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Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    Thanks for the reply.
    Can you give me more that the price after tax & all fees?
    What rack, luggage on top?
    no cold pack? I don't need cold pack, but want satellite radio, not really navigation, so much for tech pack if you only want satellite radio, but don't want wires everywhere, I guess I need to get tech pack. Also would like tow/trailer package.
    If you buy at a dealership out of state I heard that the closest one to you where you would go for service won't give you loaner car if needed?? Closest ones to me are 2 hours away anyway, but may have to go further to get best deal... Appreciate any additional info. Thanks.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Hi. A loaded SE, tech nav, lighting, cold pack, is 39,950 now and always has been. Two questions: how did you figure 42,950, and how did you get it for 36,771? Was this purchase or lease?

    Is anyone else getting a loaded SE for 36,771?

    Here is what a dealer just told me today: the lease incentive is 3k down, 350/month for 24 months if you get cold pack with lighting pack only. Nav adds 100/month, so a loaded SE leases for 450/month with 3k down. The catch is: lease applies to only what is on the lot so getting your color and package is not easy. Also, lease deal ends before new SE's come in so you can't order your color and package and wait for the car, it's now or never.

    Rumour on HSE: lease will be close to 800/month.
  • Just bought brand new LR2 HSE. The sticker was 39,100. It has the lighting pack, cold climate, bluetooth and sirus sat (not the tech package). I purchased for 37,100 and that was like pulling teeth. I drove to another dealership two hours away and they wanted 38,500. I got the black on black and get to pick it up in two hours!
  • I did not know you could get the Sirius Satellite Radio on the LR2 without getting the $3000 + tech package....did it come that way???
    $37,100 is that with tax & fees or without??
  • The LR2 HSE can have just Bluetooth and SAT radio as stand alone options for 800 dollars.

    The LR2 SE had to have bluetooth and SAT Bundled in with Nav and the upgraded sound system.
  • Thanks for the answer.

    Can you get 4.9% on the HSE?
    I guess you could get a lot better deal on the SE now with the 4.9% for 60 months & $3000. marketing support...?
    That is what I really should try to do, but I don't think I would use navigation & I do want the Satellite radio, so I would save money with the HSE as far as that goes...?
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    You cannot get both the dealer cash and the 4.9%. It is either one or the other.
  • British Rover,
    is that right, I thought you could get 4.9% & $3000.....what does "combined with" mean? Did not understand it was one or the other?
    And can you get 4.9% for 60 on the HSE?

    $3000 Cash to Dealer start: 10/03/2007 end: 01/07/2008

    Restrictions $3000 Dealer cash may be combined with 3.9% APR - 4.9 % APR and vehicle must be financed through the manufacturer's captive finance company.
  • My compatibility matrix says no to the 3.9 or 4.9 with the 3,000 dollars of dealer cash. It does say that the 3.9 and 4.9 APRs will apply to the LR2 HSE.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Agree totally - The LRNA ATS bulletin specifically states that subvened finance programs (lease or purchase) DO NOT qualify for the $3000 dealer cash.
  • British Rover,
    Thanks for the answers....they did not make that clear at all on the incentive listing, "combined with" you could take that several ways I guess, but it did not say choose one or the other...thanks for explaining that.
    Glad to hear you can get the Satellite radio on HSE without the whole tech pkg.
    Don't think I would use navigation... so I guess I could save the money , not getting the tech pkg & still get the Siruis....
    my other question was, I assumed I will be able to get a better deal on the SE now that it is discontinued, etc., but finding this out about the $3000 cash, & the satellite radio, maybe I should go with the HSE...?
    The other question is, if I don't buy from the closest dealer & then I go to them for service will they not give me a loaner car if I need one? I live a long way from any dealer... Thank You.
  • Just got my LR2 yesterday. It's an SE with the tech package and lighting package. It stickered for 39250. they gave me 6k off of the sticker. I got it for 33250 plus the destination ($700) and the dealer fee ($499) and tax. So it was 34450 plus sales tax, which I got a really nice break on the tax due to my trade in - in florida you get tax credit from the last car that you paid tax on. . It's red with black interior. sweet!! :)
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    We just reserved a LR2 HSE (Stornoway Grey with Ebony leather with all three packages (tech, CC, Lighting) with a MSRP of 41400. After being told we cannot get the X-pricing on it, we were considering getting the SE instead, but the dealer threw in a $500 discount. We will be getting the 4.9% through LRCG as well...

    They also said that they will give us a "deal" on the Racks and other accessories that we want.

    Anyone have any experience with the Ipod connectivity module? Can the module connect to a zune (i understand it probably can't, but was just wondering if it has the ability to or not)?
  • i am looking into purchasing a brand new 2008 lr2 se with cold package i got quoted $29550. first of i dont know if this is a good deal and second are there any coupons for 1500.

    any response would be apreciated.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    Great deal considering the invoice is more than that (30K or so, i think). They could be trying to get rid of the SE trims for some reason... not sure.
    whats the mileage? showroom model?

