Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems

aarchdaleaarchdale Member Posts: 10
My 2006 Explorer started stalling with no warning at around 18000 miles in Feb 2007.
I have had discussions with Ford since and the car has been in to two dealerships in NC.They have no codes coming up and cannot replicate the problem.
This happens at all speeds and when it does I lose power steering and it can be very scary.I have avoided 2 accidents so far.When the car comes to a halt it starts first time and I may not have another stalling incident for several hundred miles or it may happens another mile down the road.
The last time it happened at speed was crossing the Chesapeak Bridge in Virginai Beach which was very very scary.
Ford have no solution and say will not replace my car under lemon law.Apparently National Highway Traffic Safety Admin now have a total of 4 2006 reported 2006 stalling Explorers.Contact them on 1 888327 4236 if you have a similar problem.
I am about to travel from NC to CA and hope that no serious problem occurs.I have told Ford about my travel plans and they do not care so I suppose I am a guinea pig for them


  • quickie33quickie33 Member Posts: 2
    Hello [new to forum]. I seem to have problem after problem lately with my 2003 explorer.

    I figured out that the blend door is pretty much busted so I undertook the task of removing the glove box, the instrument panel, etc etc... and stuck my hand into the heat control panel and pulled the blend door into a position so it would blow out heat... which is ok i dont need the a/c right now anyway..

    but in my attempts to put it all back together i got it to completly start once...and then i turned it off.. and now as i try to start the engine it does this:

    1. all the interior lights are on, but slightly dim

    2. when i turn the key i hear a constant clicking till i stop turning the key

    3. the instrument panel lights flicker as to do all the other lights.

    4. the engine doesnt turn over at all..

    what happened? need help asap, with no working car im trapped at my house extremly bored... please help asap.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Is it possible you shorted something out and the battery is draining?

    tidester, host
  • quickie33quickie33 Member Posts: 2
    how do i fix that in a cheap manner? :sick:
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Hopefully, other Explorer owners will jump in and provide insights. Meanwhile, you may want to try jumpstarting and looking for possible "voltage leaks" such as light bulbs that weren't turned off.

    tidester, host
  • pulleydogpulleydog Member Posts: 61
    You didn't mention how long a period there was between the last 'successful' start and when you attempted to start it again. I think Tidester may be correct - could you have possibly left the interior lights on when working on the HAC system? Your symptoms are classic for a weak/drained battery. If you can jumpstart it (do you have AAA?) and it starts fine, go for a drive to re-charge the battery and then see what happens after you leave it for a while.

    If it happens again, I would re-trace the steps you took to see if you possibly shorted something in the process to correct your HAC problem. Good luck!
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I have a 2006 also, but have never had that problem. I will however, weigh in with an opinion. YMMV.

    If it were my car - I may just sell it and get another one, as this is a problem Ford will never be able to fix, as it won't happen predictably. They can't fix what they can't demonstrate, if no codes are stored. Nobody could.

    IF it always restarts - I may tolerate it and see what gives. IT may stop doing it, or become frequent enough to demonstrate to the dealer, who could then fix it.

    I am surprised Ford doesn't care though. The Dealer doesn't build the car, you know, so it's not their fault. Ford, however, is usually pretty responsive to a safety risk. I may get a lawyer, and sue Ford over it, if I couldn't get some attention any other way. But I think Ford is your recourse if you want to pursue it. They should buy the car back and replace it for you. I have seen them do this before where safety is in question. Safety is your case - and with proper documentation, you may have one.....

    Sorry for your irritation. I understand how you feel. :lemon: But they are just machines, and it's a wonder they work at all, frankly.

    Lastly - depending upon your state's lemon laws - if you put it into the dealer for a number of times within a specified time period, for the same issue, and they don't fix it, the lemon law may apply and get you action.

