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    When I got my car, my calculation of the tax, license and fee comes out to be very close to 10.5% of the vehicle price. So in my case, the vehicle price plus two accessories were $28,820, 10.5% of it was about $3,026. The final out the door price was about $31,826.

    I think Menlo Park and San Jose have the same sale tax (or Menlo Park is 0.25% less). Anyhow, the sale tax alone is 8.75%, the DMV registration is right about 1.5%, and then they need to charge like $28 (or about 0.1%) for registering electronically with DMV. Additionally, in my case, there was a $55 doc fee that the dealer charged me. I didn't argue with them on this because the whole negotiation was pretty smooth and I was willing to let them make $55 off of me. That was how I got to 10.5%.

    From your number, they are charging you less than 10% of fees on the vehicle price, so it is actually better than usual. Good luck.

    By the way, whoever said tax plus license cost between $300-500 is probably not living in CA. Like I said, in the bay area the sales tax alone is 8.50-8.75%, so the min. tax on a $28K vehicle will be over $2K.
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    Thank you a lot. All the information is very valuable, indeed.
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    When I use the Edmunds on line quotation, by default I get contacted by people that want a quick sale in the same way people buy stuff in The online approaches give you a price usually without taxes, license and documentation fees and many times without the accessories you are asking for or even the car color. It appears (no all) that the less you know about the car you want to buy it is the best for the seller. The price stated by the people from the Internet is something like: “take it or leave it”.

    My question is: could I get a better price if I bargain in the dealership with the salesman about a particular car? I understand that a good deal could be closed if the car in question is already in the dealership.
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    2008 Outlander ES 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl CVT)

    The price for this car seems to be competitive, but when I make some enquiries this car is still not in the US. This car has everything that the Nissan Rouge has (with the exception of Xenon lights, and heated leather seats). There is a difference in the MSRP of $3.500 between both cars. So it appears that the extra price you pay for the Rouge is due to the car style, xenon, leather, 2.5L engine instead of 2.4L engine and17” wheels instead 16” wheels in the outlander. Does someone know when this car will be in the US for sell?
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    You got a better deal than I did! I'm paying $31,400 (including TTL and a 400 relocation fee - which I may refuse to pay, since I've been waiting for my car for five weeks). In the end, I paid like $400 over invoice, which isn't too bad, I guess. I'm just pissed that the dealer acted like the cars were available - now I'm waiting. This really sucks. I know the cars just came out, but you'd think the salesman/dealer would let me know how long the wait is going to be - you know?

    Enjoy your car - I can't wait to get mine.. :shades:
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    Could you please confirm that your 2008 Outlander has the First/second row fully-flat seating function. This is an improvement of Mitsu in 2008 Outlander. What I am not sure is if this flat seats functions is in the XLS, LS or ES Outlanders.
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    hi ultrarad,

    Just curious, are you getting all three packages for the XLS?

    If you are waiting for the car, that means you haven't signed any contracts with them yet, correct? If I were you, I would contact a few other dealerships and get better quote and they may even have the car on their lot too.

    I emailed in total 6 dealerships in my 150 miles radius. Only 2 actually came back with real quote and I imagined that's because they were the only ones with the 08 in stock. The others either contacted me 3 weeks later after I already bought the vehicle or they wanted to sell me their 2007. When one of the dealer replied to me with their quote, they quoted me MSRP, I told them that is too bad because I don't expect to pay more then $200 over invoice. He replied back and said he will be more than happy to sell me the outlander xls fully loaded with $200 over. I then take this quote and email a 2nd dealer who also claimed to have an 08 in stock. I asked them to beat the quote and they offered me at invoice. Since I thought at invoice was pretty good already, I requested them to provide me with a VIN number because I was afraid of the Switch and Bait scam. I got the VIN number by the end of that day. At that point, I was pretty happy, but I thought I would try to bargain one more time with the first dealer who gave me $200 over invoice. I told them about the offer from the 2nd dealer, and quickly, the first dealer gave me the $100 under invoice deal. They also gave me the VIN # for their car too to prove availability.

    I hate to buy cars that is not on the dealer's lot. My thinking is that dealership borrows money from bank or manufacturer to buy inventory, so each day they carry a car on their lot costs them interest money. Therefore, I believe dealer is more interested to sell you a car on their lot and in turn is more willing to give better deal.