    Usually when someone gives you a car for under invoice.. there is an issue somewhere... My first question is it new and have the warranty and everything.. if not, might as well shell out the extra money for a new SE @ around 33k or so. I would be skeptical to say the least.

    LR dealers don;t haggle that much either which makes it even more intereting
  • Its probably a service loaner with a few thousand miles on it but even for a service loaner that is a bit cheap.
  • Just got quoted for a new LR2 SE with all three options for 33,950 which include all fees. Just had to add tax and document fees $169. Not a bad deal. Not a demo either. Could not get the 4.9% though.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Can I ask you what state you got the quote from? Also, did you actually sit down with the dealer, actually see the car, and have an official document describing all costs ready to buy? The reason I ask is because that price is 6K below the actual cost of the car and in NY there is no way to actually get that price on a brand new 0 milage car.
  • Got the quote in NJ. Went to dealer for test drive. Car I got the offer for was on the lot. I made sure it wasn't a loaner with only 14 or so miles on it. Seemed like they really wanted to get rid of the SE's. Seemed to me like there are going to be other incentives coming out at end of the month.
  • Jersey explains everything. The dealers down there will sell cars for a loss just to meet volume objectives and count on the service drive to make money.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Thanks. I don't know if it's true that you get better deals in NJ but any dealer in NJ that's next to Westchester NY or other high priced areas in NY does not discount that I've seen. Land Rover dealers in my area and next to my area, like Paramus, charge the most and don't seem motivated to sell, in fact they all act like there are plenty of buyers and the cars sell themselves; I've never seen a discount or an incentive that really means anything. I'm a returning LR customer but when I walked from a deal on a LR2 SE because they wouldn't discount it for me, they called me back, but only to see if I changed my mind, not to offer me a lower price.
    This all makes me want to start shopping by internet only. Anybody know if there are true discounts on LR2's over the internet?
  • Whoa Paramus not whoring out cars??? That doesn't sound right. They blow us out of the water every chance they get. They are the largest dealer in the country by both sales volume and service volume.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Really? Does that mean you know for a fact that dealers in Paramus sell LR2's at a significant discount over dealers in NY?

    Just a funny note: When the LR2 came out last year and the price was a lot higher than the former Freelander (esp. the lease) I was really turned off to Land Rover so I went to look at the new Hummer H3; I went to Paramus because the only Hummer dealer in my area in NY was low on H3's and their lease price was horrible (they wanted 660/month for a 34,000 H3). Paramus was the same thing and the trip was a waste of time; they all acted like they were doing you a favor and the car was so "hot hot" that you would be lucky to get one. That's such a lame salesman ploy, don't you think? The thing is, I remember calling first to get "a feel" for Paramus dealers; they told me nothing on the phone but when I got there they told me everything I didn't want to hear: "the car was hot, hard to get, high lease price, blah blah blah. Come to think of it, I hate Paramus, lousy traffic too. I remember one guy there who introduced me to the boss after I told him his prices were simply too high. The "boss" shook my hand and then said: "But you really want the car, don't you?" I don't know, maybe that's how they have their fun. This year the prices of the H3 are much, much lower and the lease price is half of what it was, but I did finally drive it and it really sucks. Oh well.
  • actually the car is BRAND NEW and the dealer emailed me the final price of $29000
    the dealer is Paul Miller in NEw Jersey.

    i think this is an amazing price...and what do you guys think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,300
    I think it will only be amazing, once you take delivery at that price.. :)

    I hope it's accurate, but e-mail quotes tend to change... :(


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    There is something wrong with that price. Hidden costs once you sign maybe; something like that. Be careful.
  • i am not worried about hidden costs sicne my father leased a LR3 2007 se v8 fully loaded in beginning of septemeber from this dealership they honor their emails and there are no hidden one still answered my questions about coupons
    does anyone know if there are any coupons for 2008 cars like there were for 2007?????
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Only "coupons" are sent to special groups - CEOs etc. and are not transferable. As for your deal, that is about invoice on a bare bones car (no CCP, LTG, or TEC). It may be one of the special punched service loaners that would give them a small profit.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    I think the guy is saying this deal is for a loaded 08 SE with all options and the car has zero miles (brand new, not a loaner or dealer car), no gimmicks, for 29,000. Could you tell me the name of the dealership so I can call them and buy one, because this price is unbelievable. The only explanation is that the LR US dealers actually get their cars from LR for about 25,000 and the dealer who is selling it to you is only making 4,000 where he would normally make about 14,000 per car. You think that's believable? Who knows, maybe they get them for 19,950 and sell them for 39,950 to a bunch of gulible Americans who think driving a LR ( well, rebadged Freelander) makes them feel special. I've heard of stranger things, who knows.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Rebadged Freelander is a misnomer - it is a completely different car - not 1 interchangeable part. If those invoice numbers you (in jest) threw out were true I would have retired a long time ago. I think he is blowing smoke. Did you ever hear anyone actually say they got a bad deal?
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