2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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The RDX is starting to show up at various Acura dealers. Share your purchase experience here.


  • firedudefiredude Member Posts: 7
    Was quoted an internet price of $36,550 plus taxes, tags and processing for RDX with Technology Package at Pohanka in NOVA.
  • bbydadbbydad Member Posts: 58
    that seems a bit off MSRP, no? I think MSRP is 36,595 without any taxes, etc. Do you know what the bottom line price of the car was before the fees? When were you told it could be delivered?
  • bbydadbbydad Member Posts: 58
    I caught this on another acura site -- also on the other edmunds site, looks like a few folks are getting about 500 bucks off MSRP. Seems like the first dominos are falling!:
    Wasn't this thread about getting deals on an RDX?

    OK, I got my deal.

    I'd originally left a small deposit with my nearest Acura dealer before pricing was announced. When I came in for a test drive, the salesman made the usual noises about new car, low supply, big demand, not making any deals. So via Edmunds, I sent out a request for a quote to the four nearest dealers and I got called by all four. That included the one that had my deposit, but the quote request was in my wife's name and she doesn'y use my last name (not that I'm suspicious or something).

    Two stuck with the "no deals" line. One offered me $500 below MSRP on the phone as soon as I asked. The fourth said they had deals, come on in. What they offered right up front was $800 below MSRP. My wife, bless her heart, said "Let's offer them $1500 below list." By the time we finished, I got $1200 off MSRP and $579 worth of accessories for $200 on an RDX with tech package.

    I'd prefer not to mention the dealer's name just yet because I know that some dealers have a scam where they offer a low price and sell the same car to someone else for more money if they can and tell you that yours didn't arrive for some reason. I don't think that that's what's happening here. First, we got the price offer before deciding if we were going to take one from stock or wait for something else to come in -- the salesman offered one from stock, but I didn't like the color combination (gray exterior, taupe interior). Second, my father was in the car industry for decades and I can usually spot the crooks.

    But if course it's the best crooks that are hardest to spot.

    The one I chose was already on the list of incoming cars and is supposed to arrive September 19. I'll let you know what happens.
  • jazzeumjazzeum Member Posts: 16
    Best I was offered was $500 below. I tried the $1500 strategy. They said no thanks. End of discussion.
  • gadstergadster Member Posts: 3
    I got two internet quotes today from two dealerships in Phoenix. I asked for the price with the Techo package. The price was $37,165 from both. One mentioned that the base model was $33,10.

    I've test drove the rdx last week. It was nice. I noticed a small, very small, lag before it picked up speed. Frankly, I knew more than the salesperson which I thought was shocking and surprising. I don't like that the rear seats don't lay flat. There are no air ducks for the rear seats. The key is cool; it slips into the base. The rdx was smaller than I expected from the acura web site and the sales brochure.

    I have three other suvs I'm consider - subaru, mazda cx7, murano.

    If the price on the acura was better, I'd buy it tomorrow. Anyone have any clue when they "think" the price would drop? I test drove the car a week after it hit the dealership and the sales guy told me they hadn't sold any.

    Thanks, in advance, for any replies.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    "Frankly, I knew more than the salesperson which I thought was shocking and surprising."

    :D What magical planet of technically-educated car dealers do you come from, gadster???
    Please tell me; I want to come visit! :D
  • bbydadbbydad Member Posts: 58
    I think the prices will probably drop for sure after about 3 months. You might be able to find some deals in the next few weeks in certain areas depending on demand. The fact that the dealership you went to hadn't sold any yet I think is an invitation to make an offer. Did you already talk about price beyond hearing the MSRP?
    I was also disappointed the rear had no air vents. I don't think the X3 does either. Does the Mazda or Murano have rear vents?
  • flatsflats Member Posts: 44
    The rear seats do fold flat. The horizontal portion of the seat folds in the area where your legs go, then the vertical portion of the seat can fold down flat (even with head rests attached).
    Pricing in the Cleveland area was at MSRP. Not much wiggle room. Sales guy gave to typical 'Acura will only make 25,000' speech, so demand will be greater then supply.
  • gofitguygofitguy Member Posts: 4
    I'm after a base RDX in the Chicago area. The dealers are holding list for the most part. One will toss in a few accessories. I've got a low mile RX330 to trade & the local Acura/Lexus dealer wouldn't even appraise my trade when they saw I wanted some movement on price on the RDX. The going line is "short supply" and many buyers but I don't see it. Once people see you MUST use premium fuel, they may look at alternatives.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    The CX-7 does not have rear vents in the sense I think you are referring to. The three center dash vents can be aimed to blow between the front seats and right into the back, but the rear passengers are at the front occupants' mercy.
  • gadstergadster Member Posts: 3
    The two dealerships I mentioned were Acura of Tempe and Acura of Peoria (both in the burbs of Phoenix).

