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Honda Insight Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dsmkid95dsmkid95 Posts: 3
    I am looking at taking advantage of Honda's current lease offer they have going. Have been negotiating through emails which helps and makes the process much easier. This is what I have been quoted for just the price of the vehicle (not including tax's and other fees:

    LX: $17,238
    EX: $18,649
    EX w/ Nav: $20,341

    We are really looking at either the EX or EX w/ Nav. Wondering is this a good deal?
  • lnchbx13lnchbx13 Posts: 10
    Does that include destination? If so then yest they are better than my quotes were.
  • dsmkid95dsmkid95 Posts: 3
    no this does not include destination charges
  • lnchbx13lnchbx13 Posts: 10
    These are the quotes I received that include destination. Yours are better. I would think they are pretty good.

    Insight LX - 18357.00
    Insight EX - 19768.02
  • tomm_nctomm_nc Posts: 1
    Cary NC
    EX Nav - 21,249 + doc 398 = $21,627
    Purchased from Matt Ball - Cary Autopark
    Also - had priced accessories online - they matched price of accessories, I paid rack rates for installation of anything that required tools (eg mud flaps) but none if it didn't (eg Floor Matts).
  • 0beron0beron Posts: 1
    Hi, just finalized my purchase of a new 2010 Honda Insight LX from Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA.

    Overall the experience was good... not great, but good.

    Price I paid:

    Selling Price $17,794.20
    Tire Fee $8.75
    Doc. Fee $55.00
    Sales Tax 9.25% $1,651.05
    DMV (Estimate) $291.00
    Total $19,800.00

    Sales Guy: Luiz
    Very good experience with Luiz. He was patient, answered all my questions, went above and beyond in helping me feel comfortable with my purchase, and didn't play games with the price we agreed upon.

    Finance Guy: Sanjay
    Very unpleasant experience with Sanjay. He spoke WAY too fast and sold us overpriced extended warranty (returned the next day).


    1) "Honda Care" = "extended warranty"
    Like everything else "Honda Care" (aka "extended warranty") price is negotiable. I purchased it VERY reluctantly at $2100 for 7 years / 100,000 miles from Sanjay but only after he said I could return it within 60 days. I didn't know anything about it so I wanted to look it up. Returned it the next day.
    You can buy extended car warranties from your car insurance and even from your finance company. Both options were cheaper than the Honda option Sanjay sold us.
    Sanjay used the "We'll give you your money back!" argument to sell us. Yes, Honda will return your money if you don't use it, but good luck not falling into one of the categories that causes them not to return your money. But, as always, don't take any one person's word for it, just look it up online.

    2) Don't buy GAP insurance from the dealer until you've looked up other options. I asked about it from my finance company and it turns out they can't even ask you if you want it because the car company has first dibs. So YOU have to ask for it. Please ask, I'm still researching it but it seems pretty cheap (~$240) for what you get.
  • tn072tn072 Posts: 4
    Does anyone bought in Charlotte area? could you share what was the Out the Door Price for an Insight?
  • Folks,
    Please reply with the best prices you've found for Insight LX and EX (no Nav).
    I want "out the door" prices, everything included.
    I live in So California.
  • motorhead69motorhead69 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Next to New
    2010 Honda Insight Ex
    Crystal Black with gray cloth interior
    With Nav and extras
    $22000.00 CDN no tax, no fees have pictures.
    In Alberta, Canada-private No accidents, or problems.
  • Just for people shopping, seems Honda anxious to move 2010 inventory so I picked up Insight EX w/o navigation for $18499 and got KBB plus $300 for my 2002 GMC minivan trade in. Insight did not seemed singled out for discounts, Accords and Civic hybrid also had attractive mark downs.
  • Received price quote as follows:

    2010 Insight LX MSRP $20550
    Upfront price $17785.95 including destination and handling charges
    Not including tax and fees.

    Above seems a good deal, but am I missing something? Any suggestions or things to watch
    out for?

    Thanks in advance for help.
  • I just purchased one of the 3 last remaining insights in my state @ $17587 including doc and destination fees so that is inline with the quotes I received as well.
  • Looks like u got a great deal on a new 2010 Insight.
    We are right now looking at also an offer of $2100 for a 7 year Xtended
    new car warranty from an East Bay dealer. When u are advising us to buy instead from our
    car insurance, does that mean from Allstate or AAA?
    And, could u explain what is GAP?

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is interested in talking with recent owners ( within the last month) or people who are considering purchasing a hybrid or a pickup truck. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than 12pm PST on March 1st, 2011 and include your name, state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and your phone number.

