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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I like your advice on changing the tranny fluid every year or 15,000 miles.
    My question is, if you change the fluid that often do you really need extra filtering (Magnafine filter)? The tranny drain plug is a magnet and it should catch the little bit of metal in the fluid between fluid changes.
    I know it is extra insurance but do you really need it with regular fluid servicing?
  • Yep that sounds about right. My vehicle is the 2007 Odyssey that is the four shaft five speed so it may use a bit more fluid. I just did a complete change because my fluid was pretty dirty. It has not been changed since I bought it new.
    But now after doing a complete change and the fluid is nice and pink again I think a drain and fill once a year should be fine.
  • Hi all - We are selling old 2005 Ody (100K mi) and are considering a newer (2008 or 2009) Toyota Sienna or Ody. IF the Ody is a Certified Honda, then as we understand it, it comes with the Powertrain Warranty up to 100K covering the Engine, Drive System and Transmission. Would this Warranty protect us against these major transmission failures??
  • Our 2000 Honda Odyessy has had 3 Transmissions and Now needs a 4th! I paid for the last one and it only lasted 14 months about 12K miles! They have serious problems!

    I will never buy another Honda They DO NOT stand by their products!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,381
    if you get it certified, the tranny will be covered under the CPO warranty while it is in effect.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    When I read about the DW-1 issue a few weeks back on this forum I contacted the dealer who said I could immediately go & replace 3 litres. I did this and everytime I have service of any sort from now on I will ask for a ATF drain and add the new DW-1. So within 4+ drains and refills I should be on mostly DW-1 (99%-100%). Each time is costs me $64.50. They have beem using the DW-1 since 3 months ago and now all the vehicles use only this type. I mentioned before that I have a aftermarket cooler, but do not row.
  • thanks for the info. We decided on a 2010 Toyota Sienna instead of a 3rd Ody... I love it!
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    Just wanted to post my story.

    Transmission problem at about 83K. Took into Honda dealer. Told me I needed a new transmission. Quoted me $3K. In disbelief - hello, this is a HONDA! Anyway, I turned on the feminine charm and asked the customer service guy (at the dealership) what would he do if he was me. He said get on the phone to Honda USA. So I started that process. I was very nice, but insisted that a HONDA should not need a new transmission at 83K. Told them I've always bought Hondas, my brother works at GM, maybe I need to start looking at GMs, etc. Also, when I took my car into the shop, the Mississippi Honda area representative guy was in the Michigan shop getting his oil change. He too, said, that it shouldn't happen and he called his peer in the Michigan area. Anyway - it ended up being I paid 10% and Honda paid 90% of the transmission.

    And to top it off, I was in at Honda yesterday and the new car salesman who has sold Hondas for over 20 years, made the comment that "Honda took care of all the 2003 transmission problems" - not via a recall but on an individual basis. I had to correct him, that if it wasn't for the Mississippi rep and the customer service guy in the repair department, I might have had to shell out $3,000!

    So anyway, looking to replace our 2003 with a 2011 Ody. I hope I don't shoot myself in the foot for buying another one. My husband is insisting on the extra warranty!
  • scottybscottyb Posts: 83
    2005 98,000 miles suspected trans failure. Have had pronounced whine in 3d and 4th gear for 40-50k miles, which I was told was "normal vehicle function." Can anyone who has successfully received a goodwill repair on an 80+ k mi Odyssey let me know with whom you dealt at American Honda?

    Many thanks.
  • azkid2azkid2 Posts: 47
    I had my '08 Odyssey in to the dealer for transmission juddering. This is the fourth time, the third time worked for 15-20k miles but started up again. The dealer installed the 4th software upgrade and for now it seems fine. Car has 64k miles on it.
  • We had the trans recall done around 70k miles I believe. But now :lemon: , about 120k miles, trans starts shuddering. I call Honda - Sure, we'll replace it for $3800 with the good will. So Aamco, who (I spoke with some local honda owners) supposedly does good work here will do for $2500. I can use the extra $1300 in my pocket, so I let them rebuild including torque converter which he said was shot. Now, 3 weeks later, after the car has been running fine, car DIES going uphill :sick: , check engine light on, won't go into gear (after we pulled to the side of the road). AAA comes, takes us to AAMCO, and the guy says there is an error code P0780 which has to do with solenoids. I asked him if he replaced them when he did the "total rebuild" and he said no, they were working at the time. :confuse:

    So my question is, anyone else get this after a rebuild? Also, I think the class action suit is dead. I can't get a hold of Mr Stammell and his office line is always voice mail. His website is not functional. Anyone else going to sue Honda for this garbage?
  • robpwrobpw Posts: 5
    Honda did replace my torque converter past my 100k warranty free of charge simply because I have complained about the shuddering for years on my 2005 model. However, they did not replace the tranny and it is probably damaged from the years of dealing with this issue.
  • I would guess no "probably" about it - just keep taking it to them for transmission service, or change your fluid regularly.

