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Mitsubishi News



  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    $16K must include a huge dealer incentive. If you check the Mitsu web site the base ES lists at $22,344 with destination. There's a $3500 rebate to bring the price to $18,844. So the dealer is dropping almost $3K from list. That'll dig heavily into markup & profit and may even be a loss-leader.
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  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    Yes. I suppose the 16K price could just be an agreement between those two particular dealers while still using the generic aspects of the commercial.

    Great deal though.
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    A very interesting article about expert automotive reviews

    The Best (?) Car Reviews Money Can Buy: The Wall St. Journal Exposes the Car Magazine Review Scam

    By Marc J. Rauch
    Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

    For years, auto journalists and industry insiders have known or suspected that car magazine endorsements and Car-of-the-Year type awards” were often bestowed based upon the amount of advertising that a carmaker bought in a particular publication. Today, May 10th, the Wall Street Journal published an expose of how Consumers Digest, a monthly print magazine and website, has operated their particular pay-to-play scheme.

    According to the WSJ story, car manufacturers pay up to $35,000 per vehicle for the right to use and quote a positive Consumers Digest car review. In particular, the story cites a sales-hungry General Motors as recently paying Consumers Digest as much as $335,000 to cover 15 different 2010 models. Nissan, KIA and Ford are other car makers who have “licensed” use of the endorsements. Chrysler is currently negotiating their license fee.

    The Wall Street Journal says that such payments are one of Consumers Digest’s primary revenue streams.

    Consumers Digest’s Editor, Rich Dzierwa, said the fees don’t influence its picks, and each winner is described in its magazine. However, WSJ points out that the website only publishes the reviews of those manufacturers who have paid the fee. The reviews are written by free-lance writers. Consumers Digest’s editors and publisher then decides on the winners.

    Dzierwa also said that “There is no pressure on the editorial staff to consider products, to consider vehicles because either they have been licensees or because there is a possibility that they will be.”

    So I’ll let you do the math: Consumers Digest has, let’s say, 10 journalists submitting reviews to them. The publisher and editor knows that they can get car makers to pay a lot of money for a good review (obviously they are not going to pay for a bad review), so do they accept positive reviews from their writers or negative reviews? Then, based upon past experience, they know which manufacturers are likely to want to license these reviews and awards. So would you go with reviews and awards to car makers that tell you to go the hell when you try to scam them, or would you use reviews and bestow awards to those who provide your primary revenue? Hmmm.

    J.D. Power & Associates, while not a print publisher (although they are a web publisher among other things), sells results of their surveys to car makers and charges licensing fees for the use of those results in promotional campaigns. J.D. Power’s fees run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    By the way, The Auto Channel has never asked for or accepted money from a car maker for the use of its text or video reviews, and has never charged for the use of our sound-bite quotes. In addition, in the years that The Auto Channel has bestowed car-of-the-year awards, not only did we not charge any kind of use-fee for the notoriety, we have never asked the manufacturers to pay for the trophies.

    In addition, because of our policy of providing all of our content for free to all visitors to, most all automotive websites don't charge for access to their content (they tried, but couldn't overcome us).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504
    It's still accusation by innuendo IMO, and rather self-serving by Auto Channel.

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  • fintailfintail Posts: 42,970
    I think the only rag that will give an uninfluenced review is "Top Gear", and even they worship Jag a bit much. "Car" is another who does not care if they offend an advertiser. Most of the NA rags are way too positive about virtually everything they drive.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504
    edited May 2010
    I would agree with that--the mags are far too generous sometimes. Of course, if they do a vicious review, they will lose that advertiser, you can be sure.

    Well, welcome to the real world. I don't see why car magazines need to be held to a higher standard than any other business. The car business has never been a hotbed of morality---except at Edmunds, of course :P

    I do think though, that all mags or TV shows have their prejudices. I don't think Mitsubishi gets a fair shake sometimes.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Consumer's Digest has always had that reputation.

    The other fun expose is the fancy junkets the car manufacturers put on for the press. That's why you'll sometimes see a review of a car in a baby magazine that has a nod to how well it can carry a baby carriage.

    The "reviews" in the newspaper car ad sections are about the worst.
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    This doesn't surprise me at all considering the glut of "product review" mags out there nowadays. My mother-in-law has a subscription to Consumer Reports that I check out occasionally when I visit however I find it difficult to take a car review seriously when the reviewer was probably testing toasters or i-pods the day before. I personally would be more influenced by a review in something like Motor Trend. Even if they accept ad payola I have seen plenty of negative reviews on companies that still advertise in their pages.

