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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs



  • amg1099amg1099 Posts: 14
    is this true? how did this happen? i dont think i've had any recall paper documenting they have a repair already. are they supposed to contact us?
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Probably because it's an isolated problem that not many are experiencing. You just happen to be one of them. Inquire at your local Toyota dealer.
  • Have grinding noise from my 09 Corolla alternator. Removed belt and feels like bearings are OK, no drag or noise. Could this be brushes? 58k miles and faced with $375 for new one. Any ideas?
  • I have an 2009 Toyota Corolla Sport

    I have been in the dealership every month since January and they cannot seem to find out why the speakers on the passenger side of my car keeps cutting out. Anyone else having these issues???

    Been told that it could be:

    A) Replaced speakers
    B) fuse box had water in it
    C) fuse cover slipped
    D) No idea?
    E) refused to replace wiring

    Now here I am almost at the end of my 60000 klm warrenty and its happened again this month!!!!!

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Call a Toyota rep.
  • Does anybody know if the 2009 Corolla is equipped with a transmission lockout that prevents you from shifting from drive to reverse (at any speed)?
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    You mean to tell me that something like that is not standard on all vehicles?
  • Just called the Customer Experience Center for Toyota. They confirmed that there is no transmission lockout feature. Buyer beware.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    So are you implying that other car manufactureres do have this feature?
  • Just found a major rattle in my new 2010 Corolla. It was driving me crazy. The rattle was on the drivers side lower left on the dash. I was able to duplicate the problem by pounding on the bottom of the dash. If you remove the little compartment door (below the power mirror buttons) you can get access to behind the dash. My noise was coming from a black piece of plastic that was above the access area. I just put a piece of foam rubber by it and the problem went away. That access door is easy to remove. There are lots of little goodies back there to make noise!
  • Hi,

    I am having the same problem with my corolla 2009. Noticed that since new. Took it to dealer and they said they couldnt reproduce problem. What was the outcome for you ?

  • I own a 2009 Toyota Corolla. This car has 30000 miles today. I had the front brake pads replaced at 15000 miles because dealer told me they were bad. I thought odd so quick but felt it was a safety issue. At that time I was told the rear would need to be replaced likely at the next service or definitely the 1 after. I just took my car in 2 weeks ago for the 3rd service since (15000 miles) and the report that both brakes were fine. I said really the rear too and was told there was wear but they were fine. Well due to an other issue with the car I had to take the car in for repair today and was told the front brakes were bad and needed replacing. I said again they were just replaced. Ironically the back brakes were marked as good. I am either being scammed or this is a toyota issue. Anyone have the same issue or any suggestions?
  • I am at 30000 miles and the dealer just told me the brakes need to be changed a 2nd time. Really brake chg every 15000 miles? I have never owned a car that brakes go out that fast. Suggestions for how to get Toyota to fix?
  • 2009 Corolla Brakes - Oh My Gosh - My rotors had to be REPLACED at about 14kMiles. There was a horrible grinding noise. Then the brake pads AGAIN at about 26kMiles. They tried to tell me it was my driving habit . . . OK why have my Land Cruiser brakes been OK for over 40Kmiles? The dealer did replace the rotors and second set of break pads - BUT Something is really fishy about this. Why don't they admit something is up with the calipers?

    At 37kMiles a "go cart" sound was happening with very poor acceleration from takeoff. Took to dealer and claimed it was a computer issue that was fixed at major maintenance intervals. Sounds like a scam.

