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2009 VW Passat CC



  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    My CC Sport has 33000 miles on it. The wear bars on the tires appear to indicate that their is still mileage left on the tires, maybe 10,000. At times the original tires seem noisy on some pavement surfaces. Are their tires for a CC Sport that run quieter? I am a cruiser, not an aggressive driver.
  • tms4cabtms4cab Posts: 3
    After 4 months, I replaced the OEM Conti ProContact with an amazing set of All Season tires:

    Cooper Zeon RS3-A

    I kept the same OEM size for my 2012 CC R-Line...... 235-40-18
    I could not be happeier!
    500 Treadwear Rating, W Speed Rating
    So much smoother & stickier than the stock Conti's.
    I'm cornering MUCH quicker & feel more secure doing it!
    Great tire in the rain, too!
    At $146 per tire (delivered, no tax), it is a no-brainer.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    "original equipment manufacturer"? I'm not familiar with the term OEM.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    It the equipment (tires) that came with the vehicle when you purchased it. For whatever reason (I think usually financial) they purchased a specific brand of tire.
  • 0311vn0311vn Posts: 48
    In posts on Consumer Reports on this tire one person said their mpg went down a bit and another said it went up.
  • tms4cabtms4cab Posts: 3
    I find no significant difference in the MPG, other than the small mileage penalty due to more spirited driving, which was the reason I went with the Cooper's in the first place!!!
    I also love the "look" of the tires on my lowered CC (Koni SS coilovers).

    I could not be happier!
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I also went with a different tire. But I went with OEM Sized Goodyear Eagle GT's. I am somewhat of an aggressive driver, especially on the curvy Oregon Coast roads and the ones between the coast and the interstate. They handle great. my 09 CC Luxe has a much more aggressive look and the handling matches the look. Curves like it is on rails. Very predictable on the sharp bends, and I couldn't be happier with them. It runs quieter, has actually improved gas mileage, and definitely feels better. (Note: when youfirst put them on they don't feel that smooth. Give it about a hundred miles though.)
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Ivan 99 is partially correct. OEM does mean Original Equipment from Manufacture. In Tires terms it means a tire that meets the minimum performance requirements for the vehicle, that the manucaturer has been able to make a bulk deal with a tire company to provide tires for a specific make/model/model year car. That's why you might find the same car in a different year that has different tires. The average consumer believes that the manufacturer willactually put the BEST tire for that car on the car from the factory. After all, Why would they sell their product short? But in reality, like Ivan said it is mainly financial. A tire that when you look to buy a replacement is a vary expensive tire, actually costs the car builder pennies in the grand scheme of things. Mainly because they buy thousands of them. Most OEM tires (Not all) are mediocre at best. They will do the job, and impress a customer who does not know what a good tire will do to the performance of their car. If you look at they evaluate them as Good, Better, Best. The contis I believe show up as Good. Whereas the Eagle GT's I put on show as Best. even though they are a cheaper tire to purchase than the OEM tires.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Would anybody share their experience with winter performance of all-season tires other than OEM ContiProContact ContiSeal?
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Re: open/close windows remotely using a keyfob.
    I was p....d off by the absence of such a basic feature back in 2010 when I bought mine, especially when the manual says it is there. Especially since every car had this feature as early as 1990s (original of aftermarket) in other countries where I lived. Especially since I had windows opening using a keyfob at my Honda Accord. They said, this feature is available in other countries, but not approved in the US by FDA or something, in order to not interfere with anti-pinch feature. Hello, could we at least open windows? Even Honda has it. Well, if you have enough determination, the software can be hacked, but not by the dealership.
    The same story with the fuel tank cap: the manual says, there is a salience to be put into a hole to hold a cap during fueling up, but in reality there in no freaking way to hold it anywhere. I had to make a hook myself, using a paper clip and silicone tubing. Asked dealer, they say, FDA or EPA or something haven't approved it for US because of emissions or gas mileage or whatever. Come on, it is a 30k+ car, and I had some king of cap holders on all my previous GMs, Hondas, Toyotas, what not.
    Did they do something about it for MYs 11-13?
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I had really good performance with Goodyear Eagle GT's on my 99 CC Luxe on the Oregon coast this past winter. The roads here get pretty icy and slippery, and the occasional snow doesn't help. I had no problems while others were sliding out.
  • victor23victor23 Posts: 201
    Thanks, Discoman,
    Did you notice any significant difference between Goodyear Eagle GT and stock ContiProContact ContiSeal in winter driving, if only you have enough data for such a comparison?
    I am in PA, so we do have winters. The fact is that I am extremely satisfied with my CC/Conti combination; the car is much more surefooted that anything I drove before (at this point, I don't even understand why anyone would need AWD at all), and I would certainly buy Conti again, but OTOH it would be foolish, because this Conti model is at the bottom of TireRack ratings, being, at the same time, the most expensive of all. So, I am going to buy different tires (although it is nice to have a self-sealing feature). Now, why the car is so stable despite the tire ratings, I don't really know. Maybe it is the car mechanics, not the tires. Maybe my previous tires/vehicles (Michelins on Honda's Accords; minivans, etc) were even worse. Maybe the TireRack ratings are not always trustworthy.
  • I work as a driver for a rental car company. The cars that seem to have the most problems requiring they be sent to the dealer are Volkswagens. Owners of VW's that I talk to are not happy with their VW's and will not be buying anymore. Don't see these kinds of problems and complaints with all the other brands the rental car company carries.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I did see a significant difference. Especially with hydroplaning on wet roads and such. Here in the pacific northwest we "Sipe" the tires on cars (They cut horizontal slits in the tread that makes wet traction even better and does not affect tread life or void warranties). I don't know if they do that in PA. I bought the tires at Discount tire/America's tire and they did it at the store. But my Dad lives in NE Philly and has a 2009 Passat Komfort Wagen and he loves it. He got the same Eagle GT's last winter after I did and loves them there as well. If youthought the Conti's were good, wait until youtry the Eagle's. Keep in mind however that it is a more aggressive tread, and will feel a bit rougher for the first hundred miles or so until the tires wear in place. Then it ends up being smoother than the conti's.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Funny. I could say the opposite. In my family alone we have several VW's
    Me 09 CC Luxe
    Wife 02 Jetta (Sold in 07) and regretted it later.
    Brother 09 CC Sport
    Dad 09 Passat Komfort Wagen
    Nephew 10 GTI
    Plus several friends, neighbors, and other family members over the years. All which loved their VW's and would not trade them in for anything except for another VW. My Dad "Upgraded" to his Passat wagon from a Mercedes wagon after I showed him "The Light" and allowed him to test drive my CC. He said it drives better than his Mercedes Convertible, and would trade the Mercedes in for a VW if they had a model similar (The EOS does not quite compare.) Maybe VW should make a 2 door convertible version of the CC. My brother got in an accident in his 04 Jetta (The car saved his life) and now has a CC Sport. I get on average 31 MPG on my CC.

