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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • Hate it that so many people are having problems. I called Nissan Consumer Affairs...they refused to help me. (See my previous post.) I ended up almost begging them to help...still no luck. Contacted a no recovery-no fee law office (Krohn & Moss). The lawyer had me to do things to position to go to court...but it seemed that he was almost scared to do this. I traded the vehicle in with instructions of what to do to protect the court case. After about 1 1/2 years since I called Nissan Consumer Affairs I am supposed to be getting a check next week. Nissan ended up paying their lawyer, my lawyer, and settling with me for probably about twice what they could have gotten me out of the vehicle (I did beg them to help with a Corporate assist trade.) Guess most people would just give up. Hope you have better luck with your situation.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Thank you and yes, this is ashame to say the least. So Krohn & Moss did help you?! It sounds like it took a while, but it sounds like you got back what you were out in the end. Am I reading your post incorrectly? You say they settled with you for "about twice what they could have gotten me out of the vehicle." Also, what is Corporate Assist? I'm at the start of my fight so I'm not going to give up just yet. I am going to push this to my congressman and senate and try to fight this b/c the money we are paying for this rogue and for the length of time we have had this is theft in my eyes if they don't correct this issue. Why hasn't it been recalled is my question. It is a huge safety issue and if people haven't already gotten into car wrecks b/c of this lack of acceleration, Nissan has been lucky. The fact that the CVTs are on international back order and the fact that the extended warranty has been put into place tells me that this is an issue that has grown and is continuing to grow. Makes me laugh b/c when we bought the car one of the salesman commented about how nice the CVT is. What a load of BS that was. Another thing..I was not given a copy of my warranty you think I can call the dealer and get one? Thx for the post!!! And..I hope you get that check. By the way...what did you trade the piece of crap in for??? Honda?? :)
  • Don't know that Krohn & Moss helped that much...I feel I prob. would have done as good (or better) by going BBB.

    Guess I wasn't clear in what I said about Nissan settling. They paid their lawyer, my lawyer, and settled with me for prob twice as much as Nissan could have been out for getting me out of the vehicle. I don't feel that I got what I was out. BTW, I tried the Rep & Senator route and got nowhere!!!

    Corporate Assist Trade is same as Dealer-Assist Trade...with Manufacturer picking up the difference. Would think that you could get the warranty info from Nissan.

    Thought I would mention that a guy I know had a bad Jeep...accelerating probs like you are describing. He went to the county courthouse and filed a doc stating the problems with the vehicle and that the manufacturer had not corrected...said if he got in an accident this might help him go back on the manufacturer.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Thx for the info. We are small fish in this huge pond and I think that's part of the problem with contacting the high authorities, but as long a I'm pumped I will contact who I have too in order to get what I have coming to me. This whole thing makes me sick!! "if your friend gets into a wreck"....and only then. That's crazy. They're waiting for an accident to happen??!! You really feel unprotected here. It's so wrong I can't stand it. I will make sure this word gets out. I'm going to look into Ask Asa and all of that here in NY. I want to get this out and hoping people here will rally with me if at all possible. Power in #'s...right.

    I had an old Honda...from 1992 (brand new) to 2010. That car did me right! It had transmission problems in the end, I believe thanks to a mechanic I brought it to here in Queens...long story. Anyway, it got me where I needed to go and hung in there. I am so sad that I traded that car in for the Nissan. Don't get me wrong, I needed a car, but the fact that it was as old as it was, when something did go wrong with it, which was very, very, very rare, it didn't hurt like this does. This rogue piece of crap is brand new and that's what is killing me. I could probably count the # of times I actually drove the car. We had 1700 miles in before we left for Maine. C'mon.

    Thank you so much again and I hope it is all working out for you. They will get what they deserve in the end!

