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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    If you walked and since you already left your phoe number with them, they would have called you and offered a lower price.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Anybody seen TV ad's for the 2009 Maxima??

    I've seen some 2009 Maxima advertising going on in the magazines but none on TV. Guess they are first trying to clear the selves on the 2008 model (which now can be had for $7000 off MSPR) before doing the ads for the 2009 Maxima.
  • lucky4me2lucky4me2 Posts: 15
    Where is the 2009 Maxima built?
  • Its built in Tennessee and wow what a car. Went and sat in one today and could not drive as they were writing it up for sale as I was there. The interior is beautiful and near the level of quality of my 03 Lexus GS. Doors shut with a nice thud, front seats are extremely comfortable and the car in my opinion will be a huge success. I would have liked to have driven it and listened to the BOSE sound system etc but not today. I will definetly be keeping this on my list of cars to consider. I did own an 03 Max SE that I did not like. This one is worlds apart. If you have any doubt about this car, go look at one. I am not being biased for any reason as I am a Toyota Salesman!
  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    TV advertising begins on August 8 with several commercials in NBC Olympic coverage.
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313
    For those of you with a 2009 Maxima, I would be very interested in your thoughts on driving a car with a CVT. Is this your first experience with that type transmission? What do you see as the major differences and/or advantages between it and a traditional automatic transmission? Do you feel throttle response is immediate? Does it seem like an unusual driving experience, or did you get used to it right away? What kind of RPMs does it turn at 70 or 75 mph?

    Any insights would be appreciated. I'm interested in the car, but have only driven an '08 Altima with CVT before. I thought it was okay, but I'm so used to traditional transmissions I wasn't sure about it. FWIW -- Car & Driver feels Nissan has the best CVT setup of anyone.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,081
    I do not have a 09 Max, but I do have a 08 Altima Coupe with the CVT. This isn't my first nissan with the CVT, I have a 07 Versa. At first the CVT is a completely different beast to drive then the traditional shift shock type of automatic. Taking the cars out for the short test drive isn't a way to get a feel for the transmission. The CVT in the versa isn't the same as in the Altima coupe. But it gave me direction on how to drive the car without that rubberband effect that most CVT cars have.. The coupe drives more like a tradtional auto, when you step down on the gas the egines revs, but it moves out smartly. It will take a while to get use to the CVT there is no doubt of that. If you can adapt to new technology with no problems the CVT is wonderful transmission. I highly doubt I'll go back to a traditional transmission. I love the smoothness of the car....
  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    I have a 2009 Maxima. The first couple days it was a little strange not sensing shifts. Very smooth. Excellent.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Car & Driver feels Nissan has the best CVT setup of anyone.

    And, in my opinion, that's a bit like saying the Toytoa Avalon is the best cure for chronic insomnia by anyone.

    I'm sorry to sound negative on Nissan, but the company really has big kahunas labeling the 2009 Maxima as a "4 Door Sports Car". I happen to still own a 1995 Maxima SE 5-speed manual transmission and, while not exactly in the same league as my 2005 Porsche 911S, it still remains a sporty, fun to drive sedan after 14 years and 156,000 miles. When I took it in for service a few weeks ago, the dealer insisted on giving me a 2009 Maxima to test drive. I was sorely dissapointed. Nice comfy interior with techno do-dads out the wazoo. But no more fun to drive than a Camry or Buick rental car. Back in 1995, the Maxima was as close to a competitor of the BMW 3 or 5 series as any Japanese FWD sedan could be. Today, it's not in the same solar system as BMW relative to driving dynamics.

    I realize that the devolution of the Maxima may suit a lot of folks who think a "sporty" drive means listening to ESPN radio on their 12 speaker Bose surround sound system while they pluck their eyebrows in the rearview mirror knowing that the CVT transmission needs no driver input. Fine. But please, Nissan, call a spade a spade. The 2009 Maxima, with its obese curb weight, soft tuned suspension, and "best of breed" rubber band CVT transmission is no more of a "4 door sports car" than Grandma's Buick was 30 years ago.

