responding.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Send me your E-mail address and I will send you some info , better yet if you read some of the previous posts you will have all the information that you need. Hope this can help .
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Hi All,

    Time to tap the experts.

    Been a Land Cruiser, LX 470, Range Rover fan for many years; finally grabbed this one and glad I made the choice-based solely on reliability/durability/options/off road ability, etc...

    What do I need to know about this year and/or vehicle (pitfalls, maintenance, problems, etc...) Any help is greatly appreciated.

    59,000 miles now-pondering the $1,600 2yr./100k Lexus Gold warranty. any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to slap me around a bit as an FNG.

    Scottsdale, AZ.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    back on March 12 I asked about how do people deal with no rear cargo cover and got exactly ZERO replies.

    A dead discussion board here!
  • njpaguynjpaguy Posts: 55
    Toyota/Lexus have a rear cargo cover for the LC/LX. But you'll need to find a good parts person. Because it's available everywhere in the world but the US. They can order it; they just have to know where to find it. (The LC/LX are commonly ordered elsewhere without the rear seats. In those vehicles the cargo cover is available). The price I was quoted for cover and mounting points was around $500.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I have a late model 2000 with 35k miles on it. There isn't all that much to tell you. Just put in 93 Octane gas and drive - you should get 15-17mpg. I service the truck at 7,500-10,000 mile intervals. The truck is perfect. No problems, no rattles. very quiet, an exceptional smooth and refined ride and quite luxurious

    Here's a couple of things though. If you have the rear heat turned on passengers in the second row sometimes may feel too hot. My 4 year old always complains about this if you leave it on to long. If you put a wind deflector at the rear, just above the back door (many landcruisers have them) the rear window stays cleaner in the rain and you don't need to use the wiper back there very often. If you ever hear a loud wind noise in the far back then someone probably left the auxiliary rear a/c on in the high setting. Be careful not to leave the windows partially open where the third row seating is.

    The tank for the window cleaning solution is for both the front and rear window so you'll tend to drain it fast after snowstorms. When it is low it shows up on your dash board and may cause you to iniatlly think you need a more important fluid.

    The seat heaters automatically shut off after a while and will only work when they detect a body in them in the first place. Finally if you don't ride with the 3rd row seats down then tighten them as much as possible in the fold-up position. They are also very easy to remove entirely - and put back in - if you need storage space in the back.

    It's a rugged truck that rides like a luxury sedan. By the way the 2000 has the 6cd in-dash player which is nice. I hope you got the nakamichi strereo. It's a great system though not nearly as good as the mark levinson that is currently available.

    Good luck with the truck. You're going to love it.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    I have a test drive scheduled in 2 days, and the availability of a rear cargo cover is great news!
  • rleongrleong Posts: 41
    I think I have a rear cargo cover in my 2000 Land Cruiser. I haven't tried it because I do use my 3rd row seat. I thought the rear cargo cover is a standard option on the LC & LX470.

    I also have a rubber cargo mat that is somewhere in my garage with the rear cargo cover. There is always that possibility the original owner lost the cargo cover.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    I think that in 2001 or 2002 LC/LX470 made the 3rd row seat standard (at least in the USA), so that eliminated the availability of a rear cargo cover.

    I did find someone with a Land Bruiser who said they just black tinted their rear windows so that no one could look inside.
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the suggestions/info! Yes the Nakamichi is there.

    My Wife & I are looking forward to it.

    I don't have the towing option; what's involved (and costs) with adding this?

    Anyone have suggestions on accessories (Bra, Bug Shield, XPel for the headlights, Husky mats/cargo floor liner, Sunroof Visor, etc.........). Specific URLs would be helpful.