    What a cheap car - you get what you pay for. Looks like Toyota has arrived w the US and bought in to the planned obsolescence idea. Or maybe its a new term - can't think - planned demand maintenance - I like it - not the concept of course
  • I got my three yrs ago this coming feb, it has 46,058 miles on it and My brakes are still good. Never been replaced and I been told that I have another about 15-20k on them. I don't know what the problem is with your cars but mine is running just fine. Never had anything worng with it other than a heat shield that was loose and needed to be tightened down. I think you have a problem with the brakes or you are being scammed.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited October 2010
    Well, 30,000 miles certainly isn't too soon for front brakes to need replacing as the front brakes always take the brunt of the cars braking. However, with the conflicting information your getting I would certainly take it to a more trusted repair shop; stay away from the dealers if possible. Their doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the Toyota Corollas brakes. In fact your post is the first I know in two years watching this "2009 Toyota Corolla Problems and Repairs" forum refering to a brake problem.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Definitely leaning toward the "SCAM".
  • I have a 2009 S which recently developed a knocking noise from the front passenger side, went to the dealer twice and the replaced the front right strut but knocking still exists and they can't figure out the problem, first I thought the knocking noise was coming from the back end but was told it is the front. dealer asked me to bring it again and they are going to strip it to the bone to try to figure out where the problem is. I don't really like that....
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited December 2010
    Interesting! You don't like that they really want to fix your car and make it satisfying and safe for you to drive. You know, we hear so much on this thread from many customers how the dealers "can't replicate a partiular problem" or even state that they "can't find anything wrong" when a customer brings their car in for service and just send the dismayed customer away. Here we have a dealer that really wants to satisfy, but you are concerned. I can understand your apprehension as you really would prefer that they not tinker with your brand new car but I think you would like it even less if you were forced to drive this car as is. I say allow them to get to the bottom of your problem and in the end if you are not satisfied, take it up with them or Toyota at that point.
  • Thanks for the tip! I have been having the same problem for over 6 months and couldn't find the little noise maker.
  • krusokruso Posts: 1
    The sole reason why I created this account was to spread this information. We have a 09 Corolla as well and at around 30k miles the car started making a high pitch noise at 30+ mph and became a nuisance on the freeway. The noise is consistent with your SPEED while accelerating. I don't drive the car that much but when I drove it I immediately recognized the issue, it was a whine coming from the differential. I took it to my local dealer where we purchased the car from (closest one to us) and dropped it off for another recall and told the service advisor what it was doing, I acted like a novice to see where their prognosis would be. Sure enough they called me a few hours later telling me that they heard the high pitch noise and it was "nothing". According to them it is normal and they suggested for me to come test drive another used Corolla on the lot to verify. Long story short, they're replacing the transmission with a new one. Its on order right now, I will take the Corolla back in a week or so once it comes in to get the new one installed under warranty.

    Here is the kicker, from what I've read almost all of the new Corollas have this issue and Toyota is aware of the issue but at least as of now has not issued a recall on this. There is no centralized location where this information is collected but sporadically all over the internet. If you are stern and stay on their backs they WILL switch the trans with a new unit but since it is the same part number I'm sure its only a matter of time the issue is going to occur again. This noise is not dangerous nor does it make your Toyota unreliable and there are no immediate repercussions but over time as the diff wears down further more it will literally brake the transmission by breaking through the transmission which is very dangerous. I'd rather have the dealer pickup the cost now so I don't have to pickup the tab later.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Interesting, when you state this is sporatically all over the internet can you give us a few links? Is there a technical service bulletin issued for this problem? (TSB)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Interestingly, there is a TSB for differential whine on the RAV-4, but no other model.
  • sjareasjarea Posts: 49
    I had an issue somewhat like yours. I could hear something like a clicking or ticking noise coming from the front. The faster I went the faster the clicking/ticking sound occurred so I knew it was speed/wheel dependent. Does that sound like what your experiencing?

    To isolate the issue I drove the car slowly with the windows down next a cement wall. This caused the noise to bounce back off the wall and amplify it so I could discern where was.

    In my case what it turned out to be was the wheels covers specifically. The plastic wheel covers have a wire rim that helps it mount to the wheel rim. If it is not seated properly then when the wheel rotates and the part that is not seated hits the bottom of the wheel rotation it is under the greatest strain/pressure and that is when it makes the clicking or ticking noise.

    My suggestion to you is to take a rubber mallet or your hand and tap around the entire wheel covers to make sure it is seated properly and help the wire rim conform the the wheel it is covering. Try to find a place where you can drive with the windows down next to a wall and see if you can still hear it.

    It would only take you a couple of minutes and it's free and not the hassles of strut replacement.
  • I had a similar noise and it had nothing to do with the transmission. Does the high pitched noise only happen upon light acceleration? My noise was high pitched but not very loud (though loud enough to be annoying).Basically around 30 if my foot was slightly pushing the accelerator it would whine (If I jammed my foot on the gas it would only make a quick chirp)

    It took me FOREVER to figure out the issue and in the end, Toyota and my dealer were always aware of it but did not want to bother with it.