    I believe the best kinda deal is either 1) at the end of a model year (where old inventory must be gotten rid of or otherwise it will be auctioned off to rental companies or other whole sellers) or 2) when the vehicle has just arrived, because sooner they can sell and pay off their loan to their bank/manufacturer the less interest they incur for the particular vehicle. On the other hand, if you are negotiating on a car that needs to be ordered, they are less likely to cut the price because if you walk out from the negotiation, they just cancel the order and they really don't care. Having said that, that is just my opinion, I never worked in a car dealership so I don't really know how they operates.

    Good luck.
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    Only the second row seat is fold flat. The front passenger seat doesn't fold flat.
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    I had good experience with Serramonte Mitsubishi in Daily City. They replied back to my request with their asking price. I tried to deal with Capitol & Stevens Creek Mitsu in San Jose, but they didn't accept my offer. Called Serramonte with my price, they called me back within 10 min with acceptance. Picked up my car & signed all paperwork that afternoon. Check their website for inventory. Good luck.
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    I am purchasing a base 2008 Outlander XLS AWD . Is $22, 500 and good price (excluding TTL)? This is in PA.
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    Hey All,

    I'm in the DC area and just bought an 08 Graphite Grey Outlander XLS with Luxury, Sun & Sound, and Nav for $27,950 plus tax & tags. They even gave me back the processing fee. So I think this was a pretty good deal.

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    wow! great price
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    Excellent. Just make sure they won't try any tricks on your trade (if you trading in your old car), on financing ( if you are taking a loan), or on special packages, extended warranty, protection packages, etc. Good Luck.
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    Thanks everyone. I had to do a lot of shopping around and back and forth, but it was worth it. Thanks, no tricks, everything went well. And I love my new Outlander!
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    We are quite excited after purchasing our new 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander ES at Gillman Mitsubishi on I-45 just north of FM1960. We dealt with a great salesman and had a great time while at the dealership. Very friendly, easy to deal with, absolutely no high pressure! I know we're almost in 2008 so they are pushing out the 07s like mad, but we were still quite happy with our price. We paid $17,400 (Before TT/L) after rebates which did include a $500 new grad rebate. This is the first time we financed a vehicle so our 5.99% rate was pretty good for us. Our $17,400 also included free upgrades like window tinting all the way around (privacy glass is not available on the ES), pin-striping, paint protectant, etc. They are also running a promotion til the end of December where we also received a $500 gift card to Wal-mart! Overall it was a great shopping experience..they even found the exact color we wanted and had it waiting there for us when we arrived...they are delivering the vehicle to us (over an hour away from the dealership) and they kept our payments to 300 a month including gap insurance with only $600 down! If you're in the Houston area this is a great place to go!
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    Can you please let me know who is the dealer in PA? I am also planning to buy Outlander but got high prices from Pittsburgh dealers.

    Also do you have magnesium shifters and auto climate control on your outlander?

    Your quick response is appreciated.
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    I am interested in buying a 2008 XLS Outlander in Vancouver, BC. Can anyone provide feedback re;

    1) prices paid in Vancouver;
    2) importing a 2008 XLS Outlander (I see TC just announced today they have lifted the restrictions on importing vehicles manufactured after Sept 2007)

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    I can't believe the prices some of you are getting. I'm shopping for a new 2008 XLS. With all 3 packages I'm finding $30,770 msrp. Through the Costco Auto Program I can get it for $29,205 which is $500 over invoice. This is in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area. We only have 3 Mitsubishi dealers now.
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    I went back and forth with Kelly in Emmanus and Rt 202 in Chaddsford. I am on the SE side of the state. You have to shop dealers. Get one price from one then tell the other one the price. They keep bringing it down. Especially since it is the end of the year.
    Good Luck.
    Happy Holidays.
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    Outlander normaly could be bought for aprox. $1000 under invoice because of dealer incentives
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    I know there's the incentives on the '07's, but are there that kind of incentives on the '08's already?
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    I don't know where you guys are from; I presume you are all quoting US prices. Lucky you! The MSRP on an XLS in Vancouver, BC is $35,143. Incentive wise, Mitsubishi has a $1000 Best Buy gift card you get with your 2007 or 2008 vehicle. If you don't take the gift card, they give you $700 off. Oh yeah...they will pay the 1% GST reduction.
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    Dealer incentive info is not available to general public. But based on these price reports (both below invoice) there are dealer incentives:

    Post #674 of 686 good price for a base 08 XLS Outlander by iwanna Dec 12, 2007
    Hi, I am purchasing a base 2008 Outlander XLS AWD . Is $22, 500 and good price (excluding TTL)? This is in PA. ....Thanks everyone. I had to do a lot of shopping around and back and forth, but it was worth it. Thanks, no tricks, everything went well. And I love my new Outlander!

