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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nid15nid15 Posts: 3
    Just put a deposit on a black NAH base for 18,136 using overstock in hackensack. We were at the route 22 nissan and just before signing the papers, another sales guys walks over and says someone has already put a deposit on it. Bummer since it was a nice C package.
  • Bought a fully loaded NAH (conv., prem, tech) for $300 under invoice before $4000 Nissan rebates (and the $2350 federal rebate). Price also includes delivery to my home about 300 miles away (about $400 value). Purchased sight unseen. Waiting for delivery and very nervous about it!

    Several dealers were willing to sell for $750 under invoice. (plus rebates).
  • Hey...yeah i got price qoutes from zag (overstock) 0f 18136...and then got jerked around by dealers when i showed up to purchase. I found the car...ended up paying a bit more tax and tags (think its still a good deal)...however, i was charged tax on the rebate ~350$ more...
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    hi, just wondering if anyone bought one in 2011 - after the federal tax credits expired. I noticed that prices have not gone down even so. truecar still quotes $18,500 for the base NAH in central NJ area.
  • mdivyamdivya Posts: 1
    Anyone buy this recently? The $4K rebate ends 3/31/2011.

    I am thinking of placing an order in the Boston area; any recommendations of a dealer, where you have had good experience? (or any places to avoid).
  • kiraadckiraadc Posts: 3
    I live in Washington DC and bought my new 2008 Altima Hybrid from Quirk Nissan in the Boston area and had a great buying experience there.

    My story; I was going to buy it in NYC but walked out after feeling abused by a dealer who changed the deal on me in the last part of negotiations, obviously taking advantage of my coming from out of town. I guess he didn't think I would walk.

    I immediately called the Quirk owner. I knew Quirk had a good reputation but I didn't want to go to Boston unless I had to. Not only did the dealership turn on a dime for me, they honored an excellent price quote (and I had shopped this) and everything else they said on the phone/websites. It was the most professional experience with a dealership I have ever had. Being a woman in my 50's, you can imagine how I may have been treated over the years. I am going on here because I only happened to see this email and I am very pleased to offer this advice as a giveback for the advice I received on this site when I was needing it. I still do love my car by the way.

    Good luck and feel free to ask me further Qs if you need to.
  • Based on 8.75% sales tax this would be the fees for the vehicle

    Sale price $25940
    Doc 55
    sales tax 2278.76
    lic and reg 366
    cal tire fee 8.75
    rebate -4000

    total $24,696.51
  • irus_x5irus_x5 Posts: 15
    Hi, do you know if the purchase is elligible for fed tax credit in 2011?
  • None that I am aware of. I looked here and the first article referenced in there:

    If you do find info to the contrary, do let me know. :D
  • apexspeedapexspeed Posts: 6
    I'm trying to get quotes from dealers on a 2011 Nissan Altima Hybrid with Convenience and Premium packages. I think it is rare for the dealerships to receive them with just those two packages and not also the Technology (nav) package, because I did inventory searches of 12 dealerships in the New York/CT, and I had a hard time finding a car optioned the way I'd like.

    So far, I have no quotes on the exact car I'm looking for, but I do have a few data points. I've had one dealership offer $7600 total (including a $4000 rebate from Nissan) off of a no-options Hybrid ($27,560 MSRP) putting it just under $20k before TTL. Another offered $8200 off of MSRP (again including the rebate) on a Hybrid with all three packages ($34,990 MSRP). Makes sense - the more options, the more margin they have.

    Can anyone give me a few more data points on recent Altima Hybrid prices? Is more than $8200 off possible? Thanks in advance!

    Also, regarding the tax credit, it is very clear that no vehicles purchased by individuals after 12/31/2010 are eligible for a tax credit.:

    However, I think there may still be a tax credit available to business purchasers, leading to the confusion. I could be wrong about that, though, since this kind of information is very ambiguous:,,id=223736,00.html
  • Just bought a 2012 Altima 2.5SL. Thinking about the Gold Preferred Maintenance Plus but there is so much price scares me. NY dealer wants $2500-2700 for the 5yr, 100k plan. Online, Vaden will give it to me for $1k, no tax, if I pay up front. Just totally confused!

    I've been told that if I buy online from Vaden, I can take it to my NY NIssan dealer for service...Any advice???
  • I got talked into the maintenance plus plan gold 3 yrs 45k and told it would be $20 extra in my payment which would be $1200 over 60 mths. After thinking abt it I wanted to cancel cause I found out it only covered oil and filter pretty much. Tried to cancel couldnt because he rolled it into my payment and Nissan cant see how much it is. After reviewing I realized I forgot to add my interest so the plan actually looks to be about $600 becuase I have a fabric and paint coverage through the dealer for $600. So I still think I over paid but i guess piece of mind is better than none and I never have to pay out cash when ai get it serviced jsut sign a document and keep it moving. I will be researching the extended service plans online which I didnt even know was an option. Thanks! How many miles do u have to purchase the the security plus I was told 3 years.
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