    Keep in mind that most people who rent cars are pretty rough on them because they are not theirs. And most rental agencies who buy Kia's, Chevy's, and Fords may change the oil, but don't necessarily do the maintenance per the schedule because they don't want to pay the higher expense to maintain a european car vs. a Korean or American car. They only have the cars for a year or two, then auction it off to the nearest sucker. Whereas most people who buy VW's take care of their cars and get the maintenance done on them regularly. The ones who have issues are usually not properly maintained. There is more to maintaining a car than changing the oil. Things need checked, tightened, etc. And I have seen people with a rent-a-Jetta or Golf treating it like they were in a rally race. So of course things are going to go wrong with them due to mis-use and abuse. Many may go on for awhile before they go to the dealer because they want to keep the car on the road as long as possible.
  • I have 2009 CC Sport with 30K miles and replaced my factory tires, Continental ProContact, which were very noisy and wore out quickly with Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Tires. These are very quiet and handle very well all in all seasons especially when the roads are wet. They were little pricey but worth every penny. I would highly recommend these.
  • I absolutely love my 2009 VW CC! After driving a 2001 Jetta until it was totaled, I bought the CC with 25K in January and have been nearly obsessed with driving it since. Heading into my 40K service, my check engine light. At first, thought it was just the German engineering nagging at me (I also had a service note on my screen). I quickly learned that it was not part of the "get your car serviced" campaign that I had something very seriously wrong with my car.

    More when it was "cold," though not exclusively, my car was stuttering and shaking a bit. When I'd hit the gas pedal, I could feel it "drop." It didn't feel like a pure fuel issue (it was cleaner, less gurgly" or a fire issue (it was less sharp). It felt more like something was turning on/off - a "clean" reduction in power.

    When I was buying the car, I had spent some quality time on this site and remembered a number of owners posting about engine problems at 40K. I read read through the posts, did a little research, drew upon my 10+ years of listening to Car Talk and decided that I had a bad intake manifold. When I took it to the dealer the next day for this issue and the 40K tune-up, I mentioned this. I have an awesome service team and they listened. At first, when they were looking at the readings, they came to tell me the issue was because I wasn't using the right gas (I've been using ethanol). Then about an hour later, they came back with a big smile because I was right, it was the intake manifold. God bless extended warranties!

    Thanks to this community for helping me understand what was going on in my car. It seems like there's definitely a consistent issue with the 2009 CC's intake manifold at the 40K mark.

    And I do promise to use 91+ rating gasoline going forward.
  • I traded a 98 honda for a 09 VW CC, I found the factory Continental Tires wore out at around 30k, but my the Honda had 100k , after looking into the sever tire noise the toe alignment was out both front and rear,after investing into a set of expensive YOKO tires, the ride is smooth and quiet, BUT, you must check alignment very often, and tire rotation is highly recommended. :mad: :sick:
  • :sick: I had the same issues with my 09 CC, I found that the SparkPlug Cold Packs, wear out pretty fast, About every other oil change (20-30 k),or spark plug misfire should give you a hint on what need to be looked at,another good investment is get a Code reader, it wil save you trips and expence of the Dealer, Very easy Do it yourself job !!!!! ;)
  • brccbrcc Posts: 1
    Regarding replacement of CC stock Continental tires. Replaced them at 40K miles. They became very noisy and the ride rough even before the wear bars were reached. Michelin Primacy MXM4s cured both the noise and the rough ride.

