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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • We took ours into a nearby auto repair place to get looked at. There's a short somewhere-so it blew out the bulbs and main fuse. They replaced it all for less than $30 and we've had no issues since. The short is still there SOMEWHERE, but it may or may not blow again. I don't know if this helps you, but it fixed our problems with the lights everywhere inside and out and also stopped the annoying, constant dinging everytime the driver side door is opened.
  • After replacing the water pump now my Van will not start, the lights come on and I have already had the battery check it is good has any one else had this problem
  • I have the same problem as you. The gas guage is either full or empty. Did you ever get an answer to the problem? I was thinking it was the sensor in the gas tank itself.
  • sox10sox10 Posts: 9
    did you ever fix the problem?
  • markman01markman01 Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    Lost my interior light the other night, won't work by opening door or activating switch...Checked and replaced fuse..probed fuse, it's getting power.....Had the switch checked by mechanic..Went to start car, no juice...brand new battery and alternator week previous...Then, magically it started within a few minutes...Seems car's computer is going haywire and activated ignition disable...Now every dash light is illuminated...ABS, Seatbelt, Check Engine, Airbag, fuel guage at 0, Temp Guage at 0, Speedometer at 0 while driving, digital odometer not climbing....I drive 110k miles a year and rely on the mileage to keep my logbook for tax purposes...To add more insult, I have no stereo for music, talk radio, CD's...I spend about 18 hours in the vehicle a day and I need my radio!!! The anti-theft light is flashing on the radio as well....All I know is those problems weren't happening when I pulled in, now they are...mechanic is stumped....In addition, when he tried to read error codes by plugging in to the port, the scanner was not getting any info from the car's computer...which I've never seen....Any suggestions??
  • Hi...I ran into this with my 04 Venture last summer in the blazing 3-week heat wave we had...I had a blown compressor, but the problem with the fans not kicking in was actually in the control head inside the vehicle...{the A/C switch with the dual knobs}..was able to pick one up at the junk yard for like $40....Dealer wants quite a bit more...they're also kinda hard to find due to the common problem....there's a plug behind that switch that communicates with the computer and tells those fans that it's hot enough for them to come on because you've just asked for it to be cooler inside the van by putting it on Max least that's my understanding.....bottom compressor wasn't getting the fans to kick control head coupled with new compressor did the trick.....Hope that helps! /Mark
  • stilbillstilbill Posts: 1
    Water leaks into maplights, drl lights no longer work door locks won't work from console button on either side.
  • venture3venture3 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 chev venture and it ran good for two weeks and it stalls and it will start right up again but run rough and all the dash lights flicker and engine has no power.its like someone is playing with the positive wire on the battery- on off.on off,on off ,,,,,,,and wont run for long.
    any ideas???? i cleaned every connectors from battery to starter,
  • lift up your carpet on drivers side and see if there is any water laying on floor. i had a 99 chevy venture that had numerous electrical problems all do to the a/c condensate dripping behind carpets and corroding all of the wiring that runs in front of driver and passenger seats. I went to parts store and bought wire and butt splices and replaced all of the wire that was damaged and never had a problem since. just sold van to friend last year and still no problems
  • I have a 2004 Venture that has a couple of electrical issues. The connector that you use to read the engine codes, under the dash will not connect. I've taken the van to a couple of shops and none of them can connect. It seems there is no signal. Where should I look for a blown fuse or bad ground or other issue that would affect this?