    What exactly was wrong with your Rogue anyway???? I don't think you explained that.
  • I'm in NJ. My 2008 Rogue has less than 13K miles in 2 1/2 years of ownership because of the trans issues and me not wanting to drive it. The transmission was replaced at around 3K miles and again at around 6K miles. At around 9K miles I brought it to the dealership yet again, due to trasmission noise, grinding/ratteling sound - which historically has been the trans. Once they replace the trans, it is good for about 3K miles and then begins to make noise again. At around 9K, when I brought it in again, the dealership said that Nissan would not authorize the replacement and that the trans was "making a normal noise" -- I explained "normal" is no noise - like when I drove it off their lot and "normal" is what it sounded like after the replacement trans and the second replacement trans. There was nothing the dealership could do, as they would not be paid for doing any work from Nissan - since Nissan told them not to do anything. Nissan Consumer Affairs is a total joke -- they have not helped in the least and failed to get back to me timely etc. They submitted to Nissan to buy back the vehicle and Nissan declined (of course they did - because I'm a consumer, not an attorney). I'm now working with a Lemon Law attorney group in NJ who have reviewed my paperwork and feel I have a strong case (or they would not have taken it, as their fees will be paid by Nissan - not me). They have sent letter to Nissan to allow them to perform a final fix and will be sending out a Demand Letter tomorrow to Nissan that oulines how many times it has been in for fix and the fact that it is still not fixed and demanding re-purchase of the car. Nissan has 30 days to respond. If they do not respond or decline the repurchase, the Lemon Law attorneys will file the lawsuit. I will certainly continue to post here my progress. The attorney is familiar with this issue and advised it should be resolved in a few months. This whole situation very unfortunate - I'm suprised that no governing body has stepped in at this point to direct Nissan to fix this issue and even more disturbing is that Nissan has not done the right thing for us consumers. I would never purchase another Nissan - not because I have a Lemon, but because of the way Nissan is treating their bread and butter - all of us!!!
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    edited August 2010
    Thx for the note and the info. I see you are from NJ. I am in NY. I know for NY, the car must be attempted to be repaired 4 x's before considering it a lemon. 3 x's for Jersey?? Anyway, the dealer's service dept has been great with me, but Consumer Affairs is awful. They did not call for a prognosis of the dealer's inspection for two days. I called and called. Finally, on the 2nd night of no phone call, even after it was raised to a supervisory level, I got a hold of the executive offices. I took a chance and emailed the VP of the dept. Someone from his office contacted me. They had a nissan engineer go to the dealer to check out the transmission and sure enough, they deemed it unsatisfactory and will be replacing it with a new one. The dealer explained to me, as did the dealer in MA, that the CVT's are on International backorder. They are literally ordering transmissions and they are making them as they are ordered...apparently. So, the dealer said we should hear from him in about a week. I'm giving them 2 wks before I contact them. For now, we can drive the rogue locally, is what we were told. My transmission was not making a funny noise. We were losing acceleration. Now I am worried about getting it back and ultimately it making a funny noise and/or losing acceleration again...and then having to deal with the lack of customer service again. I too am in agreement with you...if the customer support was better, perhaps Nissan would be a more desirable product even with the transmission problems. I too am also shocked that this issue hasn't gone to a higher level given that losing acceleration on a highway is definitely a safety issue. Perhaps they are waiting for someone to be killed, as was the case with Toyota, before it's handled at another level, which I think is piss poor. I had a Honda and should not have settled for anything less...I will know better for next time. I'm giving Nissan a shot to redeem themselves with this case, but, if I fall into a situation such as yours, they lost a customer+ for sure!! I hope your lawyer does what it takes to get you what you are rightfully due!!! Keep me posted on the situation. I am most interested. If my email also helps with your case....go for it! Good luck!
  • JC2010,
    My Rogue did not lose acceleration. If I were having a problem like this, I believe I would try to contact the NTSB!!!!!!!! That is an extreme safety problem. Their contact info should be in the instruction manual that came with your vehicle. Lots of luck!!!!!!
  • Hi, My 2010 Rogue 360 had the exact same problem. Nissan Techline told the dealer to replace the valve-body in my transmission. After making an almost 2000 mile round trip last week, since the repair, I can say mine doesn't have the problem anymore. Hopefully your dealer will do the same.
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    Thx for this msg. I'm gonna save this for future reference!! I could be wrong, but what I think happened was....when we took the car off the lot, they forgot to top off the transmission fluid. We drove from NY to Maine...and about 1,000 miles before that trip on low fluid....this probably totally damaged the transmission causing it to lose acceleration. When we were checked by the MA Nissan, they said the fluid was low but there wasn't a leak. The engineeers told them to top off the fluid and let us drive back to we did. The NY dealer said the fluid seemed fine. But the Nissan engineer came to inspect the transmission and he said it was done. Too, they only put on about 40 miles to find that the transmission was a wreck. I'm actually bringing it in on Monday and they are going to replace the transmission with a new one. I'm hoping this will fix the issue but I'm so worried, after reading all that I've read on here and b/c of the extended warranty on these transmissions, that this will be an ongoing issue. I can't believe consumer reports has not mentioned anything about it. Strange to me. Anyway, thanks again!!!!
  • I am surprised that this cvt transmission issue has not been resolved. At the time of my activity on the forum it was only the 2008 AWD SL that was having the rattling under the seat that felt like a suspension problem after 16 k miles.