    And, just for the record, back in 1995 when the Maxima won several car of the year awards and was labeled a 4-door sports car by actual driving enthusiasts, it also sold at least 3 times as many units annually as the it has in the last several. So apparantly I am not the only one who is dissapointed with the direction that Nissan has taken with the Maxima. Someone in senior management needs to be taken behind the woodshed and spanked with one of those rubber band CVT's. You may have managed to beat out the Avalon in the quest for an over the counter cure for insomnia, but you've left the BMW 3/5 series without even the slightest competition. :(
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,081
    Interesting, since Nissan has NEVER stated that the MAX was to be compared to a BMW, even in the Hey Day of the 4DSC days... Nissan knows better then that, that is why we have Infiniti...

    The new MAX goes against the Acrua TL, which is does very nicely. The 4DSC is a marketing gimick....
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I distinctly remember that the 1995 Nissan Maxima went head on head and matched the 328i in various automotive magazine comparisons, which is partly why at least a couple gave it COTY award. I test drove it against the 328i myself and concluded that it was damn competitive in performance, with better back seat room and a $7k+ lower price tag. Nissan didn't have to toot its own horn with a BS marketing gimmick, it earned independent respect with substance.

    As for Infiniti, back in that era, after the success of the 1995 Maxima, they simply rebadged the 1996 GLE version as an I30 (with no SE model or manual transmission option). Perhaps that was the start of image over substance that has plagued Nissan since.

    As for Acura, when we relocated my Maxima to our second home a few years ago, I replaced it with a a new 2004 TL 6-speed manual. Again, it's no BMW 535/550 6-speed, but it was a boatload above the 2004 Maxima (and current 2009 model) in driving dynamics and sportiness.

    Please understand, I am not trying to convince anyone that the current Maxima isn't a good competitor with a Camry, Avalon, ES350, Accord or the host of other comfy near luxury sedans. I am just pointing out that over the past decade, Nissan has done everything possible to make the label of "4 door sports car" a complete farce, epitomized by the ridiculous CVT only transmssion choice.
  • briroganbrirogan Posts: 17
    LMAO! Sorry I had to get that out. It seems that from just one test drive you were able to make a very bold opinion of the new Maxima. I happen to actually own one and I think the '09 Maxima totally lives up to the statement "4 door sport car". I have driven Mercedes C class, Altima, Lexus IS, and even the M35 and G35 and I was most impressed by the Maxima by far. I find it quite hard to believe you are comparing the Maxima to a Buick! I have also owned a sports car and I feel the Maxima is extremely quick for a luxury sedan. Maybe you should BUY one and then after a true feel for the car you can post all of the negative remarks you want ;)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    LMAO as well. I should "BUY" a car that I am unimpressed with on a test drive? And doing so would give me more credibility? :confuse:

    I was impressed with the Maxima relative to its competition in 1995, which is why I bought one back then. Since then, almost every time I have taken my Maxima in for service or annual inspections, I am given a new one as a loaner. My "test drive" of the "new and improved" 2009 a couple of weeks ago covered 50 miles and I had ample opportunity to put the car through the paces on a variety of driving conditions that didn't just include mashing the pedal to the metal between stop lights.

    I would be a jerk if I suggested you shouldn't be happy with the car you bought. I sincerely hope you are. But it sounds like we have different priorities, preferences and tastes. My issue is with Nissan labeling the Maxima a 4-door sports car - and then offering it only with a CVT transmission, letting the curb weight bloat and, seemingly, de-emphasized driving dynamics (braking, steering, transitional handling, etc) in favor of do-dads. Come on. Even stodgy Mercedes offers a 6-speed manual and adjustable sport suspension in the C class.

