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2010 Chevrolet Camaro



  • Got my Camaro Friday and LOVE it. This car turns heads and runs great. Unbelievable mileage and styling is wonderful. All the sportscar nuts at work love the looks and next to the Vette the Camaro looks sportier. The wide stance is mean, The front end looks Mean, The rear end looks MEAN. The Camaro is MEAN.
    The wait was worth it. It took 21/2 months from order to delivery. They are building these car the right way. Ride is quiet and firm. andling is awsome. Mileage on my V-6 is better than expected. 23.7 MPG all around and 28.4 at 80 MPH on Tennessee hills. Everyone wants to see it and the compliments are nice to hear. I go to the store and come out and people are waiting to talk about my experience. Finaly are seeing some on dealer lots. I ordered mine and got the discount (retiree) pricing. Dealer here in Franklin isn't adding any mark up but they sell as fast as they can get them. I absolutely love this car. I have owned over 30 new cars and this one brings a smile to my face everytime I get to drive it. Visibility is a little tight but not a problem. As far as first year jitters? Forget about it. Gm is doing their cars right now. They are building them after working the bugs out unlike previous years, that's what took so long to get this from concept to actual production. The Cadillac STS and CTS and now Camaro and all the new GM models are as good if not better in quality than the imports. I've had my Camaro for 4 days (Red Jewel Tintcoat) like the ruby slippers in the wizard of Oz, beautiful. Standard equipment is quite a value and for under $29000 for the V-6 with Auto and RS and connectivity package. Value is the word that comes to mind. You won't be dissapointed with the Camaro. All the negative comments seem to be from either GM haters or Ford loyalists. I know that when I pass the Mustang their owners are looking at ME.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    I'd like to first say to all who have pruchased a new 2010 Camaro - CONGRATULATIONS! It is a really sick looking car with a commanding presence on the road. I love the design & of course the availability of a 426 hp V8, 6-speed manual transmission while the value can't be beat.

    Growing up my Dad had (and still does, even though it has been sitting in his garage for 10 years) a '66 427/390 Corvette Convertible. When I turned 16 in 1992 I wanted a Camaro so badly. Insurance costs were astronomical & prohibitively expensive (for good reason too, now that I look back), so I bought a 1992 Chevrolet Beretta GT. The car did not age well at all and had a laundry list of problems ranging from a driver's side window that was broken (came iout of the channel & off the track, wouldn't close) and fixed numerous times over the course of 18 months to a camshaft that had to be replaced at 60K miles because the second lobe wore away. One Chevrolet dealer's service department was worse than the next. The day I sold my Beretta was the day I swore off GM & American cars for good. My Beretta made me become a GM hater.

    I'm a big import fan. I love BMWs & Porsches. My 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH has 115K miles on it and besides being fun to drive, is still as tight as the day I picked it up. One day I will have to replace my beloved Prelude. I'm a car guy. I've always wanted a RWD car with a V8 & 6-speed manual transmission. The Camaro SS certainly fits the bill. The price point ($35K) almost begs me to forget everything I know & have learned about GM & give the Camaro a serious look when the time comes. Just for comparison purposes, a twin turbo BMW 335i with just a couple options will have a sticker price of almost $50K. I'm a married father of 2 & at this point in my life cannot justify buying a car for myself at that price point.

    I'm just here, following the board of new owners, hoping this car helps GM turn a corner. Like I said above, I love the styling, price point, performance, & 6-speed stick. Obviously I'll have to drive the car when the time is right.

    Just sitting in the Camaro at the NY Auto Show this past April, I noticed how poor the visibilty is. Do the mirriors compensate for the lack of visibility? Our '07 X3 has some nasty blind spots which I have learned to live with, but it still makes me a nervous wreck when I drive into the city.

    I noticed that with the Automatic V8, you get the cylinder deactivation. Will they offer this on the V8 Manual transmission cars?

    Again, I'm not here to hate or troll. I'm looking forward to hearing about some great experiences with one cool car - the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is looking to speak to a recent buyer or a current shopper of a Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger Ford Mustang or Nissan 370Z . Please send your daytime phone number to by Tuesday, November 10, 2009.