    Post #675 of 686 2008 XLS Loaded Price by discaholic Dec 13, 2007
    I'm in the DC area and just bought an 08 Graphite Grey Outlander XLS with Luxury, Sun & Sound, and Nav for $27,950 plus tax & tags. They even gave me back the processing fee. So I think this was a pretty good deal.
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    I just bought my 2008 AWD XLS with the three packages from Laird Noller in Kansas - I have to fly up there and pick it up, but I wanted to write and say that the internet saleswoman was AWESOME - very understanding to my predicament about not being able to find an AWD car in Texas. She even found my first color combination - the Diamond White Pearl with black leather interior. My price ended up being just under $27,500 (plus $500 for shipping the car from another dealer - which I was going to have to pay at EVERY dealer in Texas). I felt this was pretty good.

    She also told me that Mitsubishi is offering a $1500 incentive on 2008 Outlanders for the month of January - if this persuades anyone to go get their car.
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    Thats a good price for a 2008 model. For a 2007 XLS AWD with the same three packages (Sun & Sound, Luxury, Navigation) Fitzmall in Maryland is offering me $25,140 plus $99 for dealer processing fee. The price includes $1500 manufacture's rebate. So if I go with this price then I cannot take the Mitsu special 1.99% financing for 48 months. Its either the 1500 rebate or the special financing. I cannot take both.

    Is this a good price for a 2007 model? They have around 4 available with the same specs sitting in the lot.
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    Sounds like a good price to me. I paid near that for a LS 4WD with Sun and Sound last spring.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    Ok, I been reading and researching the Outlander for a while . I had a 2002 Montero Sport and loved it , traded it in on Mazda 6 a couple of years ago. I just got a 07 xls ,sun,lux and nav pak in black from Fitz mall in Annapolis . Went in on new years eve and they had 3 black xls in stock in addition to several Ls models . I knew what I wanted and got the truck for $27600. I took the financing instead of the rebate .Very happy with the process , in and out in less than 3 hours .Fitz mall is a great place to buy if you are in the area.
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    Hi Costello

    Nice deal. I am also looking for the same model. Did you pay Maryland taxes? Also how do you like the car? I have test driven Outlander XLS 3 times now and I am still not able to make up my mind if this is the car for me. I like the tech features that it offers but the engine is not quite smooth and quiet as a Murano or even a RAV V6.
    I am cross shoping it with RDX base, which I found to be a lot more smoother, handles better and rich from inside but not sure if it is worth the extra 6k in cost and plus the premium gas.
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    The Mitsu manager from Laird Noller just called me and told me there is NO $1500 incentive on 2008 models - I just wanted to let everyone know. He now wants me to pay him $1200 for a mistake the dealership made - even though I've already put a $500 deposit down on the vehicle for the lesser price.

    This is the THIRD dealership I've dealt with and always the same - sure, give us your money and well get you the car - then NOOOOO car. I'm really fed up with MItsubishi.
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    No rebate on 2008s, but they are offering 4.9% financing for 60 months, which is 2-3 points below national average. For any remaining 2007s, there is still a $1500 rebate or 1.9% for 48 months.

    As far as your dealer's mistake...sounds like it's HIS mistake and you should not be punished. Hopefully you got their quote in writing to make them stick to the deal. If they don't, there's always the BBB.

    Good luck...
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    I'm sorry to hear that. Just get your deposit back (it is on your CC, right?). They will call you back in no time. Or, come to Chicago, or any other big city in the north, you will have no problems finding this trim and combination for the price. I know, this does not make much sense. Good Luck.
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    Is it just me or does buying a car remind one of an old Twilight Zone episode? Anyway...

