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Volvo XC60 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Please add your purchase prices and experiences with the new XC60 crossover here. Thanks!


  • pbgpbg Posts: 4
    I got a quote from a dealer: XC60 MSRP $42,250 (inc.options: Climate package, multimedia package). Lease payment $700 no money down. Sounds fair?
  • I guess we'll see what's what. If I get a fair trade on my '07 XC70 and they can match or beat 3.99% financing, I may pull the trigger. My brain says 'wait' but DW wants to sit up high on her 2K mile trip at the end of the month!
  • I am thinking of trading my S80 (2004) volvo and the dealer is offering me $10,000 for it. The car is in excellent condition with only 40,000 miles. I think it I can sell for me. What do you thin? I am very interested in trading it for the XC60. The dealer is selling the car for $39.000.

  • What is the MSRP? Invoice? Options?

    The $10,000 trade-in sounds decent, but really depends on what model (2.9, 2.5T, T6) S80 you have. I also own an '04 S80 2.9 with 45,000 miles and my dealer would only give me $7000 for it when I was about to purchase an XC90 at the end of last year. I didn't do the deal because i though it was way too low.
  • Well, I'm trying to contribute! I was off by two days or 200 miles(depending...'lov' tour was in DALLAS last night...Wednesday is the night for AUSTIN). So, I'll check things out then...inventories are tight. Between the two Austin locations, there are only 4 XC60s in stock...nothing matches our 'build'. Quite a few scheduled to arrive over the next 6 weeks or so...might be better to wait until supply catches up with initial demand. Again, we're trading our '07 XC70 and the trade value vs the new sales price will tell the tale. Also, looking for better than 3.99% financing' so, we'll see.....
  • Well, the Austin 'lov' tour stop was interesting. I'm guessing a very high percentage of attendees will make a purchase of the XC60. After getting very good deals on our RX330 a few years ago(about $6k off sticker) and $12k off our XC70, we are about to 'lose' some money by trading the XC70 and probably getting a whopping $1k off sticker on the 60...which also has about $3k more STUFF than we really want. UNLESS, of course, someone yanks this unit out from under us...the early supply is really limited. Volvo has virtually NO incentives on the new 60---free Sirius(yawn) is the only official offering(OK, 3 years maintenance is included--worth less than a grand). Right now, they won't touch the 3.99% rate available from PenFed CU.
    Forgot to mention the giant sunroof that is included N/C on the early models. My guess is that it will be standard on the turbo but not on the FWD/3.2 coming later in the year.
    Sorry I won't be able to tell a tale of 'invoice' or below on our purchase. IF this unit is still available in a couple of hours, we will probably take straight book value on the trade(ouch!--about HALF of original sticker) and pay MSRP-$1000 for the 60 that stickers at $46,725. I guess we will leave the wheelin' and dealing' to someone else on this one!!!
  • Well, kids, our 60 came in a few days early and we now own the first one on the block!!! As mentioned above, we 'stimulated' the economy by paying about $1k below sticker and got straight book on our trade. Tried to find an 'ice white' model but the only one in the pipeline was almost totally base. Went for the 'electric silver' which is one of those colors that picks up surrounding tones...sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes silver...very pretty color.

    Given the limited availability over the next few months and the state of the economy, I wouldn't imagine any killer deals on the XC 60 for a while...right now, the two dealers in Austin are selling/have sold every unit that comes in.

    We did qualify for the 'lifetime' Sirius, free moonroof and free maintenance program. I'm guessing the free Sirius is the only 'freebie' that will disappear for now.

    After paying cash for too many $40k plus vehicles, we financed this one through PenFed Credit Union @ 3.99%...a number that the F&I person said they 'couldn't touch'. Except for our high-mileage habit, we would have considered leasing this one...over 20k miles/year kills that idea. If we could just shorten the distance from Austin to Atlanta!

    On another note, DOZENS of BMWs and Audis were pummeled in a recent hailstorm(tennis ball sized hail) along with many less expensive marques. Time will tell what effect that will have on the luxo market here in Austin...glad our 60 wasn't in town yet!!!
  • thanks for the update, has this been confirmed that 3.2 FWD is coming later this year? My volvo dealer (largest in VA) did not even know that would be an option for xc60. What would be mileage/performance/price difference vs. current powertrain configuaration?
    Also. apparently there's a 5K dealer cash avail for xc60 from 4/1-4/30, so this could be potentially used to get the price closer or below invoice....
  • I recently ordered a 2010 XC60 as follows:
    Silver Metallic
    Beige/Espresso Seating
    All 4 Packages
    Bi-Xenon headlights
    Side and rear scuff plates
    With $825 Destination, but before sale tax, title, etc.
    MSRP $47,793
    Invoice $44,926
    My Price $45,725

    I expect to take delivery in late May, and I can't wait.
  • Well is a very nice vehicle. We have just over 1100 miles on our Electric Silver model. Next week will include about 1200 miles of highway driving...looking forward to the trip.

