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Toyota 4Runner



  • if a Toyota after-market company is bringing out any accesories for the new 4-runner, or does one have to wait a while after the initial vehicle launch.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    The 4Runner is below average for mid-size V8 towing, and right in the ballpark for mid-size V6 towing.

    The V8 Explorer, Grand Cherokee and Durango tow much higher loads than the V8 4Runner. Same with the new 6-cylinder Trailblazer.

  • Yes, it is FULL-TIME. The Limited V8 models have a DIAL. You are either in 4-HI or 4-LO (both of which can have the center diff lock or unlock). In normal driving, you are in 4-HI.

    The air bladders in the rear is more for self-leveling during towing and raising it's butt when off-roading (to improve departure angle). It is NOT used to increase towing capacity.
  • Look guys, economy is not that bad! If an '03 Limited V8 4Runner 4x4 cost the same as my '02 4Runner Ltd. 4x4, i will eat my shoes! Or, Toyota did some major cost-cutting beneath the skin to keep the price low. Now, you may (emphasis on MAY) be able to get a V8 SR5 for around $30K IF it is bare-bones.

    Toyota did not significantly lower the price on the current 3rd gen 4Runner (2002 models) EVEN IN IT'S LAST YEAR, among many strong competitors from abroad (MDX/Pilot, ML320, Highlander) and domestic (Trailblazers, Envoy, Explorer)! (Rebates are just another way dealers screw customers.) Why?? Because 4Runners are built so darn well! Like a tank! And so darn reliable.

    The 4th gen looks to be just as well-built (hopefully made in Japan!). PLUS all these options and gizmos! JBL surround sound, XREAS, a freaking V8, side-curtain airbags, self-leveling suspension, voice-navigation, etc....

    There is NO way Toyota can keep the price the same without the customer losing standard '02 features.

    Hopefully, you guys are right...uh-oh, better go clean my shoes! :)
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    what's this hopefully made in japan stuff all about?? honda and toyota make many cars and trucks right here in north america...and their quality is just as good as those made in wages are paid to north american workers and taxes paid to local governments...! i don't get the made in japan all!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I would say "me neither," but I got a Nissan made in Ohio by union Ford workers and was pleased that the drivetrain was shipped over from Japan. Go figure :-)

    What is an American car?



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  • zaadzaad Posts: 9
    I have been following this board for months now to help me decide on 02 vs 03 model and/or other makes etc... and enjoy the quality and manner of info being shared here.
    The warranty got my attention from another link posted here ( review on 03 Runner), it states 3 years/36k warranty.
    I recall the 02 showing 5 year/60k on powertrain which was one of the strong points in 4Runner quality IMO, is this changed or the 3year warranty does not include powertrain thus still possible to be at 5
    The GX470 will be an obvious choice if one has to spent more than $40k on a loaded Limited, one can always remove the 3rd row seat if one so desires, The rear gate opeening is not the better choice over the 4Runner.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    i'm sure the warranty for '03 is the same as that for '02...3yr/36k bumper to bumper and 5yr/60k powertrain...
  • OK this contraband pic embargo thing is getting annoying, not to mention it seems pretty worthless. Steve, is it too much to ask that you repost all of the removed pics, when Toyota deems us worthy? Thanks. In the interim, I'll mull over whether or not I deem this company worthy of my money.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Since the embargo is still on, just refrain from posting the links here and that'll save you and the hosts a bunch of work :-). Meanwhile I guess you'll have to get by on what you can glean from Toyota until all the wraps are off.

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  • The warranty on the new 4Runner is no different than the current model, or the majority of other factory warranties. Most of the warranties on vehicles are 3 years or 36K for bumper to bumper, and 5 years or 60K for powertrain. This is still true of the 2003 4Runner.
  • zaadzaad Posts: 9
    tbcreative, most factory warranties are 3year/36k on evertything with few exceptions like Toyota, MB, VW.., just check the Edmund advise/warranry area.
    I had a leased Blazer ( had to do that to be able to park in GM parking, I work as a contract controls engineer mostly @ GM !! ), it blew the tranny @ 20k miles which could have been @ 37k miles, because of that experience I will never be in a situation to make payments & have to fix a major problem.
    My hard earned money will only go to those who can stand behind their quality in writing.
  • From what I gather from every tidbit of information out there, the Limit is supposed to top out between $38 and $40K. I really hope that people don't feed the gouging frenzy and pay more than it's worth, taking it up to $45K; that would be ridiculous! At that point, I would buy a Hummer H2 or the GX. No, definitely the H2!

    I'm so sick of idiot consumers ruining it for everyone else and paying those prices. Granted, in some ways it helps in the long run, because it helps jump-start the model, making it possible to keep adding improvements for each model year, if sales are high enough. But it still ticks me off to see anyone paying more than MSRP. Heck, it upsets me to see people paying MSRP! I've never paid more than $200 over invoice. I only deal with internet or fleet managers.

