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Cadillac SRX Problem with stability system



  • rrider,
    You are fortunate to have had the skills and the guts to do some of the things between you and your friend. I imagine hundreds of people like me out there who are suffering or being taken advantage of by those we are meant to trust when it comes to decisions on our cars. I just bought mine and already want to get rid of it too. The list of problems goes on and on on the SRX and yet GM still insists there is nothing wrong with the vehicle design nor is any recalling necessary. I just had the "shuffling CD" replaced for $600. They tell me the "brake module" and a sensor need to be replaced to get rid of the "service stability system" + "service break assist" + the "t/c" and "ABS" lights showing. By the way, about 4 weeks ago, they had told me to replace the wheel bearing hub (one rear one). I paid $700 for it. Now they are speculating I might need to do the same for the front one (hub). Who knows what next they will tell me next, replace all the 4 hubs. I see a lot of guessing games here. By the way, a GM customer service person contacted me and offered to make an appointment for me with one of the GM dealers here in Columbia, SC. After 48 hours, they suggested the problem with all those warnings above can be solved with a new "break module" and "sensor" replacement. They also suggest me to put new tires all around. The painful thing is that GM said they can not help towards the cost of any of these. This is shocking, given that in my case, the previous owner had paid about $1500 to have this "stability" issue resolves about a year ago. Is this going to be a yearly thing then? WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR GM TO INVESTIGATE THIS AND HELP THE "BUY AMERICAN" FAITHFULS? Enough is enough. Someone somewhere ought to listen and do something.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Elam,
    I apologize that you are having a concern with your vehicle. Have you ever taken the vehicle to a different dealership to get a second opinion? How long has the concern been present? How many times have you had the vehicle at the dealership for the same concern? Can you please email me your VIN and current mileage? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • rriderrrider Posts: 9
    Well I have just returned from vacation ( trip to Muskegon Michigan- Lake Michigan is Beautiful) and succesfully completed a 1600 mile trip.
    The stability system decided to become self aware I think and began to act up about half way to destination. Every 10-15 seconds it would come on, the car would pull to the left or to the right, brakes would rumble and the entire vehicle seemed to slow down. It made me sick and the gas mileage certainly suffered.

    While sitting in a coffee shop in Muskegon I decided to read the owners manual, which I might add, I should have done long ago and would crecommend that all certified Cadillac mechanics should be required to read and low and behold what did I find?

    A partial solution to the problem. It made my wife very happy and as a result we drobe home the 800 miles without a single occurance. MPH average was about 68-70.

    Here it is........If you push the T/C button next to the shifter and hold for 5 seconds the stability system will be TURNED OFF!!! The fact that it is in the manual leads me to believe that this may have been a fail safe to problems the engineers experienced in its design...who knows but the peace of mind was well worth the time reading.

    Remember the stability system and t/c is in place for poor weather conditions and hazardous road situations. In good weather there is absoultely no need for it. This is my opinion and am preparing to sell this vehicle ASAP.

    Oh...just wanted to update regarding the right front hub. When it was pulled off we found that the hub was fine but that the inner tie rod was bad...and it was. Purchased to part for 45.00 and replaced it. Nice and tight. Dont let the mechanics tell you that the entire power steering rach needs to be does'nt.

    ok will keep you all posted as we continue to assess the issues. :)
  • rrider - best advice I've seen! I have an '04 AWD V6 and have struggled with this stability system nonsense for some time. Knowing that it costs more than $100 to have the dealer change the front turn-signal/running light bulb, and seeing horror stories here re: the stability system, I really hate the thought of shelling out several thousand dollars for them to repair an apparently flawed system.

    BTW, I changed the bulb in my wife's Jaguar XJ (rear tail-light), spent less than 5 bucks for two bulbs, and about 5-10 minutes taking my time. What a treat! Is it any wonder you see SO MANY GM cars and trucks on the road with one of their turn signal bulbs out? (This has become a game for us - seeing these so called 'padiddles' and recognizing that the lion's share - WELL over 90% - are GM vehicles.) Apparently a very crummy design of either the bulb and/or socket, coupled with ridiculous gyrations needed to get access to the bulb for changing. And Jaguars are supposed to be noted as having the glitchy English electrical system? Not in my recent experience!

