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    I took it to firestone for inspection and tire rotation. They told me the barrings in rear passenger wheel which they changed. I plan on taking it to an actual GM dealer. How urgent is this and am I damaging the car by driving it? It is my only mode of transportation, there is no public transportation in my area. I am 10 miles from a town in any direction. Thanks for replying.
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    Good morning,

    Unfortunately, I don't have the technical expertise to advise you on how urgent the matter with your Torrent is. Do you already have a nearby dealership in mind? If you need to locate a dealer, you can search by your ZIP code on this site: http://www.gm.com/vehicles/dealerLocator.html

    Please keep us posted on your progress, and if we can be of any assistance let us know.
    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
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    I am having problems with my Radio display.. I still get music but the LED
    has gone out . Does the whole component need to be replaced?

    It started to flicker on and off for a couple of days , then completely shut off.
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    i have had simular problems with my Torrent!! Many huge repairs starting the 1st week i got my BRAND new torrent with only 200miles on it.

    1.-daylight running lamps- stopped working within 2 weeks when i bought my car. took it in and i just have to say the GM dealer i bought my vehicle from should fire every dang service person they have because i swear to god they will try to talk you out of saying there is something wrong with your car just so they don't have to work! it's B&% s^[email protected] and they are rude and talk down to me because i am woman and they think i am stupid. Well, NEWS FLASH!! i am NOT stupid!! I have worked on cars/snowmibles/motocycles/large machinery all my life with my father and I have a masters degree in engineering dum [non-permissible content removed]!! and i dont back down either. I gave the service tech a slap of reality and that i am Not stupid!!
    ANYWAYS---- they replaced the daytime indictor sensor thing and that was in September 2007. its now September 2012 and in August my daytime light indicator thing went out again. I called the dealer whom replaced it in 2007 and said it was broke again and that my warrenty is expired now and asked why this happened again!!! this part should be going bad ever!!!! the dealer refuses to replace the part again cuz my car is out of warrenty and i went round and round with them that the part was already replaced once and now again?? i should not have to pay for this. It was like almost $200 dollars to replace it.. thats CRAZY!!! GM/dealer should have to replace this for free, no questions asked. I AM so DONE with GM and I will never EVER buy any GM product every again!! GM you suck!!!
    2. rear spoiler on back end-spoiler vibrates when driving down the road. took it in mutliple times and every time the dealer said there is nothing wrong!!! REALLY? took it to an small town shop and guess WHAT??? the seals that go around the trunk were seperated and every time i shut the trunk would pull the seal away from the trunk and the wind vibration noise is actually air whirrrling into my car...and that explains the back section being soaking WET after it rained the other too!!! GM and GM DEALERS you suck!! no wonder why people are sick and tired of taking their vehicles to a GM Dealers! Because the small mom and pop shops know more than you GM people!! so stop telling us to take it to a GM dealer!!!!
    There are soo many major problems with my vehilce i would be writing a whole book on. and all the things that have been fixed have already went bad and broke again since then!! GM you should have to fix everything on my vehicle for free for the rest of my life because of you poor and crapping customer service, dealers, and vehilces.
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    Received letter last June regarding HVAC Temp valve cracking. I had this repaired on my wife's 06 Torrent in March 2010. It was out of manuf warranty, but I had purchased an extended warranty (over $2,000 out of my pocket) which covered repair. Since GM is reimbursing owners who have paid for this, are they obligated to pay me since I purchased the extended warranty on my own? If I am not reimbursed, then the warranty company should be. This is a known design/installation flaw from the factory.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964

