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Volvo C70 New Owner Reports



  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    In following the boards, I'm trying to recall some of the issues I should remember when I pick up my car.

    I'm assuming not much can be done if the oil drains out (Stanwick) and the brake dust and left arm rest are what they are.

    But - how do I test for "the barking" A/C?

    Besides the normal stuff - e.g windows/doors/ top operating properly, are there special things that I and others should be on the lookout for during pick up? Thks in advance.
  • A good one this - one I'll be following closely as I hope to pick up my C70 next month.

    Okay - allied to the 'barking dog' I recall the 'asthmatic bird', then there were some problems with the heater blowing cold when set to hot and, of course, the question of 'rings' appearing on the rear shelf.

    You may like to pick up some of the originals on these - from the 'Volvo C70 Convertible 2006 +' thread, items # 949 (rings and their cure) 899 and 902 for problems with locks and windows not operating correctly and 903 and 904 for the barking dog and heater blowing cold.

    I also recall Lemenn re-creating the latter effect and posting, but I've not come across it yet.

    Good luck with your baby - look forward to seeing some pics when you collect.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Just out of curiosity..what recourse would one of us have if we did note the AC noise at delivery? I mean, we have had to wait 6 months, some longer for the car. Would such a finding keep you from purchasing the car?
  • Other than damage to the paint and body, I can't imagine not taking possession at delivery. Wouldn't most of those issues be fixed as they are discovered (hopefully, before the warranty expires)? I'm not trying to be a smart a... I'm really asking b/c I'm scheduled to pick mine up next month and would like to also know if there are any reasons to refuse delivery. I guess, if any noise (bird or dog) happened just as I was driving off the lot, I would probably U-turn into the service dept. But the noises are more likely to come after I have it for a while. I just read an article that Volvo is working with a company called People for Performance in order to improve its customer service in the UK. (I imagine if customer service is a concern than they will work with us to get anything we need fixed.) Here's the article
  • ukc70ukc70 Posts: 2
    I've watched these forums for a while - but this is my first post. I picked up my UK spec C70 T5 Manual back in May, it was built in late March '06 - so it is an early car I guess. I had a few issues just after I collected it (mirrors/pedals/switches) - but very minor - and after 9000 miles I really don't notice any of them now. The climate control can make a noise sometimes (more like a purring cat than barking dog) - but it is only evident if you are stationary - and not worth the worry. I've not had any problems with stained covers either. My biggest concern when I decided to buy it was that I should have waited for the Eos - but having seen one, and sat it one, it no longer worries me (although I have not driven one).

    So for those of you still waiting - don't be concerned. After 6 months I think the car is great - and the longer I have it, the more I like it. Having said that as soon as we have a diesel D5 manual available in the UK I'll be trading up. But only because here in Highland Scotland we pay US$7.14 per US gallon (GBP1.00/litre) for gasoline. Ouch!

    Happy waiting.
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I picked up my car about 3 weeks ago. Everything seems excellently fitted, finished, and put together. I have heard the barking dog about 3 times - each time lasting commencing right after starting the car and lasting less than 10 seconds - not a big problem so far. on the other hand, I'm playing my fantastic dynaaudio system so loud I doubt that I'ld hear almost anything else. This car rides smoothly and you're really going to love it.

    Now for some advice to Yankee3 - A previous post quite accurately pointed out that before you know it you'll be purchasing vehicles for you own family. Granted this is just based on my experience - but I think you'll have an easier time buying a car like this BEFORE you marry. Just some friendly advice - joint decision making often leads to compromises and these type of vehicles aren't a compromise. Obviously there are alot of married people buying this car, but I'ld bet there are 10 times more not buying it to maintain peace in the family.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Yesterday I discovered something new in my C70.

    It is not easy to describe it without picture, but I don't have one for this topic.

    Basically I found that it is possible to incline the plastic cover inside the trunk to have a bigger opening to access the stuff inside when the roof is down.

    Until now I was just rising the plastic cover vertically and it gives you only 1 or 2 inches more, which is not much.

    When the roof is down, thatthe yellow button is pushed, the plastic cover can be rised to access the objets in the trunks. Vertically it does not bring much , but if you incline it it opens much better.