    For what it's worth, I am an equal opportunity critic. I was dissapointed with Acura spending a lot of dollars redesigning and marketing the RL as a "sport sedan" only to find it weighed 4,000 lbs, the "super handling" AWD system wasn't all that super, and an overloaded V6 with a slushbox only automatic transmission. Equally unimpressed when Nissan set out to "reincarnate the spirit of the 240Z" with the 350Z, and instead produced an unimpressive overweight wannabe from their spare parts bin. On the other hand I was impressed with and bought a Honda S2000 - which, even though I no longer own it, I am quick to give positive credit to as a exceptional ground up sports car that competes very well with the $20k more expensive base Boxster.

    Nissan probably doesn't give a rat's rear about my opinion. But it would be nice if someone other than BMW took the term "sport sedan" a little more seriously. And no, I don't actually own one of those (BMW's), so forgive my expressiveness.
  • Wow - rarely have I read comments/a review that I more disagree with.

    Certainly everybody is entitled to his/her opinion - so I'll give you that - but I think you really missed it here.

    The '95 Maxima a better "sports sedan" than the '09? Please...

    What did the '95 have - 190 horses? Compared to the '09's 290 horses?

    Yes - it's true - the '09 Maxima is a luxurious sedan...but all cars in its class are luxurious. Being luxurious doesn't take away from the car's performance.

    The '09 Maxima handles like a charm. Is it a true sports car? No - and it doesn't handle like one. But can it absolutely hold its own against any car marketed as a "sports sedan"? Absolutely.

    The car is quick! It's not sub-6.0 in 0 to 60...but it's a darn quick car nonetheless.

    It's wide agressive stance glues this car to the road. It can turn on a dime and keeps the driver firmly in control during aggressive cornering, accelerating, and braking.

    I would have chalked up your critic to a valid opinion - albeit one I fully disagreed with. But you lost all credibility when you claim that the '09 Maxima is comparable to a Buick, as far as being a "sports sedan" goes. That comment is simply silly. Comparing the '09 Maxima to a land-yacht like a large Buick is simply off-base.

    I can compare the '09 Maxima to a Lamborghini, but doing so no more puts the Maxima into the Lamborghini's super-car class than your comparison puts the Maxima in the same class as a Buick sedan.

    That's just silly.
  • briroganbrirogan Posts: 17
    Thank you Cyberpunk, this guy thinks he knows everything about all vehicles it seems! :surprise:
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,081
    Being test by a Auto Mag for COTY isnt the same as Nissan saying that the MAX was built to go againt the BMW...

    The Current MAX is light years ahead of the BMW as far as stlyin, safety and Tech. It might not be as fast but then again, the BMW is about 10K more then a MAX too.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The '95 Maxima a better "sports sedan" than the '09? Please... What did the '95 have - 190 horses? Compared to the '09's 290 horses?

    Sorry to disagree, but yes, relatively speaking, the 2009 Maxima IS a land yacht Buick compared to the 1995.

    In 1995 the Maxima SE 5-speed was named Car of the Year and competed well in performance against the BMW 328i. The were neck and neck in acceleration, slalom, braking and handling. In the 14 years since, what has Nissan done? The curb weight bloated up 600 lbs and the 5-speed manual has been replaced with what? A 6-speed? A SMG or DSG? Hell no, sports fans, a rubber band CVT that even a castrated driving enthusiast wouldn't own.

    Would someone even DARE to pit the 2009 Maxima to a 2009 BMW 335i at the track? What a joke that would be. An Avalon or ES350 maybe, but the Maxima against the 335i in any performance or "sport" contest would be an embarassment.

    I am not debating that the 2009 Maxima isn't a good mid/large size near luxury sedan. What I am saying is that in the 14 years since I cross shopped a Maxima against a 328i, BMW has remained focused on catering to the driving enthusiast and Nissan decided to go in a totally different direction. And a CVT transmssion - which is what started this thread - is about as obvious evidence as one will ever find.