    If you paid a deductible on the repair, we can look at getting that reimbursed. Your dealership has the forms required for reimbursement.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    There was no deductible but I paid over $2000 for the warranty, so in a way I did pay for the repair. GM has taken responsibility to pay for the failure of the temp valve. In my case the dealer was paid by the warranty company so they need to reimburse someone. Either me or the warranty company.
    Thanks for the quick response.
  • 2mywife2mywife Member Posts: 4
    Sarah (or GM customer service),
    Unfortunately GM will not reimburse me or the warranty company. It seems they are not obligated in this situation and have sherked their obligation through a loophole. It is unfortunate because I have been a life long Gm owner and I thought they stood behind their products better than this. Gm has always stood behind their product in the case of warranty or recall issues with all my previous cars. Of course this is before the government bail out. Maybe they are a different company now. FYI, I presently own 5 GM products, 3 Chevrolets and 2 Pontiacs. I can assure you if GM doesn't come up with some kind of reconciliation on this matter, I will never purchase another GM product, nor will I recommend your product to my family and friends, as I have done in the past. I can provide you with vin numbers through private contact to prove what I have stated above is true.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964

    Thank you for your continued loyalty, and I hope that your 5 GM vehicles have served you well! Looking at our policies, the only reimbursement that would be possible in this situation (where a recall was issued and the repair had already been made under a comprehensive service contract like a GMPP) would be if there was a deductible paid at the time of the repair.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    For the last month my 07 torrent will not upshift at times. It will do it on acceleration. It will not go out of 1st and the brake pedal gets very hard. Most of the time if I stop the car wait a few minutes it will work fine. I tried driving it to my local repair shop but it started working in route. It threw no codes. Down shifting or manually shifting did not help.
    Car has 118K miles, recent tuneup, and front brake job.
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    edited April 2013
    Now the head gasket(s) on my wife's 2006 torrent has blown. It only has 59,000 miles! As mentioned before I purchased the extended warranty, but it won't cover certain things, like re surfacing the heads. The problem here (other than having blown head gasket(s) at only 59K) is it was in the dealer shop 3 weeks prior and they misdiagnosed the problem as leaking heater hoses and bad spark plugs and wires. This means my wife drove the car for three weeks with a blown head gasket(s) which probably caused the warped heads. This vehicle was purchased and fully maintained by the same dealer. I am waiting for their return phone call. If they don't stand behind your product and their maintenance I want to know who to contact to complain to at GM. I plan to purchase a new vehicle in the next 6 to 12 months and if this issue isn't resolved to my satisfaction I can assure you it won't be a GM vehicle.
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    Hi there,

    I'd be happy to assist you in documenting your complaint. I'd also like the opportunity to look into your concerns further for you. Could you please send me your full name, VIN, mileage, and the dealer you have been working with. I can be reached at [email protected] ATTN: Amber. I look forward to your response, and again I apologize that you have not had a pleasant experience thus far.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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    2007 Pontiac torrent won't start. Turn the key to ignition, and I get (in this order):

    1. A loud click. Exterior lights come on.
    2. Dash lights for high beams and check engine flash, check engine stays on. Needles for gauges move slightly back-and-forth.
    3. Doors lock
    4. Interior lights come on

    I've tried pulling/re-inserting the ignition fuse, which unfortunately didn't work. Any thoughts?
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10
    @ozwalt it is your theft system it as automatic theft protection says you do not even have to set it with the remote it does it automatically when the key is taken from the ignition. I always lock with my remote as well better safe then sorry... if you have a manual in the car it helps some to take a look at it I never have with any of my other cars but someone mentioned it to me and id thought what the heck..
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10

    Hi everyone!

    I have another question -- when the FUEL LOW light comes on, has anyone figured out roughly how many more miles you can get out of your car? My Torrent does let me see how many more miles I can get out of the gas that I have left, but it IS an estimate. I of course try to fill up before that light comes on, but if it every DOES come on, I'm curious to know if I will indeed be safe for the next, oh say 20 miles, or so.

