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Nissan Altima Hybrid



  • Be very careful when jumping your 12v battery. Two of the terminals are not in the usual places. My battery died before I could drive my new hybrid off the lot, and the techs showed me how to jump it. Definitely read your owners manual carefully, because it can cause a real problem if you don't.

    If your car is new and the battery dies more than once, return it to the dealer... they replaced my battery, because it's a known issue that the 12v batteries tend to die if they sit for too long. Apparently, all the technology in the car is a drain on the 12v even when the car is off. As a result, the dealers' cars die pretty often and they have portable jumping units they carry around... I bought one on Amazon to carry in my trunk, just in case. But since they've replaced the 12v, it's been fine.
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    I'm not sure this is a bug or not. After I push the on/off button to shut of my NAH, then open my door to get out, I get the ding, ding chime like I left the lights on or something. The lights are NOT on, the vehicle is definitely OFF, so I'm not sure why I get it. Is the emergency brake required or something?

    I've search the manual, but didn't find anything. Not a deal break, just annoying. Most everytime I open the door, I hear the ding ding and end up checking my lights and making sure my car is really off - they always are.

    Thanks in advance.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i just think that happens sometimes.
  • karolpl7karolpl7 Posts: 40
    Yes, it's annoying, it may serve as a reminder to take the keys with you. If you keep your keys inside the keyhole and take them out the beeping will stop (you took your keys, no need for alert then).

    If I open the door and hear that chime I just press the door sensor (so the car thinks you closed the door) and presto, the noise stops! It will also lock your steering wheel btw, which is normal.

  • newgs300newgs300 Posts: 3
    It is annoying, and I think it happens when you shut it off and open the almost simultaneously. If you shut it off then wait a beat or two before opening the door it won't do it. It seems to need a second or two to recognize that it is shut off.
  • pego99pego99 Posts: 5
    My wife got 150K on her last 1998 Altima. Up until now I had Maxima's and got over 100K with each one. And I really like the new Altima Hybrid but worried about how much more complicated the hybrid system is. All the voltage converters and hybrid control systems and the fancy gearing and high power electric motors and motor-generators. Can this stuff really last like my past Nissans? At least the warranty is longer on the hybrid system and high voltage battery.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    expect 100,000 miles out of it, buy i'm banking on my car to go 125k easily. the electric motors and motor generators are really no-maintenance items. i would think about it this electric motor is pretty much powered by magnets (relatively stress free) whereas an engine goes though millions of tiny explosions (pretty high stress). and these aren't cheap fan motors either, they are high quality motors. i think the motor is the least of your worries.

    i would worry about the battery first (which has 100k warranty), and then the voltage converters second.

    you also have to figure that no car company would warranty a car only to the point where they think things will fail (it would cost them too much if even 25% of their engines failed before the warranty period was over). powertrain warranties usually go to 5 yr/60,000 mile and most engines do double that easily (100% more). the NAH has a 8 yr/100,000 mile so you would figure it's designed for at least 25% more miles than it's warrantied for, 125,000 miles.

    just my logic
  • pego99pego99 Posts: 5
    My Verizon LG Dare works perfectly with the Altima Hybrid.
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    I've had my charge level both above 3/4 and below 1/4. If you don't have any mountial passes around, it's doubtful you'll get the charge meter above 3/4. On a trip to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, we had a long windy downhill that I was able to just coast down. Lots of charging going on and the meter maxed out at the high side. We reached the bottom of the hill and had to stop at a light. When the light turned green, I was able to accelerate faster than normal while keeping it in EV mode. It was so nice, felt natural to get up and go without babying the gas pedal. Of course the meter dropped to 3/4ths range fairly quickly and it was back to normal.

    As far ad the meter going below 1/4, that's easy. Just sit in line at a long drive-thru line with the AC running and after a while the battery will get to the bottom of the blue range and the gas engine will kick on to run the accessories and charge the battery.

    These are obviously not normal conditions. Normal driving the meter is always between 1/4-3/4.
  • Thanks ecr72,

    Very interesting report. Much appreciated.
  • The following are the correct procedures to jump start a Nisson Altima Hybrid 2007-2008 as outlined in a recently released Hybrid Vehicle Jump Start Towing Guide available at the hybridhazards(dot)info website. Hope this information helps you out.

