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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmat78jmat78 Posts: 1
    Hello XxHaimBonxX, Do you mind posting the final $$$$$ paid before taxes and fees ? We are looking to buy a 2012 S AWD SE .

    Thanks in advance,
  • jwsmith1jwsmith1 Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    MSRP - 30,425.
    Dealer - 28,444.
    minus $1000 Dealer discount. minus $150 VPP discount.
    Final price - $27,294.
    First payment $721 including first month payment, tax etc.

    $371 a month (inclusive of tax) for 39 months

    (0.0094 with 53% residual).

    1 year maintenance free.

    Good deal ?? (Ohio, Cleveland) or should I press for more.
  • wknclasdogwknclasdog Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Gap Insurance is a must if you finance your vehicle. It's about 13 dollars a month. As you know when you leave the dealership with yor car it already loses some value and continues to do so. If you get into an accident and the car is totaled or the car is stolen you will only be given book value for the car and you could still owe the finance company thousands. Gap insurance pays off your vehicle completely, so basically it fills the gap between what the book value on the car is and what you financed and pays off the whole amount.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    Gap insurance isn't a must and it doesn't pay off your vehicle completely. It only pays the difference between what insurance covers & what is owed on the car. In the end, the consumer is left with nothing.

    Gap insurance can easily be avoided with a down payment large enough to offset the initial depreciation.

    I bought a car in 2010 and my wife just bought in September and in both cases by starting with a down payment as small as $4K we avoided gap insurance. And $4K isn't that much since that includes whatever you can get for your old car via trade-in or private sale.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Or... you can just leave your $4k in the bank.... and use it in the event your car is totaled to make up the difference..

    Either way, in the event of a total, your loss is the same...

    I agree.... $156 per year to insure only $4K isn't a very wise use of your money..

    Plus, if you can't absorb a $4K loss, you likely shouldn't borrow $30K for a new car.. :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    True. I'll add that putting the $ down lowers your monthly payment by $16.67/thousand (assume 60 months) so a $4K down payment = a monthly payment that's about $67 lower. For many folks, having a lower monthly payment is more important than supplying the initial money down. Assuming the financing wasn't at 0%, the interest you pay is also reduced.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • donjcdonjc Posts: 14
    Hello does anyone have the current NMAC lease rate for:
    2012 Rogue FWD SV with SL PKG.
    I am looking for the following information, on 12k mile/year for both 36 mon and 39 mon lease.

    Residual Value
  • Hi, I just came back from dealer today looking at same model. They offered me the car for $28,200, 0.00029 money factor, and $17,408 residual. 12K mile for 39 month. Pay DMV, 1st month pmt of $369, and taxes up front. I am going to counter-offer, as I do not want to pay taxes up front. They also added in $1369 I have remaining on my current VW lease, which is up in Feb. I posted question to see if this was a good deal. I am not in a rush and am taking my time, but if its a good deal, I will take it! Good luck!
  • Hi,

    Just wondering what ppl paid for their 2011 or 2012 Rogue SV AWD. Did you take the cash rebate or special finance? I am not thinking of buying the SL pkg because trying to save money.


  • hi i got my 2011 rogue sv sl awd pkg 25k in north plainfield - nj excluding tax -fee.good luck
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,281
    Didn't see any of these when at the dealer last month...have they discontinued this model for 2012? I also saw a few with a different, and nicer grille while there. Is this the Krom version I've heard about and what are the differences besides the price? Still think I prefer the CRV but it seems like the CRV is a bit longer and wider. Am I correct here?

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • Excellent buy. Got a quote btw $23K - $24K w/o SL pkg for 2011 Rogue SV AWD. What service did you use to negotiate? When did you buy it? I know that title, registration, and taxes are additional. what other fees did they charge you? which sales did you use?
  • Hi,

    I am looking to buy a Rogue and wondering if it still makes sense to buy a 2011 at this point? I will most likely re-sell in 3 years, so buying a 2011 would make it look like I had it for 4 years in 2015.. wherein a 2012 would make it look as if I had it only for 3 years.. I know that mileage matters the most, but I still feel like the model year makes a difference too..

    But the 2011s might come with great deals right now.. what do you guys think?

    Also, how much did you pay for a 2011 or 2012 SV with the SL Package (AWD)?

    Thank you.
  • mascarenhasrmascarenhasr Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Just purchased the 2012 AWD Rogue SV with SL package. Paid 25,800 before tax title etc with 7 miles on it.