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  • steve190steve190 Posts: 12
    edited April 2011
    I test drove and bought my first hybrid this past Saturday and took advantage of Honda's 0.9 interest rate plus got what I think is an excellent buy on the car. Got a 2011 Crimson Pearl colored base for 17300 plus tax and tags in upstate NY. Pick the car up on Wed. this week! Will post MPG and what I think of the car after driving it for a month or so.
  • I just purchased a 2011 Honda Insight base model in the San Francisco Bay area. The price was $18,430, with an out the door cost of just over $20,000
  • steve190steve190 Posts: 12
    Wow, what a differance from what I was able to get my car for (17300) in upstate NY to your price! I guess my sales guy was correct telling me what a great deal he was giving me. So far I am loving this car and averaging 50 MPG according to the gauge in the car. Hope you enjoy yours as well.
  • California consumers BEWARE: I received an email offer from Stockton Honda Internet sales (Molida) offering a"Special Internet Price" for a 2011 Honda Insight for $19,719.00 with the price in RED size 48 font. After 3 phone calls and 3 emails, and 2 hours into a 4 hour drive on my way to the dealer for this "special 48 hour" deal they called and said "Sorry, it was all a mistake. We have to sell it for sticker price." Of course the sweet sales girl fronting the deal sounded innocent and apologized that her sales manager said there was no way they could sell it for this price. My assumption is that they could probably do this because in the fine print at the bottom of the offer was a disclaimer saying they were not responsible for "typographic" errors.

    I'd believe it if the same scenario did not happen the last time we drove to buy a truck. We said we'd go to dinner and think about it and they called and said the manager "okayed" the deal.

    Is there any reason to trust car dealers when they do this to the public?
  • Just got a 2012 base model !
    The business manager pushed for me to buy the extra warranty for $967.00 -7year/80.000 miles. His reason (besides the financial gain for him) was that there is a lot of electronics that can go wrong after 3 years.
    I declined and, after reading the manuals, it seems to me that there is a lot covered beyond the 3 years, 50,000 miles (in Rhode Island).
    Was I right? Also, isn't the purchasing of extra warranty offered before the 3 year limit?
    Thank you for the answers
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    how much did u pay? any discounts? did u drive both 2011, 2012, any diff
  • I only tried the 2012 because that was the only one available & I bought it. (base model =what I wanted). I paid $18, (including doc. fees but not Rhode State taxes).
  • I have an offer for a Insight 2012 LX out the door for $21,927...this includes a $499 doc fee and 7% sales tax. Anyone wnat to comment on if this is a good deal?

  • $16,857 in Southern California + $55 doc fee,tax,title,license
  • that is pretty good deal. are you willing to share where did you buy your 2012 insight in Southern Cal? I also live in Southern Cal and thinking of buying one in the beginning of the year. thanks,
  • This was at metro Honda, though I also got good quotes from some dealers in the inland empire. However it was before the truecar fallout and I used that to my advantage
  • sparker3sparker3 Posts: 2
    Any help with what is a reasonable price for a '12 EX (no NAV) would be appreciated, as well as recommendations for Northern CA dealers. Thanks. I can share that I got a quote of 19,900 (not including tax and license) for the LX, before I convinced myself to move up:>
  • i just bought the 2013 honda insight base last 2 month 12/12 2012...with the price that good?
  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 24
    It's hard to answer to your question, if it's a done deal, you don't want to have regrets, right?
    I find this excessive for a base model. I have a 2012 base model I bought in Nov. 2011 for aprox $18,200.00. I went with the AAA printed quote they have to go with. I don't think they were happy and asked for my AAA card but I got it that day brand new, no haggling.
    Maybe the car prices went up, it is a very good car and still cheaper than the Prius and the dash board makes sense.
    Enjoy the car!
  • twartedtwarted Posts: 5
    I have a 2010 Insight with 99950 miles with full kit (Nav the works) and extended warranty and all service records and no scratches. I went to Pompano Honda to trade in against an Accord last night.... and Guess what? I discovered the error of my ways.
    Its worth maybe $7,000 after paying $24,500 for it new.
    Had I not listened to the Honda Sales Pitch I would have bought a Toyota Prius which with the same mileage would have been worth a LOT more. Perhaps Consumer reports might like to take a look at depreciation between the two?
    I no longer drive the car in case the battery dies and BTW the fuel consumption has been between 35 and 37.5 MPG. Is it true Honda have been sued in a class action law suite for lies about fuel consumption claims?? Have I a case?
    Better they be sued for a pretend Hybrid system that has a massive loss in value as a result. Any Lawyers reading? - Look at my records if you wish!
    As we say in Ireland it has not got the power to "Pull the socks off of a dead man" and the only redeeming quality is I can drive it in the HOV lane!!!
    Reliability was excellent but for a full assembly replacement of GPS - CD-Radio at 41,000 miles. Service department at Pompano Honda puts my Lexus Department to shame - They are excellent in all ways.
    Silly me for buying one - All you happy owners .... Your time will come! - The car was rushed to the market and "Under Engineered" (Never saw so much painted metal since an Alfa in the 60's!) and you will pay the price in resale value.
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