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Kia Sportage Prices Paid & Buying Experience



  • It is AWD. Anybody? any idea?
    EX AWD with navi is hard to find in NYC area. Not much choice.
    I am going to see the car today.
  • 00cabrio08reno00cabrio08reno Posts: 14
    edited May 2012
    came in planning to buy a soul and they had a used 2011 Sportage with 8000 miles on it. Same price as the soul and was able to negotiate it down with the trade to 10k. Trade was 7300 dollars. Great experiance and they kept trying to feed me lol.
  • riley678riley678 Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    Any advice on which Kia Soul? My husband is 6'3 and needs a new vehicle. We were almost ready to spend a fortune on a new Highlander but I am now the only one with a job. We are in our 50's and have a 6 year old. We have looked at all of the small SUV's. Have not driven a soul yet--which one is best for our needs? Is the ! worth the extra? Which options are wise to have? Thanks for any help. :blush: oh yeah, our RAV 4 was totaled last week! :mad:
  • I bought internet. When I came to test drive before purchase the sportage needed a jump. 14,999 before tax. Jumped car and drove. purchased sportage and when papers were done shop was closed so dealer ripped out bad battery and put in new. I do mean ripped out because check engine light came on. Was told bring back tomorrow. I did and one clamp two sensor wires were broken. I will just say this is the beginning of a night mare. Bought new in 2009 check engine light went of 5 times in first month . esc is still going on in 2013 they cant reproduce it and wont fix it.23,855 miles and I am afraid to drive it. Pull key out and bells are dinging and car wont lock. Sometimes car wont come out of park. Fiddle with key and steering wheel and get home. dealer cant reproduce. A bad way of saying wont fix. Did I mention in the first month the brake, waw, pitch, roll, and steering sensors were replaced. They replaced the battery again that month. the sale went well but the car stays in the drive way because the esc light comes on intermittently and the gear wont come out of park intermittently. Warranty wont fix. I bought this because of Edmunds review and would not give it to a college student or homeless person. Still fighting to get it fixed. Don't believe the dealer said warranty read all the print as all service including oil change must be done by KIA. The problem is a wiring harness from 2000 and on going. A brake switch is not why the contacts on the sensor switches get pitted and brake switch need replacing every year or two. 4wheels to move me from driveway to shop.
  • One year to late, but for future questions like this consider the child and buy steel and air bags forget mpg remember the baby. I make no recommendations but I am your age and if I had a child now we would be in a suburban. With back up camera to supplement my neck muscles.
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