    On all 09 corollas, Toyota did a recall on the air intake. The braking system could freeze up because of the original design. The recall in question was:

    Special Service Campaign (SSC) – 90H (Phase 2)
    Certain ‘09 – ‘10 Corolla, Corolla Matrix and ‘08 – ‘09 Scion xD Vehicles Equipped with 2ZR-FE
    (1.8 liter) Engines
    Brake System Vacuum Port

    On page 17 of the recall instructions (which I had to BUY! from Toyota) I found this note:

    "Ensure that the air intake connector is properly aligned with the throttle body by pulling
    upward on the air intake connector hose fitting while tightening the bolts. Failure to do
    this may result in a whistling noise during light throttle application."

    I took this into the dealer, they admitted that they knew was the problem and proceeded to do the recall repair again. I even watched them do it jsut to be sure and they actually did it right and I swear I watched them doing it the wrong way again! I had to show the tech the recall instructions (which have picture!) to get him to do it right.

    Toyota should have released a seperate TSB for this issue so that after the recall, something in their system would explain the noise (instead of being buried inthe recall instructions, which no one would think to check).

    If you want the recall instructions just email me directly and I'll send you the pdf.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    No,I don't think the recall was for all "09" Corollas, it was just for certain "09" Corollas owned and operated in the very cold weather states where this problem could occur. It was very location specific.
  • Please terceltom, stay off this board! You never say anything of value to anyone! Your posts make it clear you know nothing about cars and I doubt you even know how to change your own oil! It is obvious you lovvveeee corollas and think that anyone who has a compaint about them is crazy, but you had nothing to back any of your statements up. It makes it so annoying to post anything here.

    The last time I tried to point out this problem on this board you just jabbered on about nothing since it was obvious you knew nothing about anything (whereas I actually bought the recall instructions and was trying to let people know about the problem which as I previously posted is clearly stated on official toyota documents).

    The recall had two stages, one in northern states and the second in just about everywhere else. It was related to cold weather but was implemented basically every state (which of course made sense since even someone living in texas could drive to minnesota and have the brake lines freeze).

    And even if the person in question did not have the recall done themselves, it could have been done while it was on the lot before being sold, or even during production (if produced after the initial problem was discovered). It is at least worht looking into.

    Terceltom, please think before posting.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited January 2011
    I'm so sorry if I offended you. I want to be sure 2009 and 2010 Corolla owners know the whole story about that particular service campaign you are referring, not just the part you choose to make aware of. Phase II of SSC 90H was issued back in late 2009 or early 2010 and was only issued to those Corolla owners who had Phase I completed. So if you operated your Corolla mainly in one of the 32 states not listed, and never had phase I completed, you would have not received a copy of Phase II. Phase II was only issued to correct the way the fix was completed in Phase I. This service campaign was issued initially for power assist brake failure due to freezing in only very, very cold weather and in only 19 listed states. Also, if I remember correctly a few states might have been added to Phase II. Although I did receive the Phase I notice of service campaign SSC 90H my 2009 Corolla was never affected by this service campaign due to my location of the state of PA and no sign of an issue. Again please don't feel offended if I choose to clarify your post just to be a little more detailed for other owners. But I encourage you (and those that do not change their own oil), to continue to post on this thread cause I would never be so juvenile as to ask you or anyone else to keep their opinions to themselves. But you are correct about one thing, I DO LOVE COROLLAS, hope thats allowed?
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,180
    Sarcasm is really not necessary it? You shoulda stopped after "I do love love Corollas". That last jab was totally unnecessary & childish...knock it off! :)

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited January 2011
    The topic is "toyota problems and repairs".