    But I digress! Thanks again for the suggestion on how to turn the stability system OFF. Just pressing the TC button to toggle between on/off doesn't fully satisfy - pressing and holding for 5-10 seconds has become part of my start up ritual these days! (STILL no recall on this? Is it going to take a Toyota-like series of injuries & deaths to force GM's hand? Step UP!)
  • I just inherited my V8 all wheel drive 2004 Cadillac SRX back from the ex-wife, she purchased of all things a 2010 VW Jetta that’s like going from the frying pan to the fire.

    Anyways I replaced the A/C compressor, condenser, radiator, updated the Trans cooling lines to the ones that bypass the transmission thermostat, new tires and detailed the car to like new condition. I bypassed the stability control system by pulling the fuse on the ABS system, it eliminates the stability control problem, but you lose use of the cruise control.

    By the way I’m a dealer own my own repair shop had my techs do the work at a fraction of what it would have cost at a Cadillac store. I’m going to replace the fuse try the T/C control button trick and report back.

    If you’re having turn signal bulb burn outs check the sockets, I kept changing my left turn signal bulb monthly until one day I checked the socket and found a burn mark on one of the conductors inside the socket. I replaced the socket 6 months ago and have had no burn bulbs since.

    I sent a compliant to the feds about the stability problem NHTSA, never heard a word back.
  • Still having the same problems with the caddy and it has been a few weeks since I came on here to read the new posts. I was sent a brief email from Mariah with GM Customer Service but got no results. How many people have to come forward with the same problem before someone steps in and makes them take responsibility for our problem?? I sent a complaint to the NHTSA and have heard absolutely nothing either. I am not giving up, there are way too many people experiencing the same problems!!
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    I also received an email from Mariah and I responded and a Customer Service person from GM called and arranged for the replacement of my steering wheel sensor. I paid $100 while GM paid about $250. The problem has not returned since. It has been almost a month. Funny thing though I asked the same service center to replace the same part in 2008 and I paid $250. They said they replaced it then but during that time the problem did not get fixed.
  • rriderrrider Posts: 9
    by rrider Aug 21, 2010 (5:10 pm)

    Why won't Mariah call me? Having documented my problems with the stability control system I would have thought that I would have been a priority as well.
    The good news...If something does happen I have it well documented in this forumn and GM will pay a lot more for an accident or injury.
    To tires all around, new front hub, new front inner tie rod, new brakes all around.
    My Cadillac dealership said they replaced the ECM but I seriously doubt they even took the time to look at it considering the engine light is STILL on and they reported NO CODES.
    Cadillac and GM continues to dissappoint.

    If anyone has information regarding filing an official complaint please advise..I will be more than happy to go on the record and provide any and all documentation regarding the problems I have had with the 2004 Cadilac SRX All Wheel Drive.

  • Hello, I have a 2006 SRX 6 cyl, AWD and have intermittantly been receiving the Service Stability System but this time I received the whole problem with the ABS and T/C Lights and information messages also.
    I saw rrider post that "just today took the srx in to address the the stability system issue....there have been a number of recalls and apparently some coverage is available via the waaranty till 2013!"

    1) Is there a place I can go to find out about these recall items?
    2) This is the first I have seen in this post of a 2006 having the problem. Is there any one else? I can just hear the dealer saying well this is only a problem on the 2004's and no warranty for 2006 - yet.
    3) It seems the steering sensor is the fix most of the time, true? Was this the piece under recall?

    Thanks in advance...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Bobwek,
    I can check to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle for you. I will just need you to email me your VIN. You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Can you tell the location of the fuse on the ABS system that you said eliminates the stability control problem.
  • I have been posting on this forum for several weeks. I received the message from Mariah wanting my vin# etc.. still nothing about a recall for Stability system. I don't think it will be resolved this way but I do plan to continue my posts on here.