    I FINALLY was able to purchase my 2008 Outlander for invoice - EXACTLY. I still have to drive it back from Kansas, but I think it was worth the 550 miles to get my AWD and drive the thing back to Texas.

    In all fairness, the $1500 rebate fiasco was a lack of communication between MANY people, not just the salesperson I was dealing with. In the end, we kind of split the difference and I wasn't too upset about getting the EXACT car I wanted for invoice - you know? Hopefully, all this craziness won't be a sign of trouble to come....
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    I remember a while back there were some discussions regarding leasing vs. buying. I am always a pro-buy type of car shopper because I am more conservative and I historically have been keeping my car for a long time.

    Yahoo Finance posted a simple article regarding pros & cons for leasing....hope you all find it some what useful. .pf=loans
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    There is something wrong with the way dealers in the region of California sell Mitsubishi cars. Sometimes I wonder if it is the Mitsubishi dealers who should be blamed for those reports that said that Mitsubishi America wants to withdraw from the US market because of the small number of Mitsubishi cars sold in the US.

    I have sent emails to all of these dealers: Capitol, Concord, San Rafael, Stevens Creek, El Cerrito, Hayward, and Veracom and the majority -in spite of the fact I have specified clearly my requirements- they want to sell me what they have, i.e. 2007 models or 2008 models with the wrong color exterior/interior or with options I do not need and they want telephone numbers to pester me all the days with offers not related to my request. This is the same as having a salesman ringing my door all the time. These are not all but they want to fool me with 3K or 4K above MSRP of Mitsubishi on line prices. These tactics/techniques/tricks of selling Mitsubishi cars are very worrying with the result that this way of selling cars will eventually drive customers to look somewhere else for another brand of car. Mitsubishi America seems unaware of this, I believe. I have been advised to buy an Outlander from somewhere outside California, where Mitsubishi 2008 Outlander is sold below the invoice price, or contract the service of a known broker. Does someone in this forum have experience buying a car through a broker?

    Toyota has instituted a method to prevent customers stopping buying Toyota cars, because of dealers awful selling techniques. Toyota has contracted totally independent organizations to evaluate the level of satisfaction after a visit, a sale or a service in the dealership. This method has prevented appalling dealers to continue given Toyota a bad reputation. This organization will contact Toyota directly without the dealership knowing and the dealership will be flagged for a Toyota staff visit.

    This is the car I am looking for:

    2008 Outlander XLS 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6 Cyl 6A), Color: Rally Read Metallic exterior, Beige Leather interior, 7-spoke alloy wheels, P5 & P2 packages included.

    The Invoice price for this car is $27,130. (Taxes is not included)
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    I want to purchase a 2008 Outlander. I am looking at a 2WD with DVD player. I am paying cash. What price range should I look for?? If I am paying cash, I expect to get a lower deal. Is that fair to say?


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    Cash doesn't really help the dealership, they like to finance so they make some extra money on the interest.

    You can find the dealer invoice price online, then negotiate as close to that as you can. End of the month is the best time to buy. There are some rebates being offered on the Outlander right now, and some incentives for military, past Mitsubishi owners, and students I think. See the Mitsubishi site for those.
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    Received offer of $21,032.56 plus tax title and license fees for 2007 Outlander LS 4WD Auto (Invoice $23,032.00 - $1,500 rebate & dealer incentives). MSRP was $25,395. Vehicle comes with no add-on options...standard configuration. Should I go for it or should I pass?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Member Posts: 1,019
    I haven't been shopping lately but it sounds like a good price to me.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    Warning!!! Do not buy from Carriage Mitsubishi in Murrieta, CA. I had arranged by email and phone conversation to purchase a 2008 Outlander with NAV, S & S, and Luxury pkgs. I had received a quote from another dealer by email, forwarded it to the Internet manager at Carriage Mitsu, and asked him if he would match the offer and throw in the alarm module that they always take out. He called and agreed over the phone to the deal.
    Well, I went the next day to fill out all the paperwork and pick up the vehicle. before I filled out the paperwork, I told the finance person that I wanted to make sure the vehicle still had the alarm module. When the finance manager told the Internet manager what I said, the Internet manager said that he did not say I could have the alarm module but that he was talking about the factory alarm I could have for free. Say what? Why would I ask for something in the deal that already comes with the vehicle? I know that the Outlander comes with some type of alarm but not the one that detects a broken window. That is the alarm module. Well, we proceeded to the GM's office where the Internet mgr told the GM what i said and the GM said he could give me the alarm module for $199. At this point I was so mad that I wouldn't pay them a penny for the thing!!! I told them that i didn't have to have that vehicle and they said "fine".
    Anyways, needless to say, I will never step foot back at carriage Mitsubishi again and I urge all of you out there in So Cal to give your business to another dealership. There are plenty to choose from and there is no reason to put up with BS from this kind of dealership.
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    This adds weight to message #698. Mitsu dealers are not interested on selling Outlander at a reasonable prices and worst you are not the only person to say that Mitsu in CA are appalling, un-respectful and liars. Mitsu America must do something about it.It is not doing good to Mitsu America.
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    I stopped by South Coast Mitsubishi the other day in SoCal and they have a ton (over two dozen) 2007 Outlanders still on the lot. Needless to say they are offering some really good prices (as should all dealers trying to get rid of the 2007s). Don't forget there is also a $1500 rebate from Mitsu on 2007. Was offered a 4WD XLS for $3,000 under invoice.