    Best of luck. Howard
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Member Posts: 10
    Thanks Howard, I have contacted a lemon law attorney who thinks we have a good case.
    I just need to get back to CA in one piece.
    I am horrified at Ford messing me about for the last few months and looking at the lawsuits they are now settling over the rollover issue I am surprised that they are not more sensitive to this
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Thats out of the 180,000 Explorers sold during 2006.

    thats .002%

  • aarchdaleaarchdale Member Posts: 10
    Yep, a bummer if you are one of the 4.
    The car cut out in front of oncoming trafic yesterday and my wife called has just happened again on the way to the doc
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    A technique I have used before that worked is this; Take it to your friendly Ford dealer. Ask for the Service Manager. Tell him your problem, and leave him the car. Tell him to make it his personal car, use it, take it home, drive it all the time till he finds the problem and fixes it. Demand a rental car in the interim. He'll find it, and fix it within a week.
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Member Posts: 10
    The last dealership had it for 10 days and someone drove it for over 300 miles with no diagnosis.I insisted that they keep the car until it stalled but they bailed out on me saying the rental car was costing them too much money!
    I will take your advice and insist the manager drives with his family the next time.
    Will have to do that now when I get back to CA
  • tutuchitutuchi Member Posts: 4
    My Ford Explorer 2000 is not starting since the last time I turn the engine off. The only thing I see is my theft ligth is fast blinking in the dash board. When I go with a scew driver to the pole of the starter its crank but the engine does not go. I try to read (plug my computer) I get no response from the explorer computer. I am not so experience with Ford.

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Your PATS is activated by something.

    The passive anti-theft system prevents the engine running unless a programed key is in the ignition. You can't just go to the hardware store and get a key, it has to be programed to the vehicle.

    You need to get the truck towed to the dealer if you don't have a programed key.

    using a screwdriver will never ever start the vehicle. unless a programed key is present the fuel pump does not run.

  • tutuchitutuchi Member Posts: 4

    Is it possible that the key lost his programming? Can I program that key again. The doors do not open with the indoors buttons, we cannot open the driver door with the key. Is this problem the same problem with the programmed Key?
  • meshlemanmeshleman Member Posts: 1
    Dear arch,

    Understand where your pain is. Just encounterd the exact problem you have and just started the crappy ford process.
    Naturally ther are no codes and they cant duplictae it. I like the serv mgr suggestion and may attempt it. If you have had any luck in rectifying the problem please respond to this reply as to how I can email for further help. Hope you get some releif cause I cant...ME
  • aarchdaleaarchdale Member Posts: 10
    Dear ME,
    I had a total of 3 incidents on my trip across the USA, needless to say scary.I took the car back to the dealership where I bought it, checked all electricals etc etc, drove the car 300 miles could not duplicate.I then spoke to the President of PS Motors here in PS and he put his service director on it.Looks like they found a problem with the

    cause 27301 throttle body (9E926) 42 which had intermitent faulty ttle body.Replaced throttle body

    They also looked at the cruise control which I am convinced had some thing to do with it.
    They then test drove for another 300 miles, no problems yet, got it back last Friday.
    Ask your garage to look at throttle body and motor asy.
    I have my fingers crossed
  • fabulousjlfabulousjl Member Posts: 6
    My 1999 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC won't start...
    replaced the fuel pump because signs of bad fuel pressure..
    still won't start..
    theres no fuel bein delivered to the cylinders, like the injectors arent spraying..

    went to NAPA and the guy working had the same problem but in his 1998 Ford Ranger.. he said it was the crank sensor... so i bought that and replaced it... but still same ol same ol... still won't start

    so i'm running out of ideas and getting ready to take it somewhere... but i would rather not take it some where.. if i can fix it myself..

    so anyone have any ideas?

    oh and my check engine and check gage light stays on
  • jacquiannjacquiann Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1995' Ford Explorer that I just purchased and I can not get the thing to stay running. I was driving down the road one day and all of a sudden it started dying, almost like I was running out of gas. I has my fiance change the fuel pump and the fuel filter and it still is not running. I can start it but when I start to go anywhere or press on the gas it dies out. The RPMs drop and it acts like it is running out of gas. Someone suggested a fuel pressure regulator? I was wondering if anyone has any ideas.
  • jimyjimy Member Posts: 1
    I to have a 1995 explorer that is doing the same thing. i have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, diregardeded the cadalitic converter, ran a fuel pressure test, and replaced the coil pack. i also replaced the air filter. i have also had it tested on a computer, there was nothing there. My next try is the mass air flow sensor. please responed i'm having the same problem.
  • ordphxordphx Member Posts: 1
    I cant provide the code but here is what i do know..

    check engine light.
    brought to shop.
    said the code indicated it was DPFE sensor.
    replace DPFE sensor (1 hr diag+1hour labor+187.90 sensor part).
    picked up explorer, drove home, and check engine light comes on again.
    brought back, and now shop tells me that it is the catalytic converter exhaust system. He said "Sucking alot of air in, but not 'farting' it out" thus the cat converter as he said.