    If not clear I will post pictures another day.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    It kind of bothers me that you report the "barking dog" syndrome, as there apparently is a programmable fix as reported by others on this board. Why should the cars delivered in the last couple of months still be encountering this? The fact that it happens randomly is even more puzzling. If it barks once or twice, why doesn't it bark every time?
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    I agree with you completely.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    On the contrary, I found building this Volvo and working on this endeavor together with my wife a great marriage builder. Now...once we have the car in our possession we may have to fight over who gets to drive it! Actually, we have already agreed that it is her car for primary driving, but I get to drive when we are together...should be really fun to see how this works out!
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Okay, so we have a VIN number now as of Friday. For those of you that have done the tracking, how long from the time your car was factory complete with the VIN until it showed up on the cargo tracking site?
  • I'd love to answer that for you - but as I'm in the UK my answer won't help much.

    I had my VIN on Thursday and the dealer screen showed that it was in the factory in the morning, then by mid afternoon the status had moved to FC (Factory Complete) then on Friday they (the dealer) e-mailed to say that it was "being shipped even as we speak".

    The only help that gives you is that they don't seem to keep 'Factory Complete' cars for very long!

    Mine is now scheduled for delivery to me w/c December 18th, however, I have asked that it be kept until January to register the vehicle as of 2007.

    Oh, it's going to be hellish having the car so close and not using it for those few days (although I have been promised that I can have the car at home for Xmas - but cannot take it on the road. Hmmm, Xmas dinner in my C70? Roof down of course!)

    Best wishes for your delivery.
  • Not sure if you will have the same experience but I got my VIN # on or about Nov. 7th and tried tracking everyday. On about Nov 23rd, I kept getting error messages when I entered my VIN # (mostly server problems, etc.) then on Nov. 25th I got a screen that showed the ship and that my car was loaded on 11/24. I then tracked the ship and got its schedule. It will dock in Baltimore on Dec. 14th and then the car should be at my dealership here in Oklahoma on 12/30. (Not sure if the error messages were caused because the shipping company's website was down because info was being uploaded but just in case you start getting error messages, don't give up... you just may get confirmation the next day like I did.) I was so glad to finally see confirmation - thought it would never come. Guess it was about three weeks from getting my VIN # to being able to track it. Hope this helps.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22

    I have my C70 for more then 2 months now and I would like to report my experiences with the car.
    I have driven more then 6500 km now and , overall, I like it very, very much. The car looks great in either coupe- or convertible-mode. It looks much better in real then on pictures. You can tell that it is related to the S40/V50 family, but because it’s width, it looks much more “muscular”. Especially the rear, with it’s round tail- and brake-lights, is just beautiful. My car is “Magic Blue”-colored with the “Calcite Cream”-leather, which I think (of course) is a beautiful combination. I have ordered a couple of other options: automatic gearbox, “High Performance” audio (with MP3 CD player and AUX input), 17”-“Sadira” wheels, Xenon headlights and heated front seats.
    Yes, I know, a lot of these options are standard in the USA, but over here (in the Netherlands), we have to pay for them (lucky you).
    My car arrived late september. Over here the fall begins and that means: decreasing temperatures and rain. So, there were only a couple of days with sun. But when the sun shined, I immediately took the car for a drive with the roof down. Man, what a great feeling. With the roof down and the sun in your face, you forget about the rest (whatever that might be). Of course, there are a lot of convertibles (even for less money) that give you the same experience. But there are only a few that are also a real 4 seater. This is my only car so I use it almost every day. That’s why I want a proper 4-seater with a normal boot.

    The frontseats are comfortable, can be adjusted in many ways, but a little bit wider would be nice. I’m 6’2” and I have more then enough headroom in the frontseat. Leg- and shoulderroom are Ok, but smaller people might have problems with the high doors: they cannot rest their arms on top of the door. About the backseats: I can sit “behind myself”. The legroom is sufficient and the headroom is just enough for people of my length. The shoulderroom is a little bit tight because (I assume) of the roofmechanism which is mounted behind the sidepanels.
    What I don’t like about the interior is the middle tunnel plus armrest. It looks like everyone forgot about this part during the design-phase and suddenly, just before producing the car, they saw what was missing and took one from the S40/V50. Why didn’t they made it like the ones inside the V70/new S80? Please, change that!!

    With the roof closed and the divider up, the boot is big enough for my purposes. Some people complain that the boot is small when the roof is down. Ok, that’s true. But if you really need that much space, just close the roof.
    I have opted for the spare wheel instead of the repair kit. The wheel is packed in a bag and placed in the extra space in the bootfloor.

