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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems

edgarinedgarin Posts: 3
i have a 89 trooper 4x4 automatic transmission 4doors 4cyl, and it does not shift correctly because it shifts at 4500revs on normal drive (not full throtle), from 1st to 2nd runs like 30-35 mph. it shifts to 3rd, but for that i need to go hell fast!!! what could it be ??? does anyone has the same problem ????? i tried to adjust the throtle cable that goes into the trans but was useless.... a sensor maybe ?????? please help me!!


  • nobhilnobhil Posts: 2
    I have an 89 trooper II I am also having transmission problems. It shifts into 2nd at about 25-30 mph. then into 3rd at about 40-50 mph. When it shifts down at 40mph or at 25mph the rpm goes way high. I have changed the fluid and filter any other ideas?
  • edgarinedgarin Posts: 3
    it seams that we have the same problem, someone said to me it was a sensor iside the gearbox, but another person said that it coul be a sensor wich is on the throttle body, i think i check on that frist, other than getting the transsmision out. now i hate sensors, why dont they do cars like old "just mechanic" could be cheaper :p. If i find the problem ill post it here.
  • nobhilnobhil Posts: 2
    I was told it could be the throttle valve cable or transmission solenoid, there are three on mine. My throttle cable is bad so I am replacing it. I was also told, that cable is crucial to the shifting of the transmission.


  • I have a '99 Trooper that only has problems during extreme heat and/or humidity. Infrequently the transmission will slip into neutral soon after starting the car, requiring me to pull over, turn off the engine and re-start. More frequently the car will "clunk" as it shifts into third gear, again, right after starting the car. This also requires me to pull over, stop, count to at least 20 and re-start.

    I've had the car checked out by reputable repair folks who were unable to find anything out without taking out the transmission and pulling it apart at great expense (all of them recommended against doing that). One guy recommended that I leave it alone unless it starts to act up more regularly. He was sympathetic, but since the car doesn't act up on command he felt there was little he could do since he wasn't experiencing the problem.

    I drive my kids around and having a car slip into another gear while in motion is disconcerting to say the least. Has anyone else come upon this problem? I've checked for recalls, service bulletins, etc. and am drawing a blank.

    I bought the car used several years ago (returned lease) and it now has 83,000 miles on it. I've maintained it pretty well all this time (may have gone a little long on some oil changes) and recently had the transmission and engine flushed/new liquids/etc. I hoped it would help, but no luck.
  • I think I might have the same model except my car is a manual transmission. I've actually found that you do swap from 2nd gear to 3rd at about 40 rpms and around 30-35mph. Don't ask me why, but i find if i want any power out of the car at all thats the optimal shifting point.

    Don't know if thats how its suppose to be, but the issues seem to correlate.
  • I am having the same problem. It started about 6 months ago. After leaving the car parked for a few days. It slammed into 3rd each time until I reached the interstate and stayed at a consistent speed. It did it again the middle of August after being parked for 2 weeks. But this last Sunday, it was only left overnight. I started it up, backed up and the first time shifting into 3rd, it slammed hard, it also slammed back when downshifting. That is the first time it has reacted in downshifting. she has 127,000 miles on her, I have kept all maintenance including a transmission service 3 weeks ago. I took it back to the mechanic, He is at a loss. His only suggestion is to change the transmission filter which was not done in the flush and fill service. At a cost of aroune $200.00. Or just leave it alone. Im worried about it, I love this truck. If you get any help, please let me know. thanks, Deborah
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Check out the transmission mode switch. pictures

    Watch the shift indicator on the dash. If the lights behave strangely, for example indicating R when you have the shifter in 3, the mode switch could be the problem. Try cycling the shifter several times to try and clean the contacts.

    Read more on this topic in a previous discussion here:
  • Well it seams normal, but my problem is that my car swaps from 1st to 2nd in the 30-35 range, and 4000 to 4500 revs, wich is not normal... is like going full throtle in your manual car, and when the engine starts to scream! you swap to 2nd... wich it'll be cool if it was a NASCAR or a kickass camaro or something...

