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Jeep Liberty Engine and Performance Problems



  • Sounds like a cam positioning sensor or map (mass air positioning sensor). The dealer should be able to diagnos and fix your problem right away.

    Good Luck.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 181
    I'm considering the purchase of a 2002 Jeep Liberty with a 3.7L V6 for my youngest son. The only problem is it needs a new engine. Is it better to rebuild the existing engine or simply purchase another engine. Also, what year engines will fit in the 2002 Jeep Liberty?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    That 02 has no antilock braking or side airbags or esc. Not good for a top heavy suv driven by a young driver. Aside from the mechanical issues with a new engine, this was the first year for the Liberty. Need I say more. Choose wisely and good luck.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 181
    Wow! Good information. Thank you. I'm now looking at a 2004 Jeep Liberty. Is that better? Also, the owner says that the engine cuts out occasionally when put in reverse. Is that common with Jeep Liberty's?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    My 03 runs perfect -- no issues. Of course it only has 33k miles and I keep it maintained and serviced. You would love my truck but alas -- it's not for sale. Libertys are a mixed bag but very risky in terms of reliability. What is your price range ?
  • macjeepmacjeep Posts: 1
    2 years ago I had to have a smog test on my jeep, but the check engine light was on. So, I checked the OBD codes and found out that all my o2 sensors were in bad order. I first replaced them with Bosch after markets, mistake. I had to go and get 4 new OEM from the dealer at about $400.00 and its time for the smog test again and low and behold they are fouled again.
    Anyone know how long the o2 sensors are suppose to last? Or anyway around with a quick fix just to get me past smog?
    \All info is appreciated.

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    How many miles on your jeep? The engine could be the issue.
  • jserio1938jserio1938 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem that you had with your jeep, did you solve the problem? If so please advise me of the solution.
  • mjm303mjm303 Posts: 1
    H! I bought a new 2011 Jeep Liberty at the end of Dec. It has about 10,000 on it now, and I am having the exact same vibration problem - same symptoms you described! It's definitely drivetrain related. Have an appt. at the dealer where I bought it tomorrow morning. Did you ever take yours in? If so, what was the outcome? Hoping it's something covered by that trusty factory warranty :) Let me know if you have any info about this!
  • npearl88npearl88 Posts: 1
    We have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition 4WD (3.7L V6). It has about 125k on it. Recently, the Check Engine, ABS, Brake, and Part Time light have all come on. Brought it to our mechanic and he replaced some sensors with no success. Also, the Speedometer no longer works, just stays on 0mph all the time.
    About 5 minutes into the drive, the power locks will re-lock, and the speedometer will shoot up to 70 then back down, then shoot to 30, and back down, then stops working. I feel as if it has to be some sort of electrical issue, but our mechanic "doesn't have the proper tools" for such a task. Any ideas on what could be the issue? Any help is appreciated.
  • I've not taken my 05 Liberty CRD to the dealer for the vibration. I took it to a local mechanic - no improvement. The issue remains, when travelling for the first 1/2 mile in the morning, there is a stop sign. While approaching the stop sign it appears the transmission is still in one of the higher gears; because as I come to a stop the transmission will vibrate and the engine will shut off. It appears the transmission is still in third or fourth gears where it should be down shifting to first gear - thus resulting in the engine shutting down.
  • boliviebolivie Posts: 5
    Take this for whatever it's worth but I have a 2008 4X4 Liberty and I was reading the manual pertaining to the fuel, The manuel is probably the same one you have but as far as the gas recommended is 87 octane. according to the manufacturer the computer was specifically designed for that grade of fuel. according to them if you use higher octane or additives the engine may not run as well but using a quality gasoline will and will need to be serviced more often. The same applies with any gasoline with a mixture with methanol blend.
    I aquired my Liberty 3 year ago from someone who bought it but couldn't afford it, I wasn't looking for a Liberty but I like it a lot. The reason I was reading about the fuel was because at a idle I noticed a very slight tapping noise and I found out that it is normal so long as when you excellerate it goes away. I seem to be the only one that can hear it maybe it's just because it's my vehicle. It's a second car for me and I don't drive it much, it spends most of it's life in the garage. It has 6,700 mles on it. well I hope this info helped you a bit and I do realize I could be wrong but I'm only letting you know what I read. It was on page 273 if you're interested. Brian, San Diego
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    My 03 only has 32k miles and there has been no tapping issues. All gas in the area has ethanol. My manual recommends premium when towing a trailer or driving in high elevations.
  • My book says an octane rating of at least 87. My engine would rattle and misfire light would come on regularly. It also used a court of oil every 1000-2000 miles which signified ring wear.. I have gotten rid of it.
  • Hi,
    I bought my Liberty 2011 in mid April of this year. Same problem from day one. I happened to have a steep driveway into my garage. I really have to stop and then back into my garage really slow. So at that point Jeep starts to shudder and jerk as I am backing up.