    P.S. As far as "darn quick" being the measure by which some are willing credit the 2009 Maxima, consider that the 1995 Maxima and 1995 328i both had 190 hp and both did 0-60 in 6.6 seconds with 5 speed manual transmssions. In 14 years, BMW has used 300 hp in the RWD 335i to generate 0-60 times of around 4.9 seconds. Now tell me what good has adding 100 hp to a FWD platform with an extra 600 lbs of curb weight done for the 2009 Maxima?
  • Nissan now this car isnt a Lotus. but a lot of manufacturers are trying to inject some life in their cars. there is still a market for the Buicks of the world , albeit a smaller one that 15-20 years ago, but many car makers are trying to put some spunk in their cars. there is still a demand for minivans and tucks all alike.

    Nissan isnt trying to call this car something its not. its a FWD sporty family sedan. that is it. 290 HP on a car that handles quite well and has an aggressive look with nice wheel wells. obviously the infiniti line is not only more expensive, but more lux and sportier too.

    is the Maxima a buick? no, not by any means. is it a Z06? nope.

    its a family sedan that has a sportier edge. the new G8 is the same. but even more sporty, than the Maxima.

    the new max is a really nice car and id love to have one (but i belive they priced it a tad too least for my expectations). however, it mixes lux and sporty and size very well and that is what i want. a coupe does me no good as i have a family and in sales where i need 4 seats all the time, so the G8 has my closest eye, however, right after that the Max fall in to place.

    i am just dumbfounded people are trying to take the 4DSC to a the ultimate listeral stance and on the other hand trying to compare it to the boats of Buick.... :sick:
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Nissan isnt trying to call this car something its not.

    Excuse me? Yes, they are. From the front of the Maxima brochure to the reappearance of the 4DSC window sticker. And that's the crux of my criticism.

    I think I've beaten this horse past productivity. I applaud anyone who has bought the new Maxima and enjoys it for what it IS. My issue is with Nissan and what the current Maxima ISN'T. The original 240Z was a spectacular sports car for its day that challenged Porsche and Jaguar for some sales - but the 350Z is a bloated, uninspired wannabe. The 4th generation Maxima took the 4DSC label seriously relative to its sedan competition - the current generation would be well advised to abandon that 4DSC designation altogether. And cut the TV ads with a guy pretending to be shifting a CVT while his wife/girlfriend applies make-up in the passenger seat. That's pitiful.

    I concede that Infiniti has picked up a little of Nissan's slack with the G35/G37. However, when you consider that the 4th generation Maxima annual sales significantly exceeded the sales of the current Maxima and G35 sedan combined, there are still a lot of former Maxima owners whose loyalties have been lost.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,081
    Regarding the "current" ad of the guy pretending to be shifting while his girlfriend/wife applys make up That ad was from the previous Gen Max, to show how smooth the CVT is....

    U miss the point altogether, there are people who want a FWD Lux car that is sporty, and that is what the new MAX is. I havae never heard Nisan say the new MAX is a true sports car....
  • Please stop. Buy a Buick. Put plastic seatcovers on and enjoy it.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I have to agree with Habitat1 here.

    Going 0 to 60 in 6 seconds does not constitute a sports car. Nissan has in some ways lost its way...

    1995 Max was better handling car then 09 Max
    Older Sentra's (SER versions) were better then current Sentra

    I would go as far as saying that my 1995 Infiniti G20 with a 4 cylinder, 140 hp corners much better then 2009 Maxima. Maxima does have lot of raw power (to propel it in a streight line) compare to G20...but on twisties it cannot dance like relatively underpowered G20 (a light weight cars).

    Having said that 09 Nissan is better then the car it replaces.

    Comparing it to a buick is little far out there...However it remains a bloated car with an exceptional interior and good creature comforts....
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    Going 0 to 60 in 6 seconds does not constitute a sports car. Nissan has in some ways lost its way...