    I also noticed that the reviews in Consumer Reports for Mitsubishi ( for the Galant and Eclipse anyway) haven't changed in years. They haven't even changed the picture of the Eclipse in the last 4 years and the script is exactly the same. OK, maybe the car hasn't changed that much but the 4 cylinder has recieved some upgrades this year like dual exhaust and 18" tires while the Galant had some tuning and side air dams to increase mpg. It's obvious that CR didn't even bother to drive the cars and just ran the old review. I wonder how many thing they review that had minimal improvements in the last few years get the same treatment.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,504
    Mitsubishi is not one of the Big Japanese Three, so they always get second billing.

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  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,238
    edited May 2010
    yep that's it. Kia gets the same treatment. I go more by my own test drive of the car and by what other testers think. Motor Trend is fine but I'd recommend going online and spending literally hundreds of hours learning about your potential new car purchase.

    I did that before buying my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. It was this website's review of the '08 Lancer GTS that sealed the purchase for me. Loved this review and it is a very fair review. OK, it does include a lot of pictures from the San Diego car museum. Or whatever that place is they visit. But I learned from that set of pics/info., too! :D Here is the link if you're curious as a domestic housecat.

    image - ishi-EVO-12186/

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  • authurdentauthurdent Posts: 82
    edited May 2010
    Mitsubishi is not one of the Big Japanese Three, so they always get second billing.

    Second billing isn't limited to the print press. Edmunds also second bills Mitsubishi. The recent Tucson review is a good example. Nearly every other small-medium SUV is mentioned as alternatives or others to consider. The Outlander is four bills down at best!
  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    Mitsubishi Motors Posts Third Consecutive Monthly Sales Increase

    CYPRESS, CA - June 2, 2010: Sparked by sales of the new-for-2010 Lancer Sportback, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) today announced May 2010 sales of 4,737, an increase of 8.8 percent compared to May 2009.

    It's the third straight monthly sales increase for MMNA. Over that period (March/April/May) sales have increased an aggregate 9.4 percent.

    "The addition of Sportback to our unique line-up of products and its warm reception emphasize that consumers are coming to us because we offer products that stand out from the crowd. These products are 'different, for a reason,'" said MMNA President & CEO Shin Kurihara. "Our sales improvement over the last three months positions us for a summer in which we will align our sales efforts and our marketing to set the stage for the launch of our exciting all-new Outlander Sport."

    May highlights included:
    -- Lancer Sportback sales of 256 marked the second best month of sales since the Sportback began sales in August of last year. -- Outlander sales increased more than 56 percent compared to May 2009 and are up more than 27 percent year-to-date. Outlander sales have increased five of the past six months. -- Lancer sales were up 5.5 percent compared to a year ago (May 2009) and jumped more than 75 percent from the month before (April 2010). It was Lancer's best sales month since August 2009 and the fuel-efficient sedan's second best sales month since August 2008. -- Galant sales increased 59 percent compared to last May, and are up more than 70 percent year-to-date. This marks the sixth consecutive month that Galant sales have increased compared to the prior year. -- Year-to-date sales of MMNA's models built in Normal, Illinois, remain strong. Sales from January through May of Galant, Eclipse, Spyder, and Endeavor are up a combined 12.2 percent compared to the same period in 2009.

    Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) is responsible for all manufacturing, finance, sales, and marketing operations for Mitsubishi Motors in the United States. MMNA sells coupes, convertibles, sedans, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks through a network of more than 400 dealers.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    Thanks, Mike. Good to see another monthly increase.
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  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Posts: 92
    I watch the UFC reality show "Ultimate Fighter" on Spike channel that started about six weeks ago and noticed that a Mitsubishi Lancer commercial gets airplay there once or twice per episode. It's an older commercial I believe, showing a Ralliart Lancer to good effect chewing up the streets of some anonymous city. Not subtle at all, and maybe why Lancer sales increased last month?

    I'm not an advertising expert but imo that's what Mitsu needs to do with the Outlander as well. Show someone like Batman exploring the world from the pampas of Argentina to the potholes of Illinois in an Outlander while talking about the Mitsu heritage of off-road vehicles, then showcase the electronic gizmo-tology and civilized interior. Straight up bragging and they could get some hot model (like the recently unemployed girl from those Mercury commercials) to do the talking.

