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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • b336b336 Posts: 3
    I think I posted this wrong. Here it is again:

    We went on a long trip last week. On the way home (about 100 miles) the battery began to stink. I drove it on home and the fluid inside the battery was boiling. We assumed that the alternator was over-charging. (Those things are a pain to get out!!!) It shop-tested fine. What would cause this?? Is there some kind of voltage sensor that could be bad and sending a "0" voltage to the alternator, causing it to over-charge??
  • sallylsallyl Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Venture and I have not had any interior lifgts working in my van for about a year 1/2, :( and I have changed fuses and bulbs still no lights and the cigarette lighter don't work either I think mine has some kind of a short.
  • ok i have a 1997 chevy venture. Both brake lights are out. The fuse is ok, light bulbs both good. i have tail lights, both signal lights working and the brake light on the top of the hatch is working. What should i be checking for now. Please help
  • my van quit running while I was driving it. The fuel pump relay (x4), fuel pump and PCM have been replaced. Van still wont start. If you jump start the fuel pump the van will run perfectly as long as there is fire going to it. I can't find out the reason why I cant get fire thru my relay to the fuel pump. The relay doesn't click when the van is switched on. HELP
  • figured it out after having the ignition module check out. It was fine. I got so aggravated I tore wiring harness apart and found broke wire between pcm and under hood fuse box. All good now. Running like new.
  • b336b336 Posts: 3
    In case anyone was wondering:

    The battery had a bad cell and needed to be replaced. After I thought about it, I remembered that the initial sign that something was wrong was that the automatic sliding door would not work when the engine was running. I realized that there was not enough voltage on the battery to run the engine and the door at the same time. As the battery voltage got lower, the engine began to miss and cut out like the fuel pump was bad, but the manual said that the computer must have a certain voltage to control the various engine functions.
  • jabosjabos Posts: 1
    whole dashboard doesnt light up at night...
    no lights at all ..except for the small orange line under PRD123 ....
    but cant see what gear or what speed i drive..
    checked all fuses..all okay..
    it s not the dimmer either..
    best and worst scenarios?
    much thx..
  • rlp50rlp50 Posts: 13
    If you ever get this figured out let me know, the same thing happened to my 2000. I checked everything I could with no luck so I wired a jumper in the overhead light switch so that the lights at least work now via a switch.
  • Did you find a solution? I am starting to have the same problem. seems to be when I press the gas the lights start to dim then bright dim then bright in a pulsating rythem. thank you, G
  • ajrjajrj Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 venture that needed a battery replacement. After replacing it started once, then DEAD. Later started again and will restart if you turn the key to off, then start. If the key is turned to lock, everything is dead again. A local mechanic has had the vehicle for 2 weeks. Replaced brainbox (PCM), starter, wireing harnesses and more. Did you find a fix for your problem?? We are at our wits end, the mechanic has called others for help. GM guy says, maybe this, or maybe solution yet!! Help!!
  • omerisomeris Posts: 1
    I got a 1997 Venture and my problem is the following: sometime when I try to start my van, it wont start. I turn the key, dash lights comes on but when I turn again to crank it, it just dont and then electricity cuts, no lights, no door lock, no window, no radio, no nothing! What can make this happen?
  • How in the world can I/We get plugs for engine components when they go bad without buying a complete wire harness? Had a mechanic accidentally pull the wires out of the back of my EGR plug this weekend. I'm trying to find a simpler and cheeper fix for him without redoing all the electrical on the engine. :confuse: :confuse:
  • Have you figured out the problem? My 2000 venture is blowing this fuse when put in reverse also.
  • Has anyone had thier fan switch module go out and to find it melted once taken out?
    Levels 1,2,4,5 quit working, the module switch had overheated and melted, as well as the harness plug connected to.

    Was there ever a recall on this?
  • Degreased engine and sprayed it with water hose. Let dry for three days, now engine won't start. Completely dead, no click, nothing. Pulled starter and had it checked, starter was fine. Anyone had this problem?
  • Degreased engine and sprayed it with water hose. Let dry for three days, now engine won't start. Completely dead, no click, nothing. Pulled starter and had it checked, starter was fine. Anyone had this problem?
  • kensekense Posts: 1
    2000 Chev Venture van, no tail lights, no instrument panel back light. I can't find a fuse marked for this, the bulbs are OK. All other lights work fine, signal, brake etc.

    I believe that the tail lights and instrument panel back light is controlled by the same fuse/module (from internet search) but I can't find a burnt fuse or which module it might be.

    What fuse/module controls the tail lights?
  • I know what you are going through with what I call the 2001 venture monster.
    My fuel guage did the same thing, it had not worked for over a year.
    One day, after filling up my tank, I drive it for 18 miles and the gas light came on, saying tank was empty. After coasting to a station, it took 1 gallon of gas to fill it up.
    Bottom line, I replaced the fuel pump and that fixed a lot of problems, as it was shorting out in other areas. My gas guage is now working.

    After two weeks of driving problem free (or so I thought), my ABS lights came on, the service engine light, the flashers stayed on all the time. When I would step on the break and make a left turn, the flasher would flash very fast, take my foot off the brake, flashed normal. Battery light on, and the rear back up assist was dinging like crazy. "Then" the next day, every light on my dash came on, lights which I didn't know that I had, everything was going crazy. Then all the back exterior lights went out.