    Well, I suppose somebody has to help keep the manufacturers "fat."

    Now, I don't want to see posts saying, "well, good luck, buddy!" because I'm waiting until the V-6 comes out and the frenzy dies down a bit, not to mention waiting until any recalls occur within the first 6 months.

    Speaking of the V-6, I think this will be one sweet engine. I don't know why anyone would get the V-8, except to say they have a V-8 that sips a little more gas and has a bit more grunt. With both engines equalling the 3rd gens towing capacity of 5000 lbs, I doubt whether anyone will ever REALLY be able to tell the difference between the new 6 and the 8, unless you've got a 22' boat to tow into the mountains. And with the 6 being all-aluminum, less weight means more power to weight, yielding better 0-60 times, even with less torque and only 10 more horses.
  • I have been puzzled by the posts where current owners say the power is "just fine," and "why do we need good 0-60 times?" Well, I'll tell you why. Have you ever had to pull out into traffic, or avert a dangerous situation, or try to pass on a highway in the mountains? 0-60 times are a good gauge of what a vehicle is capable of in real world situations.

    It's not to say I'm want to "drag" my SUV at the strip, it just means that if I need or want the power, it's there. The Vortec in my truck delivers that, making it enjoyable and fun to drive. What it lacks is the off-road prowess and quality of the 4Runner. I've driven the current model, and tried to drive it like my truck, by pulling out into traffic and merging on the highway, and it just doesn't cut it for me.

    The new Mazda MPV V6 is more exciting than the current 'Runner. I expect to get power when I plop down what we're paying for an SUV. But hey, I grew up on muscle cars, so there you go.
  • That is true. I mispoke. I meant that more and more manufacturers are adopting that same plan on a variety of their vehicles, like Chrysler and GM, and I believe Ford and Mazda. There are others too, but I don't have time to find all that info. But the warranty info on the new 4Runner is listed in the Powerpoint file I down-loaded from Corey's site, and it's still the same plan.

    I too have been frustrated by my '98 GMC Jimmy. Fortunately, most of my major problems occurred under warranty, but I've had a few headaches these past 2 years, out of warranty, that have made me decide to go with the new 4Runner as my next SUV.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    Someone online was allowed to post pictures as his webpage was deemed "an enthusiast site" and he was not profiting from the pictures.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think a "30 to 60" time be of more use to consumers, but I suspect most consumers aren't asking about actual numbers anyway but are going by the seat of their pants on the test drive.

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  • The current 3rd gen 4Runner's power is more than adequate. This is something i posted on another thread:

    0-60 in 9.5-10 seconds is not too bad, is it? Flat torque curve helps (80% of torque just off idle, shape of curve similar to Land Cruiser's V8)....Like i said, the 4Runner is quite a machine...engine is bullet-proof. Give you a few comparisons of REAL SUVs 0-60 times:

    2003 Land Rover Disco (with new 4.6L V8)= 9.5
    2003 Range Rover = 9.5
    2003 Montero = 11-something
    2002 Toyota Land Cruiser = 9.5-10
    2003 Lexus GX470 = 8.5
    2003 Hummer H2 = more than 10 seconds i think
    2002 Infiniti QX4/Pathfinder = about 9.0
    2003 Nissan Xterra = 9.5 with supercharger
    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 = 7.5-8.0
    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee I6 = 9.0

    BTW, GMC Envoy, Ford Explorer, MDX, Pilot...i don't consider them in the same class as above in
    terms of off-road ability.

    Mind you that the 4Runner sips REGULAR fuel, something that not many SUVs nowadays can claim (count on one hand!). From the above figures, 4Runner is doing pretty well for a relatively small V6 (3.4L), with an iron-block. (Iron-block helps for those who decide to add a supercharger.) Not many other V6 competitor can claim that 80% of torque is available off idle! (even the MDX!)

    I think the problem with everyone these days is that they are comparing REAL SUVs to these car/minivan-based pseudo SUVs (lightweight) with car-based engines (high HP but low in torque at low RPMs).

    BTW, your Chevy Blazer with the 4.3L in-line 6 OHV engine has around 180-190 HP and 250 torque. I really like that engine. However, it's 0-60 time is not that much better (around 8.5-9.0). It is torquey engine, however, it is well-known that it runs out of gas at highway speed. (my father used to have an S10 with the 4.3L I6.)

    I do NOT see 0-60 times as a "safety" measure. Instead, VSC is the thing that will save you on the highway! I did not know that merging into traffic required a 0-60 time of under 7 seconds. For me, i just signal and people let me through. Why do i need to zoom past somebody to signal and wait for them to let me in?? (Most of the time in Texas, that sombody would speed up just to block you off and piss you off!) In addition, with all that speed, do you think it is wise to do so in a 4200+ lbs of steel that has a high center of gravity and relatively poor stopping distance??