    Is it possible to have the cat converter give a car sluggish perfromance?? Will not shift into higher gears.. it sometimes does if u 'baby' the accelerater.

    He ruled out the MAF, which is what i thought it may be.

    Any ideas about the cat converter (sorry i don't have code, but the shop swears it is the cat converter, but they dont do exhaust work.. so i have to take it somewhere else).
  • cooldude48818cooldude48818 Member Posts: 7
    I have had cat converters do this before. I had a 99 Chevy blazer that had a clogged cat in it and it wouldn't go over 50 miles an hour. If I were you, I would have a friend take the cat off for you and put a straight pipe on it. Cat's are expensive. Yes a clogged cat will cause the check engine light to come on.
  • sakokarsakokar Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm having the exact same problem with my car, same make,model, year... it just so happened to start this issues just after I washed my car... have u figured out what it was and how to fix it? Really need the help if you have it... thanks!
  • businesdivabusinesdiva Member Posts: 2
    94 Explorer cuts off while driving down highway. Engine lights comes on, can't give it any gas and then it cuts off. Changed fuel filter. Any ideas on what is causing this to happen. Have only had truck for two weeks.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Well you probably just found out WHY it was for sale.

    Hard to say what the problem is via the internet, could be hundreds of things. I think you have to start diagnosis with the basic items (electrical and fuel delivery), although if you assume this problem existed with the prior owner before they sold it......they probably already tried the easier simple things to look at.

    If that is a 94 with OBD-1, are there any error codes that were set and remain with the check engine light?
  • businesdivabusinesdiva Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I found out the hard way and the sad part is I still have a balance owed on it. I guess I need to cut my losses and buy something else because I've already put $500 into fixing it. Thanks for responding!
  • moterboatmoterboat Member Posts: 7
    most common problem on those are these....
    1 - remove fuel filter and try to blow thru it,if you can't,replace it. you already covered this one.

    2- ignition module's are weak on these..,does it fire right back up? or does it have to sit for a while,

    3 - you may have a crank sensor going would need to check the injector pulse and spark when it won't start..

    this is the most common problems for these symptons..

