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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • Switches send information to the ECU. The solenoids change gears. They are not the same.
  • Have your transmission fluid level and condition checked. I diagnosed a sloppy, slipping transmission today. It was low on fluid. We added fluid and now it's happy again. It has a leak that needs to be fixed, but that is s lot less expensive than buying another transmission.

  • Take it to an independent, local (i.e. NOT a chain) shop for another assessment. I prefer finding one that only does transmission work. A dealer will ALWAYS recommend replacing the unit. That's the only way they can offer a warranty.

    Slipping is caused by worn clutches. Broken gear teeth are extremely unusual because all the gears are always engaged regardless of what 'gear' the car is in. Yes, I know the first gen 5-speed units had issues with the second gear overheating, but that's been fixed.

    The issue with these trans axles is heat management. The van is really heavy, and the fluid needs more cooling than the factory cooler can provide. Get a Hayden brand (or similar) cooler installed, along with a Mangefine external filter. Service the transmission annually. These are solutions to the problem. My 1999 Odyssey with nearly 220,000 miles verifies that. I know several other people with Odysseys that are near 200,000 miles as well.

    These vans do require more maintenance than the manual states, but a few easy changes will help your van live a longer, healthier, less expensive life.
  • and if it is slipping like mf, does it help to add the extra cooling system or you have to fix the trans worn clutches first ??
  • I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with their Honda Odyssey AC. I have a 2011 Odyssey and Honda is saying the AC is not working because the compressor is damaged. They THINK that the compressor could have been damaged by a rock during normal use. The car is under warranty but the delearship is saying an exclusion for the warranty is road debris. The warranty says road hazard. Anyway, I am not happy that a 2 year old car is having such an expensive problem. Any thoughts???
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    At 299,268 kms I replaced A/C lines & compressor on my 2002. the dealer used used parts as the used warranty was better than a new part warranty and good for 5 years. The lines themselves wore out probably because of the winter road salt.
    I would be very bitter if I had your problem at only a 2011. I would write a letter to the President of American Honda and skip service depts.
    I did this with another item got excellent results from Canadian Honda.
  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    Hi Vger,
    after changing atf in my odessye, 5000 miles ago, and installed in line filter, the fluide is so fitlthy now. today, I just pumped out all the fluid and refilled again with honda af, i cleaned those screens in linear n shift selonoid at least 3 times.
    about 400 miles ago, gas millege sudnly dropped to almost half.
    what are the signs for bad torque converter? could be the converter is going?
    whats involved in fixing the thrust bearing in tc?
  • cb10101cb10101 Posts: 2
    2001 Odyssey EX, 2nd owner
    This is the 2nd transmission and it broke apart (as per mechanic) at present miles: 156,500
    1st transmission changed at 89000 miles.

    What happened: This morning I was driving to office and after driving 50 miles, the cruise control wasnt able to generate any power and I could feel the gear slip. Then I turned off cruise and tried to hit the gas pedal. And then I felt burning smell, within couple of seconds I pulled over. I got the van towed to the mechanic. There was oil leak below the van as seen on the towing truck.

    The mechanic (goodyear service center) is saying it will cost 3900(with 100k mile, 5 yr warranty) for a fully rebuilt tranny or 2700 for a used tranny (1 yr 12k mile warranty).

    Please recommend what are the options I have. I am looking to get rid of this van. Should I go ahead and get it repaired and then resell or should I try to trade in with dealer for a new car? What can I expect as is (there are no other major issues with the van)? :confuse:
  • best response I've seen so far!

