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Toyota 4Runner



  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    All I am going to say is "Mt. Everest". You will know what I am talking about soon enough.

    Side note, check out the new TV show PUSH,NEVADA. Every car in the town is a Toyota, even the sherrif drives a new 2004 4Runner.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    just because platform is shared, does not mean they have to have the same ground clearance does it? My knowledge here is very fuzzy, so someone help me out, but platform sharing merely means that suspension attachment points are the same, but if you have a solid rear axle, then the elevation of the rear diff pretty much determines the ground clearance, which can be raised up by higher tires...that is why on current-gen Runners, the 225/75/15 combo only has 9.8" of clearance, while 265/70/16 combo has 11" of clearance. Couldn't the same principle apply in the new truck? GX has lower tires for on-road comfort and smoothness, Runner has offroad package with more ground clearance and higher tires?

    I STILL bet that the adjustable air suspension is only on the GX, not on the 4Runner, unless it is a very expensive option on the Toyota.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • {YES] now that definitely looks like a 4RUNNER. For some reason that is the best pic yet I have seen of the new 4RUNNER. I like the pic much better & might just have to take back my earlier "SANTA FE" comparo post. One reason I bought my 01 Runner was because there was no mistaking it for what it was{4RUNNER,TRUCK,REAL SUV}.not a wannabe car,van,crossover suv,what is that thing,who makes it,looks like all the other ones.
  • >> now that definitely looks like a 4RUNNER.

    the power of advertisement, no wonder people pay more for lexus and acura for better bronchus :)

    the new 4 runner in the waterfall does like great.
  • I hope that's a waterfall and not the fountain outside the local mall. I agree this picture gives us some hope, can't wait to see it in person and test drive it.
  • I'm looking to buy a new SUV and I'm considering the 4Runner or Sequoia.
    Does anyone on the board have children that use car seats? Can you get 3 car seats in the back of a 4Runner(2002)? I would imagine the 2003 4Runner would have about the same back seat space as the 2002. Hate to upgrade to the Sequoia (or buy a van) if I can wait for a new 2003 4runner. Thanks.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Three across really isn't practical in the 2002 Runner but it will work in the Highlander. It isn't a truck, but it isn't a minivan either.
  • The waterfall hides the back section of the 2003 4Runner. I think it is the least desirable section of the trucks from the pics I've seen.

    The sides from the middle of the back door to the end of the truck is not very nice.

    I'm really looking forward to see it for good. The wait is unbearable mainly because I'm shopping for a new SVU right now and I'd like to be done with it soon.....
  • First off, Airbur, I was going by the GX 470 specs listed on the Lexus site.

    Nippononly, I hope you are right, but with 17" wheels, the tire sizes are limited. The biggest BFG All-Terrain you can go with is 265/70 R-17, which is only slightly taller than the standard tire size that's listed. Now if those not-as-cool-looking 6-spoke wheels are 16", then there are more options to go bigger, but we don't know what will fit under the fenders. They look pretty big in the photos, but who knows.

    1gr2uz has the specs, and 9.1" seems to be the max., so there goes the extra 2 inches of ground clearance! Also VERY DISTURBING is the need for PREMIUM FUEL?! What the HECK is Toyota doing to us?! If they're going to require us to dump that much cash into this truck, that gets worse gas mileage than my 4x4 Jimmy, then they should have developed a hybrid set-up instead. I'm going to have to put a natural gas or propane conversion on this thing to make it worthwhile, and better for the environment! I thought Toyota was on this "Green" kick, but I guess it's all PR after seeing the dismal EPA ratings. I'm guessing the Premium gas helps them get their LEV status, but we're still getting poor mileage. This new truck is getting more expensive all the time, especially if you have to add a lift kit just to equal the current model!