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  • Just when I was getting really excited about this car (in Aqua!), I learn it has been discontinued. Darn! Drats! Anybody got one they want to sell? :)
  • I just ordered one this morning and I'm very excited. Because I couldn't get the dealership to let me have a thorough test drive, I rented a 1LT from Avis for the weekend and put the car through its paces.

    I was very impressed. Even the 1LT was a head turner on the streets of Atlanta. I ordered the car in white and will add the black stipe at a later date if it looks like something is missing. Now that the vehicle is standard with parking assist sensors in the rear - that helps. But you better be able to drive with the side mirrors if you are ever going to be completely comfortable in this car.

    This replaces the 1971 Camaro that I never should have let go!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    N I C E , jeff 1971. manual or automatic? bluetooth/USB?
    parking-assist? cool - i did not know that!
    I know what you mean about the reverse-visibility.
  • Hi
    I am looking for a 2010 Camaro 2SS in NJ, Automatic w/sun roof. If anyone made a deal, please share.
  • All good things must come to an end, I guess. I was recently laid-off, and it seems as though I'm gonna need to sell my new Camaro. This is really a choice that I don't want to make, but it's one that I must make. Anyway, it's the SS, Red Jewel Tint, 426hp, 6 speed. It has 8,000 miles on it and is in immaculate condition. The car is amazing, but, unless something happens in the world of computer drafting and design really soon, I have to suck it up and sell. I can let it go for 33,000, and it's worth alot more. I live in Collierville, Tennessee. It's just outside of Memphis. I get notifications on my e-mail about any posts on this forum, so anyone interested, just post and I'll know it.
  • I bought the 2LT automatic with RS package -- sunroof and 20" polished wheels -- everything else is pretty much standard. I'm looking forward to it. I am very fortunate to work for a company that gets GM supplier pricing so I feel like i am getting the deal of the century on the car.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    nice, Jeff... I like the 1LT package - bluetooth for cellphone & XM. sometimes GM offers GMS or employee-pricing to the public too... I'm waiting for them to do that again...
    v8tennessee dude, sorry to hear of the "restructuring" or whatever corporate-speak resulted in your layoff. Been there done that this year. It was the toughest time in 32 years finding a development eng job. There were lots more in bay area california - probably more CAD job out there too. My sector of tech has been increasingly booming out there, despite all the CA-state-govt finances.

    CA is a great place to drive a camaro, trust me!
  • Hi There,

    Just wanted to let everybody know, that I was able to find a deal for a new 2010 2SS Camaro at $1200 under Factory Invoice... I was offered that by my local dealer here in Illinois(I live in Schaumburg 20 miles from Chicago). Two other dealers were at $1000 below Invoice... I'm very happy with my new car and that price paid!
  • mparismparis Posts: 6

    you gave me good advice on my Pontiac I am interested in the Camaro....i hear it is hard to see out of...Parking will be a [non-permissible content removed] in new york city :)
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    I actually sat in the new camaro @ the Auto Show (javitz center) - the rear visibility is awful. Parallell parking & even switching quick lanes seems like it will be difficult.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hey there mparis. :

    I actually haven't been in a new camaro yet but its rear-visibility looks even worse than GTO, which is already somewhat bad!
    Also the tall-camaro-doors would make it difficult to hang my arm out the window to show off my gold chains/watch & hairy forearms. ;)
    On the bright side those tall camaro doors contain more side-impact protection than GTO doors, which do not meet the 2007 side-impact standards.

    Regardless of rear-visibility issues, Camaro remains on my short-list for next-car.
    The 300 hp V6 model with bluetooth & manual transmission looks like it provides the bang/buck ratio..
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is looking to talk with diehard Chevy fans in the Chicago area. If you are a long-time loyalist, a Chevy collector or have dramatically customized your Chevy, and you live near Chicago, please email no later than February 10, 2010, and provide your daytime phone number and a few words about your passion for the "bow tie" brand.
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  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    Hi all - I currently drive an '04 Honda Accord V-6 6 spd. with 135k miles. Car will have 150k+ by Thanksgiving at rate I am going and I'm starting to think about replacements.