    Purchase experience was awesome! (Rosen Nissan in Gurnee, IL). They do not include any "dealer options" and were one of the only ones to respond with an OTD (Out the door) price - which was lowest I found in the area.

    I got $500 thanksgiving cash back (avail until nov 30); Also, I did the 1.9% financing and got back another $500 rebate. The OTD price was $28,500 which also included the $500 I chose to pay for the paint, interior and under carraige protection (Negotiated it down from $850). I'd done a lot of research and many people say this is a waste - but I assume it would cost atleast 200 to get it done somewhere else so why not. This makes sense only if you plan on keeping the car till you drive it into the ground :-) which is how I've always been with cars.

    I did the math and it was NOT worth buying the 2011 !!! There are no promotions on it - maybe the deals will get better in December - thats a gamble. There is a $1000 cash back rebate on the 2011 but you have to finace it on your own. The MSRP difference btween the 2011 and 2012 models was a difference of $500.

    Edit: Almost forgot - Dont forget to check the Dealer inventory from the Nissan websites. You can see exacly which options the car was shipped with from the manufacturer. I saw about a $500 difference on the exact same models and then noticed the options. The one I bought had the splash guards, rear bumber protector and carpeted floor mats.
  • Am I looking for the impossible? I'm trying to an AWD SV with the SL package, and I can't find any in the colors I want anywhere! Is there a shortage of this model? Thus far I've tried two states surrounding me (MD and PA), the dealers where my parents live (NY), and I'm ready to start looking in VA next since it's not that far of a drive.

    I have a 2009 Rogue and love it, but they've made a few tweaks that fix some of the things I never liked about the older model. I'm not 100% convinced that I need a new one, but I'm seriously looking. I love love love the CVT unlike a lot of people, and I find the haters don't necessarily understand how it works or how to use it. I hate not having automatic headlights and the 2012 does.

    I think the two big things that would seal the deal for me would be a remote starter, and a pull-down cupholder in the back like the Murano has. (I can't believe Nissan doesn't do that...they are pretty much the only company that doesn't).

    Sorry for the rambling...I'm just thinking if the top-end model is that hard to get, then I'm not going to get a good deal on it (supply/demand).
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17

    I am debating between 2011 nissan rogue and 2011 rav.4? 2011 nissan has 0 % percent financing for 60 months vs. the 0 percent financing with rav4. which is a better buy and value. I am concerned about reliability and resale value. I will get the awd option on whatever i choose.

    please give your opinion.

    anybody is really happy or not....pls share advice
  • I will provide more details when I get the car cause they didn't have it in my color so they have to get it transferred but the deal was real good.

    All I can say is anyone reading this: use truecar, they give you good quotes and give you 2 or 3 dealerships in your area and they have to at least match those prices b/c it is guaranteed.

    We're talking at least 2500 below the invoice for the Rogue(S) based on the quotes I got from truecar. Unsure of the higher level models with the packages but I'm sure they are similarly quoted relative to the higher invoice. Then, you can go down even a little more under the quoted price if you have enough to backup your claims.
  • I stuck to this thread for price info for the past few months, so paying it forward here.

    I paid 27,100 for the car, with the following options:

    Floor Mats, Cargo Cover, Splash Guards, Painted Rear Spoiler, Rear Bumper Protector.

    The car had 47 miles on it.

    I could have gotten another 500 off (I walked in there with a 26,600 price quote), but here is how I lost it. The $500 student/graduate discount is only applicable for 60 month financing, and I was doing 72 months. So, I couldn't qualify. The other option was the $500 customer cash available if I did my own financing. But, I opted for the Nissan 1.9% financing instead. So, technically, if I financed on my own, I could have gotten the car for 500 less. And, as a new grad, if I financed with them, but went with the 60 month option, I could have also gotten the car for 500 less. So, if you qualify for either of these, ask for 26,600.

    I paid another 1100 for Nissan's Security Plus vehicle protection plan for 6 years. It protects the GPS, Bluetooth, Rearview camera and the other electical components. Since I financed for 6 years, I took the 6 year plan (it comes in handy for re-sale too).

    Also, I put ZERO down. So, I literally walked out of there with the keys and no money out of pocket.