    Sbel4, can you expand a little more on your comment? I hope the new 'Runner is more capable for off-roading than the current gen, but the numbers and photos I'm seeing don't seem to support that notion. Also, how does the Sheriff have a 2004, when we haven't even seen the 2003? ;o)

    Newbuyersuv, you can't get 3 child seats in the back of the 2002; it's too narrow. Because the 2003 is about 5" wider, it may better accommodate them, but we'll have to wait until they come out in a few weeks to know for sure. Personally, with those kinds of space needs, I would either go with the Sequoia or minivan.
  • Yes, if you get BIG tires, you can raise the ground clearance. Unfortunately, the GX470 comes standard with pretty big tires (265/65/17) which is about a 31" tire. You can get bigger tires, but then you suffer odometer error, slower acceleration, rubbing, etc. Toyota has never gone above 275/70/16 sizes.

    TB, remember, the GX/4Runner is a new generation...they have to abide by future government regulations about roll-over. In addition, they must also compete with the all-independent SUVs (XC90, VW Touareg?, MDX, X5, ML, etc.). The 3rd gen 4Runner is nothing close to these vehicles in handling, thus may be losing the average customers. Many off-roaders (except a few, including me & you) don't spend $40,000 to get a off-roading machine...that is too much. They probably get a Jeep Wrangler (or even Rubicon). So, i think Toyota is BSing when they are trying to please the off-roading community. Honestly, for the 4Runner to be a competitor to Explorer, Envoys, etc., it must be a decent handler with OK off-roading talents. That is where the 4th gen is. 3rd gen was just too far off the middle for the average customer. Personally, i am very happy with my 2002 4Runner Ltd. 4x4. TB, go buy one! :)

    Just to give you a clue of the average customer, let me tell you about my girlfriend's father. He loves cars too. He simply could not understand why i got a 4Runner, which has a very high step-in height, modest power, and narrow. He asked, "Why not a Lexus ES300 for the money," or "Acura MDX". My girlfriend is OK with the 4Runner but complains of the high step-in. These are your average customers. Toyota has been doing very well relatively (among imports) because of the bullet-proof reputation. Ford Explorer cleanly beats it in sales because it is cheaper (with more content), faster, and more roomy.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Don't get too upset over the fuel issue yet. That same engine does NOT require premium in the Sequoia nor Tundra but does in the Land Cruiser and LX470. I would wait and see what the book actually has when it comes out. Remember, even Edmunds still thinks the Avalon requires premium and it doesn't and never has.
  • Intmed99, I agree with everything you're saying, but you may not have to recalibrate the speedo or odometer. I went up 2 tire sizes on my 4x4 Jimmy to a 30" x 9.50" BFG AT T/A KO, and drove by a digital radar stand and the speedo was right on. I'm sure the odometer wasn't affected either, as I've charted GPS coordinates very accurately with the trip odo. Now if I were to slap a lift-kit on and, say 33" tires, then I would probably have to recalibrate. I'm guessing with this new generation 'Runner, I won't be able to go up more than 3 tire sizes without a lift anyway, so I'm hoping it won't be affected either.

    Also, while I love the exterior style and off-road prowess of the 2002, there are too many things I don't like, such as less power than my truck, lackluster and cramped interior, and a trailer hitch that rides lower than the tubular factory one on my truck.

    Cliffy1, as always, thanks for putting my mind at ease! I think you are probably right about this and I can't wait to find everything out for sure, soon.
  • Motorweek will introduce 2003 4Runner at 700pm(CDT)next Monday.
  • There is a first impression, with pictures in the new FOUR WHEELER magazine that just came in the mail. It looks much better here than it did in the spy photos, more like a 7/8 scale Sequoia.
  • 2 Months ago my check engine light came on my a 99 5 Speed with the Highlander package, with 46k. I took it into Toyota and they didn't think anything of it so they reset it. It came back on 5 days after they reset the light. They looked at it again and the answer was 1) I ran it out of gas (which I didn't) or 2) my K and N Air Filter fouled my air box sensor. They took it out and all the O2 levels were ok so they suggested I replace the K and N with a standard filter which I did. The light came on again and I've been driving it with the light on for a month now.

