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Volvo C70 New Owner Reports



  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ... and many thanks! Good to know my car is now acting normally and I had no idea it wasn't for the first 3months until the battery went flat and the new software was downloaded! I've tried the menu to alter the LED door lights .... to no avail ...but I'll try again and see if I can get them to go out after 5 minutes or so! I am UK based. Many thanks for your help ... it was very re-assuring!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Thanks ... and as you can see from the other notices .... everyone is re-assuring me!!! I haven't been able to get the red LED lights in the doors to go out yet after 5 minutes but I will browse the menu again and not give up! Huge thanks!
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    Not sure if this works but here is a pic of my new C70. Just went to visit it today at the dealership. It had just arrived today. I can take it home next week. Don't mind the wait since the weather is yucky. Sorry about the focus - used my cell phone.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    Hey - you got a bigger bow than I did.

    Only 250 miles but no obvious problems. No barking, other malfunctions etc.

    Can't make the Homelink work to open my garage door though. Since the instructions aren't all that difficult, I'm kind of assuming it may never work.

    The car is very simple to learn. Everything seems fairly intuitive. The remote for the nav system is a nice touch although most would set a destination before you start driving and the steering wheel controls aren't that difficult to master.

    It's a beautiful car. Unusual weather here has allowed for a couple of drives with the top down. I'm a happy camper - SO FAR. :)
  • Congrats cricket 4 - that's some car for sure, is it my imagination or does the C70 look different every time it's photographed? And the quality of the pic is also faultless in view (no pun intended) that it was snapped on a cell phone.

    Good to hear from you too, johnh7, that all is well with yours.

    I've seen mine in the workshop (having software downloaded during it's PDI) but not seen it cleaned up yet. Hope to view tomorrow (Thursday) and take delivery Friday.

    Doubt there'll be any bows on mine - maybe flowers in the trunk!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ...... my car was towed into the garage again yesterday with battery completely flat again ... so if anyone has any ideas or talking to dealers ...... any views???? Something is draining the battery down each time within about 24 hours ...... and I am getting worried! Thanks!
  • Hi again - yep, I can well imagine how you are feeling but upward and onward and all that. I've done a copy and paste on the item posted by lemenn which you may like to copy paste and give to your dealersip. It comes under that section TSB/Recalls etc and I think it was message # 20.

    "Under certain conditions, vehicles listed above may suddenly experienced a discharged
    battery. The condition occurs at random and will discharge the vehicle's battery after only one
    night parking. A software bug in the ICM has been identified that may keep the infotainment
    relay and the CAN network active with the key out. Standby battery consumption is apx. 2
    Amperes when the condition is present. Once the vehicle's battery is discharged, the
    condition will no longer be present until the next random occurrence.
    Refer to TNN 31-xx for details
    The CEM upgrade will prevent "Alarm Service Required" from being displayed in the Driver
    Information Module (DIM) display due to lack of communication between the Siren Control
    Module (SCM) and the CEM."

    Bear in mind that this recall applies only to US vehicles via Volvo North America, however, the full document may give enough clues and reference numbers to your dealership whereby they can contact Volvo Sweden and get matters sorted asap! After all, by their own admission - you are their guinea pig.

    Good luck.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Thanks! I saw that and have copied it out .... but I don't want to put 'ideas' into the engineer's head ... I want him to diagnose what it is and go from there! If they come back with no clue or vague answers ... then I will suggest this! If it is a random fault though ..... goodness knows what they can do ... but hopefully software is out there some where!! I still feel it may be connected to the door lights which now refuse to go off when they should only stay on 5 minutes. Even my neighbour has commented on the fact that it looks like a light show!!! Anyway .... I know you get yours any minute .... so I wish you far better luck than we are having! I will post any results we find for others to read ... just in case!!! Thanks again!
  • I take your point about not putting ideas into the technician's head, but, if the record of what causes the battery to go flat is 'wiped out' by the very action of it going flat, then the technicians won't have anything to work from.

    Your are right about the door/lock indicators staying on too long - 5 mins certainly seems to be their time limit according to the handbook.

