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Volkswagen Rabbit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • a used 2009 VW Rabbit 2 dr Automatic with 10,240 miles for $13,000. It has the ipod upgrade as well (we really like this). Does this seem like a fair price? I hope we got a good deal, we really like the car, it does seem bigger and more solid than most of the compact cars that we looked at.
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    Hmmm. I have a chance to buy a 2009 2 dr auto with 6k miles, sunroof and 17" wheels/tires, alas no iPod, for $13600 plus ttl. Does this sound like a good/fair deal? It is in very good condition but is not VW CPO as it was traded in to a non-VW dealership.

    Other cars we compared were Hyundai Elantra Touring, Nissan Versa, and Nissan Altima (yes it's more). The Rabbit drives nice (maybe the Altima is nicer, depends on POV).
  • That sounds like a good price with the sunroof and 17"wheels upgrades. When I took the Rabbit to our local VW dealership they told me that we got a really good deal on our VW and that we were fortunate to find a used 2009 with low milage in the area. They said it is hard to find used Rabbit's. I did have to have the iPod feature replaced as it would not work with our iPhone and iPod Touch. VW had some problems with that already so when I took it to the dealer they were aware of what was going on and readily replaced it free of charge. We have had no problems since. I would not worry too much about it not being VW CPO because it has a 60,000 powertrain warranty anyway. How do you like the triptronic feature? I haven't used it much but, my husband loves it. This car will eventually go to my 15 year old but, we sure are having fun breaking it in for him!!! It is a fun, smooth car to drive with just enough get up and go. I know you will enjoy it!!
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    hipptyhop, does yours not have sunroof or 17"s? I did find the iPod jack btw, so it has that too. Although that's a lousy place to put it :-). I too use an iPhone and my daughter (this will be her car- she's 19) uses an 80gb iPod so it may not fit (too fat). Did they replace just the little connector, or anything else? The iPhone would work I suppose but I don't think you can close the armrest cover with it in place.

    The triptronic is nice and fun, good short and easy throws. I drive a G35 with a similar feature and never use it as the throws are kinda long, gets irksome. Butnot used to using a stick, I don't think she would use it anyway.

    I did a search for used Rabbits, 2009 only, on the autotrader site and came up with 150 listings nationwide. But pretty much over the $17K mark, some close to $20k.
  • No, ours does not have a sunroof and to be honest I don't know the size of the tires but, I think they are 16 inch. Our iPods/iPhones fit fine in the armrest and the armrest closes all of the way with them in there they just did not work with the connector so VW only replaced the connector and it works great now.

    I doubt my son will use the triptronic either but, my husband thinks it is a fun feature!!

    I think we both got a good deal!!
  • What a great way to go and a great value on a used car.

    I just picked this car up yesterday from Boardwalk Volkswagen in Richardson, TX. This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in buying a car (and I have bought MANY in my time)

    So its a silver 2007 Rabbit 2 dr 27k miles with 16" alloys, center console, Gorilla Mats all the way around (including trunk mat) and an after market navigation for $10,900! Plus I got 2.9% financing on top of that!

    If you are in the market for a used VW (mine really looks new) then you owe it to yourself to check out Boardwalk Volkswagen. They are top notch people.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Wow, great deal! I bought a 2007 Rabbit 2-door last April but it had 34k miles on it and steel wheels, and I paid $11k for it and thought I got a great deal. Mine was VW Certified with the 6-year, 74k mile warranty. Is yours VW Certified? That was the main reason I got that particular car, as I wouldn't have to worry about major bills for several years.
  • Hi,
    I am thinking of buying a used '07 or '08 Rabbit - I live in Western New York near Buffalo.

    1. What's a good or fair price range if purchased from a VW Dealer?

    2. Are the maintenence costs higher for VW's than for other cars?
  • I live near Buffalo New York - what's a good or fair price for an '07 or '08 Rabbit?

    I've seen some dealers offering them for 14-15K
  • well lowtide i just bought the 4dr. 2008 rabbit...paid a little too much $16,700. it does have the 17 inch wheels and moon roof and auto/manual shift option..and 28k miles on it...but so far am happy . handles and drives great...will update every now and then..oh also did get warranty upto 60k miles i also live in the buffalo area...i want to see how it handles hoping it does i said will update ...fahrvergnugen!!! :)
  • I recently bought an 08 rabbit with 37000mi, 2 door, stick shift. Seemed to drive well. Looked clean, couple of scratches, but should be touch-up-able. Certified used with 3 more years of warranty.

    "The Deal" was $11300 and I paid $12600 once tax title and their fees were added in. Do you guys think I got ripped off?

    Would appreciate any words of comfort/advice! Thanks!
  • well im not keen on 2drs...i like 4 doors easier for answer your question i think you could have gotten a better price cause of it being 2-doors and standard rather than automatic....but its a good price being that you got the 3yr. warranty...enjoy!!!
  • Thanks for your reply Poddypooper, I'm feeling a little better about it now that I have it in the driveway and can drive it, instead of at the dealer. I was immensely surprised to see that it's only 100lbs lighter than the 4 door model. Thought I was buying a smaller car. But hey, still drives great. Kinda looking forward to winter to try the heated seats!
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