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Chevrolet Corvette Transmission Problems



  • mog8mog8 Posts: 4
    IiIpuu, I give up on registering on corvette forum, Could you please post the info. for me. thanks, jim
  • realtimerealtime Posts: 2
    I just hit 2000 miles on my 2008 Automatic Transmission. I'm not sure how to describe the problem other than the fact that there seem to be "gaps" in the shifting patterns in full automatic mode in drive. To start with when I start the car and back up and then go from reverse to drive , or from park to drive , there is a delay or gap for the transmission in drive to kick in with a feeling like a thud. If I'm in very slow moving traffic , like in a school zone at 15-20 mph, as I take my foot on and off the accelerator to maintain a slow speed when I touch the accelerator the transmission feels loose and these gaps occur which again almost feel like thuds. If I'm slowing down lets say from 40 or 50 mph down to 20 or so to go into a turn and then make the turn and acccelerate to pick up speed again there is another sort of gap where the transmission almost feels like it is having to "catch up" with the engine. Actually, in all of these "gap" like situations it does feel like the transmission is out of sync and is having to again "catch up" with the engine revs. There are no problem noises whatsoever. The "select" mode works perfectly with the paddle shifter. But in drive I have these problems. Has anyone else experienced any similar problems at all ? I have not taken it to the dealer service department as yet. I thought perhaps it might correct itself as the car was "breaking in" but it hasn't.
  • beachguybeachguy Posts: 10
    My 08 does the same thing. I posted the question on the corvette mechanic site and was told that , what is called the garage shift ,is normal. I also notice a thud when slowing and them accelerating. I may get it checked by the dealer at the next service.
  • cfmcfm Posts: 2
    I own a '63 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with a 4 speed manual hurst's stuck in 1st gear....the clutch seems to be I need to put it up on a rack 1st and remove the gear box??
    do you think it's the gears???...any help would really be great today..
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I'd get underneath the car and check (and hope) that maybe it's just the linkage that is jammed or disconnected somehow.

    If it's not the linkage, then it's probably time for a new, rebuilt, or used transmission.
  • cfmcfm Posts: 2
    O.K. I'll do soon as I can find some time...been working lots of Overtime.....thanks for replying...let you know when I find out...probably tomorrow morning..............
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Good luck Marty. Your post caught my eye because my 1988 BMW's manual transmission stuck in 5th gear just last week. I was just upshifting on the freeway when all of a sudden, "CLUNK!" and the shift lever wouldn't budge into gear (but the transmission fortunately made it into 5th). I too hoped it was the linkage, but no such luck for me.

    Your car has a good enthusiast network and you have the benefit of it being a well supported GM product. I'm confident you'll be able to find a good used transmission from a Corvette club member somewhere if it turns out you need one.
  • Marty, Some older cars were well known for getting stuck in gear. alot of the problems were not the transmission but the adjustment of the shifter. Some had to be aligned. check with hurst at They should be able to tell you the way to correctly make these adjustments. I would try this before pulling tranny out.
  • hm111hm111 Posts: 1
    I have the same 'washboard' transmission problem described in your post mog8. Where do i view bulletin 2073364 you mentioned in your post? Can you provide a link for that and the corvette forum you mentioned. My C6 is 2 mos old and I'm annoyed that it has a mechanical issue already. Thanks.
  • Go to----
    You can view recall's and service bulletin's and other info on cars and trucks for free. Hope this helps you.
  • I get the same problem. I have a 2008 that is 5 months old w/1500 miles. I too thought it would correct itself, but it only seems to be getting worse. Yesterday it was raining and cold. Every thud and every catch up caused me to spin.......
    I am having problems with my paddle shifter as well. from 1st to 2nd at 5000-6000 rpms the car will NOT shift without my foot coming off the gas. I get a 1 for first gear then X comes up.

    The dealership I have taken the car to passes everything off stating the car checks out codes. GM right now doesn't want to pay any money to fix this issue. I get the 'under normal driving conditions the car is functioning perfect'. Those aren't normal conditions.

