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Lexus LX 470



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    The truck is always in AWD.

    I've never noticed the tubing you speak of. I'll check mine and let you know. As long as it is in for the 60k service why not just ask the dealer.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The LX470 has a FULL-TIME 4wd system. It is always in 4wd. The transfer case is ALWAYS in 4-HI. This means that all 4-wheels are getting power at the same time. But the center diff is OPEN; thus allowing for rotational differences between front and rear axles.

    When off-roading, you would LOCK THE CENTER DIFF, which would force front and rear wheels to spin at same rate...thus, do NOT lock the center diff on dry land.

    4-LO is for torque multiplication. It is helpful in off-roading and launching your boat.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    No sulfur and not the least bit of vibration at any speed. I'll bet the sulfur is more tied to winter addatives and not the truck. Some Lincoln limos I've been in have it and the drivers say it's only a winter occurance. It's reading about that vibration that bothers me. I hope they resolve the GX problem ASAP. Lexus has far to bullet proof a reputation.
  • kamily1kamily1 Posts: 5
    Did I see you there and are you now more intrigued with the Lexus Lx 470 as I am? If you were there, I attended the event Sunday and during less inclement weather. What is your opinion of the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz ML 55 and perhaps the Range Rover versus the Lx 470? I feel the Lexus Lx 470 SUV won the event although the Mercedes Benz with its lower ground clearance was impressive. The BMW X5 was also impressive although it rendered a stiffer ride, agree? Which would you buy today? Did you like the new interior/exterior costly Range Rover as much?
  • ardoardo Posts: 4
    I currently have a LS430 and a GX470. The GX is my wife's while I drive the LS. For the last week my wife needed to switch cars, so I was driving the GX. I like the feel of the SUV so much that I am thinking about trading in my LS430 for a LX470. I did not know how practical having two SUVs is? the LS is a '01 with 35K and the GX is new.

    Any opinions? thanks
  • I have been searching for either a used Toyota Land Cruisers or the LX470 and found a lot of them have 150,000 miles plus, is this too many?

    All have claimed to be well maintained.

    How many miles could I expect this SUVs to go?

    Should I be concerned about the Timing Chain or Transmission?

  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    You may miss not having the sportier feel when driving . Bought the LX470 for my family a few years ago after 10 months of research and comparison. Couldn't ask for a better all around family vehicle, not to mention quality. This year I needed to purchase a new vehicle. My old car was a Dinan BMW. Looked at the SC430 but it had no trunk space but I still wanted something sporty, unique, and would not see a teenage/college kid drive it in a few years (ie: BMW M3's). Read an article in MotorTrend about the FX45 from Infiniti . It was a "Crossover" vehicle . 0-60 in 6.4; 20" rims; Nav.; AWD; Keyless entry; DVD; etc. After a few months of research , I bought one and it was a great compromise . Handles almost a good as my BMW , 0-60 is almost as good also, but it is also a SUV. Check it out , you may feel the same . Quality is slightly lower then Lexus (lack of wood and minor details that Lexus addresses) but it is far better then Caddie, Navigator, and even Merc.
    I wished Lexus would have made something similar . The new 330 SUV comes close but Lexus designed it for the ladies as to the FX45 was designed for 30 to 40 year old men . Good luck !
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    We own LX470 and DenaliXL. Husband traded BMW740i sport for LX and loves it tho he was skeptical at first. LX is a more "friendly" vehicle ie - can put baseball equipment and children in car without freaking out, I think its a mind set about an SUV vs a lux sedan. Now he does not to take my DXL for all the dirty jobs - we have a rubber liner in back and on floors. To me this means we have 2 "working" cars again! (and I dont mean breaking down) He likes the lux and being higher up and safety. Nav is awesome. Very comfortable car plus you can change the suspension to give a sport feel. I am in the minority when I say this, however, the GX does not compare to this vehicle and I drove both. PS we also owned RX and ES so I know about Lexus vehicles. Good luck