    Sounds like a pretty good deal, don't forget you have to consider the extra depreciation on a '07 over an '08 come resale time. I didn't jump on it but at this rate the prices will fall more before they get rid of all their '07s.
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    I'm sure some very good deals can be had right now if you shop around a little and let the dealers fight for you business. I purchased my 2007 Outlander in Sept 2007 and have been extremely happy with the purchase. Well, except for the fact the finance manager slipped in a GAP insurance policy that I did not want but insisted that I need to purchase it if I were to qualify for the 1.9% rate. Bunch of BS and I will get my money back. You know who you are M A C!
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    I wrote before about how terrible Carriage Mitsubishi in Temecula, CA is. Well, now I am sooooooo thankful that I walked out of there. I started looking around online at dealers all over So Cal and came across South Coast Mitsubishi in Costa Mesa. While I was checking their inventory online, I noticed that they had over 15 2007 Outlanders in stock. They had an 07' blue XLS with NAV, S&S, and Luxury pkgs. This is a clone of the 08' I almost bought. I called the Fleet mgr at South Coast to see if they did in fact still have it in stock and he confirmed that they still had it.
    The price that was listed on their website was $24,999 after the rebate. While that was a good price, I knew I could do better. I asked the Fleet mgr what his rock-bottom price was and he told me to just come down there and make an offer. I went there that night and offered them $24,200 plus tax and license. At first, he acted like I was crazy but when I told him basically that was my take-it-or-leave-it offer, he said he would check with his mgr. To my surprise, he came back and told me the good news. I was expecting a counter offer from them but it was getting late so I think they just wanted to get home.
    What made the deal even better was that everyone at South Coast was so friendly.The fleet mgr was very knowledgeable about the vehicle, which is rare. Another surprise to me was when we were signing the paperwork in the finance office. Usually the finance person tries to sell you an extended warranty, not here. He didn't even mention an extended warranty, even though I did see literature on the side of his desk. Again, this was probably because we were there at 10:00 pm signing papers.
    I highly recommend to those of you in So Cal that are looking for a great deal, go to South Coast Mitsubishi. They still have several 07's available. I am so happy that I saved over $2000 by buying an 07' vs the 08'. It is the exact same vehicle. I do not plan on selling it so I am not at all concerned about the resale value of the 07' against the 08'.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Member Posts: 194
    Congrats on the new Outlander, I almost bought that exact same combo but it sold to someone else before I could get it. I bought mine last year from South Coast Mitsubishi. I agree about the sales staff, it was a smooth and professional transaction.