    Oh, and I don't "love, love" Corollas, I just love them. Please quote me correctly if at all.
  • I purchased my 2009 toyota corolla le in late 2008. After 22000 miles, in the winter of 2009 my car wouldn't start. The temp that night was in the teens. I called my dealership (Ralph Hayes Toyota) and told them of the problems I was having. They sent a tow truck out and when it arrived the car started. There was a 25 degree temp differential in when I initially tried to start the car and when tow truck arrived. The tow driver tried to start the car and it fired right up. He said he should go ahead and take the car anyway so any problems could be resolved. Ralph Hayes kept my car and said they could not replicate the problem I was having and said no codes showed up. Kept my car for two days. No resolve but didn't happen again till December 2010. Friend suggested having battery tested. Normal. Yesterday had the same issue when I tried to start car for work. Now my car is out of warranty and dont know what to do. I am still paying for a car that is sporadically undependable. If anyone might have a resolution to my issues please post. I already tried heet water remover/fuel antifreeze. Made sure all starting connection are tight. Battery tested. Do not leave keys in car, something about immobilizer reset. :(
  • It doesnt take a genius to see the obvious damage control going on in this forum. As you are trolling internet forums to save Toyota face for a buck, just remember the ones that have lost their lives to greed.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited January 2011
    Please don't assume that those of us that like Corollas are out to "save Toyotas face for a buck". I would be careful of accusing others of taking money from Toyota. This thread is not just a Toyota bitchin thread, it's for trying to help and solve other owners problems which is exactly what some of us have been trying to do on this thread for many years, well before Toyota's recent missteps. As a brand new one day member perhaps you should monitor this forum a little while to see how we help others before making such accusations.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Those who decide they need to continue to post personal comments will lose their ability to post in this discussion. There's a limited amount of "help" in here compared to personal sniping, and I don't think those posts would constitute a great loss to members seeking assistance with their issues.

    Focus ONLY on problems & solutions that YOU can provide, not on anyone else's posts, and things will go along just fine.


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  • I just want to clear up the details of the recall in question since I have the document. I have copy and pasted this directly from the recall instructions. As stated below. Phase 1 was for the 19 coldest states and Phase 2 was for an additional 13 states with cold weather. Phase 2 was not issued to correct the earlier phase, it was issued for new states (and happened to include a new instruction for the noise). As far as I know (after searching Toyotas TSBs on their tech site), they have never released a TSB or any sort of specific fix for the whistling noise. So if someone had the earlier phase repair, or as in my case, they did not do the repair correctly in the 2nd phase, they would have little info to determine where the noise came from.

    "To: All Toyota Dealer Principals, Service Managers, Parts Managers
    Subject: Special Service Campaign (SSC) – 90H (Phase 2)
    Certain ‘09 – ‘10 Corolla, Corolla Matrix and ‘08 – ‘09 Scion xD Vehicles Equipped with 2ZR-FE
    (1.8 liter) Engines
    Brake System Vacuum Port

    As communicated in late August, 2009, Toyota initiated a Special Service Campaign on the brake system
    vacuum port for certain ‘09 – ‘10 Corolla, Corolla Matrix and ‘08 – ‘09 Scion xD vehicles equipped with 2ZR-FE
    (1.8 liter) engines.

    This program is being launched in phases. The first phase was launched in late August,
    2009, as a Safety Recall to 19 cold states that have severe and prolonged cold weather conditions. As this is
    directly related to specific cold weather conditions, the remaining 31 states are not part of the Safety Recall.
    • 19 Cold States: AK, CO, ID, IL, IA, KS, ME, MI, MN, MT, NE, NV, NH, NY, ND, SD, VT, WI and WY

    The purpose of this communication is to inform you that Toyota is prepared to launch the second phase of this
    campaign. This phase will be launched as a customer satisfaction Special Service Campaign in the following
    13 states:
    • Phase 2 States: CA, CT, DE, IN, MA, MD, NJ, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA and WV"

    Also worth noting, even if someone did not have the recall done themselves, the recall instructions note that:

    "Dealers are requested to perform SSC procedures on any vehicles in their stock prior to sale or lease.
    Vehicle SSC completion can be verified through TIS."

    While this may not be the correct solution to the original noise complaint. it certainly is worth looking into.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Your mis imformed it was only selected states but once you hit send its :blush: to late
  • Does anyone else find the 2009 corolla seats really uncomfortable on long drives?

    If so, any suggestions on specific items to purchase to make them more comfortable? I have tried an assortment of cushions, seat heaters, and lumbar supports with no luck.
  • I have a 2009 Corolla and my problem with the seats and gas pedal position is so bad I could hardly drive around the corner. I have the car 2 years already and it's been nothing but a problem. It started out with a pain in the ankle and then the knee. I just can't seem to get comfortable, I'm only 5'-8" and I'm all crunched up in this car. I've tried every possible seat position, steering wheel position, you name it, it's just terrible. I'm trying to get Toyota to work out some type of trade in because I have to get rid of this car!
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    No not at all, on the contrare I think they are very comfortable. In the previous generation they were known to be uncomfortable but that was resolved with the production of the 2009 and later.
  • Have you tried using cruise control?

