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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • Only 70K miles and like others we are having stalling problems. Two trips to the dealer with no success. Seems they cannot replicate the problem and it never stalls when they drive it!!! None of their expert mechanics can correctly diagnose and fix it.

    My wife is afraid to drive the car now with the kids; it stalled on her when making a turn and she was in the middle of an intersection.

    I have filed a complaint with Kia Motors Consumer Affairs stating that the dealer either won't or can't fix it. I also advised Kia that if an accident results because of this I will initiate legal action against the dealer and against Kia Motors. Waiting now to see if anyone responds.
  • Good Luck! I hope it works out. Let me know what the resolution is. I'm still hesitant to travel too far in mine. Especially when it's cold and I have the kids with me.
  • kitcar04kitcar04 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Sedona Van has been in the repair shop since December 4th 2011. Kia has been uncooperative w/ my mechanic the entire way. They wont provide him with answers and they make him wait for his ordered parts. I've never experienced such unprofessionalism in my life. My warranty has ended so of course Kia wanted us to bring the van to them so they can charge us more than what the van is worth to fake fix it ...forget that. My mechanic brought to my attention a little fact...Did you know that a Kia 05 Sedona's schedule maintenance tune up...replacing timing belt needed at 60,000 miles...mean while a Honda with the same exact specs does not require this same exact maintenance tune up until it hits 105,000 miles. The difference is Honda uses only top quality parts.
  • jlaw263jlaw263 Posts: 3
    My 2005 sedona van has been stalling on and off now for the past 2 weeks now, I noticed twice the gas tank was very low when it stalled. A few times it started right back up, a couple of times it had to sit for maybe an hour before it started up again. Took it to the mechanic he mentioned now it could be crankshaft sensor - Didn't realize this was a common problem with Sedonas.
  • jlaw263jlaw263 Posts: 3
    Same exact problem on my kia sedona 2005. Looking for someone that has had the correct fix - my mechanic said maybe crankshaft sensor, I am taking it in this week. I'll ask him about the fuel pump. Over the weekend the first stall we waited about 2 hours for it to restart and then it stalled and started up right away a few times getting back home. My gas tank was very low when the stall happened - is that the same case with you?
  • flactemflactem Posts: 8
    Well, I thought we were out of the water... We haven't had any issues, until now. My wife was driving it home from the park (about 3 miles) and as she was slowing to a red light, she noticed the check engine light came on, the RPM's dropped way down, then stalled. She cranked it a couple different times, then it started back up and got her the rest of the way home.

    So, now I am left to wonder if the crankshaft sensor that I paid to have replaced was even the culprit.

    What could it be now??
  • jake1970jake1970 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 Sadona MiniVan and I wanted to let everyone know that I have been having the same problems with my van stalling while running and while idling. Today was the end to that I hope but I hope that you all can get it fixed before this happens to you, I was told that the stalling (after getting it looked at several times with no answers) was because it was skipping on the timing and today that skip blew my motor. It is going to cost me almost 3,000 dollars for a new used motor and the timing kit to fix it and we have owned this van for less than 6 months. Just as a heads up to everyone.
  • kcdollskcdolls Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Kia Sedona that started do the same thing.. it woudl run then lag after a while it started stalling on me. After being stranded on the road with the kids I called the tow truck. The shop said it was a simple gas tank relay. Said it started right back up after they switched it with the horn relay to try it out. The new relay came in and I was picking it up the next morning when I got a call saying they took it on another test drive and it died. Said until it died completely they could guess but would cost up to 2000 and no guarantees. I picked it up it ran fine all the way home and then wouldn't start.

    After two weeks of not starting my husband called the shop back and told him it wasn't getting gas (he checked the lines). They towed it back it ended up being a gas tank circuit (I hope that is the right word) in the wiring harness. the shop said until it died completely they would never have found it. The van has run great since i got it back... (knock on wood).
  • gxpkygxpky Posts: 1
    I know this will probably sound repetitive but here's my problem. Starts sporadically, cranks and turns over fine...seems like it is flooding because if you finally get it started after trying and failing there is a strong smell of gas. The first time it had trouble starting the check engine light came on...had it checked out but had no codes show. The van is still low miles only 85,000 on an '04 Kia sedona, purchased it with 54,000 miles on it. As with most people it will never fail to start if you take it to get it checked out....soooo annoying.