  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    I just heard at the dealership (not that those guys really know all that much) that they are expecting not to see the LX470 very much longer. The goal would be to use the RX330 and the GX470 and introduce a new one based on the platform of the GS. This would help it compete better with the new X5 high end. I hope this is not the case, I would just like them to further update the LX and add some HP.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The LX470 (likely to become LX500 or something like that) will become a super lux suv based on the Sequoia platform with a 300+hp engine in 2005. That is what my dealer has told me. The GX was slated to replace the current LX all along and the GS based SUV that is coming in 2004 is intended to be Lexus' performance based SUV. As for the current LX/TLC platform - it will be transitioned to a more Hummer like vehicle as the new TLC from what I've been told in 2005. I believe both the new TLC and the new LX are likely to be introduced in 2004 as 2005 models. Let's see.

    Sta2 - I don't have a tow hook. What color did you get? I have the cashmere.
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Since we're purchasing this used, and we don't have the sticker, it has to be either (white?):

    Golden Pearl or
    Woodland Pearl

    Does anyone else with any info. on installing the towing package?

  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I have a '99 Land Cruiser and added the receiver hitch. All that is involved is bolting on the receiver hitch and hooking up the wiring to the existing rear lights. Not a big deal at all. The receiver is about $250 and installation was about $50 at a local shop. I had them do it so the wiring would be right and I could not hold the receiver hitch and tighten the bolts by myself.

    It is a sad day when Lexus/Toyota base the LX on the Sequioa/Tundra platform and the new small LC on the tacoma platform. The REAL biggest LC/LX's will no longer be imported and Toyota will make even more money on their SUV's. The GX470 and 4runner are based on the 90 series LC. The LX will turn into a Lexus Navigator and will no longer be one of the best SUVs on the planet.
  • book2book2 Posts: 2
    Some time ago someone wanted to know where they could find some acc. for the lx. Just found a site called They have some neat stuff, however it is pricey!
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the advice/pointers/urls!

  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    FJ100 -- Interesting description of the upcoming LX. If indeed Lexus can add its style and quality to a "navigator"-like truck I'd be the first one in line to get it (Give me all the Rx 330 Gadgets and gizmos too please). I'm a happy owner of an '03 Navigator but there's just something special about Lexus vehicles that Lincoln hasn't quite mastered yet (they are getting close though).

    I wouldn't worry about the LX no longer being the best SUV in the world -- I would hope after over a decade of putting out high quality vehicles Lex won't drop the ball on their flagship suv.
  • outriggeroutrigger Posts: 40
    03/28/2003 Torrance, CA

    Lexus announced a price increase today for select 2003 models.

    The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of the flagship LS 430 luxury sedan and SC 430 sport coupe will increase $200. The LS 430 will be priced at $55,125, representing a 0.4 percent change, while the SC 430's MSRP will be $62,225, a 0.3 increase. The price for Lexus' premium SUV, the LX 470, will increase 0.8 percent, or $500, to $63,625. The MSRP for the fourth generation ES 300 luxury sedan will increase $100 to $31,725, a 0.3 percent change. The price changes are effective April 19.
  • sta2sta2 Posts: 19
    Just received it-what a vehicle!! Currently at the dealer for the 60k service-OUCH!

    I read the manual, and pardon me for sounding like the FNG, but I have 2 ?'s

    1) I know this vehicle is AWD, but does that mean its always in 4h (unless I shift to 4L) according to the shifter on the center console?


    Is it AWD (and the center console is in N) until I shift it manually into either 4H or 4L??

    2) There are 2 sections of flexible, open-ended, black tubing (1 is about 3 feet long-the other is much longer) that are found under the velcro seal in the floor in front of the 3rd. seats. Both tubes are 2"-3" in diameter. 1 section that's under that velcro, is bolted to the metal flooring and contains very thickly braided copper colored wire? The other has the same enclosed wire, but starts under the 2nd. row seats and ends in front of the 3rd. row seats??

    What are these for? Are they supposed to be there and if so, should they be connected to each other?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    When you quote others you should clearly spell out the source even if it is "just" a press release. Copyright protection is involved.

    tidester, host
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