2008 Honda Civic Problems and Repairs



  • court52289court52289 Member Posts: 2
    i have the same issue and would like to take it up with american honda. was your civic manufactured in canada? and in july of 2009?
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    I've sold my Honda so don't have the details re: Manufacture date or where. Sorry.
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  • anne29812anne29812 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX with 140,000 miles. Its been a great car for several years but over the last month it has shown a significant loss in power and has begun to skip horribly while driving it which has grown progressively worse over time. It idles fine though. Also, when I get up to 3500 to 4000 rpms I hear a horrible either vibration or exhaust leak in the engine (under the hood) on the driver's side. I did have to replace the alternator and battery last year. The alt. belt was replaced too but not tightened and by the time I was able to get back to tighten it, I was told I now need a new belt. I still have to do that. It has also never had a tune up though I have kept up with the oil changes. I plan to get the tune up but I'm trying to figure out if that may solve my problems or if it could be something else and, if so, what....
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    i have an 03 lx 4dr automatic with about 100,000 mi. whenever i get to about 60mph, the steering column, dash, and what feels like the whole car, starts shaking. the shaking continues when I get up to about 80mph. does anyone know what could be causing this issue? please help.
    thanks, in advance.
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    My 2007 civic burns through front brakes in less than 10,000 miles also. Les Schwab said the only case they saw this bad was a mail man using car for delivering mail!

    Nobody can figure out what's wrong. There's talk it must be a design problem but I can't find many others with the problem.
  • kmakerkmaker Member Posts: 20
    Hi there,
    Sounds like only the front brakes are working and not the rears. Without looking at it, I would suggest it's either the master cylinder or metering/proportioning valve not providing the correct pressure to the rear brakes. On occasion, I've seen rear wheel cylinders (and adjustment mechanisms) sieze up but not on a vehicle only 3 years old and I'm pretty sure you have 4 wheel discs so no mechanical "adjustment mechanisms". So, I'm guessing it's a hydraulic malfunction. If your front brake rotors aren't warped yet, they will be because of the heat. You should approach a dealer or better yet, Honda directly and provide them with receipts etc.
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    identical problem with my 2008 civic ex. i was traveling on the freeway when the car just stops accelerating. fortunately it found gear and i wasnt involved in an accident. this has happened several times and the dealer will not replace the tranny because they cannot reproduce the problem at the dealer to generate the proper codes. although the mechanic took it for a spin and it did happen again, but at the dealer it wont do it again. very frustrating and dangerous. I will OWN Honda if i am injured because of this problem. anyone else with this problem??
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    Does anyone know of any website or Honda's part number for outside temp sensor & harness. The EX-L has this feature but not the EX or LX versions.

    I almost certain that the bulk wiriing harness and even the IP read out pin connector head are all the same and the EX-L just has the temp sensor/harness that somewhere connects to main wiring harness.

    It is too bad that Honda keeps this important feature to their cars with leather seats, when everone else offers it in their base models.
  • bluetoothlessbluetoothless southeast floridaMember Posts: 15
    Don't know about that individual part, but schematics/diagrams are provided for various subcategories at this website. Prices are very reasonable versus retail and John/JP is very eager to help.
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    Having a clearish sugary sticky liquid coming out by the front drivers side tire area...any idea what this is? Mine is an '06 model, but basically the same car.Looks to be one of the fluids...just not sure which one. Car is over 4 years old but doesn't have much mileage, under 31k, due to not driving much.

    Any help with this matter would be helpful. Plan to take it into my mechanic on Monday morning. :(