    Regarding lots of miles, depends on your price point and gambling nature. The Lexus/Toyota product is a good one and well you might figure if it has gone 150K it might go another 50 or 100. Why dont you take the car you are thinking of to a Lexus dealer to have it checked out. One thing I do know is that the service for Lexus is far superior to Toyota so I would get the Lexus b4 I touched the Toy, just in case you have problems. Also check for one owner and all service records - maybe it was serviced always at the same dealer and just lots of freeway miles. Good luck to you too. Hope to have helped.
  • jimbo49jimbo49 Posts: 10
    I will be in the market for a 00 LX40 or a 01
    Land Cruiser & am a bit concerned about the future
    problems of such a sophisticated suspension system.
    My wife & I have test driven both suv's & she
    fell in love with the Lexus. Has anyone had any problems with their suspension? I am planning on keeping the car for many years.
    Any info will be appreciated.
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    Good question because it would be one h*** of a cost to replace. Have a 2001 LX470 . I specifically bought this SUV for this option over the Land Cruiser . I have used this option almost everyday . It has become a habit of hitting the suspension switch to lower the LX when I reach my destination and so far to date I have had no problems . Lexus is built very well and I agree most thing will not last forever but this does come close. Also, I have had no RECALL notices ( not like some of my other previous vehicles ; BMW , VOLVO, FORD.) I did buy my LX new so you do risk a little on how the SUV was broken in . Look into "Lexus's Certified" , this may be your insurance policy just in case. Hope this answers your question !
  • 9411794117 Posts: 39
    My 2001 has lock on the spare tire release that you need in order to lower the spare. The manual makes no mention of this and tells you to use a part that has 0% chance of working. After being put on hold for 15 minutes, the roadside assistance person told me how to release the tire.

    Was the manual updated or was there a supplement that explained this? I might have figured this out in the dark without the manual but following what the manual said left me stumped. Am I stupid?

    The manual talks about a slotted screwdriver used to open the plastic cap on the bumper. The kit only has a Phillips head. I eventually just used the ignition key.
  • docrock143docrock143 Posts: 18
    Hey all. My wife has a 2001 RX 300; I just purchased a 2003 GX 470 that I thought would be mine until my wife took one look at it, and demanded that it be hers!
    To that end, I am looking at purchasing an LX 470. I like a bigger SUV, and the GX 470 was just a tad small for me in the driver's seat. ( The lack of a center arm rest console on the GX 470 drove me nuts! - no place to put my right arm!)
    The vehicle I am looking at has a list price of around $65,500. Since this will be my third Lexus - and I got the GX 470 ONE WEEK AGO, what would be a decent price? I would expect a bigger discount than a first time Lexus buyer - especially since the ink on the check I wrote last week isn't even dry. The same sales person at the dealer "ballparked" a price of around $62,500. I am inclined to think that he can do "better" than that. We haven't negotiated yet.
    Thoughts and comments?
    Thanks for any responses.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I also HATE those little fold down armrests. Any car, minivan, suv that has 'em -- I will not buy. My wife has an RX 300 and they don't bother her a bit. I've tried to see if a quality aftermarket armrest is available but have had no luck.

    Before shelling out the $$ for an LX, notice that the Toyota 4runner (GX non-lux brother) has a full center armrest/console so it IS possible to put a real armrest in there. The key is to have a quality product with quality installation -- perhaps if you push your dealer's parts department they can find something for you?

    As far as LX price -- I was shopping for one late last year and could have gotten one for around $60K with Levinson audio (no night vision - which is useless IMHO, and no rear seat entertainment). It was during the "December to Remember" sales campaign so I don't know if you can get something similar. From what I understand it is much easier to get a bargain here in South Fla. than in other places. These LX's are outstanding vehicles but there are roomier, less expensive vehicles out there with more features.

    I went with the '03 Navigator Ultimate (52K) and have not regretted it. It includes these features for thousands less: power disappearing third row (much roomier too), HID headlamps, power running boards, reverse parking assistance, navigation system, and rear seat DVD player. In my opinion, Lincoln quality and styling is improving dramatically and they are almost (not yet though) up to Lexus standards.

    Still, if the LX had more room and more features I'd jump on it -- there's just something special about a lexus product that IMO has not been matched by any other car maker.

    Good luck on your search!
  • james135james135 Posts: 1
    Hi, Do you guys have any news when will the Lexus 470 be coming out with the all new body?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I have "heard" on this and other boards that the new LX may be called the VX540, will get more room, a horsepower bump as well as a significant price increase. I've also read it is coming out in 2005 as 2006 model. I have no idea if this info is reliable. Any Lexus folks who have some hard info please chime in!

    As far as my preferences go I hope this already wonderful SUV gets the following:

    * Roomier third row -- hopefully with a fold flat dissapearing design
    * High Intensity Discharge headlights (why they don't come on current LX's I'll never know!)
    * front and rear parking assist (like in the LS430 ultra lux)
    * rear view camera
    * and PLEASE keep the full center armrest -- no little folding thingies!!!)
    and while I'm wishing...
    how about a power liftgate in the rear like in the RX!!

    These features along with the current bulletproof design and quality of the current LX would be the PERFECT automobile for me.
  • docrock143docrock143 Posts: 18
    A quick question re: gasoline for the 2003 LX 470.
    The owner's manual says that octane 87 (regular) is OK for the engine, but for "ideal" functioning (or something to that effect), premium fuel should be used. I know that it is the same engine as the Toyota Sequoia which takes regular.