    4 - if you have spark and it won't start,get someone to spray carb spray into the throttle body while you crank it over,if it trys to start,you have a fuel problem or no injector pulse,which means you ethier have a fuel pump not funtioning or a bad crank sensor,and a bad ignition module can kill the injector pulse too and still have spark.
  • ginilyginily Member Posts: 1
    HELP!!! Have a 2001 Sport Trac. It starts but as soon as you take your foot off the gas it dies. It happened from one instance to the next.
    Does anybody have a solution?
  • fordfrankiefordfrankie Member Posts: 2
    I have a 94 Ford Explorer with 185K miles. Replaced the engine 18 months ago and that engine has about 60k miles on it. About 3 months ago started having some trouble...when I get back in the car after going in the grocery store or wherever, it won't start. It's cranking but not firing up. It happens about 3 times a week where it will run all day, no problems, and then randomly will decide not to start. When this happens, I have to sit and wait. Sometimes it starts back up after 15 minutes, sometimes not for over an hour. I'm not enjoying being stranded. Don't let the gas drop down too low - so I don't think I'm sitting on fumes or sucking up bad gas. I can't imagine what it is...I've worked this car over trying to find the problem and can't seem to get a handle on it. Anyone else ever had this problem with an older Explorer? If so, do you have an idea of what is causing it?
  • jim5233jim5233 Member Posts: 1
    my 98 exlorer did the same thing it ended up being the throttal positioning sensor i know there is alot of years between the 2 but the engines did not change much
  • fordfrankiefordfrankie Member Posts: 2
    I have a 94 Ford Explorer with 185K miles. Replaced the engine 18 months ago and that engine has about 60k miles on it. About 3 months ago started having some trouble...when I get back in the car after going in the grocery store or wherever, it won't start. It's cranking but not firing up. It happens about 3 times a week where it will run all day, no problems, and then randomly will decide not to start. When this happens, I have to sit and wait. Sometimes it starts back up after 15 minutes, sometimes not for over an hour. I'm not enjoying being stranded. Don't let the gas drop down too low - so I don't think I'm sitting on fumes or sucking up bad gas. I can't imagine what it is...I've worked this car over trying to find the problem and can't seem to get a handle on it. Anyone else ever had this problem with an older Explorer? If so, do you have an idea of what is causing it?
  • tjc1tjc1 Member Posts: 2
    I have fuel pressure and spark but no injector pulse. I have a new cam sensor and it will turn over but it still will not start. Please help.....
  • tjc1tjc1 Member Posts: 2
    I have fuel pressure and spark but no injector pulse. I have a new cam sensor and it will turn over but it still will not start. Please help.....
  • kevin78kevin78 Member Posts: 1
    my 2001 ford explorer xlt dose the same thing.the ford dealeship cannot diagnose,and they had it for 3 weeks.
  • akassamakassam Member Posts: 2
    i have the same problem with an explorer 2000 xlt with 80, 0000 km on it.
    its very frustrating, out of nowhere just will not remain on idle unless i hold the gas pedal down. and later start like nothing happened. no error codes nothing.

    any ideas what one can try.

  • akassamakassam Member Posts: 2
    have the same problem with an XLT 2000 any ideas or solutions you found .

    please let me know.

