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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • If you are still going to post to join in somewhere I would like to join in. Can you tell me where you are going to organize your efforts? Facebook? Email? Thanks!
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    The Edmunds forums cannot be used to organize legal actions. Any posts along those lines are removed, so please do not make posts along those lines.

    Thanks for your cooperation on this

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  • pkbeckpkbeck Posts: 1
    I dont know if my problem is transmission or what. I will be driving along and it is like the car dies and kicks back on. If I go below 40 mph it will die. I have replaced O2 sensor, fuel fliter and plugs and wires. Any suggestions? I just got the car a couple of months ago with no warranty.
  • My wife's 2005 beetle convertible has had any and every problem mentioned and then some, lights don't work, window issues (front and rear), valve body and now at 81,300 miles the transmission needs to be replaced. We had the valve body replaced under warranty 6 weeks ago and now the transmission goes out. I called VW's customer assistance after reading where they have agreed to pay for half of the replacement cost of the $5,400 repair only to be offered a $1,500 customer loyalty coupon towards the purchase of a new VW....Really. The regional case manager would not tell me why some repairs are covered and mine is not, he wouldn't give me his last name or his bosses name so I could take this higher. Well I am taking post #700's advice and writing the president of VW of America. I got your Customer Loyalty
  • ibejubugibejubug Posts: 5
    Thanks to post#700, we are all having multiple issues, let's hold the President of Volkswagon of America responsible for their HUGE mistake that we are all paying for. If you were a dedicated VW owner and fan like me until your Beetle with the bad tranny and all the other issues, send him a letter and let him know how you feel.
    Jonathan Browning, President, Volkswagon of Americas, 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr., Herndon, VA 20171.
  • which ever comes first, i went to the dealer to have it fixed under warranty and they told me my "transmission pan was smashed" so they wouldnt be able to access the valve body which is BS because now my warranty has passed the 100k mark >:/
  • inettainetta Posts: 2
    Ever heard the saying everything that could go wrong....has gone wrong? That describes my beetle. my husband bought it for me, 18 months ago and I loved it. But We've had to replace the passenger window regulators, and the back window has now left the convertible top, AND the transmission is gone! Worst I'm still making payments!!! Volkswagen knows about the window problem and also know the transmissions are junk, but they won't do anything about it. It will cost over 2000 to repair the transmission and another 1,000 to repair the top. I don't want to give this lemon to anyone else. I don't know what to do!
  • I have a 2004 conv beetle and the transmission went out at 70,000 miles. I only had car for 3 months. Volkswagon dealers would not cover it. Got a loan for new one. Its been 4 months now and now need fuel enjector. I had tune up an oil change and new plugs etc. Every time I turn around, something new is needed. Never had so many expenses with one car B4. it never ends! Its been a nitemare!
  • Does anyone know if this beetle will b recalled? If I need to write somewhere - please let me know. I will.
  • All,

    After a year and a half with my problematic 2005 Beetle, I finally resolved my issues by unloading it and getting a Honda Fit. In all the Beetle has cost me roughly 5K in repairs. I know many of you having issues with what I believe is the worst engineered car that VW produced, can not just unload their Beetles, and I feel for you. The end result is that VW has earned a bad reputation and justly so. The repairs I experienced were the following all in under 14 months and under 85K miles. On the other hand all the Honda vehicles I own are still running strong.
    1) Window regulators
    2) Temperture sensor
    3) Cat converter
    4) Multiple malfunction sensors
    5) rough shifting
  • yes the worst car ever and the VW People will not accept responsibility for their poorly designed car! They need to be held responsible and compensate VW owners with these consistent problems. Since the engine shuts off whenever it feels like and the VW Dealerships cannot find out the problem, we are left to sell it also to some unsuspecting person. Do you want to drive a car that shuts its' engine off whenever it feels like it? Dangerous when it happens on the freeway. VW is waiting until someone gets injured or killed before they do something about it. They may get their wish. Window regulators malfunction, seat belt sensor doesn't work, shift console system needs to be replaced, etc. etc. etc. etc etc..........Can anyone say class action? Thanks for sharing your solution to your poorly made VW!
  • Your are one smart person! Congrats on doing some research and making the correct decision and steering away from VW! I wish I could have been like you and read about how horrible their VW New Beetle is but I didn't and not I am one of the many upset owners that want to have VW accept responsibility for their nightmare. I am happy to hear that this forum is causing VW to lose customers and $$$$!
  • I have the same problem with my 2005 conv beetle. I've only had it for 3 months, bought it used at 43,000 mi. It's insane... they told me the transmission intermittent gives an error and they have to replace it. It will cost me $5k!

    I'm so disappointed.
  • My wife has a 2003 New Beetle Diesel with automatic transmission. It has 64000 miles and the transmission went bad. A local, the best transmission mechanic around, did a complete rebuild on the transmission. When he checked the transmission he found a lot of metal shavings in the pan.

    I have talked with other Beetle owners that have had many problems. Some of them have paid out a lot of money for repairs.

    I am 77 years of age. In my lifetime I have purchased many autos and believe me the Beetle has give us much much more problems than any auto we have ever owned . We have paid out a lot of money on repairs.