    Jump Starting the low voltage battery. If the instrument cluster lights are DIM, the 12 volt auxiliary battery can be jump started. The battery is located in the trunk on the passenger’s side under a cover. Use the following Jump Start procedure.
    1.Connect the 12 volt Positive (+) booster cable to the 12 volt battery Positive (+) terminal in trunk of the Altima. Connect the other end of the booster cable to the 12 volt Positive (+) terminal of the booster battery.
    2.Connect the Negative (-) booster cable to the battery Negative (-) terminal in trunk of the Altima. Connect the other end of the negative (-) booster cable to a good clean metal ground on the booster vehicle’s engine compartment away from the battery.
    3.Start the booster vehicle and allow it to run for a few minutes. Make sure all accessories on both vehicles are off.
    4.Hold the brake firmly, press the start button and look for the ready light. Once vehicle starts leave vehicle in park - disconnect the negative cable first then remainder of cable disconnects.
    Jump Starting the HV BatteryIf the high voltage battery is low you can try to start the vehicle using the following steps, making sure first that the vehicle is not out of gas.
    1. Confirm that the instrument cluster lights are BRIGHT and vehicle is in Park.
    2. Press the start button to ACC. Mode.
    3. Press and hold the start button for 15 seconds. If the vehicle starts this way you should have it checked by your dealer.

    Please be careful anytime you are working around Hybrid Vehicle battery terminals.

    Stay Safe!

  • re: "Connect the 12 volt Positive (+) booster cable to the 12 volt battery Positive (+) terminal in trunk of the Altima."

    Huh? Aren't there posts under the hood that are the preferred location to connect the cables to?
  • The owners manual is very detailed instructions on how to Jump Start the 12v battery. They recommend using the remote positive battery terminal inside the fusible link box under the hood.

    That is how I jump started mine the one time I needed to do it.

    The manual is available on the website if you need a pdf version.
  • Twice now I've come back to the car and found the two front windows rolled slightly down. Car was locked. Yesterday, came back and found the two windows rolled almost all of the way down. Right and left windows at the same level. Car is a 2008 with 6,000 miles on it. Will talk to dealer next week, but in the meantime...I'm wondering?
  • Hi Steve,

    If you hold the unlock button on the key fob for about 3 to 5 seconds, both windows will go down equally. If you stop as soon as they start to go down, they stop at that point. Mine doesn't work if I'm in the car. It only does this outside of the car.

    You must have leaned on your fob while it was in your pocket or you unlocked your car and held the unlock button too long. I have accidentally set my alarm off with the fob in my pocket late at night. Boy! Talk about scrambling to find my key to stop the alarm before all the neighbors woke up. :)

    Hope this helps.
  • How very odd! Yes, it worked just as you said it would. But what is odd is the fact that the car is still 'locked' and the windows are down. You would think that the initial 'unlock' signal would remain in effect...

  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    About once a week, the alarm goes off from my car in the driveway -- apparently the remote in my pocket hit something & set it off. More upsetting than that, however is that we were at a restaurant the other day & the truck was wide open. Second time that has happened & surely because of the remote getting pushed against something. I keep my laptop & camera in the truck -- good thing nothing was stolen.
  • rruzickarruzicka Posts: 1
    When I first bought my hybrid (about 6 months ago), the hybrid battery would charge rather rapidly when I would coast down hill in 'B' gear or not, without applying the brakes. Now I get no charge whatsoever go down hill in 'B' or not, unless I apply the brakes. Plus my avg gas millage has gone from 35 to 32 mpg. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Was your battery already fully charged or nearly fully charged? Could it be that your battery was already maxed out when you were going downhill?

    Lots of things can affect your average mileage. Have you checked your tire pressure recently?
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Nothing wr4ong with 32 mpg if in cold weather area with winter fuel. Mine went down from 34 - 35 to as low as 30 the past few months.
  • I was able to re-program ther door lock system on my wife's Prius (yes, we are a two hybrid household) so that one push of the outside door button unlocks all four doors at once rather than mutiple button pushes to accomplish same.

    Does anyone know how to do this for the NAH?


  • mccamcca Posts: 1
    Could anyone please tell me what to do if both 12 V battery and HV battery have already discharged (it is left unused too long) ? Can we jump start the hybrid in this situation ? Thanks!
  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    I took our 07 NAH in for its 30K service yesterday and asked again to fix the volume. When I picked the car up the note on the service report was "is not adjustable." I insisted that it was and told them about the fixes posted here. The service advisor sent a mechanic to try to find the procedure and guess what: he found it, but didn't know it. After I played with it a little, I found the adjustment myself.