    With regards to mine - no joy, they 'can't' get it taxed until January 1st! I've now told them to keep the car until January 2nd and I'll pick it up from the showroms myself. Having the car for Xmas was not important, it was having it for my eldest son to see it on, what will be, one of his very rare visits to home.

    Anyway - have a good Xmas and a happier, more contented motoring, new year.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Yes ... you are absolutely right ... but I didn't want to start off by telling them what it might be and them just checking for only that and then putting the blame back onto me if it goes wrong again! I want them to really research it ...... but given it is now 24 hours since they got it back .... I might start making some suggestions!!! I think this story has further to go!! My husband is fairly angry about it ...... especially being caught in Budapest in the fog yesterday!!!

    You have a great Christmas as well ...... and thanks for your help so far! I think this site is turning out to be very good! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  • Here's another photo. In the future I'll be adding photos to my album at "My CarSpace" and probably not posting photos in the threads. But here's one last one before I do that...

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
  • I, too, have really enjoyed this forum and found it very helpful as well as it having a spirit of camaradie (that spelt right??). You WILL get your car sorted, that's for sure, it's unfortunate that it feels as tho' nothing is being achieved and that leads to a lack of faith in your teccy guys.

    Hope your husband got back safely - huh, fog, two weeks ago we were being told that we don't get fog anymore becasue of climate change!!!

    Merry Xmas to you and indeed to all contributors - which leads me to cricket4. See next msg!
  • Great pic again but ..... I hope you weren't suggesting that you'll not be posting ANYTHING in the threads? Your input is needed as much now as ever, and, who knows, someone may come up with that 'perfect drive' you were looking for.

    You are not having any conversations with yourself (as you once hinted!) - and if ever you want a drive through the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, U.K. (through the mountain area where Sir Edmund Hilary trained in preparation for his conquest of Everest) then I'm your man and I promise to respond.

    Good luck when you pick up yours - mine has been delayed 'til the New Year.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Had a good chat with the engineer this afternoon. The software download he did last week was the one you had mentioned this morning ... re the infotainment staying 'on' after the key was removed, etc. But he is now getting a permanent drain on the battery .. so he actually has a fault running all the time! He can't find out where it is yet but is e mailing their top engineer for further guidance and stuff. However, even when and if they implement a fix ... he's going to have to keep it and run it and leave it overnight and test and so on. So I don't think we'll be seeing it until 2007 now! They are doing all the can and I appreciate that. Other half was one of the lucky ones to actually get a flight home today .... so I feel Christmas can begin now! The garage hopes to get me a C70 to drive until my one comes back .... so that could be interesting!

    Merry Christmas again (can't believe I'm wishing a Welshman Merry Christmas when your rugby team beats ours!!!!! Season of goodwill I guess!!)
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hello Cucci,

    I was concerned by reading that some C70 owners were able to switch off the red door lights automatically after a certain amount of time.

    So I tested all the configurations in the menu and mine are always on as long as I have of course selected to locked the doors automatically.

    Then I went to the user manual and there is nothing related to the lights going off after a certain duration.

    So, when you select the automatic locking doors in the menu, the red lights will stay on as long as you drive. When you exit the car and lock the car with the key remote, the security red light will in the middle of the dashboard will start to blink, the 2 door red lights will be on, then after a certain duration they will switch off (and maybe this is what you are describing by always being on, even when the car is parked). But I confirm, when driving the car with this option selected this is Christmas tree with the 2 lights on (and I also had a remark from a friend why the lights are not going off). For me this is acceptable, as I consider it as a safety reminder (the 2 doors and trunk are locked).

    I wish you Merry Christmas and a great YEAR 2007 with your C70.

    Of course the same for all of you reading my postings.
    A special thought for erisaman who will be soon showing us his baby...
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ... I am just trying to understand your comments ..... it seems yours (door lights) do go off after a while when parked and locked ... but mine won't do that! They stay on all the time the car is parked and locked and overnight etc. I don't mind if they are on or off when I'm driving! I'm getting the garage to try and look at that for me!