    I don't fill the tank up when the fuel light comes on becasue there are still 4 gallons left. Would that hurt it? I hope the oil from the K and N didn't foul my sensor. I don't want to have to put another one on unless the car stops running.

    Any one hear of this before or give me any advice?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Because of the way I use my truck, I never buy them new, usually more like eight to ten years old. Then I can feel free to beat them up, going offroad and enjoying them without worrying about depreciating an expensive car with wear, or scratching gold-plated paint.

    So my current 4Runner is a '90, which is still going so strong I will have it a couple more years, so I am in no rush to go out and get the new one, but if these suggestions of its new reduction in offroad ability turn out to be true, you can bet the third gen will be the last one I ever own! In that case, it is a good thing they made the third gen for seven years - lots of good used ones for a decade to come.

    I am sure they would never make a Toyota that required premium gas, short of a dedicated sports car. Since the same engines in bigger trucks use regular gas, I am quite sure the specs above are for the Lexus model. I am HOPING that that is true for everything else too, and that the new truck will still have truck-like attributes.

    I TOLD YOU the adjustable suspension would be an expensive option!

    This is not a truck that should cater to the center of the pretender crowd, now that Toyota has Highlander. They are making boatloads of $$ on the Highlander - their most popular seller last year I think - and with two SUVs so close in size, they can afford to have one be the street "truck" (Highlander) and one be the REAL truck - 4Runner. Runner has always been a real truck. If they end that tradition, there is no point in even producing it any more, since it is just stealing sales from highlander. Why would they do that?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I will, I will! If only they'd give 'em to the dealers, I'll be the first one in line in Phoenix!
  • I am a bit skeptical of all your information!

    1. Agree with you. I love the 4.7L V8!

    2. Wrong! Many SUVs have a Torsen LSD as the center diff. I believe the Land Rover Disco (2003) and Range Rover has it. Doesn't RAV4 have something like that?? Torsen is not exclusive to Toyota.

    3. That "algorithm" is nothing special. It is on all Lexus vehicles. I believe even newer Toyotas have the hill logic stuff.

    4. Where did you get this info from?? If true, then great! That is pretty good! However, i doubt if it will come close to matching the Land Cruiser/LX470's frame strength, which is considered one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in SUV world!

    5. WRONG! Air suspension does NOT increase ground clearance in a vehicle with solid axle. It will improve approach/breakover/departure angles...but NOT ground clearance!! The only vehicle that has air suspension that will ALSO increase ground clearance is the new Range Rover (due to it's all independent suspension). Also, the Range Rover uses electronic AIR SPRINGS, while Lexus uses electronic SHOCKS.

    6. 4-channel ABS...pretty much standard for class.

    7. "Tilt and telescope steering wheel standard, handy for changing between on and off road." WHAT???!!!

    8. There is NO WAY in hell that the 4Runner is more capable than the Land Cruiser!!! Dude, you need to read your salesman's manual again!

    9. uhhh...i don't think you should run REGULAR gas on the Land Cruiser/LX470's engine.

    Frankly, your information is very biased and plainly wrong! I know you like to promote the 4Runner, but please, some of us do know a little bit about SUVs. I don't think you are that savvy salesperson...on the contrary, you're the worst kind, one that does not know much about his/her vehicles.
  • "It's a Prado, essentially a 7/8ths scale Land Cruiser, but with even greater on and off-road ability than the current L/C IMHO."

    How did you come to this conclusion???? The 2003 LC has a 5-speed auto, same 4.7L V8 engine, etc. The LC alone has good approach/breakover/departure angles withOUT electronic suspension (which some consider a bit UNreliable in off-roading).

    How did you come to this conclusion??
  • Ok....

    2. The '03 Disco can lock the center diff too. In fact, on my '02 4Runner i can also lock the center diff in 4-hi and 4-lo.

    4. Does crossmember = better, stiffer frame?? Doesn't the GMC Envoy have a ton of crossmembers??

    5. i am right. Toyota does not have electronic air springs...only electronic shocks.