    Codes showing yesterday when I took it to auto zone are as follows: PO181, PO128, and PO118.

    Anyone know where I should start?
  • I have an 05 with all the same symptoms. I even went as far as to replace the fuel pump, spark plugs, and belts. Fail!!! Big time. If all else fails, I have unplugged my mass air flow sensor and I haven't had any noticeable problems with the way it runs. But there is still a strong smell of gas when its idle. I'm sure this is not the correct way to fix it, but KIA left us with a mysterious problem with an incorrect product so what exactly is "correct" in this case? I did that because, it seems to run fine when I unplug it but as soon as I plug it back in, it stalls. I'm sure I'm on to something here, but this is a temporary fix which could lead to more issues. I have a very run down Sedona so I am willing to experiment. Please let me know how your situation turned out.
  • avroomavroom Posts: 2
    I just bought a 04 Sedona with 114000 km. Seems Kia couldn't fix it and the owner had to sell it for something else. Then Kia sold the van without fixing it and I ended up with it. It had a few problems. A leaking oil pan so I had to replace it and 4 litres of oil. A squeeky fan belt that was replaced but turned up loose 30000 kms later with a damaged idler pulley. The stalling became apparent on hot days. It would restart a half hour or so later. I drove it and it stalled just before a bridge upramp. Had to tow it and Kia got it started a couple of hours later but as it kept sputtering out they discovered the connection between the fuse and pump was suspect (0volts)so they rewired it temporarily to the heater fan. I still have to resolve a front brake probem. The original owner said the pump was changed because? Good luck to all.
  • avroomavroom Posts: 2
    I just want to add I am not certain where the voltage fault was. Anyways pump voltage was 0volts with ignition on.
  • guidojguidoj Posts: 3
    I too own a 2005 Kia Sedona and am experiencing problems. My van all of a sudden stopped working. everything was fine, the next minute all lights and radio working... but no power to the starter. when this occurred, I waited 24 hours and it started again. I read blogs regarding fuse box / junction, thinking that this may have been the was'nt. I still get power to all electrical components, but not to starter... any other suggestions?
  • guidojguidoj Posts: 3
    Hello all, I am new to this community, and feel everyone's frustration. I have June 04 kia sedona ex, I bought in Sept. ' 06 to present June 2012. I have experienced 4 front lights burn out within a year ( the idiot who assembled the front light assembly...should be given a swift kick know where), new battery and radiator in Jan. 2011, and now.......