    I agree with you Flats, the prcie will come down. What's at question is when and how much. I can get a deal on an 2006 Tribeca. I owned a Subaru before I owned my current car, the Acura 2.3 CL.

    Gofitguy, I swear, I tried to get the seats to go flat, they didn't and the sales guy couldn't either. They remained "moslty" flat but had an angle to them. Maybe it's the dry Arizona air. All the more reason to have rear air vents :shades:

    There is one more dealership in the Phoenix area, I guess I could get a quote from them....stay tuned.
  • bbydadbbydad Member Posts: 58
    Gadster -
    they definitely fold flat. It's not intuitive. I remember there had to be some tucking and folding of some sort. Clearly your sales guy didn't know what he was doing. I wish it had rear air vents as well.
  • skirobskirob Member Posts: 8
    We test drove the RDX today and the salesman folded the seats for us. First, you must lift up on the rear seat and fold forward separately from the seatbacks. Then you can fold the seatbacks forward to a flat position.
  • gadstergadster Member Posts: 3
    I received an email today from one of the dealerships that provided me with a quote. They said they were having a sale until August 31st and would be discounting the RDX by $450 or would give a Value Pack, which includes tint, door edge Guards, wheel locks and trunk tray.

    And, so it begins? Time will tell.
  • alexbharrisalexbharris Member Posts: 4
    When it gets around that the gas mileage is atrocious the price will drop through the floor. I'm sorry I didn't know this before purchasing my RDX. I cannot imagine how this car got rated at 19 MPG - we are getting 12.8, and the car has been checked out by the dealer for problems.

    This coupled with premium only fuel makes this otherwise great car aggravating. Car and Driver (or Road and Track - I read it today at Walmart, but didn't buy it!) also got 13MPG on their test, so it's not a fluke.

    Very, very aggravated!
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    After 800 miles, you really have no idea what kind of mileage you will end up with. As others have tried to explain, once the engine is broken in, mpg usually improves, often significantly. Right now, the mechanical parts in the engine and elsewhere are still wearing in and mating to each other. Friction-wise, the scenario at 800 miles is not as efficient as an vehicle with a few thousand miles on it. Period.

    As for the magazines' results, you have to wonder if 1) they didn't also get a low-mileage example, and 2) if part of their driving doesn't include some serious flogging.

    So relax, give your new baby some time, and good luck.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Member Posts: 4,487
    I think the break-in factor can only go so far. Some cars do get better gas mileage with time, but most of them only see minor improvements. All of my recent new cars have gotten the expected MPG right out of the gate, usually between the city and highway numbers. Overall, I have not seen a huge break-in effect myself -- certainly not more than the 1mpg error band I would place on fuel-pump+odometer based calculations.

    12.8MPG is way too low to be a break-in "effect" in my opinion. I just don't see how mechanical wear-in can account for such a huge hit. If you have ruled out sprited driving, idling, and other possible factors, I have to wonder if something is wrong with the vehicle. You'd never free up enough friction losses through wear-in to account for the current low MPG.
  • cmk248cmk248 Member Posts: 5
    Acura is actually going to make about 25 to 30k of the RDX's for 2007, the ratio of the Tech to the non Tech is 40% Tech and 60% non tech, so if you are looking for a Tech as I was its MSRP. But I love mine.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    ...most of them only see minor improvements

    I'm just going by the prevailing experience on this and the CX-7 forums. Many posters have started at 15-16 mpg and ended up at 20-22 mpg by the time they got 3,000 miles under their belts. It might also be wishful thinking on my part since my 1200-mile CX-7 is stuck at 16 mpg for the moment... :)

    If you have ruled out sprited driving, idling, and other possible factors...

    Would love to give people the benefit of the doubt, but can't rule out any of that based on the post.

    Unfortunately, the sentiments that appear time and time again are "Brand X obviously rushed this design to market" and/or "My dealer is a crook because I'm not getting the EPA numbers in week two of ownership." While 12.8 mpg is a real bummer (and I have been there myself), I just wish people would put some miles on their car before venting. If RDX or my fellow CX-7 owners are stuck at 14 mpg after 6 months - then I would say it's time for a letter to the manufacturer.
  • mazdaman65mazdaman65 Member Posts: 12
    My wife and I purchased an RDX with tech package this weekend in Little Rock. It is our first venture into the luxury class, coming from a '00 Mazda Millenia and a '97 Mazda 626. The engine is good and quick, we don't notice much of a lag. The handling is good and the tech features are very cool...voice activiation, NAV system, back-up camera view, sound system. We haven't had it long enough to get mileage yet. But on the way home, the "system" was stating an instantaneous rate of 20 MPG on the highway.

