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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • jcatan3jcatan3 Posts: 4
    I did extensive research and found tires that fit perfectly AND look great on the 20x7 rims that come with the 4runner Limited. They are: "Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology". These tires are made to fit rims 7" wide. Since I had these tires installed, I have noticed less road noise, a much smoother ride, and better highway gas mileage. In addition, they look much better and the width of the tire actually matches the width of the vehicle. The tires also have a 70,000 mile warranty whereas the Yokohama tires don't have any warranty at all. I have included a link to the Tire Rack website where I discovered the tires.
    Link: act+LX20+with+EcoPlus+Technology&partnum=755SR0CCLX20XL&vehicleSearch=false&from- Compare1=yes

    After riding with these tires for abouty 1000 miles now, my average gas mileage has increased, the ride is more comfortable and quiet, and they don't look like bicycle tires on it! I have no idea as to why Toyota decided to put the skinny 245's on this truck. Also, this Continental tire is about $150 less per tire than the Yokohama Geolander which is the factory equipment.
  • 1jessie1jessie Posts: 3
    My 2008 4 runner with 113k on it has had all 4 yes 4 wheel bearings go bad and now the rear hatch will not open or close this cars seems to nickle and dime you at every turn my last two gc lasted 200k. :mad:
  • blackdog4blackdog4 Posts: 67
    When I bought my 2011 4Runner Ltd, I was told the antenna was designed to withstand a car wash. Guess what? My antenna snapped off. I'm not sure if it was vandalism or the car wash but it had to be replaced to the tune of $150. While waiting for the repair, I looked at a 2013 4Runneer and it still has that cheap whip antenna. This shouldn't be installed in a $40,000+ SUV!
    With my Sequoia I was replacing rear door hardware every 2 to 3 years. Now it looks like they are going to get me by the antenna.
  • warrebwarreb Posts: 20
    Yeah, I have a 2010 4Runner & didn't believe the "car wash resistant" claim for the antenna. Before each wash, I remove it and plug the socket with a clipped off roofing nail and tape. Then, afterward, replace the antenna. Sorry that you had to confirm my suspicions. This and the other long litany of nuisances associated with the vehicle probably precludes me from any future Toyota purchases.
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