    Also, same problem with the speeds around 55 miles per hour. Has a feel as though it is "hanging up" or I call it" feels it dives in the hole" before accelerating. I thought that it was a break in time just like most of you, but then took it in the dealership. After having it in there for a week, they swapped a torque converter, which I mentioned to begin with.

    Well, it didn't go away. I am going to call them tomorrow and see what can be done. I will try to drive another vehicle and see if it does same thing.

    We'll see what happens. Was so excited to own a Jeep and there you have it.

    Dang it! Let me know Ya'll if anyone discovers what the problem might be.

    Many thanks.
  • Bought a new 2011 jeep liberty and it has the problem just as you have described. Sometimes I can even hear and feel in shift hard into a certain gear. The transmission seems to shudder and there is considerable jerkyness when driving the vehicle within the transmission. I took it the dealer, they had it for a day and said that they could not find anything wrong with it. I would think any mechanic worth their training would be able to just feel how it drives and know that something was wrong. Now I don't know what to do. I am glad some others are having the same issues and I'm not just imagining this issue. Anyone know of a solution? :mad:
  • Do you have any warning lights coming on? Our jeep had a misfire in the engine. It turned out to be poor fuel quality. Check your transmission fluid level. If it shutters and jerks, It could be the fluid is low. Also take it to an Advance or Autozone auto parts when it is acting up. DO NOT TURN the vehicle off. Ask them to check your computer for codes. Good luck.

    Mike :shades:
  • I am having the same issue. I have driven a wrangler for 16 yrs and I am used to the way it drives. I purchased a new 2011 Jeep Liberty Sport in July this year and was surprised to find that when I take my foot off the gas and "coast" at a constant rpm (mostly at 1500), that the engine feels like it's hesitating when switching gears and I also feel a jerking when it kicks into gear and when I accelerate quickly from a complete stop. I took it to an authorized Jeep dealer a few weeks ago and test drove it w/the tech and of course couldnt really get the car to repeat the behavior. The tech allowed me to test drive a different brand new liberty from the lot which did the same thing but worse. HERE'S WHAT IT IS.......OR AT LEAST WHAT THE TECH TOLD ME......these new cars have an "ECO" mode which is a lighted setting on the dashboard - you will notice when you take your foot off the gas, the light says "eco on" which means the engine is switching into a more fuel? efficient mode. The tech explained what the engine is actually doing, something along the lines of using less cylinders which are not equally balanced?? Basically there were no codes so they told me this is just how the car is and there's nothing they can fix. I'm curious as to whether this is actually something we all just have to deal with or if there is a solution..............
  • Serge & others,

    I have an 05 Jeep :confuse: Liberty CRD. Approximetly six months ago I notice an issue with the drive train only when the engine/transmission is cold. We live a 1/2 mile from the first stop sign. As we approach the stop sign it "feels" like the transmission is in one of the higher gears - as a result there is a vibration comming from the drive train and the engine stalls. I suspect if the transmission down shifted as it is designed to do, the engine would not stall. I've call a dealer and he states there is no recall on the transmission. After that initial stalling at the first stop sign, there are no more issues as I approach any other stop sign. The transmission down shifts to the lower gears and the engine continues to run.

    I don't know the fix.

  • I have a 2011 Jeep Lib. Bought in April with 6k on it. I am having the RPM issue and have had the vehicle looked at several times. First they adjusted the exhaust... Then replaced the Torch converter. I have reported the issue to the customer complaint department an next Thurday Chrysler is sending out there tech to look at the problem. Needless to say I am going up the chain of command. I encourage anyone with the same problem to also report this to corporate so we can get it fixed! I paid to much to have my car in the shop on a regular basis!!!
  • Ladyelaine,

    Thanks for sharing. What is RPM? Evidently you too are having drivetrain issues.
    Please describe the symptoms. Is it similar to what I described?