    Ok, what about the carhandling. Well, this is my first convertible, so I don’t know much about the average carhandling of a convertible, but I think this one handles Ok. I have driven a lot of coupe’s prior to this car and I don’t notice much difference between them. But then again, I didn’t take this car to it’s limits yet.
    Ok, you feel that you’re driving a convertible when you drive over a brickroad, even when the roof is closed. It’s just not as rigid as a “normal” car. But I guess that’s normal for most (or maybe all) convertibles. I like the silence when the roof is closed: the engine is very quiet and ,when driving, the wind doesn’t make much noise. I really like the automatic gearbox. It shifts super-smooth and suites the car very well (low rev's!!).

    Like I said, overall I’m very pleased with this car.
    But,… there were also a couple of problems. Most of them regarding the roof.
    After a couple of weeks the roof started to make rattling and cracking noises. Especially when driving over brickroads. Next problem: Sometimes the boot lid wouldn’t close completely after storing the roof in the boot. And the last problem (regarding the roof): the roof made some marks on a sidepanel near the backseat headrest (discussed in one of the other forums).
    For the roofproblems, the car had to go back to the importer where they have special trained personnel. The car was gone for a week (In the meantime the dealer lend me a V50). After the car returned the problems were over. They re-adjusted the roofmechanism and replaced the sidepanel (They tried to repair it, but the results weren’t good enough). They also told me that the noises come from the roof-rubbers which should be lubricated with silicon spray as soon as they appear again.
    They also adjusted the window at the drivers side, which was moving too slow when activated.
    And they did some software updates (“barking dog” problem).
    And, of course, al these improvements/repairs were free of charge.

    There are lots of discussions about this car being a good convertible or a bad coupe. IMO this car is a beautiful convertible which also has the LOOKS of a beautiful coupe.
    I think that a convertible never can perform better than a coupe because it is more heavy and less rigid.
    So, if you really have the “need for speed”, look further. But, if you want a comfortable ride with lots of fun in a car that looks great and that can be a coupe and a convertible as well, then this is the right car (Do I sound like a salesman now?).

    I’m not pleased that my car had problems regarding the roof after just a couple of thousand km’s, but the dealer and importer did their very best to make the burden as light as possible and they solved the problems. And I can’t wait for the spring to come……

    I hope that you can use this report if you are planning to buy this (kind of) car.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi henkbw,

    I see you drove your C70 6500 kms in 2 months. congratulation!

    I got mine October the 10th and my chassis number is 12591. What is yours?

    I am asking this because you seems to have some of the problems described by the recall and I am now almost sure mine must also been affected.

    Below are information regarding how to decode your VIN number

    Volvo 2006 Version Identification Number (VIN) Decoding

    Volvo VIN Code1 2006 Model Year - United States & Canada

    Example: YV1 M S 38 2 6 5 2 049843

    Pos 1-3 Manufacturer Code:

    YV1 Volvo Passenger Car [not XC70 and XC90]
    YV4 Volvo Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) [XC70 and XC90]

    Pos 4 Vehicle Series:

    C = XC90
    M = S40, V50, All-New C70
    R = S60
    S = V70, XC70
    T = S80

    Pos 5 Body Style:

    C = All-New C70
    H = S40 AWD, S60 AWD, S80 AWD
    J = V50 AWD
    M = XC90 5-Seater AWD
    N = XC90 5-Seater FWD
    S = S40 FWD, S60 FWD, S80 FWD
    W = V50 FWD, V70 FWD
    Y = XC90 7-Seater FWD
    Z = XC70 AWD, XC90 7-Seater AWD

    Pos 6-7 Engine Version:

    38 = B5244S4 S40/V50 2.4i FWD - Automatic in all States except CA, NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, NH / Manual in all States
    39 = B5244S7 S40/V50 2.4i FWD - Automatic only in the States of CA, NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, NH and Contiguous States
    52 = B5254T4 S60/V70 R AWD - Automatic / Manual
    54 = B5244T5 S60 T5 FWD - Automatic / Manual
    59 = B5254T2 S80/S60/XC90 2.5T FWD/AWD, V70 2.5T FWD, XC70 AWD - Automatic Only
    61 = B5244S S60/V70 2.4 FWD - Automatic in all States except CA, NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, NH / Manual in all States
    64 = B5244S6 S60/V70 2.4 FWD - Automatic only in the States of CA, NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, NH and Contiguous States
    68 = B5254T3 S40/V50 T5 FWD/AWD - Automatic/Manual, All-New C70 - Automatic Only
    85 = B8444S XC90 V8 AWD - Automatic Only