    the thing is that i dont have the money to take it to a especialized tranmission guy... but if somebody knows what it is please tell me so i can save some money on diagnostics and stuff.
  • I mistakenly took out a bolt near the top of the transmission on the drivers side thinking it was the filler plug. Later, I found the right filler and put the first bolt back. It is about 3/8" by 2 " long and has a long nonthreaded end that must be some sort of adjustment. So after all was said and done and I started the rig up and went to back out of my shop I couldn't get it in reverse!
    5th gear was hard to get in but the others were OK. Yikes! what have I done? The bolt was screwed all the way in when I first started so that blows my theory that it ony needs to go in part way as some sort of adj. Help!
  • I have a 2000 trooper 3.5 liter, since it has been cold this year, when i push the throttle any more than 1/2 way, or even when i first start it, there is a strong and loud ratteling sound. i bought it last january, so the cold is no different. could this be a transmission problem or something else. i heard these trannys arent that strong. if you can help, im all ears. thanks
  • our trooper is stuck in park and wont go into any other gears, it is getting worse and I think it is the weather, but it was stuck at the store and now it is in front of our driveway and it needs to be in it, because we cant park our other car in it
  • I would probably take it to the dealership or mechanic. i cant picture it being cold enough for it to be stuck in park. or check the fluid in the tranny.
  • thank you for the advice we did get it in the drive way, if you turn the key, but dont turn on the car, you can put it into neutral and start the car, so that is how we got it in the driveway, but thank you.
  • I got a 94 trooper automatic transmission, about 208 000 kms on it.
    Hey guys i need help here. a few days ago my "check transmission" light on the dash starter to blink at me. then all of a sudden i slowed right down, and it was revving REALLY high but i was only doing about 40 kms (roughly 25 miles) so i stopped my truck and i smelled this awful burning smell, it definetly wasnt oil. so i topped off my fluid level it seemed it went way down for some reason, im guessing that was the burning smell, perhaps transmission fluid. so basically i cant get outta first gear, i had to drive it in low gear all the way home. now the thing is everything is fine with it except i cant get outta first gear, it revs extremely high but im only doing about 40 km/hour. and yes the check tranny light is still blinking. I dont have the money right now to bring it to the garage i Just want an opinion from someone. do i need a new tranny? is it some other problem? has this ever happened to anyone? i need answers. PLEASE help
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    IMHO it sounds like a bad transmission problem. Since you were on the road and then experienced the problem, I don't think your Trans mode switch would be the problem, but it is easy enough to check it. Search this forum or others or get a manual for how. It is usually the culprit for many problems, but I am afraid that the overheating and current behavior of the trans means the trans itself is damaged and will need repair. The smell was likely overheated trans fluid, and even though you topped it off, you are not doing it any good still trying to drive it.
    The check tranny light means a code or codes have been set and can be read to help learn what is going on.
    One guys opinion, good luck.
  • i AM GOING THREW THE SAME SITUATION WITH MY 95 TROOPER, 223000 MILES. I had "certified mechanic" look at it today and he told me the trans was burned up, that I needed to replace the cost would be 2500. For some reason I still want diagnostics to be ran, maybe just wishfull thinking. I dont know if this helps you out or not? Please reply with any news.
  • gwiazgwiaz Posts: 1
    Hi everyone I'm glad I found this site. I've had a 92 for a couple years now. Mileage is unknown, the guy I bought it from had put in a speedo with 40.000 miles on it just before I got it. It has alot more than that. I got the flashing tranny light a awhile back and it stopped downshifting. At first I thought it was slipping but figured out that If I manually shift to low @ a stop I can take off normally and can shift up through the gears as I speed up. Kind of a manual automatic. A dealer ran the check and told me the shift lever position sensor was not sending any signal to the computer and they could put a new switch and harness on for $500. I took it home and looked at it. I found the wiring harness from the switch had fallen against the exhaust manifold and a few of the wires had melted together. I separated them, nothing was too badly burnt, taped them up and tied the harness away from the manifold. I still have the flashing light and it still won't downshift. I figure the box was cooked when the wires shorted. There is no longer a dealer within 90 miles but a boneyard in town has a 92 sitting in their yard. My question is: is there a separate computer for the tranny and if there is where is it? Any other suggestions or comments will be appreciated. One more thing, any one know where to get reasonable exhaust parts? Thanks in advance for any help Ray
  • spike7spike7 Posts: 1
    I have a 89 Trooper 2 4wd, 4 cyl Auto trans [Asian type1?]. After new engine installed last month, 10 days went by, and transmission starting shifting "eraticly". Most problems are 4th [O.D.] down to 3rd around 30-40 mph. The truck was taken to transmission shop and they cannot find problem. Thjey have changed some solenoids, checked sensor's etc, but no help. I did have the trottle cable worked on after engine was put in, could this be my problem? The truck has 55K original miles, transmission was very tight and flawless prior to engine replacement. Can anyone help with advise?? Thank-You,CP
  • where do i add transmission fluid? no one can find a way to put it in. 1999 4x4 isuzu trooper. i seem to have a small leak thanks to the guys at the oil changing place looking for it.
  • I need to know how to get into normal mode....Not winter or power mode....Thanks
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