  • I took your advice and contacted Chrysler about the same issue i was having with the engine hesitating/jerking. Initially I received an email response saying this warrants contact from a case manager. I received a callback the next day from my case mgr who left a non-working phone extension. I have called customer service several times over the past week and a half leaving messages with other reps to have the case mgr call me back after 6pm. I was advised the person assigned to me doesnt work after 3:30 their time and she was the only one who could assign me to someone else. I put in a supervisor callback request and was advised there is not a supervisor available that would be able to call me after 6pm either. I have had no response. I'm curious as to how your appt went?......
  • I have and 06 Jeep Liberty with the diesel motor in it runs good at 60-70 mhp when ya give it gas it was to spitt and sputter. I have done the EHM (elephant hose mod) and didn seem to help. It has a new turbo on it. and now the water pump wont engauge untill its very very hot...thinkin the computer is giving me problems ..HELP PLEASE!
  • Did you ever find out the problem. I am now having the same problem from m 2003 Jeep Libety. My oil is not leaking on the ground but it is on the right side of the engine. First he said it was my head now he is saying th valve cover gasket needs to be replaced. $2,000 or $250 is the price difference.
  • Sounds like you have a valve cover gasket leaking. If it were the head, you would have unusal noise, power lose, and possible water in the oil or oil in the antifreeze. Your problem is minor. Look around the cover and you can see oil on it. Good Luck.
  • We just bought a new 2011 Jeep Liberty a few months ago and we are having the same issue. It has been to the dealership 4 times and still not fixed. We are considering lemon law but the first work order wasn't documented correctly so Chrysler says that it has only been in 3 times. Chrysler sent an engineer to drive it and they say there is nothing wrong. It misses and jerks all of the time!!! How they can say it isn't doing it is beyond me. We are contacting a lawyer for our next move. Has anyone had this issue resolved? I like the Jeep but really want it fixed or replaced.
  • yes i am having the same problem. i was driving my 2003 liberty renegade and a bell went off, i looked directly at the dash but no indicator lights so i drove on. come to find out...that same day, i checked the oil and there was no oil in my jeep at all. there is no visible leak per serveral mechanics. but where did the oil go??i was 400 miles over my oil change but i get my oil changed regularly so i thought the tech forgot to put oil in but jeep says it is normal for a motor to eat 5 quarts of oil between oil changes. i only have 67K miles on my jeep, so what jeep is saying is the liberty motor is only good for 8 years or 70K miles then you need a new vehicle because the motor is shot in this one and the dealer does not know what the problem is.
  • 88kid88kid Posts: 1
    So glad I saw this post! I have an oil leak on a 03' Jeep Liberty. It appears to be leaking from the right rear of the engine and then very slowly dripping on to the exhaust pipe thus creating the smoke and odor. There is no loss of power and the oil looks fine. The engine is very close to the firewall so I cant pin point the exact point of the leak. Any way to diagnose the problem or will I need to start pulling the top of the engine off?
  • cobra65kcobra65k Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    2006 Jeep Liberty I am looking at for my Uncle has been diagnosed as having a hole in one of the cylinders. Jeep dealer wants 6K to fix. I have torn apart the upper half and already found Ring and valve seat fragments in the intake. No.1 Cyl is only at 21 lbs on compression and the plug is fouled with standing oil in cylinder. YES, they know.Cheap aluminum heads wont keep the seats in due to heat stress and the composition of the Head will not stay true. 25 years in the auto industry tells me there is a dead horse in the room.
  • drhall4134drhall4134 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty with a 3.7 engine. Last month I had to put in over 1800.00 in engine repair because of Carbon Build up on the cylinders & valves. Since the time of this repair I have been digging into this issue and have found out that Jeep is aware of this problem but has chosen not to address it. Searching the internet has produced numerous instances of the same issue I am having. I have also talked with the people at the local Jeep Dealership they also admit (unofficially) that there is a problem and my jeep is one of many that this issue has and is happening.


    If you have this issue please respond-Looking at a Class Action Lawsuit
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