    My opinion.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I am a truck nut. I have owned Toyota trucks since 1986. I tow a healthy sized boat, I hunt and fish and really do need a truck bed. All this talk of the new Runner has me thinking though. When this baby hits our lot, I am going to bring in 8 of my fishing rods (yes, I do need 8 rods when I go) and see if I can make them fit. If I can, I will probably own my first SUV.

    If I get it, I'm not waiting for the V6. I'm sure it will be fine but were talking about needing to move 4200 pounds worth of metal and fiberglass. Its not the horsepower, but the low end torque that I demand.
  • I know there are a lot of 3rd Gen. owners here who are happy with the "power" of the current engine. And obviously many other 3rd Gen. owners are too as Toyota has sold so many. In my opinion it is underpowered. One of the main reasons I did not buy a 02 4Runner was because as I pulled out of the Toyota lot my foot had to go to the floor to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. And with my foot on the floor it felt like we were barely moving. This is in no way a technical description of 0-60 times like some of the above posts. But it is a real-world one. Even my girlfriend couldn't believe how "gutless" it was. I'm sure that CO high altitude decreases the performance substantially but this is where I live. Here the 3RD Gen is plain and simple GUTLESS.
  • I am more than pleased with the performance of my current V-6 in my 1999. I am not sure what the axle ratio is with the P265 60 16's,but, it seems to be just perfect for mtn driving around here? I just took a quick 200 mi trip up the pass and back with 4 people and it did just fine. I was able to keep up with the flow of traffic (85+) and I NEVER felt like it was struggling? The only difference I really notice is that when my rig is under load, the braking gets a little slow. I am getting about 20 mpg continuously. Yes, I want a V-8 because I want to tow a boat sometime in the future,but, that is the only reason.
  • glzr2glzr2 Posts: 70
    Toyota is building a new plant in Mexico. They will build the Tacoma to help their Fremont, CA plant. Maybe they will make a production line for the Runner.

    kjack100... whoooboy.... talk about sugar. I never said I wouldn't buy an '03, I just would not opt for the third row seat... and if I'm in their target maket... then they have it right. When I said bigger and more expensive, I was implying the Sequoia or the Cruiser.

    I think Toyota is concentrating on selling other options and gadgets that they feel are more marketable than incurring the expense of setting up the production/manufacturing of an option they feel would be a low volume seller. Of course this is only my opinion, which is based on the fact that I wouldn't pay for the optional third row.... so please take it with a grain of... sugar.
  • Excuse my saltiness. I enjoy your posts, just taking a bit of frustration out on you.

    The thing is production/manufacturing for third row seating option will be set up for the GX470, the identical platform Lexus. So, where's the extra expense there? One day you'll have kids, won't want a soccer mobile and understand.

    I have blown enough hot air on this topic. Done. I was going to wait for the 2004 anyway. Maybe Toyota will come around that model year.
  • With the 265/70/16 tires, the axle ratio is 4.10:1, which is really nice.

    Airbur...what other SUVs are you comparing the 3rd gen to???
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I have now confirmed that the JZ option code is painted cladding and flares. The JZ option will be on all 4WD models coming to the Central Atlantic region. That means two tone Runners just like we have had for several years now. If y'all remember, the old Sport Package used to come with black fender flares. That was changed to painted flares two years ago because Toyota became aware that the black look didn't cut it.

    I'm not positive I like the two tone look (although the silver ones should come out monochrome) but I do know that it is a drastic improvement over the unpainted black cladding.
  • I know we have had info on the proposed colors for the 03's,but, I have always been fond of the Jade Mica Green w/the Thundercloud overfenders. I wonder if they will offer anything in the same color scheme?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I just went back to my previous posts and added up the number of vehicles coming to this region. The CAT region encompasses 132 dealerships of varying size In the first two months of production, we are getting 1782 4WD units plus another 100 or so 2WDs. That's a lot of Runners.

    As a dealer, I actually don't want to see this. Short supplies are great for our bottom line. With this quantity of vehicles ordered, I don't foresee any product shortages, except possibly for models with the navigation system.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You're in luck. In the October order, 9% of the SR5 and Sport models will be jade green with gray painted fenders and cladding. Again, this only applies to the Central Atlantic Region.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sorry, I mis-read the TVO book. The green/gray combo will be 9% in the 2WD variant. In the 4WD, it will be 8% of the SR5 and 2% of the Sport.
  • Can you tell us what color combination will be available for the Sports Silver (1D4 I think)

    Will it be available only is Silver/Gray for the Sports Edition ???

    Here in Canada I have a 1D4 on order (V6 for January) It only mentions 1D4 for the color (Silver Titanium) and it does not mention anything about the cladding color. Could it be that is all Silver despite the fact that it is a Sports model ???

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