    I had the right leg pain for a while too (now I just get back and neck pain after long drives). I never had the leg pain with any other car I drove but it got so unbearable that I installed cruise control and basically use it nonstop nowadays. But all my driving is on the highway so it makes it that easy.
  • I do a lot of city driving so i don't know what to do, probably have to sell.
  • The closest thing to a solution I have found is using a seat cushion and lumbar support. I currently use the two below: _1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296580927&sr=8-1 kiid=categoryLandingPage_Automotive_And_Garage_Automotive_Comfort|C4CategoryProd- List1FDT|7177473

    The Brookstone cushion is a bit pricey, but amazon has tons of cheaper ones.

    The problem with all the seat cushions on the market (including the one above) is that they do not extend all the way to the edge of the seat (which puts pressure on the thighs and can cause back pain from what I have read). My solution was to buy to two cushions, cut one in half, and tape it to the other ones front, thereby extending it all the way to the seat edge. This has helped, though not elminated the pain from driving.

    P.S. I also have had some luck putting the headrest all the way down. When it is up a bit, it pushed my head too far forward.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,937
    It might be cheaper (than selling) to install a new seat, e.g. a Recaro, with multiple adjustments.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    edited February 2011
    Too bad your going to have to sell your car due to driver comfort issues. I didn't realize driver comfort was a problem for some, with the Corolla. Perhaps a Camry would have fit you better. Isn't it funny how diferent things affect different drivers? There's the EPS steering issue, which some swear is a problem and others just love it as it is. Then you have the seats, that I myself find rather comfortable, yet others actually have to sell their car because they can't stand to drive in such an "uncomfortable" drivers seat. But I hope everything works out for you without much inconveniance and expense.
  • Sandman6472Sandman6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 5,180
    Got my seat cushion back in '05 after my accident & it's fabulous to sit's that memory foam inside & fits the entire lower seat cushion. Think it cost $125.00 back then, a little pricey but worth every penny! :) Used it at work & in the car...only drive with it now. Check it out.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier RS (daughter #1) / 2020 Hyundai Accent SE (daughter #2)

  • gannon25gannon25 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    >> (post #792) etho1416 wrote:
    >>If you want the recall instructions just email me directly and I'll send you the pdf.

    Etho1416, your profile doesn't have your email address. I'm interested in getting this vacuum port/whistle issue pdf (I'd like to avoid buying it if possible) as my dealership thinks there is nothing that can be done. I'm reluctant to post my email address but if you check my profile I'll have it viewable for a short while. Then if you could email me the pdf I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    PS - I swear I'm not a spammer so you can send me the pdf without worrying.

    PPS - Stupid profile won't show my email address no matter what I do to change my account so I guess I'll post my address and then delete this post in a few days. Send pdf to [email protected]m
  • I have a 2004 Toyota Sequoia and have recently lost the master-key to the ignition and so I bought two keys online and the dealership says that they can't program the keys I bought because they aren't master-keys. Their definition of master-key is a key that has a little s on the metal. But the website promises me that these keys will indeed work and I have valid proof of it to. The dealership says that the may have to change out the ecu in the car. That will be over 300 dollars. I don't know what to do.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Yes they are indeed correct. I made the same mistake buying some keys online like that. Those keys will open the doors and are Toyota keys but when cut will not start the car as they make no kind of communication with the ignition because they are chipless. Only the keys with the little "s" on the key have the computer chip inside which allows them to be programmed. If you look real close you will see that the keys with chips also have a very little dot on the metal top of the key. To get the best price on original OEM keyfobs go to "remoteforless" on Ebay, you can't beat this guys prices on OEM keyfobs.
  • I've tried everything, I do use cruise alot. What I did notice lately is the position of the gas pedal, it seems to be too far over to the left because of the width of the center console. The console starts out narrow by the knee but gets wider by the gas pedal, I think the gas pedal should at least be inline with the side of the seat. It's definitely a few inches to the left. I feel like the whole time I'm driving I'm holding my leg up and just can't relax. The car just doesn't fit me.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Your post about the offline pedal was highly unusual so I had to check it out for myself. My gas pedal is in direct line of my right leg, if my pedal was any more further right my right leg would be off the right edge of the seat. Why don't you check other Corollas to see if your seat was some how installed wrongly. I mean that would be highly unusual and unlikely as these cars are made by robots but I just can't understand your pedal being that far offline with the natural position of your right leg.
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