    Meanwhile, I am still loving my new Sportback and receive plenty of compliments on it as well but must warn anyone considering the "Wicked White" color scheme. Because of the attention it has received from the locals I have become quite vain about its appearance and now that the bugs are out I feel compelled to clean the damn things off the front end and rear view mirrors every time I park it after a drive.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,007
    I try to not be influenced by advertising but when the new Outlanders came out I'll admit the commercials made me take a look at them. Advetising can have a big effect especially with a lesser known brand such as Mitsubishi.

    I had my oil changed a few weeks ago and checked out a Lancer sportback.
    Not in the market for a car, but that was a roomy, good looking subcompact.

    Definitely would like to see the Mercury girl on TV again.
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  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    Mitsubishi is planning to cut the price of its electric cars to $22,000

    Mitsubishi announced that it is planning to cut the price of its electric cars to ¥2 million or about $22,000 by 2012 fiscal year. This means that the prices will be down by almost a third and it appears that this move will be made by Mitsubishi to capitalize on the growing popularity of cars in that price range. For those who don’t know, the prices are going to drop due to the fact that the most expensive component in an electric vehicle, the lithium ion batteries will lower costs sharply. cars-to-22000/
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    edited June 2010 - duction.html#comments

    They'll have the car for a year. Should be interesting to see what they think of it over the long haul.

    And yes, they did have an '07 XLS model as a long-term tester a while back. Why another? It was free, as the Mitsu boys loaned it to IL for the duration.

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    edited June 2010
    Thanks for the heads up. Gotta love the comments from the haters & know-nothings.
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  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,238
    edited June 2010
    any of you all who are following the Chinese cars in to production might appreciate this information.

    Go on the internet and research how Mitsubishi is selling so much engine technology (and actual engines) to some of the Chinese carmakers in order to help them get a head start. So they can concentrate on making the chassis, interiors and electricals and bodies better. I have already done so and I can go pull up the articles online and link them if you want, or from now on as I see them.

    But they are large and they are many. Guys, as I sit and listen to my '08 Lancer GTS 2.0L I4 idle and purr, I appreciate the technical prowess of Mitsubishi engineering.

    I was blown away by two of my co-workers back in Mar. of '07 when I bought my Lancer GTS.

    "That car's engine will last forever!"

    "That car won't wear out, I'm not kidding."

    I was kind of blown away, I was new to Mitsubishi and had researched them on the net, knew basically what cars they made and their reputation. To some point, anyway.

    A lasting collaboration with Chrysler going on for years. FWIW and so on and so on.

    After another flirtation session with Suzuki (this time Kizashi, last time SX-4) I am happy to keep my '08 Lancer GTS and look to Mitsubishi's future and their fan's future with satisfaction and love.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • mikevegas06mikevegas06 Posts: 272
    A mild increase in sales for the 2nd quarter.

    CYPRESS, Calif., July 1, 2010; Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) today announced that sales increased 1.8 percent during the second quarter of 2010 (April-June).

    Mitsubishi sales also increased marginally (0.10 percent) for the first half of the year (January-June). June sales were 4,198, down slightly (3.8 percent) compared to June 2009.

    "We have established a good foundation of positive sales momentum heading into the hot summer selling season," said MMNA President & CEO Shin Kurihara. "We are perfectly positioned to show much larger increases the second half of the year, with the addition to our product line-up of our exciting new Outlander Sport CUV."

    June sales highlights included:
    -- Lancer sales were up 16.7 percent compared to a year ago (June 2009).
    It was Lancer's second best sales month since August 2009.
    -- Outlander sales increased more than 38 percent compared to June 2009
    and are up more than 28 percent year-to-date. Outlander sales have
    increased six of the past seven months.
    -- Lancer Sportback sales of 227 were the third best month of sales since
    the Sportback began sales in August of last year.
    -- Eclipse Spyder sales increased more than 45 percent compared to last
    -- Galant sales are up more than 53 percent year-to-date.
    -- Year-to-date sales of MMNA's models built in Normal, Illinois,
    (Galant, Eclipse, Spyder, and Endeavor) are up a combined 3.8 percent
    compared to the same period in 2009.
  • mitsfanmitsfan Posts: 16
    edited July 2010
    Wow numbers are not good!!!

    Mitsubishi continues struggle.