    I had two replacements within 40 days and also a re programming that seemed to take down my MPG since part of the fix was to eliminate freewheel and keep the tension on the CVT belt to eliminate the belt hitting the tranny case.

    Nissan it seemed to me did step up and I had one of the better dealers with a great service department.

    My car has only 4 k miles since that repair and the noise has come back on occasion at slow speeds. I suspect the electronic tune up between the engine and tranny has been adjusted over time and now I need to get it checked again since the car sat all summer in the garage when on vacation for 3 months.

    My wife loves her car and so do I as the fit and finish and build are excellent and my grand kids call Nanas car cool and my boat old fashion looking.

    I am positive Nissan is still stepping up to this CVT problem and yes all of the dealers are aware of the Rattle in this model CVT. Be persistent and focus on the CVT issue when taking it to the dealer. Let them know this is a known Nissan problem and they are helping most people.

  • exb0exb0 Posts: 539
    I am thinking on purchasing either 2011 Murano or Rogue, but these transmission issues are scaring me.

    Nissan has extended the CVT transmission warranty to 10 yrs/120K mi for 08-10 Rogue, and 03-10 Murano, 2011 model year is not included. Does anyone know if they “fixed” transmission issues, or they are just being hopeful?

    In all fairness, according to the Consumer Reports only 08 Rogue and 03-04 Murano have major transmission problems, all other models years are much above average. Hopefully, whatever issues they were having have been addressed.
  • I have no idea whether or not anyone believes the transmissions are fixed. I know mine was not...see my previous posts. I also know that Nissan was aware of manufacturing problems and refused to do anything to help me. I had to file under the Lemon Law and ended up trading in the vehicle. I certainly hope that does not give you any comfort...but if you choose to roll the dice, feel free.
  • Having the same issue here with my '09 Rogue (AWD 4cyl) as many of these posts. Not the noise-related tranny problem, but the loss of power - as if you're trying to take off from a stop in too high a gear, or as if the engine wasn't getting any fuel despite pressing the pedal to the floor.

    The first time this happened, I tried manually "shifting" using the override, to no effect. Also tried dropping the car into neutral, and the engine revved just fine. So not a gearing issue and not a fuel availability issue. Assume it has something to do with the complex coordination required between the throttle and CVT, through the car's engine management control or throttle control.

    First time we brought it in, dealer said it was actually related to a recent campaign, they adjusted, and the problem went away. About a month/2 later, the problem resurfaced, only worse. Car had to be towed to the dealer after just barely making it home. This time, my wife and two little kids were in the car. I'd say that going to pull out onto a busy road with a family in a car, and finding it's got no power but is still barely moving is a big safety issue.

    This second time, it took a week to get the car back as the dealer had to wait several days for the part. I drove the car for a month before my wife would feel comfortable getting in it again (and don't blame her for it), which of course limits the utility of a second car.