    Needless to say I'm hot about this. The dealer and GM doesn't seem to care. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I have a 69 with a 350 4-speed. I found a 93 zr1 and I was wondering if it would bolt up to my existing m-21. I realize it will need the necessary conversion for the fuel injection (ie: electric fuel pump, wiring etc) but I just thought this would be such a cool conversion as opposed to rebuilding the original 350. Any comments on this would be appreciated. I do not believe the zr1 tranny was being sold ( I do not know if it is auto or standard)
  • Just curious whatever happened with your issue with the 2008 Corvette transmission. I recently bought a 2008 and am having similar problems. Just curious if yours was ever resolved and if you could provide me any additional information one way or another.
  • realtimerealtime Posts: 2
    The problems I was having ( which I described when the car was new ) worked themselves out on their own. I've had the car about a year now and I don't experience the same problems. In my case it seems as if the transmission needed to get broken in so to speak.
  • foshofosho Posts: 1
    i am trying to find out if my lt1 350 is compatibale with any corvette transmition...looking for any info ...all comments will help
  • mbgatormbgator Posts: 1
    How do I adjust the park lock linkage?
  • gearup72gearup72 Posts: 13
    I posted earlier about a 2005 corvette lemon ( auto trans failed ) that I bought new. After 3 years of driving a Mustang Cobra, I decided to give GM another chance. I bought a used 08 corvette with AT, Navi, F55, mag red, perf axle, dual mode. I really love this car and the auto transmission. I love the paddle shifters - they work well in my opinion. They are necessary to keep the RPM's high for spirited driving. The only thing I have noticed is there is a dead spot when going around corners at low speed. When the AT dowshifts from 3 to 2 it takes a little more time than it should. I hit the gas, the rpm's go up, and then the car lurches into 2nd gear. A little annoying but a small price to pay for the paddle shifters. Also, I would really recommend the F55 magnetic selective ride control too....
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,817
    unless you put pressure on the stick as you let the clutch out. That is, it doesn't completely engage with the shifter alone. As soon as the clutch is halfway out or so, it pops into gear and then it's fine. I took it to the dealer a couple of times and got the standard "we can't adjust it any better" and then learned to live with it. However, my wife, who drives the car less frequently than I do, just said that she thinks it's getting worse. Has anyone have a similar experience with this, and if so how did it turn out?

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • I have a 2008 coupe with 1300 miles. I took it to the dealer for a shift problem, it was stuck in in maybe 3rd and the engine light came on. The dealer fixed the problem with a pressure control solinoid. The problem I now have is when I put it in drive, there is a hesitation up to 5 seconds before it ingages. I took it back to the dealer again and they said that this is a normal condition. This doesn't seem normal to me. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem?
  • So how long was the break-in period? How many miles did it take? I don't plan on driving mine more than 3-4k per year but I want to get this transmission issue worked out ASAP before any warranty expires. But I believe the warranty for the drive train is 5-year or 100k (someone please let me know if that is not the case for a 2008).
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    That's not normal.
  • Thanks for the reply. To what are you referring when you say "that's not normal"? Do you mean the break-in period or the warranty or something else?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I wasn't replying to you. Replying to rolinski. About his problem with a 5 second delay after shifting into gear before the car will move - that's not normal.
  • I have a 2005 corvette and started having the noise from the back trans axle at only 20,000 miles. The dealer told me, it is a defective propeller shaft in the middle of transmission and must be replaced. But my warranty is expired, and must pay $2500 to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is my 3rd Corvette, and my C5 corvette until 120,000 miles was flawless. But my C6 is very disappointing. Shame on GM and its limited 3 years warranty on 2005 corvette!!!!!!!!!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Most cars have a 35 month, 36,000 mile warranty.

    In mid-2006 GM went to 100,000 mile 'driveline' warranty for most of their cars.

    I'm old enough to have bought several new cars with a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. The last one was a 1991 SHO, which is only 18 years ago.
  • The clutch's in our posi-trac units have been known for years to give off the noise were all hearing. Since the "save the whale" issue has been with us the additive used in rear end oil no longer contains whale oil. I've owned vettes for years, some do sound louder than others, but it's common. Drive your car into a large parking lot, turn it hard right or left and make several circles, than turn the opposite direction and do the same, this will allow the oil to free up the clutchs. Check at your local auto parts store and see if they have rear end oil with the whale oil, I've found it as a additive, meaning it was just the whale oil, added it and rtemoved most of the noise. My Vette is a C5/ 6speed Convert. and yes, when itr sits a few days when it's cold, in first gear I hear it. "Save the Wave"
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Not many people are old enough to know the 'whale oil' story.

    I agree with the 'circles' or 'figure 8's' driving to help with rear end clutch noise.
  • Hi Bolivar, sort of tell off are agr doesn't it! My son found me some here a while back and it really helped. But the old figure 8 , or circle trick gets rid of most of it.
    I did some reading a while back aqbout the traction control button located behind the shiffter, leave it alone and it's active, push it once and trraction control is shut off; but did you know, if you push it donw and hold it for about 6 to 8 seconds it puts the car into competion mode, try it, it will make you smile about your Vette.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Yes, and if you are not careful, the rear will be pointing where the front was pointing a second ago, or it will launch into a curb.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480
    One *does* have to be careful where one points a RWD car with that much power under foot.

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