    They decreased sales this month when most all other car manufactures increased sales by 30 - 35 percent.

    The recovery is clearly passing them by.

    They really need to advertise to get something rolling (that is if they have the cash)
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    June was the first month in about 5 or 6 where sales declined. Most months have had 15%+ increases. So while it is a little disappointing I'm not particularly worried.

    Reading between the lines I'd guess Endeavor & Eclipse (non-Spyder) sales are tanking bad since everything else is showing increases.

    Still, the Outlander Sport can't get here soon enough. It could hit a sweet spot for young families who've outgrown their compact sedan but don't want or can't afford a larger CUV. Go after the same audience that's buying the Tucson.
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  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Yeah, why do we never see Mitsu advertising any more?? :confuse:

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Mitsubishi Motors Sales Increase More Than 16 Percent In July

    Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) today announced July sales of 5,648. That’s an increase of 16.5 percent compared to July 2009 and Mitsubishi’s highest monthly sales total since August 2009.

    Outlander sales led the way, up 33 percent and increasing more than 30 percent for the second month in a row.

    Other June sales highlights included:

    The monthly total of 5,648 was Mitsubishi’s best month in the last twelve months, and the second best month in the last 22 months.

    Lancer Sportback sales were 697 units, more than double its previous highest monthly total (267 in October 2009).

    Outlander sales are up more than 29 percent year-to-date. Outlander sales have increased seven of the past eight months.

    Sales of the fuel-efficient Lancer were up almost five percent compared to last July.
    Galant sales are up more than 43 percent year-to-date, and were up 1.3 percent in July.

    Endeavor SUV sales are up more than 14 percent year-to-date.
  • mitsfanmitsfan Posts: 16
    That is clear a start of some good news.

    But they are very far from were they need to be if they want to continue in the USA

    This is were they are today for 7 months

    Mitsubishi Motors North America, which has a manufacturing plant in Normal, reported July sales of 5,648, an increase of 16.5 percent from the 4,847 vehicles sold in July 2009. Year-to-date sales total 32,138

    This is off the MMNA website

    The decade in review

    2000: 315,000

    2001: 322,393

    2002: 345,000

    2003: 256,810

    2004: 161,609

    2005: 123,995

    2006: 118,558

    2007: 128,993

    2008: 97,257

    2009: 53,986

    They are on pace for 55,000 this year :cry:
  • psychogunpsychogun Posts: 129
    It's important to remember that the sales numbers from 2000 - 2002 are inflated by the inane 0-0-0 incentives Mitsubishi ran during that time. 2003 - 2004 are inflated by the immense amount of fleet sales Mitsubishi engaged in.
    Finally, the sales drop for 2008 to current is partly to blame on the economic melt-down as well as the minuscule marketing/ad/PR budget Mitsubishi has been running.
    No advertising = minimal sales
  • mitsfanmitsfan Posts: 16
    Looks like the union is tying the hands or sealing the fate of the Normal Mitsubishi Plant

    More wages or more work for MMNA employees? 03286.html

    NORMAL — More wages or more work?

    Mitsubishi Motors North America must decide by Sept. 1 whether to bring a new model into its Normal manufacturing plant, or provide union workers a partial restoration of pay that was cut in 2008.

    “There is a letter of agreement. I can’t comment beyond that,” MMNA spokesman Dan Irvin said Tuesday.

    That agreement is part of the current contract that members of United Auto Workers Local 2488 narrowly approved in August 2008. UAW Local 2488 President Ralph Timan also declined comment on the deadline.

    Under terms of the contract, workers traded wage and benefit cuts for four years of job security.

    The base rate of production workers (who assemble vehicles) was cut $4.75 per hour, to $24. Maintenance workers (who maintain the plant’s machinery) took a $4.79 per hour cut on base wages, to $28.50. A two-tiered wage scale also was created that lowers the pay of any new hires and recalled workers.

    In turn, the company agreed not to close the struggling plant or lay off workers for the duration of the contract, which expires in 2012.

    The pact also included a letter of understanding that money from the cuts was to be used toward attracting new models to the plant that currently produces the Eclipse, Spyder and Galant cars and Endeavor sport utility vehicle.

    “The parties understand that the purpose of these concessions is to put the plant in a position where it can effectively compete for new product to be placed in our plant,” according to a summary of the agreement released by the UAW when the contract was approved.