    My dash panel also acts weird. Most of the time the temp gauge is pointing some odd direction, like straight down or straight up, even if the engine is hot or cold. Other times the other gauges will act up like that too. According to the car, I have cruised through my neighborhood at 140+mph. The gauge panel issues started after I had the dealer work on the engine and replace the crank position sensor. I am wondering if they damaged a lead or connection to the engine computer.
  • wub51wub51 Posts: 1
    Thank you for posting this mikeb50; I had a similar issue with my 1999 Chevy Venture. The taillights and brake lights stopped working. My turn signals were acting screwy too; sometimes the radio lights would blink when I used a turn signal. Sometimes I would hit the right turn signal, but both would go on. I cleaned the contacts, especially the one melting the connector plastic, cleaned the receptacle, attempted to bend the pin to make better contact, and then added some dielectric grease. This fixed all the electrical problems. I will replace the connectors eventually, but the parts store I called does not carry them. I assume I'll need to go to a dealer.
  • Hi...I'm having problems which I think might be the switch....The cruise stopped working {which drives me crazy as I drive 500 miles a night mostly interstate and state routes}, and the wipers work on high only, except when they want to, then I can get low and delay for a time..sometimes til I hit a bump. The fuse for the cruise has been checked and changed just to be sure.........Since both functions are on the blinker stick, think that might be the problem? Thx! /Mark
  • I have 1998 Chevrolet van, when my panel lights went out my tail lights did the same. I had tried changing the light switch 4 times and still nothing. Then one day it just came on but then it didnt the next day. My mechanic friend checked all the fuse, they are ok. Any idea what needs to be done? Please help because i do not know what else to do. just trying to avoid having to take it to the shop.
  • you say you have a chevrolet van , what kind of chevrolet van is it a chevy van or a venture
  • for your wipers the problem is the electronic card inside the wiper motor assy the led weldings crack and the contact is loose so they work intermitently remove the card and change it or reweld the weldings p.s take a mag glass and you will see the faulty weldings by moving the componants.
  • Thank you...does that sound expensive? I'm completely useless when it comes to fixing my own car...
  • flipmanflipman Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    Hello all and thanks for your help. We live in Georgia. Ruth and I bought this 98 venture when it was new. We strapped our kids into the integrated child safety seats and drove many miles up and down the east coast. The van now has 179000 miles on it and still runs like new. I went to the junk yard and found several odds and ends that when installed made our van nearly perfect. I replaced the drivers information center module with from a 2000 Montana and it seemed to work fine. I reset it and the temp and compass work fine but the fuel usage info shows the dashed line which I think indicates a bad fuel and or speed sensor. Does anyone know where these sensors are located?
  • flipmanflipman Posts: 4
    I found plenty of them at the junk yard. When splicing them in make sure that they are soldered and heat shrink wrapped. Also make sure that the rubber gasket is good otherwise water will enter the fixture housing.
  • I put an after-market radio/cd in my 2003 Venture. Purchased a vehicle-specific wiring harness w/chime and data-bus interface. Radio works fine. However, the headlamps come on whenever the switch is on (ACC also). Any ideas?

  • jw1983jw1983 Posts: 3

    I am not sure if this thread is even used by other members now. I have some problems that I am trying to figure out that I started to get yesterday.

    I started my 2000 Venture a few days ago and everything was running fine. I did a headlight restore kit and the car was still fine.
    Yesterday I went and started it and all the gauge lights came on. I turned the key and there was a "call error" on the radio display and the van didn't even crank, just silence. All the lights were on the dash, the gauges didn't move and all the interior lights came on. The "security", "battery" and "low fuel" light were coming on the message centre. The tank has been filled since I bought the van three weeks ago and I haven't driven it really. I have been starting it every few days without issue. I tried to start it a few more times and the lights on the dash got dimmer and by the few times I did it the only light that was on the dash was the "engine light" and it was very dim. None of the locks were working, windows, interior light, headlights or taillight lights came on. When I was packing up getting ready to leave, I could hear the gauges trying to move. I could hear the motor behind the gauges. It happened for about 10 seconds and then stopped. This was when the key was removed.

    I have never experienced this type of electrical problem before. The OEM key fob only unlocks and it stopped working. Same with the aftermarket fob that is only for the van starter. I changed most of the interior bulbs to LED and changed the passenger side power mirror since it was damaged from the previous owner(48 hours after I bought it). It appears that something was draining the battery. I don't have a voltage meter or an OBDll scanner. I am going to try and boost the battery and see if that's what it is. The battery looks okay but I am not sure if the date it was put in. I am going to try and find that out.

    If there is anyone that can offer any advice would be great. I am kind of stumped. Since that the van isn't registered I am not able to get it towed to my mechanic to get it checked. Thanks in advance.

  • Chevy 2000 Venture: Turn the key get SILENCE and all panel lights go out (battery symbol, seatbelt) Had been making clicking noises and then starting (making me think its a starter solenoid) but now its dead silence and total electrical death.
    Whats your vote: solenoid, fuse, ignition switch, ??? What should I do?
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