    I also have an '08 Odyssey and you get routine service when the car tells you to - and it didn't give me any indication that it was time to change transmission fluid yet, but I did it anyways at 36k miles just in case.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,381
    I have a 2005, and I don't think the tranny fluid change even comes up until ~105K, if they call for it at all. although without a service schedule, it is hard to tell!

    I have had mine changed twice (every 30K, and I just turned 6 years/60K on it). Preventive maintenance, paranoia, and since the dealer is the one doing it, they can't claim I didn't take care of it if it fails early!

    Oh, I have a 2000 Acura TL, so I kind of cheat and use the service schedule in that owners manual to know when the bigger stuff should be done (same basic engine and tranny).

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Did this tactic (using social media to tell your story) REALLY work???

    My 2001 Odyssey has had the transmission completely replaced 3 times and it just failed AGAIN.

    Any luck dealing with Regional Parts and Service rep? Accelerating to the Zone Manager?

    - Dean
  • I'm having the shuddering problem also on my '06 EXL-NAV-RES with 80k miles. I first reported the problem to my Honda store around 59K miles and they performed the software update. Did nothing actually made it worse.

    I returned the car again around 70k and Honda still tells me nothing is wrong.

    Honda V6 transmissions have been failing at high rates since year 2000. I'm personally fed up with this BS after owning 3 Honda models with bad transmissions (2000 Odyssey, 2003 Accord V6, and 2006 Odyssey).

    We need to get together and form another class action suit for the 3rd generation Odyssey. The torque converters are faulty and Honda is not owning up to the problem.
  • i have found that the shuddering problem likely comes from the hydr engine mounts, front and back of the engine. Try to notice if it only shudders when the eco light comes on and less than all cylinders are being used which creates nasty vibrations. If so, each engine mount is about 700 to replace with or without the dealer and using dealer only parts. most people just keep driving with vibration and continue to enjoy better gas mileage than without eco. no there is no way to disable eco. honda thought of everything except how NOT to piss everyone off and cause them to form a class action suite. POINT IS, YES A HONDA CLASS ACTION SUITE IS IN ORDER AND IT IS REDICULOUS IT HAS TAKEN THIS LONG TO FORM ONE. IT SHOULD DEAL WITH ENGINE MOUNTS, TRANSMISSIONS, AND 2 OR 3 OTHER PROBLEMS THAT FREQUENTLY GET UNACKNOWLEDGED BY HONDA.
  • I have a 02 EX , at 89K the tranny died...Honda stepped up in 2009 and replaced it. I had the the prior recall/inspection done too ( they drill a hole in the tranny case, attach camera, take picture of a particular gear, if ok, install additional oil gallery line. If gear bad, free transmission. Mine was fine at the time.) I had the tranny fluid changed every 30K miles, about $100 and it gave Honda no way to not take care of it because the same dealer did all service work. Your relationship with the same dealer service department helps tremendously. The same dealers sales department are horrible and I walked away several times before I bought a van 100 miles away for $ 4K cheaper for same exact model. Honda has a customer satisfaction warranty they can use if they want.

    In 2010 my daughters 02 accord tranny died at 104K miles, she had it serviced at the same dealer only a couple of times ( starving student for sure) they stepped up on hers charge..known defect..hidden warranty by Honda. $3k Transmission installed for free.

    Bottom line ...use the same dealer service dept for tranny service every 30Kmiles and Honda will step up.

    Because they took care of my daughters car too, we are buying another Odyssey very soon.
    Toyota told me to pack sand on a recall for my Tacoma because it was over 36K miles, even with toyota extra care warranty( recalls not covered )I had my Toyotas serviced their for 25 years. never buying another Toyota. I have owned Camry, Cressida, Previa, Van, and 2 Trucks,
    they tossed me to the curb! This Odyssey was our first Honda, but not our last, only because of the service department.
  • Facebook is a good idea, it was mentioned on this site too. Here are 5 steps that we all need to do:
  • Another sob story regarding the poor engineering of the odyssey transmisssion. Almost no notice, and the engine light comes on and the TCS light comes on and the thing slips everywhere while on the highway. certainly dangerous to say the least. I wish Honda wouyld just do the right thing and re-engineer and replace all of these. I hope we as customers do not have to go to congress to get their attention and place govt demands upon them as toyota has been pressured with. I think if honda doesn't want to replace it for me, I will go to the BBB, my senator, and then call in to talk radio shows like limbaugh and others in the media to get attention on this situation. I see where honda has mistreated many people who aren't willing to be firm with them.
  • I had to replace my transmission last year for $4800. I wrote to the CEO of Honda Japan last year. He referred the case to Honda America. They reached out to me and offered me $500. I declined to take that offer. The manager who spoke to me at Honda America was very rude. When I pointed out this site about the issue, he said he does not care about what people post on the internet and said it was unreliable. They need to be taught a lesson. May be we should do a facebook campaingn to bring Honda to Justice.
  • 101a101a Posts: 1
    Last year, the 2003 EX my wife and I bought for my in laws had the transmission go out at 84,000 miles. Honda "helped" a great deal, and the replacement only cost me $1,000.