    10 months later, same thing happened (now 12,000 miles total on the car), right after my wife picked up the kids from school. She will, officially, never get in the car again and again, I don't blame her. We reached out to the dealer to indicate we want out of the lease; the response through them from Nissan was essentially, "Sure, pay us the balance of your remaining payments on the car and you can get out of it." The car is now on a tow truck to the dealer and a call to customer care suggested they want to await the verdict from the dealer's service department before they'll do anything. So we'll see. In the end, we want out of this very dangerous death trap. Based on what we're seeing here, it's appaling that this seems to be a problem that's not unique and deserves the attention of governmental authorities who are supposed to protect us from this kind of thing.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Having the same issue here with my '10 Rogue as many of these posts. Not the noise- problem, but the loss of power - as if you're trying to take off from a red light pressing the pedal to the floor this happens a week of the purches
    The same thin happens 3 moth later. The dealer do not fine nothing bad
    with the car and now was towed because it was not start for 2 days..
  • Hi everyone! I came to this forum couple times before I purchased my Rogue. I got a Krom model while my friend got the SV model (both 2011). I will update my experience after 1,000 miles. Let's see if the 2011's Rogue still having the same problems (I hope not).

    I have a maintence question regarding the special wheels that my krom has. I took a quick reading on owner manual yesterday. There is one thing that confused me. It said the krom model cannot be wash at the car wash! I am shocked! It said the acid will damage the body and the wheels. What? You want me to hand wash my car every time? It also states the underneath of car should be cleaned reguarly because of the snow salt (that I understand). Now I don't how to wash the underneath of the car without visiting the car wash? I like to hear your opinion. I appreciate your input. Thanks. :confuse:
  • Do these problems pertain to the 2011 FWD CVT or does that matter at all? I'm researching cars and I can't find many decent ones I can afford... this is bad!
  • My 2011 AWD has 1,500 miles so far. No complain. Hwy = 28, City = 21 :)
  • lynnv17lynnv17 Posts: 2
    My 2011 has 3,400 miles and so far, so good. I know the mileage is still low, but so far the car has been reliable, fun to drive and comfortable. When I first found these discussions, after I bought the car, I was a wreck. Since then I've done a lot more research and asked everything i know to ask, read everything I know to read, and found a forum with a lot of satisfied customers, some with high mileage and no problems. So, I do like the car and I'm glad I bought it. It gets great gas mileage. I do have an extended warranty, so fingers crossed, I won't have the problems some of the people on this forum have experienced, but if I do, I hope it's covered by the warranty. At this point, I would recommend this vehicle.
  • lynnv17lynnv17 Posts: 2
    About the car washing problem...I'm sorry no one has answered your question, but I really don't know the solution, except maybe go to one of those do it yourself places and try to spray underneath with lower pressure. I do know, I went through one of the newer drive thru car washes with an older model car and it left permanent stains on the black finished parts of the car, so I wouldn't risk it if I were you. It looks like someone poured something on top and it dripped down, but it will not come off.
  • travling about 60 mph on xway - hit scan on the radio - and the car lost power, went dark and lost power steering. Pulled to the shoulder. Turned off ignition. Turned ignition back on - it started - we proceeded with no further problems.

    The car is 2010 Nissan Rogue with under 5000 miles on it - purchased on 9/29/2010
  • rimborrimbor Posts: 1
    I came to this forum because I found a post very similar to my issue.

    Drove 550 miles to visit my parents. Everything was good.

    On the way home, I tried driving over a mountain pass and got stuck at 2500 RPM's and could not accelerate no matter how far I pushed the gas.