    The Sandman :( :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

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    I bought a used 2008 Civic. The dealer put on crappy tires so at 38,000 miles I replaced all tires with new Michelin. They were the recommended size and are properly installed and inflated. The same day they were installed my mileage dropped from 40 mpg Hwy to 31 mpg Hwy. The city mileage is even worse. Any ideas would be appreciated as to why this happened. I did take it back to the tire shop that installed the new tires, and they assured me that everything was in order. HELP??!! :confuse:
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    I just heard the same crap from the Honda dealer in Anchorage Alaska. I have been driving my 2008 Honda Civic SI for 2 years. Suddenly I get an electical type smell and bring the car immediatly to the dealer. They racked it and said I must have ridden the clutch too long but said everything looked normal and fine. Less then a week later the clutch started slipping and the clutch was "completely burned up". I had the car towed into the dealership and now I'm being told it is not covered by my extended warrenty because 'I was at fault' " I have been driving manual vehicals for over 40 years and never once have I burned out a clutch. I drove one little manual Ford Exp well over 150,000 miles and never once had a clutch issue. So what have recourse has anyone had? I'm am being told it's not going to be covered by my warrenty because it's "my fault". Of course that is typical but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? I was getting a very noisy vibration on my 2008 Civic EX. I had a local repair shop look at it and they diagnosed it as being caused by the motor mounts settling and picking up the vibration from the engine. The shop lifted the engine a bit, I assume to resettle the mounts in a different orientation. The vibration isn't as loud as it was but it is still there. I find it particularly disturbing to have an engine mount problem on a 4 year old Civic with only 84,000 miles on it, 95% of those miles are highway miles. I seem to remember reading about a recall on 2006 & 2007 Civics for motor mounts but not '08'.
  • csweencsween Member Posts: 3
    That was one of my problems. I think there was something intrinsically wrong with the brake system. Sometimes when I hit the brakes while going over a bump, it felt like they were slipping and not stopping. Very scary. I just traded it in for a Hyundai Elantra. Here are some of the problems I had besides the brakes. I actually needed a new engine after it overheated, it was still under warranty, I had to replace two axles and it was making noise again, I had to put in a new starter , battery after a year and a half, the last thing, the air conditioner died while it was 90* outside. I was lucky to get what I owed for the trade in. I feel really bad that someone else will buy that car. I just couldn't afford to keep it any longer. My payments are lower and I have a new car.
  • csweencsween Member Posts: 3
    Sorry I didn't see this message 2 years ago. Honda said I must be driving in bumper to bumper traffic which I do not. I work at 5am just to avoid that. Of course they saw nothing wrong and just ignored me. I was upside down at the time. I just got $6000 for the trade in(even exchange). I feel lucky yet bad because the car will be cleaned up for another poor sucker to deal with.
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    My daughter has an 2007 Civic EX and we put a set of Michelin Pilot Sports on it. They were the original size. She also has had her mileage drop like a rock. She was getting 40mpgs and now around town she is getting about 19mpgs. She lives in Boston and I am in NJ. So I asked her to check the tail pipe. She ran her finger inside the pipe and said it was real black. I thought it might be running real rich. But she just took it to the Honda dealer this morning and they said everthing was fine. My brother has the same tires on his Passat and he has no loss of mpgs with them. I am puzzled too. I fwe come up with something I will get back to you.
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    The original Bridgestone's on my 08 returned a little under 40 mpg. The replacement Yokohama Envigor and now Kumho Ecsta 4x barely get 35mpg. The oem tires were crap, but the mileage could not be beat.
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    hey tony my name is artie have 08 civic coupe automatic and when car is cold and rpm is high and you put in in reverse the drive train shutters or vibrates badly it sounds like you have same problem since you said repair shop addressed issue by trying to adjust motor mounts you say it did not eliminate problem. since then have you had the problem corrected completly and what repair cured the vibrating in reverse. hope you can help me out.
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    Hello, Civicowner3,

    My 2013 Civic is doing the exact same thing to my husband and I. It's awful. The car is five months old and began making us increasingly ill over the past two months. It first began with headaches and then became much worse over the months, and now includes a metallic taste and the inability to drive the car for longer than five minutes or so--with the windows rolled down, even!--without getting seriously spaced out. That spacey/dizzy/headache feeling does not go away for a while; sometimes symptoms persist for 12 hours or more. Very scary.

    We've brought it to two different Honda service areas now, and my husband was in the emergency room hours later with high blood pressure and bad neurological symptoms after driving the car 15 minutes to the last dealership while I followed behind in a rental car. It was very scary. He, too, was in perfect health before this car came into our lives.