    I live in the Hudson Valley of NYS with a 100 mile roundtrip commute from southern Orange County to White Plains in Westchester that takes me across either Tappan Zee or Bear Mountain crossings. Have dealt with the snow and winter weather issue with my Accord (and an '07 Odyssey, and '99 Maxima before that) with Blizzak WS-60s on the front drive wheels and standard Michelin MXV4HX's on the rear.

    My question to you new Camaro owners out there is - what risks, if any, are increased b/c the Camaro is RWD? Do you think a pair of Blizzaks on the rear of the new V-6 Camaro with a manual tranny will render the car pretty much as drivable in the winter under most ordinary conditions as the FWD cars have been with them or is even the V-6 power so off the scale that I should just chuck the whole idea?

    I know FWD is better in the snow, but I remember when I had my '84 Camaro (V-6 5 spd. with the F-41 suspension code) in Buffalo and I got by with snow tires. If the difference is marginal, and I can make a Camaro work, I've got $3,500 cash-purchase credit dollars on my GM-Card right now and I'm thinkin' I couldn't touch anything from the imports for close to the price I could get a Camaro 1LT or 2LT V-6 manual.

    What say all y'all?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    snow tires should always be used in sets of 4 - then you should have no problems in the snow with the rwd camaro. Just take it easy

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    With proper tires the difference is marginal as you hope. Stability control makes the small margin tinier.
    i commuted Z28s in all conditions for 10 or 20 new england / upstate NY winters and am considering to do so again especially due to the 300 hp V6's 29 mpg.

    4 / four / quatre snow tires is mandatory.
    Not "M&S" all-seasons - only ice+snow tires like the blizzaks or similar compounds. Not two snow tires.
    the physics of 2 snow tires in back tends to cause the car to swap ends - inappropriate except for stunt-drivers in training (i'm available.)

    A somewhat modern option that will hurt your control is on snow automatic transmission.
    A MANUAL TRANSMISSION greatly enhances control of any vehicle on snow or ice and eliminates software from the gear-selection process, further enhancing safety.
    A very modern option that will further help is the bluetooth option.

    84/F41/5-spd, ah the memories.
  • I agree re: the better control with the manual - I've never owned anything but 5 or 6 spd. manuals for my daily driver. However, I have to respectfully disagree with you about the 4 snow tire thing. I totally understand the physics (about which, on paper, you are 100% correct), but having owned: the '84 Camaro, a '91 Accord EX Sedan, a '94 Taurus Sedan, a '99 Buick Century Sedan, a '99 Maxima, an '02 Chevy Venture, an '04 Accord Coupe, and an '07 Odyssey Minivan (the Camaro, Accords, and Maxima were mine - the rest were slushboxes driven by my wife) and always put only two snows on the drive wheels, I've never had the problem you describe.

    I think you're right that, with the wrong input, or an inattentive driver, two can be more dangerous than four, and 2 vs. 4 is probably an easier thing with FWD than with RWD, but I believe that a competent attentive driver can easily manage this problem. My only real question in the Camaro scenario is whether the front end will simply snowplow if I put only two snows on the rear.

    And yes - I loved my '84. It was only a 2.8L 140 hp 2bbl V-6, but it had heart (and 31 mpg for a 450 mile trip from Buffalo to Long Island) and was, in many ways, a more fun car to drive every day than the '85 Mustang GT that I replaced it with.

    Anyway - thanks for the quick response and the advice. :-)

  • I have a 2003 Corvette and receive a Corvette magazine monthly, there was a article in there testing the new 2010 Camaro against the 2010 Corvette, the article was named "Is the 2010 Camaro Corvettes little brother" and proceeded to test both vehicles against each other.
    The Corvette is slightly better in performance and in other areas but the fact that it is about $20,000.00 more than the Camaro places it in a whole different catagory.
    Having a back seat like the Camaro has does make this a car useful for more than two people.
    I have heard that a Convertible model will be out very soon and this may possibly increase sales even more.
  • Jeff, i am also interested in ordering a Camaro, 1LT, Auto, Spare Tire, Black. How long is the wait until it arrives and what did you end up paying OTD?
  • johnxyzjohnxyz Posts: 94
    I've read complaints by owners of new Corvettes regarding design problems with the manual transmissions. Is the Corvetter unique in design in that the transmission is incorporatd in the transaxle with the differential as opposed to a Camero whereby the transmission is forward of the differential (near the engine) and is connected by a traditional driveshaft?