    6. Explain to me the "solid-state blah". Land Cruiser has 4-ch ABS with different modes on high and lo-ranges. Land Rover has had this for years. Nissan has a cheaper version. Explain please.

    7. No comment...personal preference.

    8. Uhh...the 4Runner is only 3 to 4-in narrower. Does that mean my 2002 4Runner is more capable than anything (it has 68")??? How about my bicycle?? That is pretty narrow!

    9. YOUR quote: "Yes, both engines require premium, but can run on regular in a pinch."

    Yes, i would like to ask the new 4Runner's chief engineer why he thought that??? Could he just be BSing to promote his design?? Why did he say that??? I would like to know.

    I am impress that you have bought those are you buying them?? Did you win the lottery or are you leasing??

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, i too off-road quite a bit.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    "I've bought a new Land Cruiser, 4Runner, or LX470 every year for the past 15 years, and drive them the way they're intended."

    Wow, wish I was able to do that.

    Recently went to my Toyota Dealer (Longo Toyota, undergoing various odd renovations/remodeling, who needs a newstand in a car dealership?!) and found out they are putting in "Pro-Lube" additives to the fuel system and engine. Are any other Toyota dealerships doing this, or is this some way for them to pay for their new additions (A newstand?! Come on now...). Also, anyone actually notice a difference when additives like these are added? I didn't really notice anything.

    -On another note, Longo Toyota has the most 02 4Runners left I've seen anywhere, I'd estimate at least 20-30 left.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Lexus claim's the GX470 (V8) will hit 60 in 8.5 seconds-not bad for 4,600 lbs.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    so I don't give a darn about 0-60 times, but I am disappointed, because it looks as though the worst may be true. They have lowered ground clearance...have they lengthened the wheelbase as well? The biggest problem I have encountered with Runner is getting high-centered, and that problem will plague the new generation if they have lengthened AND lowered it. What a shame.

    I don't like comparisons to the "middle of the spectrum"...the middle of the SUV spectrum is a bunch of joke trucks that I would never seriously consider taking off-road.

    So now I have to buy a limited with special air suspension option just to get a ride height a HALF INCH LOWER than what the most basic 4Runner has now, and either way, my rear diff is two full inches closer to the ground.

    Long live the '96-'02s!!!

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    am I the only one here (I might seriously be!) that thinks the current engine has enough power to do the job, and jumping up and down celebrating powerful new engines is missing the point a little?

    Once you take the current generation off the pavement, I have never yet encountered anything it did not have enough engine to handle.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • All this talk about the new Runner...Does anyone know what the length will be, ground clearance, or width? Will a 3rd row seat be an option? How much horsepower will it have...from a V6 or a V8? How much will it cost?...and finally the official date of release...I'm hearing Oct. 15th. Thanks for everyone that assists.
  • You are a little late to the game! ;o)

    All of your questions and more have been answered here on the last 5 or so pages of posts, so if you want to know even more info, you can scroll back and check out all of our ramblings. You can check out for all the specs on the GX, which will be nearly identical to the new 4Runner that shares the same platform.

    But here's a quick run-down to answer your questions. We're still unclear about definite ground clearance numbers, but it looks like maybe a little over 9". The new dimensions are about 5" bigger in all directions, including the wheelbase. 3rd row won't be available on the 4Runner, at least this year, but it is standard on the GX 470. The new V6 is rated at 245 hp and 283 lbs/ft of torque, while the V8 is 235 hp and 320 lbs/ft. Prices are supposed to start at $27,500. We're also not sure about the absolute release date, but our information ranges from the end of September to the middle of October.

    Be sure to check out all of the pics, if you decide to scroll up and scan the previous posts.

  • Toyota of Marina Del Rey also uses it.
    They use the Pro-Fuel as well.

    Pro-Lube - Oil Conditioner
    (engine, trans/diff, & power steering)

    Pro-Fuel - Fuel Conditoiner
    (injectors/carbs, lasts 3,000 miles)
  • After the personal attacks (2599) maybe he left. Too bad, we were getting some good stuff. Did you read about the brakes? Amazing.
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