    Last week, at 89,000 miles, we lost the one in our 2003 EX-L. Thus far, Honda is offering to pay for half (net $2,700) of the replacement cost.

    Both of these cases seem pretty good compared to what other people are experiencing, however, NEITHER, obviously, should have happened. Honda should have engineered a better unit; and when they realized what they had, they should have been stand up about it. They have not been. Regardless of how my particular case turns out, I have bought my last Honda. Any corporation willing to treat its customers this way, for THIS long, does not deserve MY business.
  • I think we should call on our senators to take this issue up as they did with toyota last year. make them get the ceo of japan and america and put them through the wringer on t.v. in front of congress, and then regulate them big time over these safety issues. I have an in law who is a lobbyist.
  • I'm sure many of us have made similar decision - No more business to HONDA and of course that passes on to generations to come.....
  • Over the years my wife and I have had many Honda cars. We have always trusted the brand and the dependability of it. Today we own a 2001 Honda Odyssey and for the most part it has been a very reliable car. My wife drives it and uses it mostly around town to take our kids to and from their schools and sports. On November 9, 2010 the check engine light came on while my wife was driving my youngest daughter home from an outing. She had to pull off the 405 freeway heading southbound on Fairview in Costa Mesa. The car began to jerk back and forth and would not go past 45 miles per hour. She barely made it off the freeway when the car would not drive any longer. She called AAA and they towed her to Ray Fladeboe Honda in Irvine. The cost for the tow was $54.00. I spoke with the Service Manager Paul the next day. He offered a 15% discount off the $5,700.00 bill for a new transmission. That brought it down a small amount to $4,200.00. I told him we had already had a transmission put in February 2009. Just 26,358 miles later it failed. I thought it would still be under warranty since the usual warranty for a new transmission is 3 years or 36,000 miles. After many phone calls back and forth for three days I was told there was nothing they could do for me at Honda. I did some shopping around since I have 3 children and a wife to support and just don’t have the extra cash laying around. $4,200.00 is not easy to come by. I found a transmission shop which was willing to replace it for $2,324.00 with no towing fee. A significant savings and a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty. I decided to go with them for the savings and the better warranty. I had to rent a car and it cost me $112.44. I find it strange that your warranty on the original transmission was 107,000 and it only made it to 98,749 TWO TRANSMISSIONS LATER! Don’t you see a pattern here? I think this is a major problem and should be addressed. It seems as though you are still installing faulty transmissions. I really do like Honda cars but am seriously going to look at Toyota when the need arises for another car. I felt I did not get what I deserved, especially on a defective transmission which only lasted 26,358 miles. Be aware I know many families with Honda Odyssey’s and will be letting them know to watch out, they may just have the same problem I had!

    I have always been happy paying a little more at the dealership to have piece of mind on the service and warranty, but now I am forced to go to outside mechanics because I am afraid of something like this happening again.
  • We had our engine mounts replaced when the A-pipe was replaced for the droning defect noise.

    Our car never shuddered with the bad engine mounts. I know for a fact that our torque converter needs to be replaced. I'm unwilling to spend the money on a car that was meticulously maintained and pampered.

    I have a 2001 Toyota Celica with 218k miles that never had any major problems. It even has the original clutch! My neighbor has a 1997 Toyota Camry with 268k miles all original - only brakes, tires, & oil change needed.

    My history with Honda has not been that great. 2000 Odyssey two failed transmissions, 2003 Accord EX-V6 failed transmission at 59k, and now 2006 Odyssey bad torque converter.
  • Is anyone in here a second owner and received hondas help on this issue?
  • The 1997 Toyota Camry has the original clutch; therefore it's a manual transmittion and manuals are not probmactic as am automoatic. Honda is not the only manufacture with problems. Some Edmunds boards show problems with the Toyota Camry automatics where the they had to be replaced. It seems Honda gets the most NEWS.
    I have 270,000 kms on my 2002 Odyssey and had a transmission replaced with the supports at 170.000 kms. I had a warranty of 30,000 kms.
  • Does Toyota have any class action lawsuits for transmission failures? Not to my knowledge.

    Is it coincidence that 3 of my V6 Honda cars had transmission failures? All under 100K miles.
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