    Anyone else receive any resolution yet?
  • I have a 2009 srx that decided to spin out on wet pavement and cause an uncontrollable 720 degree double circle. I was accelerating up to 50 mph when it just lost control. I complained to the dealer from the first service day which there has been over 50 days of service on this lemon. The dealer said the computer said it is work fine. They have a service recall on the steering sensor since July and have not contacted me. I have had traction control on more than 10 carrs and trucks and this is the first control problem I have experienced. This is a major defective computer control unit and everyone needs to complain to the NHTSA as I did today in writing and start a case investigation. There are many similar problems listed by SRX owners as far back as 2004.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Crapilac,
    Is the concern still present in your vehicle or was it fixed? Has the recall been performed? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I purchased my 2004 cadillac srx just about two years ago. In that time I have had to replace my blinkers twice and the last time was two months ago, they are already not working. Dishing out 200 hundred dollars to fix blinkers is beyond ridiculous and to have them stop working after two months is so frustrating. I've also had to have the tire gauges replaced and it still tells me to check my tire pressure. The stability system is what worries me the most, being jerked to the side going 65mph is scary. Ive had two power steering flushes and it still turns awful. My car only has 66,000 miles on it and id rather have my 2001 chevy cavalier that I traded in for it!!!!!
  • elamelam Posts: 17
    Well folks- here is the gist of Cadillac- Mariah, who monitors the site, will contact you and promise to have someone from their customer service contact you. That person will be from Boston and is programmed like a robot. They will ask you all kinds of unrelated questions, including have you owned a GM car before. This is to strengthen their case that you are an idiot and do not know how to maintain a GM< product. without all of the details, they will state that there is nothing they can do, but are willing (out of the goodness of their heart) to offer you a $1,500 discount towards a new Cadillac. Yep, they are that stupid, thinking you will forget how they treated you and you will be dumb enought to buy another GM product.

    My fix with the System stabilty and transfer case was $1700, which I had done somewhere else. I received a 100,000 mile warranty on the new transfer case, something Gm would not provide even close to that.

    they lost my loyalty along time ago, when they, and the dealer started to lie about things. they promised to fix the system stability when they found it, as it was still under warranty whne we complaind about a year prio. When it came time to fix it, the dealer wanted to tell me I did not know what I was talking about.

    I am interested in joining others to seek a class action suit- and probably could get Stan Chesley in Cincinnati to do it. Love to hear your thoughts on doing so....
  • I bought my 'o4 SRX new;@ $49k, not until June of this year have I ever had a problem with this car., other than changing the tires that were not quality Michelin tires. My local dealership rotated the tires incorrectly last year, and I drove the car for several months before this was recognized My question : did this cause the stability system to go haywire? The dealership said that the tire rotation didn't cause any problem with my car. Is this true? I was planning on buying a new SRX in 11, but , after reading all these problems I doubt that this is going to happen
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    My wife loves our 08' SRX, and i've had very little problems with it, but this is another reason why I only lease these.
  • I am having a problem that mech can't find solution for.
    When I accelerate from a stop/ even very slowly and straight, I will have the TRACTION SYSTEM ACTIVE display on the screen. No chance of slip in the driving. Mech could find any problem. On hard acceleration I have heard an awful :confuse: grinding noise and have had times when the car will lose power for a moment until I take off the pressure on accelerator pedal and then reapply acceleration. ??? any suggestions??
  • How about heart attacks? The first time it happened to me I was on a newly paved part of interstate 40 in AZ going the speed limit, 75!! I thought it was a big wind gust between the mountain pass. Then it happened again 10 mins later, but much more violent. I drove the rest of the way at 40MPH which is another risky thing at night! After looking at the manual I thought maybe the newly paved very smooth road had a bit of oil on it in the 100 degree heat, so I forgot about it. Today I was out on a desert highway and it happened again, which is why I'm online looking at this tonight. This has been a Caddy problem for a long time if the guy with the 1999 saw the 'fix' in his manual! And the other guy's manual said to stop and re-start the car constantly! C'MON GM! If you can't solve the problem, DON'T SELL US THE DEATH TRAP!!!!! What a load of crap saying they've never seen this before!! Are we just collateral damage or small statistics in the big profit picture, like the drug companies???? RECALL!! FINES!! JAIL!!! :lemon:
  • Yes, get rid of the car while you're still alive! I'm going to!
  • Time for some up-beat news.... My 04 V6 Rear wheel drive CRX with 71000 miles has had no issues at all! The only thing I wasn't happy about was that I could not plug in my Ipod into the radio until I discovered that the input jacks on the (RES),Rear Entertainment System, with the right cord, allowed me to plugin my Ipod, just set the radio to AUX, problem solved. Not everyone has had bad luck with their Caddy.
  • elamelam Posts: 17
    Better frame this- you obviously have not waited long enough. Just remember- you will soon experience the the same problems as the rest of us.- just give it a few more miles. And if not- you need to really brag about your car- you will jhave one of very few that have not failed-