    I live in a size-able city wherein there are 2 well known transmission shops that are held in high esteem as they have established an outstanding reputation over the past 30+ years.
    I had a good talk with one of the top 30 year veterans from one of these shops after having a transmission failure in my 03 Honda Odyssey. Here is what he told me.
    " Pursue the lawsuit if you must, but to get your tranny fixed properly, do not go to the dealership for the rebuild. Here's why: Honda is doing a repair not a rebuild. This means that if third gear has gone out, they will repair that one gear, throw it back together and call it a rebuild. No wonder people are having to take their tranny's back two and three times.
    Honda is using a very different clutch plate. It has a soft material that wears off quickly and gets slippery smooth. There is nothing else like it and yet the after market clutch plates are hard like they should be."
    He further told me that he had rebuilt hundreds of these with no failures or returns. So the key here is to NOT use factory clutch discs/plates, but quality after market discs. He also mentioned that the spline going down through the center of the tranny has a bushing in it that must hold air. He said most of the time Honda and others will not fix this. He spreads that bushing out till it holds air and he said that will last forever. If this leaks air, it can cause pressure problems in the tranny which results in shifting problems and possible slippage and failure. I asked if this was just a cheap under rated tranny for this vehicle prone to failure and that after having it fixed if he thought I should sell the van and move on to something different / better? He said NO! Honda makes a great vehicle and the motors in these vans is of the best in the industry. Once the tranny is fixed right, it will be worth keeping till you run it in the ground.
    I hope this helps and that you have good success in your future rebuilds.
    For a healthy cup of coffee try WholesomeCoffee.Info It will help with your transmission stress.
  • cb10101cb10101 Posts: 2
    Thanks for sharing this. I already read this. But, I am looking recommendation specific to my question. Any help is greatly appreciated. :(
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I would expect your trade-in value to be between $1-2K at most based on you not being able to even drive it.

    With the transmission repaired/replaced your van is worth about $2500 or so.

    So it comes down to whether or not you can afford a new car payment or not. $4K repair for a vehicle that is worth about half that and has over 150K miles seems kinda steep. Maybe you can try some other shops?
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    My 2002 has just over 321,000 kms (199,400 mi) on it. If I needed a new transmission I would just trade it, because a new transmission would cost about $4000 to $5000 and there could be alot more repairs in the future and not be covered under a new car warranty ( or 2-3 year old one by the dealer).
  • i just got my 2000 honda odyssey on monday , and i am geting the code po740, where i got it from told me to take it to there shop. i have got 2 fords from them and this did not happen. no i have to stop turn the van off set 5 min then trun it back on and if i am lucky i get up to 30 on the speed
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    If you have the option to return the vehicle and get your money back - DO. A proper rebuild of this defective trannie will likely cost far more then the vehicle is worth. Numerous parts are fried because of a well known problem with these trannies.
  • prasadtprasadt Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    I also had a similar experience like the one you posted. Ours is a 2009 Odyssey. Yesterday, when parked at a drive thru', there was this noise from the front of the car which sounded like a tyre was becoming flat with intermittent sound. Just a few minutes back my daughter had complained that the A/c is not cooling. Thanks to your post, I believe the issue is AC relay too.

    The Battery Draining does not seem coincidental as mine also did not start next day morning. Battery is completely dead! Need to jumpstart and see.

  • prasadtprasadt Posts: 2
    Just came from the Honda service. The problem with AC relay in Odyssey is not covered by extended warranty. It is covered only for first 3 years only. The AC relay getting stuck drained the juice in the battery completely and looks like it affected some cells in it rendering it useless. Now, I have to replace the battery too.

  • I bought my 2013 Honda Odyssey early February. At around the last week of February (about 650 miles driven) there was evidence of transmission fluid leak on my garage floor. Brought the minivan at the dealership for the first month courtesy check. The dealership confirmed that the leak was due to a washer in the transmission pan and fixed it.

    On the first week of April I took the minivan for a weekend drive of about 300 miles. A week after the drive, more transmission fluid spot leaks on my garage floor. Today, April 17, I took the minivan back to the dealership to report the same transmission leak problem. This time the service consultant told me that the leak now originates from the transmission seals! Now I'm driving a cheap rental for next few days hoping that this problem gets fixed.

    The bottom line is that I'm just totally disappointed with Honda America and the Honda brand for the poor workmanship and reliability for this vehicle after just owning the vehicle for less that 2 and a half months with less than 1200 miles driven. I'm more worried now after I get the vehicle wondering what other surprises will crop up within the next three years/36000 miles before the warranty expires.