    2009 Rogue S AWD 53k miles.

    It turned out, according to the nissan dealership, that there was excessive tranny oil pressure built up and it started a "boiling effect". This caused the car to go into a "safety mode". The CVT update was never done to it either. I am picking up the car later today but hopefully this is the last of the issues I have with it. Otherwise, it has been great.
  • 2009rogue2009rogue Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if you can put/replace (new tires and wheels) and change for the stock P215 70R/16 to P235 65R/16?
  • kazvolinskykazvolinsky Posts: 12
    Just traded 2009 Murano LE(head gaskets blew off at 32000 miles-lemon car,had bad smell from the beginning, on a dealer they had told us-nothing wrong, that is the way it is) for a brand new Rogue 2011 SV.Picked it up on 5-3-2011, today 5-6-2011-ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON!!!Well-another lemon?
  • biggbrotherbiggbrother Posts: 63
    I have a 2011 Nissan Rogue SV AWD. It only has 450 miles on the odometer. After starting the vehicle and putting it in reverse, for example backing out of a parking spot, I hear a thud or thump coming from the rear underneath of the vehicle. The first time I heard it I thought I ran someone or something over. You don't feel the thud, you just hear it. And this is the only time it is heard.

    Is this normal? I am assuming this has something to do with the AWD disengaging in reverse or something, but I am no mechanic. Is this something that would warrant a visit to the dealer for? Anyone else heard this on their Rogue?

    Other than this noise, the vehicle runs perfect with no other noises or sensations when driving it.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Take the car back and walk away. Why would you buy a second Nissan product with your experience with the Murano?
  • We purchased a new Nissan Rogue, right now it has approximately 1500 miles. Hopefully we don't ever have any of the transmission problems that most people are having. So I wanted to bring to light an electronics issue we have been dealing with since we bought the vehicle about a month ago. Our issue has to deal with the the smart key system. What is happening is when you exit the vehicle it will start beeping at you like you have left the key in the car but longer(more beeps). Then you go to press the button on your door to lock the doors and nothing happens. After that you try pressing the lock button on the remotes and it won't lock. If you press the unlock button on the remote that still works however. So far we have brought the car back to the dealership about 4-5 times. The first time they ran the vehicle with there computer and said they could not find any errors and to bring the vehicle back when it was having the problem. So we took some videos and brought it back and showed them. They have replaced the batteries in the smart keys and have ordered us new remotes for the vehicle. This morning was the first time that we have been able to take it to the dealership and it still be having the problem. The service tech looked over the vehicle and is still thinking that it could be the remotes. So that is the next step. If the remotes do not solve the problem then the next step is the actual computer for the smart keys inside the vehicle. This entire time the vehicle, when run on the diagnostic machine, has had no error codes. Obviously though there is something wrong with the vehicle and we are glad that they are taking steps to fix the issue. I'll let you know what they come up with as I know and hopefully it is resolved sooner then later. I paid for a brand new vehicle and I expect it to work NISSAN! :confuse:
  • nissmazlovernissmazlover Posts: 162
    We bought a Rogue about a little more than a month ago (2011 SL AWD) and it has less than 1K miles. On the highway, starting at 60mph, there is an annoying wind whistling noise present, as if there is a wind leak. I am not sure as to where it's coming from, but I think it's either from the front window(s) or the sunroof area. It minimizes a bit when I close the interior sunroof cover.

    It's really annoying to me since I don't ALWAYS drive with the music on (great Bose system, btw), and sometimes I like to just have a quiet ride on the highway and this noise definitely impedes that. Plus, it's disappointing because the car is great and, otherwise, has such a quiet (except in the rain) and nice interior. Doesn't really give you the quality feeling when you're driving a $28K brand new car and have wind leaking somewhere, whistling annoyingly at you when driving at normal highway speeds. BTW, the faster you drive, the more noticeable it gets.

    Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what have you done to take care of it, and will the Nissan dealer fix it?

  • loveit7loveit7 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem and will schedule an appointment with the dealership to report the problem. I noticed that there's a small open space between the sunroof and the rubber seal. Will give an update later.
  • loveit7loveit7 Posts: 2
    In my case, the Nissan dealer fixed the cause of the noise.

    Here's the infofrom service report: "Sunroof glass slightly out of alignment. Realignedsunroff glass to better fit roof opening."

    All ok now from my end.
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