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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • jeepdtjeepdt Posts: 15
    The new Unlimited will be tipping me over to the Wrangler.

    Just image a 4-DOOR rock hopping CONVERTABLE!

    I'll be handing over my down payment as soon as they are willing to accept it!:)
  • xthecatxthecat Posts: 30
    From what I understand the "new" 2007 chasse will be made by the Hyundai Corporation, and other parts like doors by someone else. Only the assembly will be done in the States??
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Because of the 4-door's 116" wheelbase, which is longer than any other Jeep out there except perhaps the long-gone J-Series pickups, the breakover angle is not great. At least not great compared to the 2-door model, which has a wheelbase 20+ inches less.

    So those expecting the 4-door to perform off road as capably as the 2-door, you will likely be disappointed.

  • jay50jay50 Posts: 6
    When the MB v6 Bluetec goes into the Liberty and Wrangler you should see 30 MPG. The question is when will DCX see the value in doing this?????
  • jay50jay50 Posts: 6
    :shades: When the MB v6 Bluetec goes into the Liberty and Wrangler you should see 30 MPG. The question is when will DCX see the value in doing this?????
  • jay50jay50 Posts: 6
    If and when DCX puts the 3liter MB Bluetec engine in then we will see 30 mpg or so. That is a no brainer for us, but we have to wait for DCX to get on the bandwagon.
  • dhans1dhans1 Posts: 1
    Any word on an announcement date for pricing and availability of the Wrangler 2-door?
  • sturm_rugersturm_ruger Posts: 27
    The 3.8 not only has more horsepower and torque than the 4.0, but it's lighter, shorter and maintains its torque at speeds above 3400 rpm.

    Both the Wrangler and the Unlimited (4-Door) will likely spawn pickup versions. Similar to the concept Gladiator, the 2-Door model will probably be given the Scrambler name.

    All Wrangler models will be built at the Toldeo plant. The last TJ will come off the line July 21.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Thanks for the information. July 21 will be a nostalgic day. Do auto makers/assembly plants ever do anything special with the last one made, when it's a model like the Wrangler? While it wouldn't have mattered to anyone when the last Ford Pinto would have been produced, but there are people who get nostalgic about cars like the Wrangler, some of the Mustangs, perhaps the Corvettes etc.

    How much re-tooling do they have to do to start producing the 2007 models? Then they'd have to produce enough and then shipping etc. - does that mean that it will be September before you'll see them at the dealers?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    July 21 is my birthday too... coincidence??? :)

    Usually automakers change the design every 7 years or so, so I don't think anything special is really done, except when the name is being discontinued, like Chevrolet did for the Camaro a few years ago.

    Retooling will depend on how they are going to build it (ie are they using new technologies). There will undoubtedly be reprogramming of existing tools/robots, etc, but I don't think they are introducing any groundbreaking technology in the building phase for the new Wrangler.

    BMW is now building Z4's and X5's on the exact same assembly line. THAT required a major retooling and reworking for the Spartanburg facility. So secretive of the technology and process is BMW, that they discontinued factory tours there for at least the next 6 months or so.

  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    When they stop making ye olde straight-six, that will be a notable day. A new body, not so much. Do they make that engine at the Toledo plant?

    EDIT: nevermind, it's made at the Kenosha plant.
  • xthecatxthecat Posts: 30
    I remember reading somewhere that the new Jeep will be basically "assembled" at that plant, but the major components will be made somewhere else. For example the suspension will be made in Korea by Hyundai Corp.
  • sunkistsunkist Posts: 1
    When will the 2007 Wrangler be available to buy? I want one soooo bad. My local dealer is being very vague about it because he wants me to buy the 2006 (so he can move his stock). Thanks!
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    If I had a dealer who wanted me to buy an OLD design, I'd take my business to a different dealer!

    Go to a dealer who has YOUR interests at heart!