    Unfortunately their Service Department hasn't been as knowledgeable or professional. They didn't tighten my oil plug during my last oil change, luckily I spotted the pool of oil on my garage floor before disaster struck. They also knew very little about the TSBs for the vehicle and didn't have the equipment to do what I needed... twice. So keep an eye on them.
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for the info on the Service Dept at South Coast. I live in the Temecula area so I will try Carriage Mitsubishi's Service Dept. Hopefully they are better than their Sales Dept.It will be kinda fun to drive up to Carriage Mitsu with South Coast license plates.
    We have had this car for almost a week now and I have to say that I am very impressed. We looked at the CRV and RAV4 and they do not even come close in any way. The engine has plenty of power, the interior(leather) is so comfortable, and I think it is one of the best looking SUV's out there. I also think it's cool that you don't see that many of them because it makes it stand out that much more.
    And the sound system. We bought this car for my wife but I have to drive it once in awhile just to make sure all 650 watts are working OK. I have never heard such an awesome factory -installed system. I make sure I play some old Rock-n-Roll like Quiet Riot or Rush and everyone knows you're coming.
    There are so many technical features on this car that I really need to take a whole day just to read the book and set everything up. The bluetooth feature is really cool. The book is so thick for this car I can't believe it.
    For those of you looking at this site who haven't bought an Outlander yet, don't think about anything else. You will not find another SUV in this price range that will give you so much. I still recommend looking for an 07' online. Just go to the Mitsubishi website and look up dealers in your area. Go to the dealers website and look for Outlanders. Many of them still have some 07's. If you're in So Cal, go to South Coast Mitsubishi's website. I'm sure they still have several 07's available and they are a great dealership to work with. I drove over an hour from my house to get there and it was well worth the drive. If you do find an 07' you like, go down there and offer them at least $3000 below invoice. They may try to tell you that's impossible but stand your ground. They will take the offer if you just say "take-it-or-leave-it". They have to get rid of the 07's.
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    Just thought I would put up what I came across. I totaled my '05 Saturn Vue a couple of weeks ago and had to get a new ride. I had never thought to buy a Mitsubishi before until I saw this gem on a Saturn lot when I was looking at the '08 Vue's. It is a black '07 XLS 4wd model. I am thinking it is the base XLS 4wd since it does not have leather or speaker system (hated that because REALLY wanted the Sirius rado). It had 4k miles on it and a clean carfax report. I got it for an even 20k. I think I got a pretty good deal since I was unable to locate anything else in my area online that remotely came close. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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    Okay, been to a few dealers, and finally found a dealer that was cooperative, and nice. Really got a good feeling from these people... Anyway, we're looking at a black 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS, 2WD. Invoice is $22,389. We want the Luxury Package (Invoice 1400), so need to take the Sun and Sound Package (1409) with it. Finally, we're looking for a DVD Rear-Seat Entertainment. It seems as if that isn't really out there, so he said he'd install an after-market player and screen at $875. We weren't ready to completely purchase yet, will be ready by Friday. Initial offer the manager gave us before we left was $500 under invoice, as well as an offer to pay our Disposition Fee on our current BMW lease that we're handing in ($350). I live in Central NJ by the way. How does this deal sound? I have been researching and it seems like a very good deal, however I'm a little weary about taking a first offer, without asking for anything additional... Should I ask for more off? At the very least, ask for a Remote Starter to be thrown in? Thanks all in advance.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    this is a good price. sure you can try to get more out of them.
  • nolidognolidog Member Posts: 4
    This forum was helpful when I was shopping, unfortunately the local dealership and I could not come to terms in November so I ended up with a used RAV 4 (I am sure I would have been happy with an 07 Outlander). Per the TV ad I saw last night, it looks like Mitsubishi Corporate would have beaten my price target as there is now a $4,000 off MSRP rebate in Colorado. Drive safe
  • avalanchez66avalanchez66 Member Posts: 26
    I would offer even less than $500 below invoice. I almost bought an 08' for $1500 below invoice before I found the one I ended up buying(a new 07' with NAV, S & S, and Luxury pkgs). What I found is that for some reason these vehicles are not selling very fast and the dealers are willing to come down considerably. Just stand your ground when you make an offer. They will tell you that they will lose money on the deal but that can't be true or how could they sell them below invoice at all? They have something called dealer cash that the dealers get from Mitsubishi that pays them extra money for every vehicle they sell. They may even have some 07's left in your area. It is well worth it to go online and check out the dealer's inventory in your area. If you can find a new 07', you get an additional $1500 rebate. That's why I went with the 07'. I got mine for $24,200 +tax and license only.
    As far as the DVD system, I would check out some of your local stereo shops. I have seen some really nice systems out there and most of them will be cheaper than the dealership. Anyways, good luck with your purchase. I am always coming up with an excuse to drive my wife's Outlander. they are awesome!!!
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