    Merry Christmas to you ...... and more news to follow I expect!!! My garage is giving me a replacement C70 to drive over Christmas and New Year while they are working on mine! So I am pleased and looking forward to that!
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89

    Yes, I think this is your problem. The lights should go off when parked.

    I hope this will be solved soon. I would hate to have your problems.

    Let us know when you have more news.
  • Thank you for your post. No, I will not stop posting. (What and lose the one place where I can talk about one of my favorite topics - C70s!?! Never!) I just didn't want to take up space with my photos (unless I get an exceptionally nice one) and so will post in my album. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Regarding road trips, I may be taking a short road trip so I might have more to post later. I'm going to comment about my buying experience, too, but this isn't the thread so see you there ("Prices Paid & Buying Experiences"), if you like...
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Of course!!! More news to follow as and when and I hope it will be positive! You are all so kind with your input and I do appreciate it! Thank you.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi ...... still trying to get my car fixed and have a hire C70 now until the new year. And I am noticing some differences!!!!! Our car turns the fan up full blast every time you alter anything to do with the heating controls ... and has to be turned down each time ... and I've noticed the hire car doesn't do this!!! Only when you put the windscreen blower on ... so ... is this what people refer to as Barking Dog????? Sorry to be so uninformed on all this when you lot are all so technical and clever .... I'll get there one day! Thanks !!
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    On the fan volume you problem want to check your owners manuals, but as I recall you can set the auto fan volume to what ever maximum fan volume that you want. Then whether heating or cooling the maximum fan speed will go no higher than the set level regardless of high much the thermostat is above or below the selected temperature. And no, the fan speed is not the "barking dog''. The 'barking dog' literally sounds like a somewhat muffled medium size dog barking every few seconds. I am told that it is caused by the ventilation dampers opening and closing. We picked up our C70, on September 7th, at the Factory Delivery Center. We had hoped that the 'barking dog' was sent to the pound by then but it still exists. While driving in Europe for some 2100 miles we never heard the 'barking dog' the temperature were relatively warm. When the car arrived here in the US (Oregon), the temperature was much cooler 30s-40s-50s. The barking dog had gotten worse and worse, Originally just when cool on startup for up to 10-15 minutes. Later nearly constantly, whenever heating was set (barks 3-5 seconds apart). We took the car into the dealer, and have been told that there next effort would involve re-installing new dampers, but that they could not be assured that the 'barking dog' would ever go away. After re-setting software, the dog currently only barks for 10-15 minutes and then goes to sleep, to bark at the next time that it is cool on startup. Not a big problem but still frustrating. Too bad because we just love the car otherwise!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Hi there and thanks for your input!!!! Boy are these cars complicated ... and my car seems to have more complications than most!! It and it's manual are both now spending Christmas and New Year at the garage ...... so I can't check either out!!! But I've noted all your comments and will check them out in 2007! It seems to me that everyone has some kind of technical fault or other and maybe owning a resident barking dog is another of them! How frustrating for you .... I guess you'll have to just give 'it' a name and make it part of the family!!!! Glad you love the car anyway ... it seems C70 owners are a rare breed themselves! Merry Christmas to you!
  • I'll check mine thoroughly later (the manual) and get back to you. That's meant as no disrespect to our US cousins, nor even our European neighbours, but as both are UK sourced then we should have the same spec. Although I've still not taken delivery of the car I do have the manual so it's some pleasant Xmas reading for me.

    As a matter of interest - one of our members, Volvomax, who is the ultimate with regards to knowledge and advice on these cars, onece commented on a previous thread, that Far Eastern cars appear far more reliable than European or US cars because they are far more basic in their technology. The complications, therefore, on our C70s mark the advancement we are making.