    I realize this is an old thread, but hopefully you still keep an eye on it... If so, can you share what ever became of your car? Was the problem able to be diagnosed?

    We're not sure how to proceed beyond environmental testing of the car both while the car is off and on, to hopefully determine what is leaking into the cabin while driving that has a faint exhaust smell and metallic taste/sensation in the mouth and lungs. As it stands now, we can not drive the car because it makes us very sick. From Google searches, it looks like it could be engine refrigerant (R134a) possibly, but I'm just guessing from what I've read. Hopefully an environmental test can pull that up.

    We had all services done properly at a dealership, and this is our third new Honda purchase since 2003, and the only one with a major defect. Not sure what to do from here, but know we can't get in the car without hurting ourselves and potentially others on the road (because it makes us so spacey/dumb after only a few minutes on the road that it's challenging to drive properly--afraid of causing an accident).

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.


    [Edit: Also, forgot to add: This happens regardless of whether the A/C or heater is on, and whether on recycle setting or not. It even makes you sick with the windows down and A/C and heat off, too, though with windows up it becomes very dangerous to be in there within mere minutes. That said, the "metallic taste" is much stronger with the AC on, and whatever is coming into the car from its faulty mechanics has soaked itself into the seats because now even before you start the car, you can smell that metallic exhaust-type smell faintly. I've never experienced anything like it.]
  • civicowner3civicowner3 Member Posts: 47
    heaven help you. I fought them and got slandered locally and by the company and was stuck w the lemon. they would not even trade in the lease for another.

    here is what I want you to do:

    Contact the office of Glenn Thibeault Canada, speak with his assistant Noah tell him your issue.

    pass on my name if you like. that office wrote Honda on my behalf. it was not successful. even the politicians cannot control the corporations who cheat and put the onus on the customer.

    ask for a Canadian lemon law which is what I did .

    this is called strength in numbers.

    my car was tested for mould, metallic sounds chemical to me may be impossible to test for.

    they are slapped together, therefore they leak simple

    Good luck email me if you need me
  • 13civic13civic Member Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for your reply, and so sorry to hear that you couldn't reach a satisfactory resolution. I'm actually here in the U.S., so I'll have to see what resources are available here. I'm pretty upset about it. I chose Honda for its reliability and economy, and what I've got now are weakened lungs and a dangerous car I can't drive after nearly five months new off the lot. As for now, I have been instructed to wait a few more days for them to try to diagnose the problem, so I'll wait to see what they say. I'm too scared to get back in the car regardless, especially after my husband landed in the hospital as a result of whatever is blowing in there from somewhere in the engine compartment. To be continued . . .
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    Has anyone had any luck with Honda paying for Motor Mount replacement My sister has a 2008 Honda Civic 69.000 miles Has always been serviced at Certified Honda Dealer Went in last week for normal maint. and was informed she had a Broken Motor Mount Has never been in accident and drives on paved streets Can't believe a motor mount failure When I called dealer he said it was probably the side mount Has had to order several in past. Seems to me a low mileage vehicle should not have to replace mounts with normal driving and operation of vehicle. Dealer want $470.00 + for labor and parts. Anyone out there has had similiar experience Remedy?
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLMember Posts: 136
    My 2008 honda civic at a speed greater than 45 mph sounds like something is shaking in thr front nose of the car. Almost like there is something loose with a rattle. It is not loud noise, but it is noticable. I thought it could be the
    front licence plateholder. But it is not. Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
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    How 'bout the splash pan under the bumper? Sometimes those bolts come loose and the bumper starts to separate.

    Also, there may be splash guards on the inner part of the fenders, or to the left and right of the engine oil pan--check all that as well. Often they are held on by rather flimsy fasteners that just pop off.
  • 1sebringnow1sebringnow FLMember Posts: 136
    Thanks Mr Shiftright - I checked those - and then I noticed that there is a plastic/rubber piece which lies flat on the nose. Sure enough, those cheap plastic bolts had come loose and the plastic had popped out of the grill. Took me about 20 minutes to diagnos - many many thanks for leading me in the right direction. It is great not to hear any noise or flapping anymore. Car is just like new.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Great, good detective work!
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