    The dealership knocked $1000 of MSRP without much negotiation at all (actually my wife did the negotiating). So we got the vehicle for $36,165. It was the first one moved off the lot. When she checked with a dealership in Memphis, the were wanting $40,000 for the tech package and would not move from that price. They had already installed side running boards, a roof rack, a body side molding...say it was standard. They said they were moving fast.

    We did test drive a Mazda CX-7 and could tell a little bit of a difference. It seemed that the driver sat lower in the CX-7 than in the RDX, that the car was not as tight, and there was more lag than with the RDX. We might have already made up our minds, however, before driving the CX-7. My thinking was if we were going to spend $30K on a loaded CX-7, why not spend a couple extra thousand to get a luxury car. We originally had no intention of getting the tech package, but the more we thought about it the more we decided "what the heck".

    We are not car experts, especially with respect to horsepower and handling. But so far we really enjoy the RDX. It may not be for everyone, but it seems to fit my wife's desire to get an SUV and mine to have something sporty and different.
  • karlydarskarlydars Member Posts: 1
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

    Have driven our RDX 1437 miles. Gas mileage on last 1000 miles about 12 MPG.

    Don't think we need to wait six months to know that there is something wrong.

    Father-in-law is a mechanic, says high weight is causing the fuel-burn. Very expensive on gas.

    Good car otherwise, but very poor gas mileage, guzzles premium gas, weird for a Honda/Acura.
  • mazdaman65mazdaman65 Member Posts: 12
    Our gas mileage after the first 200 miles was 18.4 MPG. That was about 100 miles of highway driving and 100 miles in town. Hopefully it will only get better as the engine "breaks in".

    Sorry to hear about the experience that some have had with low mileage.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    Well, okay. Go to the dealer and tell him your car has a "high weight" problem, and that you want it fixed. Be sure to keep us all posted on what happens...
  • ccacpccacp Member Posts: 117
    Hello Everyone, to my surprise the Acura Canada window sticker for the RDX has an EPA rating of 23/30 mpg. There is no way that I think this car will attain those numbers ! How could they even venture to post those numbers when Acura USA has 19/24 on their window stickers !

    On top of that, one of the cars that was on display outside was UNLOCKED ! Dealerships in Quebec, Canada are closed on Saturday and Sunday and thus the lot was unsupervised ! I could clearly see the package to activate the Navi !
    I opened the door, locked the door through the central mechanism and left still surprised at these 2 findings !

    What do you think about the MPG difference with Canadian Cars !
  • peterfarpeterfar Member Posts: 4
    Are you sure it is MPG and not KPG?
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    The Canadian Acura website lists fuel consumption specifications in liters per 100 kilometers, like Europe does. And the numbers they post are equivalent to 19/25 mpg. So I have no idea what you are looking at.
  • ccacpccacp Member Posts: 117
    I was looking at the window sticker on an actual RDX in a Canadian lot. There was the numbers in litres per 100 km and then the miles per gallon equivalent. I wonder why there is such a huge discrepancy between the US numbers and the Canadian numbers.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    Well, if the l/100km numbers on the sticker are not 12.5 and 9.3, maybe it's a misprint. If the l/100 km numbers ARE 12.5 and 9.3, then someone somewhere at Acura of Canada is not very good at math converting to imperial units. Sad, but not necessarily a conspiracy.
  • pablo651pablo651 Member Posts: 7
    Contacted a salesperson at our local Acura Dealer is Las Vegas regarding the gas mileage for the RDX. Was told that the figures were very disappointing. Sales person would not give me a figure, just kept saying it was below expectations. Decided I will wait to purchase until this mileage problem is resolved.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Member Posts: 5,525
    I would be surprised if a salesperson said anything along those lines.
  • abraindrainerabraindrainer Member Posts: 312
    US Gallon = 3.78 liters; Imperial Gallon = 4.54 liters.... Units are important!
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    The gas mileage on this car is horrific. The EPA is 19/23 but thus far we have had no tank higher than 13 MPG and our average is 12.8 MPG. I took the car to the dealer and they said that "the gas mileage on the RDX isn't great".