    Regarding the car itself, no issues at 44K miles. 3 1/2 years with only 4 of the tailbulbs needing replacement (which are easy to reach). I see VW cured this only issue I've had with LEDs on the new models.
  • I took my car in for the same problem at 49,000 miles on the car. My check engine light goes on and off. Took it yesterday and they told me that the intake manifold was the problem. They kept the car overnight and gave me a loaner and no charge for the work. I'm not sure but I think the problem will occur again in another 49,000 miles.
  • lepialepia Posts: 45
    Hello all,

    I have a 2012 lease. The lease is 15 months old. I only have 9200 miles and the car has no scratches.

    I would like to take advantage of the sign and drive event vw is offering.

    Is it possible to turn in my lease and get into a new one without any penalties, and making the same monthly payments as my current lease?

    Are there any incentives to VW owners and if yes, do these incentives apply to me?

    Let me know what to expect from the dealer and how to negotiate the deal,

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • I too Love Love LOVE my VW CC but the love affair is rapidly beginning to wane as no solution to the stutterring and deacceleration remotely begins to surface! I am the former owner of 2001,2003,and 2006 VW purchased 3 years used,with over 25k miles and never had ANY major problems. My 2009 CC is an entirely different experience and in am SO saddened and frustrated! I too purchased this vehicle used at 30k miles and before the 30day warranty even expired,my car made 3 trips to the dealer due to the EPC and Engine lights illuminated accompanied by stuttering and loss of acceleration in the midst ofnTHE DIAMOND LANE for Goodness sake! --Totally HORRIFIC! As of today,I have revisted the dealer 4 times,and one last time to my personal Vw mechanic. Attempted repairs were made by replacing all four ignition coils,an throttle valve,the manifold intake,a fuel injection SOMETHING,and 3 other things I cant recall. Car ran fine til now at 41k miles and then same problems have once again resurfaced. At this point. . .I GIVE UP and have contacted a consumer lemon law attorney. So I post this because I am very curious to see if you have any future recurrences with the repeated issue at hand. Much luck to YOU and YES. . . I am still considering a 2013 CC without prejudice Cuz there's NOTHING like a VW driving experience without the BMW/ Mercedes price tag and THIER expensive issues!! Peace and Blessings
  • I just have to say that after I bought a new 1980 VW Rabbit built in Pennsylvnia I am very wary of VWs. Too many trips to the shop and one of only 2 vehicles that I couldn't get to 100K+ miles. Over the first 3 years / 36000 miles I saw about everything you could imagine at the local VW dealer. That would include my VW with newly broken things that it didn't go to the shop to have repaired. People yelling and cussing at the service manager because of the service on their Porche or VW. It was really something to behold. I am approaching the purchase of a new vehicle to replace my 02 Buick Park Ave so the diesel option is interesting to me and why I subscribe to this link. The Buick gets 31-2 mpg on the road and while its my second Park Ave they are no longer made. The newer version gets poorer fuel mileage and are smaller. I probably can't afford a BMW or MB so the VW is an option but my past experience leaves me nervous and wary. My Mechanic used to call it like having a Social Security check as it would come in EVERY month. He could count on it.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    32 years is a long time...but its hard to argue against somebody's personal experience.

    A co-worker of mine was similarly burned by domestic trucks in the 80's...and has only had Toyota trucks since; he says he'll never go back. Another co-worker is "pro" F150 and just traded his 10 year truck with 350K+ miles for a new who knows :confuse:

    I think a better fit coming from a Park Ave would be the new Avalon (I have not driven it).

    The new Passat is very nice (my wife hated it) and I do see many used diesel VW's with a huge amount of miles (250K+)...but I'm not certain how many $'s it took to get there.
  • Help! I need to replace my factory tires that are just horrible... I have read many reviews and all tires seem to have good and bad ones. Is there a good tire, that is quiet with a good life that someone recommends? Also one that doesn't break the bank?
  • I see you have an 09 CC, I do as well. Have you had to replace the tires yet? If so, what do you recommend?
  • Hi, Please give a look. No, I don't work for them. It is a great resource for researching tires. It includes surveys and ratings for tires based on such things as quietness, ride, wet, dry and snow traction. The last time I looked I believe the Kumho and Yokohama tires for the CC were highly rated and didn't break the bank. You don't have to buy your tires from Tire Rack. The tires they have are available elsewhere.
  • Now THIS is extremely disheartening! Since my last post I am now reading on other VW discussion blogs that the same EPC Light and loss of acceleration was reported in a 2010 AND a 2012! Of course no special data,to my knowledge, has been collected regarding the percentage of sales in which this issue occurs, so I don't know if VW is producing a few Lemons or if this is a widespread issue. Well. . .sad to say, until more info surfaces as to myy issues being isolated Lemons,or an EPC panacea surfaces. . .I'll be passing on the 2013 as well!! NOWWW what do I shop for that's comparable to VW performance and stock features w/o breaking the bank?!?! . . .BUMMER! :(((
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