    Thanks!!!! :)

    mine starts showing low fuel around 30 to 40 miles till empty
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10
    dannyd3 said:

    Do you notice a big difference with synthetic, any increase in performance. better fuel mileage that kind of stuff???

    they recommend 5w-30 for overall but the synthetic oil they recommend for people that live where the weather gets really cold [-20F] [-29C] or if not synthetic because I know a ton that don't want to use it they also say use SAE 0W-30 oil so you have no issues starting your car because. both of those will help ease the cold starting of your vehicle with better protection on the engine at the extremely low temps..
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    bhwjc said:

    Ya, I was just driving in some snow the other day and wanted to see if it really worked or not and mine did the same noise. I kind of thought it sounded like a screw head being stripped out when you try to drive it with a drill.

    Haven't called my dealer yet, but assumed (at this point) that it was the AWD system engaging and trying to limit the power to specific wheels in the back.

    I also noticed that the tires that came from the factory are TERRIBLE in the rain & snow. I hydroplaned really badly the other day just with a little water on the road. Those tires are outta here.

    yeah the tires they recommend and put on there are touring tires and I hydroplaned into work scared me half to death I was on a bridge headed towards the guard railing.. I'm waiting to get new tires myself I'm possibly getting all terrain if I'm able to
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10

    I have approximately 28000 on my 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD purchased new in May 06. In last 6 months , I have had various problems. 1/11/08-left front hub removed and replaced since was loose. 1/2/08-left front bearing replaced. 9/26/07-removed and replaced right front hub .8/7/07-replaced ignition cylinder & housing. 7/3/07-replaced left front hub and replaced ignition cylinder. Dealer said on last visit that there was no larger underlying problem and advised me to avoid potholes and rough roads. ???? I drive primarily on blacktop and have never been "offroad".
    Steering is unresponsive. Gas mileage is far below window sticker. Would trade in but I did a smartbuy and am buried. Worried about what will happen in next two years of my smart buy term. Anyone else have similar issues?

    some of that I believe was a recall they had some around that same time. did you ever look into or ask them about the recalls they had some from 07/08 12/14
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    moony1 said:

    hi: i just got my torrent 2006 on december 2008. Everything is good with the car except that every time i get off the car it gives me an electrical shock and it is pretty strong one. It is happening all the time with the passagers also. Does somebody have the same problem? can somebody help me.

    do you have leather seats or cloth.....?
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10

    I was wondering if anyone could help me locate the cylinder associated with bank #1. I've had what feels like an intermittent misfire during acceleration, and there was a misfire code for bank 1, but I'm unsure which cylinder to inspect, and from the looks of things reaching the plugs in the "back" is going to be a real chore from the top down, so I'd like to avoid doing a full plug and wire job. Plus, I'm not sure it is a plug or wire.

    you will find the spark plugs on the bottom underneath the car in-between the firewall and motor
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    maceman5 said:

    Hello, I am a ftp. I was wondering about a old rag smell coming from the vents when I run the AC. The smell goes away after the AC runs for awhile, I have checked the internet and not having much luck so if any 1 has had a smiular problem I would be very greatful if anyone can help, Thx The Maceman

    2008 Pontiac torrent, 70000 KM.

    it is from humidity check cabin air filter and your intake filter its a musty smell if your in a humidity stricken environment that's all it is maybe a little mold or mildew is all your smelling maybe try Lysol and spray below the windshield or I believe they have filters with scents now id look into that as well
  • skarletvixenskarletvixen Member Posts: 10
    2mywife said:

    Received letter last June regarding HVAC Temp valve cracking. I had this repaired on my wife's 06 Torrent in March 2010. It was out of manuf warranty, but I had purchased an extended warranty (over $2,000 out of my pocket) which covered repair. Since GM is reimbursing owners who have paid for this, are they obligated to pay me since I purchased the extended warranty on my own? If I am not reimbursed, then the warranty company should be. This is a known design/installation flaw from the factory.

    they will reimburse you if you paid for it but any recall is supposed to be their responsibility regardless of the warranty what so ever.. I don't think you will get money back for your warranty though.
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    So my 08 Pontiac Torrent GXP nothing wrong so far but the radio channels are now starting to just all sound like static. ill be listening to a station clear as day then boom all static or partially static I don't know if there is interference or its not grounded properly or maybe just bad in general..
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