    Should the LX 470 be fed premium, or is regular OK?
    Thanks for all responses.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Price: I would call large dealer internet fleet managers and get best price. Deal over invoice. Diff parts of country are diff. However, if you do this w/ about 5 or so dealers you will get best price. Word to wise - this vehicle is in limited production due to the influx of all those GX's so harder to find than GX. Dealers only get a few LX so may need to trade in stock or from boat. If live on So cal I can give you more info on my purchase. We love our 03 LX. BTW, we drove GX, ML, X5, and Nav (and Aviat)and felt LX worth the extra cost (also own DXL). Also, Navs are noted for problems so make sure you want to deal with your local dealer so he can give you decent rentals when your car is in shop.
    Gas: We use premium. Dont want to risk using regular or plus when it possibly could reduce performance or worse yet, wreck engine or working parts. If you get this truck, extra 100 or so bucks a year for premium is probably affordable and definitely worth it for life of truck. There are reasons that premium gas is recommended so I would just go with that. PS - we had trouble on previously owned vehicle that rec prem and we used reg - I feel it may have been a reason we had probs, we had less when we switched to prem fuel.
    Good luck to all.
  • aggiebartaggiebart Posts: 37
    I have a 2000 LX470. What brands of aftermarket 'white lights' have been the best for this vehicle? I am looking at PIAA's but they are pricey.. I mainly would like upgraded low beams.

    I am used to the Xenon's in my BMW...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I have also heard these rumors on the net. The word on the street is that lexus will base the bigger ute on the Sequioa. Talk about profit margin. I hope this does not happen but I have a feeling it will, to many people concerned with bling, bling instaed of real trucks. So no more Land Cruiser Wagons and no more Land Cruiser based LX's, just Sequioa for Toyota and Sequioa based VX550 for Lexus. The LC will go back to being a Jeep Beater.

    This will be a sad day indeed. The rest of the world will get the new and improved Land Cruiser and we will be stuck with a US only vehicle based on a pickup truck built in the US. I hope I am wrong.
  • rharvey3rharvey3 Posts: 1
    We are in the process of buying a new LX 470, my local dealer has offered me my choice of cars at $1,500 OVER invoice. Where are your numbers at? Thanks for the help.
  • ichiban470ichiban470 Posts: 45
    I have a LX470 with 58,000 miles ( give and take a few miles ) . Had a problem with my starter . Sometimes it would start on the dime and sometimes it took a few trys . Went to my local dealer and explained the problem . They had my LX for 3 days with a courtesy vehicle provided ( RX300 ) during the diagnostic and repair . The LX was 8,000 miles out of warrantee and I thought I may have to complain to the top brass to maybe get a pro-rated charge on the bill . I was wrong . I only had to explain to my service advisor and he did the rest . LEXUS PUT IN A NEW STARTED AND COVERED THE COST OF EVERYTHING , 100 % ! Other then this , the LX470 is a solid SUV ! I have a Infiniti FX45 too, I am curious if they can match the service of Lexus ?
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Thats a great deal. IMHO, wont do better. Grab it and enjoy. They are not selling LX at invoice or lower like the RX type bcz they just make too few.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    Hi guys , a few weeks ago we purchased a new 03 Land Cruiser and since then all the threads in the LX and LC are mentioning the dismantled of these great vehicles. If that is the case I wll wait for the last year they are making the real LC & LX and purchased one of them, probably the LX470. Toyota is not in the habit of shooting themselves in the head, so I hope this is only a rumor.
     Happy 4th of July ......

  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    is a VERY nice deal on an '03. I suggest you grab it. You'll be getting one of the best cars in the world for less than 60K. Congrats! Just out of curiosity, what dealership are you working with?
  • great2great2 Posts: 8
    saw message by gteach26 #837. did you buy the veh.? if possible, what was your price before sales tax. looking for 03 lx 470 but i was offered $65 out the door. i think its 2 high. Any help. thanx
  • docrock143docrock143 Posts: 18
    Hey all...a quick question about the 3rd row of seats in the 2003 LX 470. When these seats are folded up and against the rear side window, does the top outermost portion of the seats get a bit "crunched" when pressed against the wheel wells? In my wife's GX 470, the seats fold nice and neat.
    When I took delivery of my LX 470, the 3rd row right rear seat had been folded up, and when I took it down, the upper corner was folded and creased. It all smoothed out after a day in the sun. Then when I put the seat back into the folded position, I noticed that the seat corner gets smashed against the wheel that just how it is?
    Thanks all,
  • docrock143docrock143 Posts: 18
    All figured out...the seats slide back a bit as they are folded up...3rd row seats fold up nice n neat....I guess every once in a while, you still have to read the manual.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    If you ever want to out the back seats because you may need added space back there for a big item you may have bought you won't believe how easy it is. They come out and go back in within minutes.

    I tend to take them out on long trips and set up a suspension theatre DVD system for my kids back there. They can also lay down and sleep.
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