    This is one of the many problems that was very aggravating - Two different times we could not get it to shift out of park. A certain switch went bad and the factory did take care of one of the switches.
  • I agree it was the worst vehicle Ive ever owned, The only things I can really recommend is to file a small claims lawsuit in your state and try to recoup some of your losses, but faulty transmissions are difficult to prove. Another is to crank up the bad publicity VW deserves for this vehicle model. If you have social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc let everybody in your circle know (Its does make a difference) and also send a link to VWOA (Volkswagen of America)every time you post negative comments on them.
  • I have been searching the web, and found a ton of people talking about the same issue with the 2004-5 New Beetles shifting issues between 1-3rd gears. I also searched the recall website (no recalls on this), but when I looked under complaints registered, only 1 was listed. It would be a good idea if everyone that had any issues with these year Beetles wee to post their complaints. It might just force a recall, and get money reimbursed to those who already paid. The link is:
  • I am constantly commenting on VW USA's facebook page. WHenever they bring up what a nice day it is and who is driving their convertible or now that they are promoting the mew "New Beetle"
  • You can post the VW Beetle complaints at this link at NHTSA's site (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration):
  • I'm going to write to the President also and encourage all of you who own this piece of crap Beetle. Doubt it will do any good, but needs to be done anyway. Mine is a 2004, and not only did the transmission go at 75,000 miles but both back windows broke, the convertible doesn't go up or down anymore, and now front driver window is broken. Unreal. VW? Never ever again.
  • ibejubugibejubug Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    Kevin Mayer, VP of Marketing for VW is starting a "Why VW" campaign. I think we should let him know "WHY NOT VW"!
  • I have a 2005 VW Convertible and just learned of my transmission problems. It is going to cost $2,500. I still owe $10K on it. It is at 80K for mileage. I really am not sure what to do. I have some folks telling me to get rid of it and trade it in and others to get it fixed. I am not a mechanic so I am relying on friends/family advice. It seems from reading this forum that this is a common problem. Would love to hear advice from folks on here. Anyone have any luck contacting the manufacturer?
  • aeeaee Posts: 1
    I can't get the drop down menu of the "Affected Parts" on the form work as a result the complaint won't go through. Same problems here.
    a). Automatic Transmission sticks both going up and down.
    b). Window regulators failed.
    c). Steel rims are of so poor material that they bend and split.
    Worst car!
  • I have an 06 beetle Conv. I have 85000 miles on it and the transmission is gone. I was told that it was going to be 6000.00 dollars to fix it. I can't afford that and I still owe 2500 on it. This seems to be an issue and I am not the first one to have this issue. I feel I wasn't informed that this was an issue. I have had one other beetle and had a small transmission issue. I told 2 of my friends how good the Beetle was and they bought them on my word, now I don't know what to tell them. The dealer told me that they just sell the product they wouldn't back it up. needless to say I was very disappointed in this reaction. Wow what a let down. I think that VWA needs to fix the issue.
  • I own a 2003 VW new beetle convertible with an automatic tiptronic transmission. Recently , at random times, when shifting between 3rd and 4th gear the engine would rev up past 4000 rpm and jump into gear. Essentially a very hard shift. With plans to keep this vehicle for many years to come, I immediately took the vehicle to a trusted mechanic. After test driving and experiencing the "hard shift", I was informed that it was most definitely transmission related, however, only VW can access the transmission due to the fact that it is completely sealed. The vehicle was taken to a David Maus Volkswagen of Orlando for the diagnostic. I was informed that the transmission was "coming apart from the inside" and that it was a "ticking time bomb". Because the vehicle is over 100000 miles , it does not fall under the transmission valve body recall. The repair cost for a new transmission is $6000.00. I feel that this is gross negligence on the part of Volkswagen of America, to knowingly place this vehicle with such a major defect on the marketplace. I now have an unusable hunk of scrap metal sitting in my garage for fear of the time bomb under the hood. I refuse to drive this car and potentially put others lives at risk. Volkswagen needs to be held responsible for KNOWINGLY putting a car with such a major defect on the road.
  • We had no choice.....have put approximately 3500.00 in repairs the past 3 years. The transmission is gone at 68,000 miles. Lost 1000.00 on the trade in. I did email Jonathan Brown with all of my concerns. Did receive a phone call from a very nice customer service rep, had no offers to "do the right thing" just listened to all of my concerns. I told her I would NEVER purchase another VW. I myself have been a long time Honda daughter is now driving a new Civic. So sad, this little bug was her dream car!
  • I feel that we need to do something before more people get screwed. I think that we as a group maybe need to go after VWA. The transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a car to have fixed and this is a poor design and I know VWA knows this.
  • Hello!

    I have the same car I bought for my daughter and the transmission failed at 60,000 miles and I wrote about the experience I had getting it repaired through an extended warranty I purchased when I bought the car. Here is your only hope at getting VW to help you. The transmission has an extended warranty of 7 years / 100,000 miles. If your car falls within 7 years as long as it was put into service after today or anytime until the end of 2012. My daughter's car was put into service in September 2004, which was why I missed VW's warranty. I was glad to have purchased and extended warranty so mine was repaired at a minimal cost. I hope this helps you-good luck.
  • andie5andie5 Posts: 1
    I too have been taken by Volkswagen...mine lasted 100,000 k and now I am told I need a new transmission...$6,000. I loved my 2005 Beatle convertible. I will never look at anther vw..and I hope others think twice about a company that does not stand behind their products.
  • I also have a VW Beetle Convertible. Replaced Trans at 65,000. The electrical is completely messed up windows, drop top, interior light even the gas cover doesn't work. Seriously, I could go on and on I've put upward of $6000 into this car and everything is still broke down. Its always something with this car and I cant even express the frustration it has brought me! Getting a new catalytic converter next week, after just replacing the Oxygen sensors... hoping it will buy me enough time to get this POS paid off. After that I will replace the axel boots for the second time. I can't believe the amount of complaints I'm reading here, surely there has to be a way as a group, to get VW to be held responsible in some way for the failure of manufacturing???? :lemon:
  • Actually I started this thread and VW responded positively and helped with $'s, I know this is not common and may not happen for anyone else but mocking people for posting or sharing ideas and frustration is not necessary.
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