    The adjustment on the 07 NAH with NAV is a Low, Medium, High. It was set on Medium so I set it to high. My preliminary finding is that it is better, but the real test will come when my wife, the primary driver, uses it on the freeway.

    I have attached the instruction page. 07NAH-BluetoothVolumeAdjustment

    1. Turn the ignition ON.
    2. Turn the audio system off.
    3. While pressing the "SETUP" button, turn the volume control dial clockwise or counterclockwise for 30 clicks or more.( When the

    self-diagnos mode is started, a short beep will be heard.)

    Once you have the opening screen:
    2. Press Down Arrow
    3. Handsfee Phone
    4. Press Handsfree volume Adjustment
    5. Press Low, Medium or High
    6. Press Back and turn off the ON/OFF switch.

    The dealers have also been advised that if there is a lot of noise on the callees end to turn down the volume (on the radio) on the phone call which will improve noise canceling.

    You can then try it. I hope it works for you.
  • Hello, I am about to sign for a 2009 NAH. Before I do I need to clear up one consern. I have read 2 posts on Edmonds and several on another site complaining about engine revving associated with EV/Gas switching or when battery is low. How prevelant is this problem and does Nissan have this bug figured out?

    Thank you,
    CharleyHorse :shades:
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    I think it's happened to a few cars. I personally never had that problem after 36,000 miles
  • I live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and just purchased a new 2009 Altima Hybrid and have two questions:

    1) In the trunk, under the carpet, there are the outlines for where the jack and wheel wrench are kept. In addition, there is a cutout for a towhook that is used to screw into the front right hand bumper (should you ever become stuck and have to be pulled out).

    I went through my car and it's missing the screw-in tow hook. I contacted my dealer and he told me that no cars come with this tow hook. I replied back (via email), that it's clearly shown on page 6-14 of the owners manual. I went into the dealership and the salesman even said that he can't get it through parts/service. Can anyone out there (who owns an '09 NAH), tell me if their car comes with this tow hook. If not, how did they go about getting it? (Why would a mfg. put something in their manual if they don't supply the part that goes with it???).

    2) Gas mileage....I'm still on my first tank of gas and am kind of wondering about the mileage. In Canada, everything is in kilometers. When I left the dealership, the "range" showed 605 km. I'm down to almost 1/2 tank of gas and the range is showing 575 km. I keep running the numbers in my head and I'm not looking at very good mileage (for a hybrid). I owned an '06 Altima 2.5 and the mileage on my hybrid seems very similar to my '06.

    Does the mileage get better on the hybrd. I only have about 250km on the car, but it's through almost 1/2 tank of gas and am wondering. It's been mostly city driving with about 50km of the 250 being on highway. Just a sidenote 1.6km = 1 mile.

    Appreciate any feedback on the above.

  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    1) tow hook.
    I asked the same question, and received the same answer. They said it used only when importing the car (getting it off of ships and trains, I guess).

    2) I didn't do the math to convert to mpg, but, this car requires a lot of "babying" to get 40mpg or better consistently. I suggest you check out one of the hypermiling sites to learn some of those techniques, if you are really interested.
  • One interesting thing..

    In Canada, the '09 NAH comes with the basic stereo system (am/fm, single CD)...the Canadian NAH doesn't have the stereo version that you guys get in the states (with the satellite radio/6 pack cd changer, etc) ! I spoke to one aftermarket part supplier (who does mod's to cars), and he claims that the electrical hook-ups are different between the base system and the enhanced "BOSE" system and that you can't replace the basic system with the Nissan BOSE system because it won't hook up.

    Can anyone tell me if they've upgraded their NAH stereo? I would like to know what some options are. I spoke to some auto car stereo places and they've told me that once you replace the deck, you have to add in another piece to have the steering wheel audio works as well. Has anyone replaced the basic stereo with the upgraded Nissan BOSE system?

    I'm quite disappointed that in an '09 car, they don't even have satellite radio available across the board. Friends of mine purchased an '09 Hyundai Santa Fe (suv) and it came with satellite radio from the factory!

    Appreciate any feedback as the basic stereo is gutless. I've been told that it's made by Clarion. What choices do I have? What have others done?
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