    So, with the 1100 Nissan Security, plus 27,100 for the car, and the title + tax + doc fee, the total was $30,200. The monthly payment comes out to about $450 a month (a couple of dollars less than that I think). I got one year free maintenance on the car included as a bonus.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • dalondalon Posts: 12
    So, here's my experience:

    I went in buying a 2011 Nissan Rogue Base S with AWD. I got a truecar quote for 20,006(2650 below invoice). Sounded like a good deal. I did some more research and found that the Nissan Rogue had recalls in '08 and '09 for power steering issues. Also, another recall was done in 2011(about 1 1/2 weeks ago) for the circuit board needing to be replaced which was also related to power steering. I used this and a rival newspaper ad as a way to get it down an extra $406, so I was down to 19,600.

    Before that, I test drove it and everything was alright during the daytime. The car drove fine, very smooth, but the visibility is very bad. It's hard to see when you're backing up b/c of the seats being so high and the design of the car. Also, the blind spots are real bad. When I test drove this car at night, I was slightly concerned over my safety when making lane changes or merging onto the highway.

    Well, anyways, we agreed on that 19600 deal (before taxes,doc,licenseing fees) and I signed and paid a $500 downpayment. They didn't have the car in my color, so it would be transferred from another dealership. I was told it would be there either Sat, Monday, or Tuesday. In the meantime, I started getting doubts as to whether I paid a good deal or not. Also, that's when I noticed the 2011 recall for the Rogue based on the power steering issue. There seems to be a huge issue with power steering and this vehicle.

    So, I get a call not in the morning but in the middle of the afternoon telling me that the locater was no there and that my car might not be here for at least another couple of days when it was promised by either Mon. or Tuesday. At that point, I felt there was a lot of miscommunication, maybe some games being played, and we decided to cancel the deal. I called them later that night to explain why we canceled and to see if they wanted to renegotiate. They said, sure, I came in the next day, and my out the door price was $1000 higher than it was originally. I was willing to make some concessions but the reason for the cancellation was the shadiness of the salesperson and being unsure of his motives. So it went from 3G's below invoice to $500 below invoice(even though the truecar guarantees $2650 below invoice).

    I basically told them I'll consider it but I would be test driving another car. I ended up getting the other car b/c I was gonna get the same out the door price with the 2012 Forester as I would with the 2011 Nissan Rogue with horrible blind spots/visibility/recall history.

    I had a real great deal but in the end, sometimes things happen for a reason and I still got my Forester for $700 below invoice so I hope I did decent with that. Plus, that car salesmen at Subaru was very nice, showed me all the buttons in the car, and never pressured me once. He was real laid back, low-key, so I didn't feel the need to haggle with him like I did with the Nissan guy.
  • Hello!
    I am looking to buy a S or SV Nissan Rogue 2012, and was wondering how much was the final pri ce for those who have recently bought Rogues. Also, what are your comments about all of the features on the SV? Im trying to decide if I need the additional features or not.

    (This message is mainly indicated for people who live in Texas, but other comments are appreciated!)

  • dalondalon Posts: 12
    I'm in Illinois but price quote around my area is 20,800-20,900 at the cheapest for the base S model. So, you're probably looking at another 1300 for the next model up, the SV, which would bump it up to 22K+ before ttl.

    So, I'd suggest using truecar as a measuring tool for you. But, I will say that the main issue with the Rogue is visibility issues. The blind spots are absolutely horrible and if you look at reviews for the Rogue, the consensus is that the visibility is bad, blind spots are horrible, there is a need to purchase the back camera to help with blind spots, and people find that it is hard backing up and they have to be careful. I guess this is due to the exterior design of the Rogue. I know I test-drove the 2011 Rogue at night and I was pretty nervous merging onto the highway b/c of the horrible blind spots.

    Rogue is a decent car, decent fuel mileage, but comfort is one important issue with this car. The Hyundai Tucson and Subaru Forester are 2 similarly priced compact SUV's that you might also want to consider. I was pretty much dead set on buying a Rogue but some issues caused me to go test drive a Subaru Forester and it is much more comfortable, no blind spot issues, visibility is excellent. I got that instead.