    I don't believe either of you have really driven this 2009 Maxima.... I'll bet you haven't even driven the Sport model. Or better yet driven the vehicle in Ds mode...

    This car is by far the best 4dsc Nissan has ever put out. It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series....

    Listen everyone has a opinion but I think your just being biased :sick:

    To who ever owns one congratulations. Enjoy :shades:

  • westgmnwestgmn Posts: 11
    As a long time observer in these forums i rarely comment but i feel i should after that last post.

    1. If you had read habitat's previous few posts in this forum you would have learned that he had driven the new maxima while his old one was in for servicing.

    2. Stop claiming that the maxima is a "4dsc" because it simply is not. It is overweight with a front wheel drive layout and without an option for a manual transmission.

    3. Don't claim that the people who disagree with you are biased, but then yourself state "This car is by far the best 4dsc Nissan has ever put out. It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series...." I really hope you have test driven the 5 series extensively so you can make that statement. I also hope that you have driven "older" maxima's as well since this would help in determining which is "by far the best."
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    I don't believe either of you have really driven this 2009 Maxima.... I'll bet you haven't even driven the Sport model. Or better yet driven the vehicle in Ds mode...

    I am currently looking for G20 replacement and Maxima was one of the choices. I dont have to, nor do I want to convince you that I test drove the car. What I said was just my OPINION.

    Listen everyone has a opinion but I think your just being biased

    You probably are right..I am biased because I had better expectations from Nissan. Specially after what they have done with Altima, Infiniti Division, Brought skyline to I thought 4DSC will family sports car.

    We have owned several Nissan (Original Sentra SE-R, First gen Altima, G20, J30, first gen Q45, and 2000 I30 (essentially a max clone). Of all these cars 2000 I30 was the worst handling-good highway cruiser car

    2009 Max is leagues above 2000 I30, but as I said it cannot touch earlier Max/Nissans.

    If I was in the market for a FWD family sports car in 35K range I probably would consider Max a good buy for what it is...Not for what it pretends to be

    Also please read relatively lukewarm (from drivers perspective) driving impressions in current issue of Car and Driver...and contrast it with 95 Max review of same car in the same mag in which they compare it to BMW (per habitat1)

    I think I am digressing so will refrain from any more posting on this topic.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Food for thought....

    Lots of earlier discussions about comparing older Maxima's to the new generation Maxima (performance, styling, etc...) Yet, one item not in the discussion is how much safety features have improved over the years.

    Example: Morgan Freeman's unfortunate accident in a 1997 Maxima which left him with broken bones. I wonder what the extent of his injuries would have been had he been in a 2009 Maxima with all of those extra air bags and more body rigidity!!

    Given that I currently I drive (or my kids mostly drive) a 1997 Maxima, I'm left to ponder this safety question. Of course, I'm sure my kids would be more than fine for good ole' dad to do the safety upgrade for them:)
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    Buy a Lexus for the same amount of money!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    $79 to fill up the tank in an Altima??? Flightnurse, how can this be? Are you pretty much at empty when you're filling up? I'm paying $50 to $54 a week to fill up my Lexus RX350 SUV; granted I usually have a quarter of a tank in it when I fill up every seven days, and my tank holds 19 gallons. You're not the first one that has mentioned these kind of figures. A friend of mine has a 2000 Altima and she's paying 50.00 a week to fill up. But, she does drive more miles per week than me, as I live closer to work than her.
  • Hey guys,

    Just bought the SV w/ premium and tech and I love it. They're throwing in a free spoiler and now I'm not so sure I want it. Does the spoiler decrease the MPG b/c it increases drag? And is there a way to remove it so that it doesn't leave a mark?

    Thanks in advance.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It is a 100 times friendlier user than a BMW 5 series

    I have driven quite a few of them...

    I also hope that you have driven "older" maxima's as well since this would help in determining which is "by far the best."

    I have been selling Nissan for 6 years and feel confident on my comment.

    I appreciate you keeping me honest :shades:

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