    two weeks ago van would NOT START. Power is fine, bells and whistles.. check! The Darn thing just WON'T SUPPLY POWER TO times...for a three day period..started twice in the morning and is now completely dead. I have read all the horror stories people are having with their SEDONA, and I have to tell myself " Oh..Oh". I have bought and installed a brand new IPM / Kia's ..Block Assy-Junction Box ( Part # OK53W 66730A -$ 18.00), and nothing! Not a thing. Sad to say but ...I will be joining the ranks among you. Any help will be appreciated.
    Don't want wife and kids out stranded. I am familiar with cars myself and am stumped on this one. I tried to look under chassis for starter...and found in engine compartment...under engine...( those bastards)....nice place....real nice place..along with transmission too..all rolled up nice and tight. I am thinking... contacts onStarter loose, faulty relays or switches?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank You
  • guidojguidoj Posts: 3
    Hello everyone, here is my update with my '05 Sedona. I took my minivan in to a nearby shop and they tested the starter......finding out that the starter was the problem....and the check engine light came on to read that my crank sensor also needed to be replaced. Wow, needless to say that I had the starter replaced and the check engine light reset. No more issues....(crossing my fingers)
  • mary05mary05 Posts: 5
    :mad: Bought our 05 Sedona about 3 years ago- had just about 70,000 miles on it when we bought it. As I read the owner's manual,I found out that the timing belt should be changed right about the mileage that we bought it. I called the dealer and complained, but of course was told they don't replace things like that to sell them unless they were broken. Sounds legit, right? So we decided to take a trip out west and had everything done"just in case". Had the timing belt, serpentine belt, water pump, coolant system flush, tires, etc. Other than having a few minor issues and having to replace the battery, it's been pretty reliable the past 3 years. 2 weeks ago, which is ONLY 42,000 miles since all that work was done, I was driving in a parking lot when everything just shut off. The mechanic says the tension pulley to the water pump broke, the pump broke, and the timing belt got frayed. However, since the engine is an "interefrence" engine, it means that since the water pump broke and timing belt got frayed, it damaged the engine to the point that we need another engine! We only had 114,000 miles on it- PLUS all that stuff was replaced 42,000 miles ago! We were then informed that, unfortunately with these "interference" engines, known in layman's terms as "motor wreckers", you have to replace all the belts and pumps BEFORE they fray or break, because when they do, they damage and bend rods, pistons, etc. When I pointed out that they were replaced already, he said it must have just been a "flukey" thing. Apparently, the interference engines are the auto industry's answer to getting better fuel efficiency and they let the engine breathe better, but the consequences are they are easily damaged. So, question 1: How could the Kia dealer that sold us the van claim, responsibly and ethically, that they don't replace things like that unless they are broken when they (should) know full well that those things MUST be replaced at the recommended intervals because it's too late once they DO break? By the way, don't take MY word for it- google it yourseves about these engines- which most of the industry is using now as consumers are UNAWARE! Question 2: Since we DID have the water pump and timing belt and serpentine belt and everything else replaced at the proper time, shouldn't Kia be liable for the fact that the engine has to be replaced, even though we did the right thing? No, it's not under warranty, but something just isn't right here. :mad:
  • This interference problem has nothing to do with the belt you say broke and the water pump breaking. The only belt that has anything to do with the "interference" part is the timing belt. Interference means that the pistons are timed so that the valves open up a VERY specific times adn if the timing is off the pistons will run "interference" with your valves. Very unfortunate that this happened to you. Belt should have been replaced at 60,000 per the manufacturer specifications (If I remember right). KIA won't be held responsible because as the owner, you are left holding the peices to have them do the work for you based on your owner's manual recommendations. It sucks, the automotive industry has a ton of gaps for this type of thing. Always follow your owner's manual recommendations. I'm gambling with mine right now. Just passing 100K and I just don't want to do it. I hate working on KIA's and I think they are the "bic" lighters of automobiles meaning they are disposable after they run for so long. Might as well toss it and get another one. Will never buy another KIA again. Sorry to hear of your worries.
  • mary05mary05 Posts: 5
    When we bought it, it already had 70,000 miles on it. Since we were planning a ig trip, we looked in the manual to see when belts should be replaced, etc. When I asked the salesman why they didn't replace our belt at the recommended interval, he said they don't replace them unless they're broken. that sounded legit at the time- but we decided to have it replaced- and the water pump, the tension pulley, serpentine belt, etc- we had all of it done- nothing had broken yet. The point is, that even though we replaced all that stuff, at only a little over 40,000 miles later, the tension pulley to the water pump broke, and the service guy said our timing belt didn't break, but it was "frayed"- he said the it frayed because the tension pulley to the water pump broke and put the strain on the timing belt or something like that because it is an interference engine. He replaced everything, but the engine would no longer hold compression. I also though it was funny- in an irritating way- when I found out to even just replace the spark plugs the manifold had to come off. Sheesh.
  • Hey Philly Dave. I recently bought a 05 Kia Sedona and it has the exact same issues as yours I have only changed the TPS but it still is running the same. Could you please give an update on wether or not your sedona is still running good after all you have done?
  • Having the same problems as everyone else here, van will start when cold, run's great for 10-15 mins then engine shakes, stalls, loses power, will not start till cooled down (30-45min's later) engine then starts and shuts off right away, I have read the comments about the service bulletin for the high heat, did changing the TPS throttle position sensor work? I just changed the plugs and oil, so this will be a hopefully easy fix... any thought's?
  • Sorry to hear that the TPS did not fix it, I am going to try it on my 2002 kia sedona van, did the plugs and oil change, run's great until hot... then all hell brakes loose. By reading the other comment's have you changed your plugs or wires(wires only get changed if needed, not cheap, $184 up here in Canada)!!
  • I read your story and here is mine. Did you deal with any of this?
    have a 2004 KIA Sedona. I recently took the car in because it would not start. I let it sit for awhile, tried it again and it started however, the check engine light came on so I took it to my KIA dealer for service. I was told, the code that came up had something to do with the fuel system. That repair was made and I drove the car off the lot only to have the same issue happen again. Upon returning to the dealer, although the same codes were coming up, I was told that it had something to do with the harness and the wiring. That was fixed. I drove the car off the lot again only to have the exact same issue occur again. I took the car back to the dealer and after two weeks of back and forth, they replaced the computer. I drove the vehicle for approximately 100 miles in order to get the inspection sticker and guess what, tried to drive it from my driveway and again, it would not start. My vehicle is now at the dealer again, and I have no idea what is wrong, and neither do they. Please help?
  • Hi, well I have ran into the same problems as you. Here is what I did to fix it I hope:
    1. Changed the oil
    2. Changed the plugs, and inspected the wires for cracks and signs of worn out ect, put bosch plugs in platinum style.
    3. New intake gasket, cleaned everything that I could, TPS (throttle poistion sensor and MASS Air Flow sensor, and what ever else looked dirty (intake too)
    4. Took van to Canadian Tire, scanned the cold, code 109, MASS Air Flow.
    5. Now replacing the mass air flow sensor and going from there.