    Pos 8 Emissions:

    0 = SULEV+ (Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) / Engine Codes 39 and 64
    2 = ULEV2 (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) / Engine Codes 38, 59, 61, 68, 85
    7 = LEV2 (Low Emissions Vehicle) / Engine Codes 52, 54

    Pos. 9 Check Digit:

    0 - 9 and X

    Pos 10 Model Year Code:

    6 = 2006 year models

    Pos 11 Factory Code:

    1 Torslanda Plant Sweden (S80, V70, XC70, XC90)
    2 Gent Plant Belgium (S60, V70, S40, V50)
    J Uddevalla Plant Sweden (All New C70)

    Pos. 12-17 Serial (Chassis) Number:

    6 digit number

    1 Note: Volvo Cars of North America, LLC Vehicle Identification Code (VIN) Decoder, 2006 Model Year. All engine versions are 50 state vehicles except for engine versions 39 and 64, (Partial Zero Emission Vehicles.)

    All-New C70 is a late model year introduction
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    That's pretty cool. So is the engine code for all the new C-70's "68"? (both manual and auto transmissions)
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    Thanks for VIN decoding. I was wondering what Chassis number I had and after checking with your list I find that my car was earlier than I had thought. It was manufactured in May and delivered to me on June 19th. The chassis number is 004878.

    So far, my R163 calls for just the rain shield, but that could be because when it was only six weeks old it had the siren problem when I locked the doors with remote, the siren started and went on for about 40 minutes. I took it to dealer about 60 miles away and when they checked the codes, it showed that the ignition switch was bad. Replaced that and the the code showed that siren also had to be replaced.(kept getting message to have alarm checked) They ordered the siren and when installed, the codes were clear.

    Other small problems were the circles on back cover. (Replaced the cover and taped bumpers)Then technician installed software from his computer to cure barking dog syndrome.(Success in doing this). The panel in right back seat next to passenger with compartment door had a catch broken on door, so they replaced the whole arm rest and compartment section.

    I still enjoy it now and have had no new experiences. When an all new model car comes out, you are bound to have some problems. I really think it is a great car and gets looks wherever you go. I have had no problem with my Calcite cream upholstery getting dirty. I go over it about every week and get little or no dirt off on a white cloth.

    Happy motoring to you.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi Lemenn

    My car's VIN is: YV1MC38597J013248 and I've picked up mine on september ,29th.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi henkbw,

    Humm, not good for me.

    Your chassis number being higher than mine it means I could have some of the problems you have.

    I did not have your roof problems.
    I do have the plastic cover problem.
    I have not noticed any roof noises.
    I have not noticed the window problem.
    I should need the software upgrade.

    Next week end I think I need to see what the dealership has to say about all of these...

    During the mean time, I still love my C70.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    What is the "3859" in your VIN? I thought all C-70's had the 68 engine code?
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi jtrego,

    Henkbw and myself are from europe where we have 3 other engines (I believe Belgium has in fact other smaller diesel engine 2 liters I think) in addition of the T5 like you.

    2.4 gas engine 140 horsepowers
    2.4i gas engine 170 horsepowers
    D5 diesel engine 180 horsepowers

    and like in the USA (the only one for you) T5 gas engine 220 horsepowers

    In USA engine code will always be 68

    38 is the engine code for the 2.4i engine that you can find also in the USA on the S40 car.

    Mine is 77 for the D5 diesel engine but you don't have it in the USA.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Okay, thanks lemenn, that makes sense.
    Hopefully only another month until ours gets here so I can be a bonified new car owner.
    I have tried to track on the cargo website, nothing posted there yet. Projected date for delivery to the dealer is 1/2/07. Don't want it before 07 now that we are so close.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    We have owned our C70 for 3 months ... a T5 Manual/Petrol. Had a flat battery last week for no obvious reason but when the garage finally tested it for me .... it seems the computer was not shutting down various functions completely after use and this was draining it down. They've downloaded some new software .... so far so good (3 days) but I have noticed that the radio LED screen now changes from green with black text by day ... to black background with green text by night ...and the rear view mirror now dims glaring headlights behind us ... both of which never happened before! Has anyone else noticed this? Also, I can't get the led lights in the doors to go off at all when we lock it with the remote ... they are permanently on and the garage can't tell me why! The manual says they should go off after 5 minutes or so. Otherwise we love it. Any help gratefully received!
  • Hi - you may like to check out the thread entitled 'TSBs/Recalls/Problem Codes' which covers some of your specific problems. It appears that certain cars do have a software prob which has now been rectified.