    Not telling you what you should get but this was my experience.
  • I have my heart set on the 2012 Nissan Rogue SV w/ SL packaging. I have a business associate VPP discount and I'm not really sure how the discount works. This is what the Nissan VPP site lists:

    MSRP $25,220
    Dealer Invoice $23,206

    VPP Discount $150
    Customer Cash Rebate $750
    VPP Price $22,306
    Total Saving Below MSRP $2,914

    Can anyone break it down for me how this works? Am I able to haggle the price of the Rogue before I show them the discount? Thanks.
  • dalondalon Posts: 12
    Yea, haggle them on the recalls that the Rogue has had for power steering issues on the '08/'09 models and again on the 2011 model, which was recalled just 1 month ago. I did that and was able to get the price down an extra $350 just on that alone. I didn't get the Rogue but I think you can use it to your advantage b/c these salesmen need your business, especially during the winter months. Some dealerships are real cocky SOB's(dealt with one in my area like that) and others are more flexible(another Nissan dealership was more flexible).

    Also, go on, put in a quote, and you'll get 2-3 dealerships within your area that will match that low quote price, then bargain from there.

    Nissan does have a lot of savings opportunities. Unfortunately, the Rogue is not the safest vehicle from a visibility standpoint. The exterior look is very nice and sleak and it is better than my Subaru Forester but sometimes your comfort level in the car outweights the look of the car.
  • Not all the latest Nissan incentives/offers are necessarily listed under Edmunds, True car, etc. For e.g. Nissan had a $500 weekend bonus (Martin King Luther) and $1000 savings currently on Rogue AWD S special addition. However, can’t see these incentives factored in Edmunds/True car or similar websites? Any advise...

    Anybody with an actual buying experience (in MA)?
  • I found these posts helpful, so here was my experience. I bought a new 2012 basic S model Rogue with no additional options whatsoever. I got a totaL selling price of $20709.89, $2065 below msrp and it was right about the invoice price... I have no idea if i got a good deal or not and don't care to question it after the fact! I got 0% financing for 60 months and with $5000 down I pay $300 a month. I declined the additional warranty for 72 months or 75,000 which was an additional $1547. It's a risk I am willing to take to keep my payment as low as possible. Hope this helps
  • I do not trust dealerships and with good reason. Team Nissan of Marietta is no exception. They are out to make the maximum profit on each sale. My overall car buying experience was decent. My salesman was extremely thorough and my compliant is not with him. After carefully reviewing my purchase agreement the next day I found several egregious overcharges. I issue a word of warning. Be very careful to research and negotiate all the extremely marked up dealer add-ons. Do not pay more that $50 for lug nut locks ($199 sticker price), theft protection program should be free or close to it ($299 sticker price), stay away from any extended warranty. Just buy the car with tax, title, and dealer fees (often pre-printed on purchase order - should range from $100 to $500). Every accessory you want can be bought on line for a fraction of the cost. Beware and do your research! Learn from my experience.
  • julyjulyjulyjuly Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    Just got a 2012 Nissan Rogue SV w/ SL + AWD. There must be other accessories, but the only one I know of is rear bumper protector, since that's the one that I really care. Total about $28.5k OTD including $500 grad rebate & 7% tax. The price of the vehicle itself is 26,900 without rebate. I am satisfied with this price, since none of the other dealers w/in 100 miles can match this price. The best thing about it is 0% interest.
  • 2012 Rogue SV with premium package, fog lights , and floor/trunk mats. MSRP 27195 . Neg. price 22975 Drive out was 24000 .

    I had to head for the door before I got that price. I told the sales rep 24k drive out and not a penny more(sales rep told me over the phone that that was doable). Floor manager came over and dropped 25200 on the table and started a to pitch how he was making no $ at that price. I laughed and told my wife lets go across the street and buy the Camry we just looked at . Im telling you the guy literally chased me across the sales floor telling "wait , wait , please.....I work for someone too let me see what he can do" I told him I shouldnt even give you another shot....24k or chance. He came back a couple of mins later and said he could do 24k out the door but to please recommend them to others.

    Yeah, I got my price in the end but honestly ....I wouldnt send anyone there to buy with the tactics they use. I really should have just kept walking.
  • julyjulyjulyjuly Posts: 6
    Wow is that an AWD? I thought I got a good deal but yours just sounds unbelievable.
  • @julyjuly

    No its not and AWD. The key to the deal was that I had a Camry SE deal waiting on me for 24k OTD that had a similar MSRP. They knew that before I came in and the sales rep said they could do 24k OTD on that Rogue over the phone if I came in and bought it right then. I would have been happy with the Camry if they they didnt honor their verbal offer. Oh ...and you can bet they made some $ .....but not much. Most of all they didnt want a Toyota dealership across the street to get the sale.....I would have drove that Camry right across the front of their lot blowing the

    I still wouldnt recommend this dealership to anyone.
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