    Do I have any of this right? Just wondering if the Camero could experience the same problems with the transmission that some current Corvettes have. Thanks.
  • dmsdesigndmsdesign Posts: 18
    We have tested the new Camaro and found it to be an exceptional platform! What can we do with it? A ton. With Pedders eXtreme XA adjustable coil overs, all the bushings, custom bars, and new wheels and tires, we were able to take the Camaro out on a track and be able to turn 1.38g;s with street tires. We had Forgeline make us a special set of custom wheels and are running 305/30 ZR19 tires, (Bridgestone RE11s) on all 4 corners. We set it up aggressively and she sticks. We use Paul Tracy some times and with him, we bring a crew to make adjustments that he wants. His response was "Its perfect, do not change a thing." Paul drove our Camaro at the Optima Challenge. We were 7 seconds faster than the next 2010 Camaro, and upwards of 20-25 seconds from a bunch of SEMA Camaros.

    So the Camaro can be made into a handling beast that is still a daily driver!
    We do have a Pro Charger, long tubes, and a custom program. But she is not putting down insane HP. I can tell you, those guys dropping $10K to $25K for hp gains and doing nothing for the suspension are nuts. right now, our Camaro is the fastest, best handing Camaro on a road coarse with street tires and still a daily driver. So those looking for major hp gains, reduce your hp objective to save some serious $$, and put some of the savings into a quality suspension so your efficiency can jump up big time
  • dmsdesigndmsdesign Posts: 18
    First off, congratulations. The Camaro is a seriously fine ride in deed!. Whether to keep it or not is really your decision. In terms of quality, it is very well built! In terms of it meeting your life style, etc, that is a decision for you to make. You should get some seat time in it, crank up the tunes, read about it, maybe do a 200-300 road trip to evaluate it.

    Keep me informed what your decision is.
  • yelnats17yelnats17 Posts: 2
    I just would like to say you can't compare the BMW 335i to the Camaro. The BMW is a real sports car that can handle; not a big straight line tank with a lot of power.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    edited June 2011
    Surely there are people who cross-shop camaro against 3 series in USA.

    A few years ago, especially outside of USA, 3-series competed with Holden Monaro / Pontiac GTO, a similar car/formula/pony to camaro.

    There are people who can make a good argument that 3-series is no more a sports car than Camaro. Let's not go there !
  • Firstly... My new camaro is a great car... however I have one gripe..Many other forums have repeated this complaint...camaros have a front suspension (strut or defective mounts) clunking at low speeds especially over rough roads...GM has a bulletin out acknowledging this "problem" but is trying to bury it by claiming "Normal Operation" ... Does the 2012 SS FE4 suspension with new dampners address and correct this issue...If so, there are going to be alot of 10/11 camaros pushing for warranty replacement upgrades... Any one with inside info on this issue "a definite problem"
    GM Acknowledging there is clunk, lumbering, popping noise in the front of this vehicle is not as they put it "normal operation" and grounds for a safety concern... even escalating to possible recall...hopefully they will step up to the plate being the "NEW GM" they say they are.... Lets us see...
  • have a early build 2010 SS, no problems what-so-ever, other forums do not mention this as a problem.
  • I have a 2010 with the same problem.
  • 4gotten4gotten Posts: 2
    HI Everyone. 2011 yes i have the same noise in the front end, clunking clunking, so to check you really need to shut off anything that makes noise radio, G/F,,,,Lol and drive over very small bumps at 15 mph and pay good attention and you most likely hear a knocking, Gm knows that its there but i haven't herd what it really is, has any one herd what it is and what the fix is?????
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