  • my98xplorermy98xplorer Member Posts: 2
    Guys having this problem for about a month now my explorer runs great some days then the next day it will not start! my battery isn't dead my lights work,radio works and when I connect my jumper cables I do get a heres the tricky part if I leave it alone for a day or two all of a sudden it works again and I have no problems.. I drove it all day back and forth earlier today and I got ready to go to the grocery store tonight and it did not start. It will start if I hold the gas down but as soon as I let off the gas the truck dies any ideas????
  • gobstopper77gobstopper77 Member Posts: 1
    Thank you so much mschmal! I was having the same trouble starting my car as tutuchi and I thought it was toast and would cost a fortune to fix. I never knew I had a theft protection system. Your message made me realize I did have one and that the key was the problem. I found my my other set and it started right up. You saved me from getting my car towed and looking like a total idiot when they told me it was the key. Thanks again.
  • phil41phil41 Member Posts: 1
    The car starts and runs great most of the time. But, sometimes it will not start. The engine turns over (Cranks) - But, it doesn't start. If we wait a while (15 minutes or 24 hours) - It suddenly starts up. It doesn't seam to matter if the engine is cold or hot. We tried a tune up & gas filter - NG. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.
  • my98xplorermy98xplorer Member Posts: 2
    Hey phil41 just wanted to let you and others know that i was having this exact problem.. At first it worked fine one day and wouldn't start the next day I thought that it was because it was cold so I let it sit for awhile then it started..About a week later it would not start again but this time i took about 4 days to turn on....Finally it turned on again and worked fine for about 2 weeks then the same thing happen I talked to my brother about it and he took a look at it changed the fuel filter but this didn't fix it and he found that the accelerator cable was loose he tighten it up and FIXED IT now my truck run great!!! for some reason when this was acting up the only way it would start was when you pushed the accelerator down and hold it while you turn the key and when you released the accelerator the truck would die... Take a look at the accelerator cable and hopefully that solves your problem....
  • rustyfrustyf Member Posts: 5
    spent many years diagnosing Fords at a dealership where they actually paid me for my knowledge....For you I have 4 words....IDLE AIR BYPASS VALVE,will run anywhere between $50.00 and $115.00,recommend the original one,they seem to last the longest...good luck
  • rustyfrustyf Member Posts: 5
    Idle air bypass valve
  • rustyfrustyf Member Posts: 5
    There is a fuel pump relay under the hood on th passenger side,i believe,try that first,it's a cheap stab in the dark
  • bluethunder1bluethunder1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Explorer eddie bauer 8 cilynder. every time that the ignition is cranked all spark plugs get wet with fuel so much that it won't turn over..I take them out clean them and it does it all over again....NO one has found the problem, if is one of the sensor or something else..please if anyone knows let me know what to look for.
  • randmxprtrandmxprt Member Posts: 1
    After nearly 8 problem-free years and almost 170,000 miles I traded my trusty 2000 EB Expedition in for a 2008 EB Explorer. I shed tears a bit, but quickly began to enjoy the new Eddie. Well on the 4th day of ownership, I had parked, locked, and run into a store for 20 minutes. Upon return, the truck wouldn't start. The LED on the dash was flashing and my message panel said "Low Fuel" (there was 3/4 in the tank). After fiddling with the ignition and leaving it turned on for about 30 seconds, I had a "Service RSC" Now message. We tried jumping the battery just in case it was the problem, but it looks like a PATS thing, hopefully. I would hate to have major electrical problems already. I hope this is just a new car kink that can be fixed so I have the dependability my Expedition gave me. I see there are no posts for 2008 Explorers yet, so that i encouraging. I never expected to use my roadside assistance so soon.
  • tubkuf2000tubkuf2000 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 explorer 4wd that, started once for me, then i shut it off then tried to start it again now it will not start. Turns over and trys to start but will not I can hear the fuel pump kick in also tried tapping on the tank to try and get it to start. Also thinking it might be frozen gas line somewhere, live in northern wisconsin so its a bite cold. just filled the tank to about 3/4 so not really sure whats going on would love to hear some suggestions. REad a few posts on here also wondering about the theft light if that could be something there? HOpe to hear from someone.
  • chemoppchemopp Member Posts: 3
    When it gets around zero degrees or below, the truck will crank over and sound like its going to start- but won't start. Does anyone know what would cause this. I put in a new fuel pump and filter. I dont have this problem when the temperature is above zero, it starts upwith no problem and runs just fine. If someone has any ideals, i would appreciate it.
  • mecp_316mecp_316 Member Posts: 4
    hey i just traded for a 95 xlt an i have similar probs but it basicly chokes but same as starting an my problem is the idle air pump locatd on the side of the throttlebody hope that helps ...
  • trebla1trebla1 Member Posts: 1
    Truck would not star when turning the key,no sound at all. I checked the battery and it is good.All the light would come on the dash board,head lighs and strong horn,but the engine wud not roll over .. Please help
  • jpalmervbjpalmervb Member Posts: 2
    My computer shut down just after I finished my reply so I had to retype. Please excuse if this comes thru twice

    I am having the exact issues with my 95 XLT 173,000 miles. Cranking but not firing. Fuel pump and relay were replace in 05 & 06, can’t exactly remember what the issues were at that time but definitely not this. My engine is the original and everything else is working fine. The first time it happened it started back up in about 5 min, I got 442 miles before it happened again. Then 1,274 miles before it occurred, this time I waited about 3 min. before even trying to get it to fire and it fired on the second start. I took it to the dealer and they kept it a week but wouldn’t you know it fired up every single time. I think they did put it on the diagnostic machine but since they couldn’t get the problem to re occur nothing showed up. Like you this never happens on a cold start but after having driven for awhile and shopping then trying to start up. The mechanic thought that maybe the fuel pump was not factory authorized and said he had seen problems with them. I had an independent service station install so it wouldn’t surprise me. I am trying to sell my car and would love to resolve the issue before a new owner has to deal with this. If you find out anything please let me know and I will do likewise. Seems hard to diagnose since it has a funny way of starting back up again.
  • sdmlsdml Member Posts: 3
    i have a 95 xlt 90,000 as well and this happens to me about 3 times a week. it just happened yesturday after i got out of the grocery store. i was told that it was a problem with my computer by the dealer. and then a shop said it would help if i replaace my sparks plugs and wires. also to replace my heater hoses and control valve. so far my problem isnt fixed. they also cleaned out my trottle body. im leaning toward the idle air pump being replaced. but if that doesnt work.....then what???
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