    This should fix the problem, the van is already running better, google Mass Air flow sensor and it will tell you exactly what it does for the vehicle, pretty important ect.

    Check your coils, see if there is 12 volts at the wires where they plug into the coils, if they are cracked in any way or were hot and got wet, more than likely are done, but not cheap to replace, about $104 each here in CAN.

    If your hand and can get into a garage or a buddies, taking the intake is easier than it looks, hardest part is the back 4-6 bolt's which you will need a 10mm and a 12mm 1/4 drive socket and the rest of the plug ins are plug and play, make note of the two coolant hoses on the bottom of the coolant sensor that go into the intake ect. If not let the mechanics do it.

    But it sounds like they don't know what they are doing, seek another KIA garage or go to Hyundia since they make them.

    Good Luck. :shades:
  • saboteursaboteur Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    Experienced the same ignition problem 4 days after purchasing a 2011 Sedona. The engine won't start...or won't start at random times...because the security system is not recognizing the key properly. Take your vehicle to a Kia dealership and ask them to check for a faulty ipm module. I say go to Kia because Kia has to reprogram your key if the module is replaced so the security system will work.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    With most OHC engines water pump runs off timing belt. If water pump fails for some reason, it could cause the timing belt to skip or break which causes the engine damage. The only way to avoid the issue of interference engines is to buy a non-interference engine (i.e., Chrysler vans with 3.3 or 3.8 V6; GM Astro, Safari with 4.3 V6; GM Venture, Montana, Uplander, Montana SV6 with 3.5 or 3.9 V6). The Chrysler and GM vans with these engines are all out of productiion and can only be bought used. GM does not make a minivan anymore. New Chrysler vans are OHC.
  • I have seen a no start condition in a neighbors 2005 Kia Sedona. Turn the key and nothing. It had a brand new starter installed just a little over a month ago and ran until now. Since the starter did not operate checked battery voltage-battery was bought recently- good battery voltage and clean and tight connections - ok, checked starter relay( in box towards drivers side next to battery, clicking and upon applying 12 volts between 85&86 continuity occured at 87&30 working proper : ok, Starter connections checked-tight and clean, jumped starter, solenoid kicked and spun ( whining sound) with no start. Moving large wire around from battery to starter obtained a start condition. Replaced battery to starter wiring, problem solved.
    Since this repair I have seen another sedona with same problem and same solution.
  • Check your wiring from the battery to the starter, I have found two Sedona's with a similar problem. Move the large wire around.
  • That sounds great, but could that cause a car to just simply shut off if it is already running.
  • We have a 2006 Kia Sedona that is idols low and feels like stalling. Also on start-up will be jerky or jumpy. Had transmission replaced, but still does it. Thought it could be fuel filter, but after reading thinking it is TPS. Is this similar to other noted issues? Starts out small and then gets worse? No lights come on during this
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