  • The day one shows up on the dealer lot, I'll trade my 1990 4 cyl. Wrangler in on it. Brie :shades:
  • You can order a 2007 Jeep from Jasper Jeep in Jasper, GA. That is the ONLY place I ever buy a Jeep. It is well worth the travel to get the vehicle. I saved over $4K on my '99 Wrangler purchase. I recently got an email from Ryker Lowe, the President of the firm letting me know that he would have a 2007 Wrangler 4-door Unlimited on the lot in late August for me to check out and drive. Here's the website for Jasper Jeep:
    Not sure about the pricing but I'm sure it will be less than the Hummer 3 for sure.
  • Right now I can get a 2006 Wrangler SE base model for 16k even with employee pricing. Or I can wait a couple months (im guessing, anyone have a solid date??) and go for an 07. The 07's look like they are going to be 5" wider and 2" longer, and come with a v6 standard. But the price goes up about 4k too according to KBB. Im torn! If I buy now I can get what I think is a great price (1.5k below invoice) and have enough left over to get some nice wheels and tires and a new stereo or a lift. But something also doesnt feel right about buying an 06 2 months before a new body style comes out and a new model year, I may be kicking myself. What to do!???
  • 2006 Wrangler SE base model for 16k even with employee pricing. THIS IS A NO BRAINER. Go with the 06'. Sure, the 07's will be a better Jeep, but who is to say the ADDED cost will be worth it?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    It's a no brainer if you don't mind the smaller horsepower of the 2.4L. Granted it is better than my 2.5L it replaced, but for highway driving, those 4 cyl's can get a bit taxing. Throw in hills, and it gets a lot more annoying.

  • I have been haggling with 36 dealerships through the internet on a 2007 Wrangler x Unlimited 4x4 base. The invoice is $21,126 and I got them down to $20,450 thats $676 below invoice without any incentives. Is that a good deal or should I keep workin them?
  • Sounds like a good price ($20,450), but after reading the "road test" sounds like this new jeep is already labeled a lame duck. The testers say there is a lot of work to do in order to make it more competative and worth the "new" price, but then again it is what it is.
  • I just ordered a 2007 Wrangler 4-door Sahara loaded with 4 speed auto, front air bags, dual tops (Sunrider & 3 piece hardtop), A/C, locking differential, Sirius radio, 17" wheels, towing package, and a few other minor items. Total MSRP was $30,935 but my cost was $27,735.00 from Jasper Jeep in Jasper, GA. Strongly recommend you check with them online ( Their price is base on invoice plus $195 and the Jeep Corporation's charge per vehicle for regional advertising campaign costs. This is the second time I've bought there and have been absolutely satisfied both times.
  • Just heard that the new Wrangler will be priced about $3,600 less Canadian than the outgoing one.
  • I have another quick question. When people say the got a car below invoice does it generally mean below invoice including the shipping fee, or below invoice without the shipping fee?

    Ex. Invoice 20,000. shipping few 600 so it would = 20,600 so would under invoice mean under 20,000 or under 20,600?
  • My experience is that the "invoice" price includes the shipping. The shipping costs should be the same on both the MSRP & the invoice because that is an actual cost that the dealer must pay. If you see two different prices for shipping you can almost bet the the "invoice" you're look at is bogus. The cost of shipping is a set price that is a legitimate cost that the dealership should pass on to the customer.
  • Thank you, Edmunds, for the review. Perhaps, one important thing was not mentioned. This new Wrangler will be built in an all-new factory in Toledo. The quality should be really good, especially compared to the last Wrangler, which was built in a factory which was what, 60 years old?

    Yeah, and one more thing. When reviewing such adventure-oriented vehicles, could you please mention if you "could sleep in it." It's a butt of many a joke on the FJ Cruiser fan site, I know. But if one goes into the wilderness in a vehicle, it would be nice to know if, in addition to the harsh highway ride, the poor driver also has to sleep on the rocks, or can stretch inside.

    Please, provide some measurements, such as how tall a man can comfortably sleep inside the Unlimited Wrangler, especially since it appears the back seats can be removed.

    Thank you!
  • wrawra Posts: 1
    This Mini Van motor is destined to be the “new 4 banger” sorority jeep engine . The 3.0 CDR MB Turbo V6 engine is the only one worthy of the replacing the TJ engine.
  • Whne are these new units hitting the showroom floors?
  • To me it seems they are going after the H3 market with the new unlimited - I sure hope they decided to produce a two door unlimited - after looking over specs and pictures we decided to purchase an 06 unlimited.
  • I keep reading about how slow this car or truck is over and over again in your and other publications. I can't believe you think a truck with 1 1/2 tonnes and a under 10 sec. to 60 is slow. Obviously you have never seen what the rest of the world drives or how they drive. This 0-60 time would still blow the pants of a lot of European cars without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, who gives a hoot about the slalom speed? I am not out there carving a racetrack with a Wrangler every day. Are you? As long as it is stable, which it should be given it has ESP, it doesn't realy matter for a vehicle like this. I agree that the breaks need some work. This is not a good performance. On the side of the interiour I think it is at least as original as the Xterra or FJ. I won't go into the quality look and feel of it, since I have not had a chance to see it for myself yet. Thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind on this page.

    Dakota Chris
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