    I took it to the dealership, and they found that both circuit boards, (behind the tail light assembly had fried. $400.66 later, I don't have any problems.

    I was also told that those circuit boards regulate a lot of the wiring, and now I have a normal looking dash, with all the lights working.
    I hope this helps you.
  • check under your fuse box which is on the curb side of your engine and on your battery if there is corrosion you need to clean that all off i had the same problem and that took care of it
  • so every now and then my curb side window would go down then wouldnt come back up. after while it would but this time it went down and has yet to come back up what would do this please reply ill try your fix if it sounds reasonable
  • check the board behind the brake lights
  • 1 - Car interior lights won't go on unless I turn them all on via the switch near the radio
    2 - Car headlights can't be adjusted or turned off at night, no matter what I put the setting to they stay on.
    3 - Rear windshield wiper will move but it swings in the opposite (wrong) direction
    4 - My mirror adjuster doesn't work.

    I just bought this thing with 77k miles on it for 5grand, did I get hosed?
  • mcrrtmcrrt Posts: 93
    #1 Make sure the interior light override switch (located in the roof console) isn't engaged.

    #2 The headlights are run by a dashboard mounted light sensor; if it's dark, the headlights are going to turn on automatically.

    #3 Can't help ya.

    #4 Make sure the adjuster knob isn't in the center (off) position. Other than that, make sure the fuse isn't blown.

    Good luck!
  • Ok so i thought my fuel pump went out on my 2003 chevy venture and after replacing it just to find out that there is a wiring harness that come through the floor board behind the drivers seat to underneath the van and plugs into another one was the problem and ive had my van for just over a week after getting that fixed and driving today my battery light kept coming on and turning off finally it just died and it would continue to die after jumping it again now right before it dies all the gauges quit could this be electrical or is it just i need a new altenator.
  • layne1971layne1971 Posts: 9
    edited March 2011
    I had a problem on my 2000 which my dash lights would go out, including the gauges and message center. I finally figured it out. It was the distribution box under the hood. I took the box out and opened the bottom of it, then took a screw driver and pushed all the contacts in. This may have happened when I had to get to the battery. I never thought of putting different then 9004 in. Just got the type before Silverstar.
  • fltcoilsfltcoils Posts: 8
    1999 Chevy Venture Driver Information Center Repair.

    I researched and finally found a fix for non functioning Driver Information Center.

    The solution was similar to that found for similar modules on other brands of vehicles.

    Remove the Driver Information Center Module
    (See GM manual for procedure)

    Push back clips from black housing box and carefully remove circuit board

    Place circuit card flat on table.
    Place display and component side of circuit board facing up
    Rotate circuit board so the display module side is facing you
    There are button switches on either side of the display module
    Look at the right button switch.
    Next to it just left and above are four 1/4" X 1/8" black components attached to the circuit board
    They are marked 430, 430, 820 and 820 reading from top to bottom.
    These are resistors with 43 and 82 ohm values.

    On the two modules I have repaired the problem was with the top most resistor. It is marked 430 and is 1/2" above and 1/4" to the left of the right button switch. The soldering to the circuit board had fractured. I resoldered the resistor into place using a bit of solder and 15 Watt pencil soldering iron.

    All fixed.

    The problem is NOT the black spot on the display in the upper left corner
    The problem is NOT the DC to DC converter modules.

    Why does it come loose?
    I believe the resistor was part of the circuit which supplied power to the display module plates.

    The resistor came loose due to the metallurgy of solder. The solder often is a mixture of tin and lead. The tin is more strongly attracted to the copper in the circuit board than the lead is attracted. When hot, when within 10% of melting temperature (resistors designed to run hot), the tin near the circuit board face will move. Having moved there is stress in the solder at the locations where it left. These holes create high stress in the solder structure, this leads to a fracture staight across the mounting face of the resistor as smooth and complete as if a knife cut the resistor loose. This only happens in designs which allow parts to heat to values close to the melting point of the solder. This rarely would happen in the past before surface mounted components. The cure would be higher temperature solder, cooler running parts, avoiding flat straight mounting interfaces, etc. Reheating the joint sets it right for a while.

    Key words:
    Chevy Venture 1999
    Driver Information Center
    VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    Futuba VA3527 2-BT-225GN
  • Hi. My grandparents own a 2003 Mazda MPV. How many oxygen sensors do they have? I am trying to see if we can find someone to do a cheaper job since they don't have much money and the one garage is telling them just for the 3 sensors it will cost them $240...thanks,
  • I have a 2004 Chev. Venture. Several months ago my interior overhead lights went out, the next day the power sliding side door stopped working & about the same time my rear windshield wiper quit working as well. Fuses have been changed...that's not the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
  • jolee472jolee472 Posts: 1
    Okay so here's something strange. I have replaced every signal and parking light, side light bulb in my 98 venture van. Everything works great until it needs the headlights on. Once the headlights are on, the left rear signals fluctuate with the left rear brake lights. It just won't do this during daylight driving. I have ask the mechanics at work and their response is that one of my bulbs has a filament that disconnects and crosses over. I say no. Why would all the signals work fine during daylight driving but then go into a crossing mode at night time.
  • wdf73wdf73 Posts: 2
    I think I have the same thing going on with my 02 Venture. What is that connector box called, and where did you get one?
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