    The company and the union agreed to work toward that goal. If a new product is not approved by Sept. 1, the base rate for production workers increases to $25.67 per hour, while a maintenance worker’s base wage rises to $30.21. That equates to about 35 percent of the lost wages.

    The company, with about 1,300 employees, has struggled in recent years, in tandem with the economy and the auto industry. U.S. sales in 2009, which included a record 12 weeks of non-production, were 53,986 — about ½ percent of the U.S. market. Sales for the first seven months of this year total 32,138, slightly ahead of the 31,314 vehicles sold during the same period in 2009.

    The plant has been operating somewhere between half- and full-capacity since the non-production time ended in May 2009, Irvin said.
  • Good post.

    I guess it's pretty costly to re-tool the Normal plant for the lancer platform. At one time, there were rumors of Peugeot (spelling?) using some of the available capacity at that plant to stage a come back in the US.

    At any rate, I hope the things turn around for Mitsu and the Normal facility.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    Tooling up for a platform is pretty expensive from my understanding. Probably more expensive than Mitsu can afford unless they choose to take a loss on the work. Moving Lancer & associated cars (Outlander/Sport, Evo, etc.) to Normal would be good for the US but of course Mitsu also has to weigh what the effect would be on moving some production away from Japan.

    It's a complicated business. Maybe different concessions can be negotiated, like moving partial/final assembly of Lancer-platform vehicles from Japan to Normal. That would be cheaper than building an entire line not to mention it wouldn't require quite the same space & inventory costs. Is the Normal plant large enough to host multiple platforms? I've driven by it a number of times but have no idea how much space a full assembly line requires.

    I'm tentative for going to the Normal Mitsubishi Owners Day event ( in September. If they have active labor problems at that time, though, I may take a pass. I don't want to get caught in the middle of a dispute.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • mitsfanmitsfan Posts: 16
    Union Members vote to increase wage hurt MMNA recovery

    I can see them closing this plant just because of the higher cost in wages and retooling

    MMNA workers reject extension of pay reduction
    StoryDiscussionMMNA workers reject extension of pay reduction
    By Kevin Barlow | | Posted: Friday, August 27, 2010 10:50 pm | Loading…

    Font Size:Default font sizeLarger font size.NORMAL — Members of United Auto Workers Local 2488 have voted down a provision to extend a deadline that requires Mitsubishi Motors North America to bring a new model into the Normal manufacturing plant. Instead, union workers are now in line for a partial restoration of wages cut in 2008.

    Under the current four-year pact that expires in 2012, members approved smaller, but steady paychecks with money from the pay cuts earmarked toward attracting a new model to the plant. Under terms of a letter of understanding, if that new product is not lined up by Sept. 1, the base rate for production workers and maintenance workers will receive an increase equal to about 35 percent of wages lost in 2008.

    “We are disappointed with the results of this vote,” said Dan Irvin, MMNA spokesman. “Mitsubishi Motors Corporation remains concerned at the slow pace of economic recovery in the United States and current sales projections for the U.S. market. As a result, MMC is unable to announce a new model for assembly at MMNA at this juncture. In response to today’s unfortunate development, MMNA is exploring its options.”

    Ralph Timan, president of UAW Local 2488, declined to release specific vote totals or how many members voted, but did say the extension was voted down by 61 percent of the members who voted.

    “We asked the members to weigh in on the offer and we received some valuable insight,” Timan said. “We support the decision of the members and will continue to work with the company and give our future commitments to the plant.”

    The company has about 1,300 employees and produces the Eclipse, Spyder and Galant cars and Endeavor sport utility vehicle.

    As a result of the vote, the base rate for production workers who assemble vehicles will increase to $25.67 per hour while the base wage for maintenance workers who cares for the plant’s equipment will increase to $30.21.

    Timan said he is unsure what the vote will mean for the future of the plant and the possibility of a new model at some point.

    “That’s an unknown,” he said. “We will have to wait and see.”

    Mitsubishi sales

    Chart below shows 2009 sales for Mitsubishi Motors North America, by vehicle.

    Eclipse Coupe* — 4,262

    Eclipse Spyder* — 2,410

    Galant* — 11,740

    Lancer — 17,034

    Lancer Evolution — 2,296

    Lancer Sportback — 787

    Outlander SUV — 10,283

    Endeavor SUV* — 3,228

    Montero SUV — 2

    Raider pickup — 1,944

    Total sales — 53,986

    * Vehicles made in Normal

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