    The auto dimming of glaring headlights in the rear view mirror suggests that the autodimming rear view mirror is now working correctly - which, evidently, it was not doing previously.

    Good luck.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ... thank you. I've read that bit and nothing seems to apply to my car (yet!) I'm in UK by the way. Does your radio/heater screen change with the daylight conditions though? Green background and dark text by day and black background and green text by night? It worries me that this never happened before it went in to the garage last week. The garage did a download with new software last week because the CEM was not communicating properly and switching off, etc. That seemed to change the screen! The garage was very good and explained (to a woman!) as best he could but honestly admitted that we were the first new C70 he's seen to work on over here because they are so new and that we were 'guinea pigs' to a certain extent! I'm new to all this and just finding my way!
  • Right - I understand now! Firstly, I've not yet had my C70, it's in the dealership and we are hoping for delivery this Friday. However, whilst in the dealership, I have asked about any UK recalls and they are adamant that there have been no issues as yet - the recall campaign in the US is down to them (via Volvo Sweden) but has not involved Volvo UK.
    The issue I thought was similar was the battery running down - there was a software prob which kept a circuit 'live' under certain conditions and which caused the prob - but, as your technician explained, the new software has cured that.

    Electronic circuitry is so complex that colour changes could all be affected - and I'm sure there must have been some inherent prob somewhere which has now been cured, hence the rearview mirrornow operating correctly.

    You may like to try the Customer Services of Volvo UK - their addy is on their web site. I tried them at one stage and they were very prompt and very helpful.
    If you want to communicate directly with me as we are both UK based and our 'probs' are sometimes different to the US, you are welcome to do so - my e-mail is on my profile.

    I think we are all trying to find 'our way' - irrespective of being man or woman - and that obviously applies to the technicians also!! I will take your comments to my dealership - they handle loads of C70s and could well be of use. I am based in Swansea (S Wales).
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ... I assumed you were US based! What a great Christmas present you'll be getting this Friday! Hope all goes well!! We do love ours .... it's just this problem that cropped up last week with flat battery and I don't know why it didn't surface before!!! Anyway .. hopefully the new download has fixed it! Let me know about the radio screen though when you get yours ..... if you have a sensor that detects day and night conditions etc.? The manual says nothing about that happening ...although the web site shows screen in what I would call night time conditions. I will try calling customer service though ... good idea! I am sure they want new headaches for Christmas! But thanks again for your input!
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hello Cucci,

    Just to let you know that all the problems you are describing are in fact normal.

    Yes, I confirm some cars have the battery problem and updating the software solve the problem. So you should be safe with this one.

    Then, the change in color of the screen is normal. During daylight, you should have green background with black text, then automatically in the evening or early in the morning when it is dark, the screen becomes black with white/light text. This is in fact a great functionnality for the confort.

    Idem for the rear mirror. It switches automatically in night mode when luminosity is low. I suppose these 2 functions are related (screen and autodimming of the mirror).
    However, for me I don't really notice the change in the mirror, it is just automatic.

    Last point is the red light indicating the doors are locked.
    In my case they are also always on. But I think it is something you can change in the menu.
    Basically when you select it, it will lock automatically all the doors after few seconds, then the orange/red lights are on and remember you they are locked, and you need a 2 steps action to open the door. Grab the handle, open it, it does not work, reopen it it works. I believe it is some kind of security, and once again you can disable this function via the menu.

    I recognise these 2 orange lights always on seems odd at first, but it is a good reminder.

    I hope this help.

    I am based in France, maybe USA cars does not have these functionnalities???

    In fact the dimming mirror is on the medium and high end model only.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Hi Cucci,

    I can confirm that the color of the display of the radio/airco changes when it becomes dark (or light). And the red led's in the door indeed go off after a couple of minutes. Like the manual says... So, it seems to me that this is the normal behaviour for the car.

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