    I'm now having buyer's remorse and should have stayed with Toyota since I never had the same grief from Toyota since the 1980s whenever I buy a new vehicle from them.
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    I"m getting used to hearing reports about brand new Ody's having tranny problems, some supposedly as the new owner is taking it home for the first time. Every time Honda announces better performance and better gas mileage for the Ody, I wonder what they broke to make it happen.
  • eng2eng2 Posts: 10
    edited April 2013
    I know what you mean, as my daughter had a 2002 Odyssey with 102,000 miles, and the transmission went. Even though it was under the 107,000 Honda had settled for it was passed the 7 years so we shelled out $4,600 for a new transmission, and when Honda refused to help out, I sold the car, and also sold my 2005 Odyssey with only 21k miles as I could not take a chance, and bought two Toyota Siennas instead. I refuse to deal with an organization that would not stand by its product on a known defect.
    The car was serviced regularly by the book at Honda.
  • ramy1995ramy1995 Posts: 39
    sounds like honda is busted on ody
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • jenlbakerjenlbaker Posts: 2
    Wish I would have done more research before purchasing our 2013 Odyssey two weeks ago. Transmission fluid leaking! Soooo not happy about this!
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    Any chance you can cancel the purchase? My guess is that this is a sign of things to come. I'm guessing the resale value is already down a huge percentage. BTW, it wouldn't surprise me if your dealership tells you that a little ATF on the floor is not a sign of trouble, that there are no diagnostic codes, so obviously nothing could be wrong. In real life, maybe a bad seal or other part, or maybe your fluid has been badly overheated already.
  • jenlbakerjenlbaker Posts: 2
    We are heading to the dealership Friday AM. I have owned a Accord, and two CRV's. Never had issues with Honda's before. Will update once they determine the problem.
  • pbug56pbug56 Posts: 9
    Our Ody trannie was getting rough long before the extended warranty ran out, but the dealer said each time we complained that there were no codes so nothing was wrong. And then one day it died when my wife stepped on the gas pedal and the car suddenly lurched to a halt with other vehicles right behind it. We were very lucky not to be rear ended. Keep in mind, in our experience Honda dealers are well trained to not see anything wrong without codes. The going joke is that you can be trailing parts, smoke and fluid - and lurching, as you drive into their service bay and they will still see nothing wrong.
  • carwaysubcarwaysub Posts: 1
    Check engine and Traction lights came on, I only have 70k miles on car. Code 740 I think. Called Honda but they declined my request for assistance with their product, stating it's too long beyond the extended warranty. Car started with poor downshifting between 2 and 1 when slowly accelerating up a hill. Now when car is driven beyond 30 minutes the tranny must get too hot to handle because it makes a clank sound when shifting into reverse or drive. I'm going to Honda dealer to get an estimate and whether they will repair or replace.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited June 2013
    " I'm going to Honda dealer to get an estimate and whether they will repair or replace."

    Sorry but that's the worst decision you could make. If you go with a Honda re-built it will have exactly the same faulty design and parts as the one that just let you down.
    In fact "Honda' doesn't even rebuild their own a/t's some lowest bidding jobber patches them up and sends them back into service, to fail again just after the skimpy warranty is up.

    Really with a Honda re-man' you are heading down the road to the nearest auto wrecker in a couple of years when what's left of your Ody will be scraped for parts.
  • brh3brh3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Odyssey EX with 149,000 miles and feel pretty fortunate that we got that many miles before the transmission went. I'm going through a trusted mechanic and getting a remanufactured transmission put for about $3,500. My question is, do you HAVE to put in a new ECU as well?
  • That doesn't sound familiar...the things that were mentioned to try on this blog had not failed in our vehicle. We just did the rebuild and I was a bit nervous to take it on a long trip, but the business said to go for it. So we took it on a trip a couple of weeks ago and it did just fine. Good luck...rebuild should take care of it. It sounds like our vehicles were built on a good day!
  • I see the 2014 Odyssey is using the 6speed transmission for all the trims. Do you guys think the 6speed transmission has less quality problems? or more?
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