    Hey Mariah- how about that car- going to offer him $1500 for a new one uet????
  • klasboy1klasboy1 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    I have a 2004 CADILAC SRX for 5 years it is a very poorly designed SUV
    I begged my wife to get rid of it when I purchased a SUZUKI GRAND VITARA,
    It goes through breaks every 10,000 miles. It has Stability issues. It has rack and pinion issues....................we are stuck with it. Now I get a recall for a problem with check engine light cataletic converter issues. I am so upset. I put 50,000 miles on my Suzuki with NO ISSUES. NOW YOU WONDER WHY nobody wants to BUY AMERICAN, I am an Electrician in a very high position. I speak to 1000 men every Monday.........I am a union Electrician. I always start my SPEECH(CONFERENCE CALL) WITH A WARNING ABOUT PURCHASING A SRX. BEING A UNION MAN it is sad to say. THE SRX is a high priced piece of JUNK. I COULD HAVE PURCHASED
    2 SUZUKI'S for what I paid for the SRX. I am so dissatisfied I could cry. I am now going to bring it in for the latest recall. It makes you wonder why they never offered
    100,000 mile power train warranty. You are lucky if the car makes 100,000 miles.
    THE SUZUKI WILL GO 200,000 miles I am sure.. I have spent so much money on repairs I lost track. I guess I will drive it until it dies. IT so sad we can not make a good American car. I would never purchase an American car again especially a CADILAC, Customer service is horrible, Suzuki calls all the time to see if I am happy. Whoever Mariah is from CADILAC, if I were her I would start looking for another JOB, PONTIAC WENT OUT OF BUSINESS CADILAC WILL BE NEXT
    MARIAH I can be reached at I would love to hear your response
  • I worked with the service manage at Covert Cadillac to resolve the spin out I had and they replaced the traction control master sensor in the steering wheel. This sensor is located in a different location to the older SRX's and is not on the recall. I have tried many times to make the SRX loose traction and can not. This proves the Stability Control sensor which was defective from the factory was my problem. So If your are have stability control problems demand that the dealer replace it. I will be waiting for the class action suit that is on the horizon.
  • My issue with traction control seems to have come too and end. Took vehicle into Cadillac dealer and in 2 hours in waiting room vehicle returned, charge 1 hour diagnoisics. Have had no return of previous issues with traction control.
  • I'm having the same issue. What did the dealer say the problem was? How did they fix it?
  • Vehicle Stability Warning.

    I too am having the same issue, My children ride with me and this is my only car. What can be done to resolve this very dangerous situation. I almost crashed the other day. Please contact me. (gmcustserv)
  • elamelam Posts: 17
    The dealer offered to fix the problem, but not underwarranty, although they clearly admitted we had the problem for a long time. I just took mine to a private mechanic and had it fixed- with no hassles oir deception!! By the way- watch for the transfercase failurte next. that was a $1600 fix at the private mechanic, with a 100K warranty. GM would offer no warranty on their fix- but then a gain, I am not suprised.....

    You will likely be contacted by Mariah of GM to offer you some help_ good luck!! All I got out of her and here associates was lip service and an offer to sell me a new car with a $1500 discount. I could not stop laughing at the offfer......

    No thanks, my BMW is juist fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Have you taken your vehicle to the dealer? Please feel free to email me directly. Address the email attention Christina and please include your user name and complete concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
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