    I'll get back to you this evening (UK time - my manual is not to hand at present).
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    I seem to spend my life thanking you thesedays!!!!! Honestly, no rush on anything I say for a while ... the car is locked up in the volvo garage now until January 2nd ... with the battery disconnected! The latest report when I was there yesterday and talking to the engineer .... they have done two software downloads .. 1st one the infotainment one which I know changed certain aspects ... but not the battery drain!!! Then he did the one which would have stopped my car phoning emergency services if there was a breakdown or whatever .... because I don't have a phone and that function installed on my car .... and neither worked!!!! Now the CEM is refusing to talk to the roof as well!!! It's all a mystery to everyone! It sounds like they are trying to locate a new CEM, if that makes sense? Excuse me ..... my knowledge of all this is scant compared to you all ... and I feel humbled to be even allowed onto this site!!!! Welcomed but humbled!!! They have given me an '06' C70 to drive until January ... so it's going to be very interesting seeing what else the hire car does well that my car doesn't!!! I am beginning to think it's had a number of faults which I hadn't recognised previously ... but it's all becoming a little clearer now! I will soon be the definitive world expert and entering Mastermind 2007 with C70's as my specialist subject!!! As long as I can have you as my 'phone a friend .... except that is a different quiz show!!!! Merry eve of christmas eve to you!!
  • Okay Eve, I mean Cucci, let’s see if one quick blast from this fan of yours will get things a little clearer.

    There’s not a great deal in the manual under the heading of the Electronic Climate Control, however, on page 59, under the heading of Personal Preferences there is one item which could be of interest. It refers to personal preference with regard to the Climate Control Settings – item 1 being Automatic Fan Adjustment.

    You obviously know your way into the menu system etc so this will be brief (and forgive me if I’m talking to one who already knows all this).

    Press MENU and scroll to Climate Control Settings, via the navigation button.
    Press ENTER.
    Select your needs – in this case, Automatic Fan Adjustment.
    Choose from Low, Normal or High (speed)
    Press ENTER to activate your choice.
    Press EXIT to, umm, exit the menu.

    I know you don’t have your car immediately to hand, however, in the spirit of experimentation, I see no reason why you cannot access this setting on your loan car to see what level it has been set at, and even change it temporarily to the High setting to see if it replicates the situation in your car. Change back to it’s original setting and it’ll be interesting to see the difference again.

    One other setting under this Personal Preference / Climate Control section is the ‘Reset All’ - which will then reset all the climate functions to factory settings.

    As you can imagine, without my own car here with which to play, I mean experiment, I can only suggest these ideas, maybe others will be able to offer firmer ’hands on’ advice. Good luck.

    Now then – Merry Xmas to you and your family and I hope to hear more in the near future :) .

    P.S. Glad you've not mentioned 'The Weakest Link'!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Sadly not the solution! Even on 'high' the fan on the hire car is about one third of the capacity of the fan on ours!!!! Ours is deafening on each turn or alternation to the heating system! It just confirms to me that there is something fundamentally wrong with ours ..... maybe a new CEM will solve things .. maybe not! All we can do now is wait until January and see what they say. Anyway ... driving the hire car is proving to be a revelation!!! I am sure I will unearth more things as the week and a bit progresses!!!

    PS I would never mention what you mentioned in your last line! I was 'adopted' by a Welsh couple many many years ago who are still like parents to me ...... so I am NOT a fan!!!!

    Merry Christmas Even ... almost!!!!
  • Volvomax - HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    Please ... nobody worry out there!!!! It is becoming clear (from driving the hire C70) that ours has many little problems which I can now identify as wrong .... but it was hard to spot never having driven one before!! I thought it was all 'just a new car' that needed getting used to!! Driving this C70 ...everything just seems to work as the manual says and as you would expect! So maybe we just have a faulty CEM and by replacing that our problems will be solved ... or maybe we just have a rogue car! Either way ... volvo are just going to have to fix it!
  • No worries Cucci, Volvomax knows that my cry for HELP!!! was done with tongue in cheek - we've had banter before and he knows that this is my way of acknowledging that I surrender and that we need expert help.

    Just enjoy your new driving experience and make the most of it.

    Merry Xmas - yet again.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    As I've said before ....I can't believe how great you have all been ..... and I am ever hopeful that things will get solved in the new year. They have to be!! I will keep you posted and I hope you collect yours on January 2nd and JUST LOVE IT!!! Have a very Merry Christmas ..... all!!!
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