    - a consumer rating elsewhere on the site, 09/04/06
  • pablo651pablo651 Member Posts: 7
    Is anyone getting decent gas mileage with the new RDX ????
  • mazdaman65mazdaman65 Member Posts: 12
    We are getting the stated mileage of 19 MPG in the city. To get 12 MPG, one would only be driving ~200 miles on a tank. We are getting 200 miles on a half tank.
  • fluid15fluid15 Member Posts: 60
    My wife and I checked out the RDX yesterday and I thought it was a good package - nice interior and had a little more pep than I expected. I know there is no definition these days of an "SUV", but we thought it was much more of a car than an SUV. Closer to a hatchback. I guess SUV is a marketing ploy, not as many potential buyers would gravitate to a hatchback in the U.S. although they dominate the market in Europe. Regardless, it was a nice car although the styling wasn't for my wife.
  • saagisaagi Member Posts: 3
    Hi all, I'm planning to buy RDX in kansas city area. Dealer has given me MSRP quote. Any success stories with good pricing in Kansas city area. Alson any luck with MPG. I'm hearing all sad stories on mpg. Thanks in advance.
  • reb5reb5 Member Posts: 2
    I too am planning on an RDX in Pennsylvania if anyone is getting any deals out there please share.. MSRP was quoted to me also. Thought about leasing but $ 5,000.00 down at signing is crazy!!! Anyone getting any type of deal please post.
  • reb5reb5 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone getting any type of deal out there for the RDX please post. Im in PA and they are quoting MSRP.

  • joystickjoystick Member Posts: 1
    I am going to be moving the Southern California. i know there are tens of acura dealerships in that area and competition should be a lot. Any idea what prices look like in that area? Also, i was just wondering, is the distination charge taxable? I know it is not going to be much but I hate to be cheated by the dealerships.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Member Posts: 458
    Destination is usually taxable, i.e. part of the selling price of the car. It's not fun paying taxes, but since the dealer gets none of it, they're not cheating you, at least on that front.
  • flags1flags1 Member Posts: 1
    With about 500 miles driven, I'm getting about 19 mpg with 90% city driving. I would say the RDX is on target for its size and horsepower. I was able to buy in early Oct. for $1000 off MSRP for the tech model. Two other dealerships in my area would not move off MSRP, but then again they had plenty on the lot to choose from :) Overall, I could not be happier with this car in every aspect, including MPG. Acura has hit a home run...
  • dmgoldiedmgoldie Member Posts: 5

    I am going to purchase a RDX in the NYC (NY/CT) area in the next 2 weeks and I am shopping around. Has anyone purchased a RDX with the tech package in the area and what did you pay?


  • jere2jere2 Member Posts: 5
    After trying to get internet prices and quotes (and not succeeding) I went to Piazzza Acura in Reading PA. At first they offered me $1,200 off on the tech package. I said I wanted $2,000 and KBB on my 04 TL. The next day they called and met my price and also gave a little bit more than KBB for my car. They did not have many RDX's with the tech package in stock but you should get a least $1,500 off. They did try to sell dealer installed accessories and extended warranty but did not push it when I said no. Over all a good experience.
  • roma007roma007 Member Posts: 39
    Has anyone recently purchased the RDX without the Technology Package in the NYC area? I spoke with a dealer a couple of weeks ago, and he quoted me $33,000 even. Not sure if prices have moved up/down since then.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Member Posts: 5,525
    If still true, that would be a great deal.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Member Posts: 4,487
    That's not much of a discount. I am seeing offers down close to invoice, or potentially below invoice when they throw in accessories. But then again, the RDX is not selling so hot where I live. If they are selling better in your area, perhaps prices are going to remain closer to MSRP.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Member Posts: 5,525
    My mistake. I assumed it was with tech package. Without it, no, $33K is close to MSRP. 8-10% below MSRP is where the real deal would be.
  • alexbharrisalexbharris Member Posts: 4
    In PA the dealers cannot get rid of the RDX without Tech. 25~40 of them are sitting on various lots.

    $2500 off of MSRP is the starting point offered at some dealerships in Philadelphia, whereas the bozos at Montgomeryville Acura still demand list price. We had a very bad experience with Montgomeryville on price and would recommand against them.
  • wmdavis1wmdavis1 Member Posts: 14
    I'm located in Baltimore + looking 4 non-tech pkg. what Philly dealerships r willing 2 knock $2,500 off MSRP? This would put the RDX in my price range.
  • rcizmercizme Member Posts: 16
    In the San Francisco area the prices are starting to come down. They start with $1500 off MSRP. But with all the RDX's on the lot, they are still offering financing at 6.9%! Compared to, say, 2.9% (reasonable) that's an extra 3000 on a 5 year note .. too much. Perhaps they will decide they REALLY want to sell cars?
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