    We didn't get the Bi-Xenon...our C70 has them and they are nice but the stock headlamps on the XC60 are pretty were the headlights on our V70 and XC70. I'm not so sure about the stereo upgrade. Maybe I'm spoiled but ours isn't as impressive as the additional cost would I'm old school enough to want a CD changer for our trip...the IPOD hookup is ahead of me!

    BTW, tried over a week ago to post my initial review but it hasn't shown up yet.
  • Try posting your review again. I'll provide a review after I've had the car for about a month, including my assessment of the 610 watt stereo upgrade (I'm an audio nut) and the Bi-Xenon lights. I originally wanted the Electric Silver Metallic; but Volvo had already stopped offering it. Apparently they limit the amount of various colors to wait and determine which appear to be the most popular. Their brochure listed Cosmic White, which they never even released. It's hard to grasp the idea that colors and options are not available or discontinued within less than a month after the car is officially launched.
  • We actually wanted the standard white rather than pay hundreds for the 'special' metallic silver. It is distinctive but no prettier than our celestial blue 'vert. We have the sandstone interior which is similar to the calcite in our C70...very close to the tan in our former RX330. I'll be interested in your evaluation of the stereo...certainly nice but I'm underwhelmed, personally. DW loves the integration of the bluetooth and Sirius...much better than our previous add-ons.

    Not sure where you are located but here in central Texas, the windshield and front windows as well as the moonroof are acting as magnifying glass in terms of heat generated by the sun. The XC70 was nothing like this. The screen in the new moonroof does little to insulate the cabin from the overhead sun. Easy enough to look for shade when parking but we are talking about needing protection while the vehicle is driven! REALLY don't want to tint the front windows and the moonroof is already 'smoke' glass. I 'guess' the privacy glass in the rear compartment is about normal. We added the cargo cover and, while thin, it's 'segmented' to allow access to the 'grocery bag' area...better looking than the tarp I usually use!

    I have experienced one disturbing incident...while driving through a parking lot, just after starting the vehicle with key in pocket, the 60 sputtered and limped along(felt weird anyway since I was going over speed humps and cobblestone paving) until it just shut down. Fortunately, this was BEFORE I picked up my darling who just had surgery and BEFORE I pulled into 55mph traffic!!! I inserted the key fob, restarted, and have had no problems since...I need to call the dealer to have Volvo start a 'folder' on this, should it happen again or to others.
  • undertoneundertone Posts: 2
    Until now, virtually everything I've seen or read about the XC60 has been positive. For the record, in the past I have regarded moonroofs as an unavoidable minor nuisance, but the ones that have been installed in cars previously purchased have not been a significant problem, due to the panel in the ceiling which blocks out the rays when closed. From coachrick's post, there is a definite heat build up problem with this concave glass roof ( surprise! surprise!) which has no reasonable relief (i.e. no sliding blocking panel to covert this to a normal "non moonroof" configuration). Are they making this vehicle available WITHOUT this feature (I know it's an option, but I have the impression that it is currently included in every XC60 at "no additional cost"???
  • undertoneundertone Posts: 2
    Well, I posed the question of the moon roof to the local salesman. Seems that all they are producing at this point in time are moon roof equipped models. My DW and I took a test drive this PM - all went well, except I am even less impressed with the moon roof shielding screen than I was before - even in a brand new vehicle, which has been test driven a very few times, this thing sags slightly, but to a noticeable extent - what will it be like in 3 years???.... I may wind up buying one, but it will clearly be IN SPITE OF this stupid moon roof rather than because of it....
  • muratarummuratarum Posts: 5
    I have some questions about buying an xc60 in US. We previously ordered an xc60 through a dealer in scandinavia and the price was pretty reasonable compared to US.(about 5-6k lower) However the delivery will be very late and we decided to look for the vehicle here. We want climate, convenience, metallic color, active bi-xenon and BLIS. When we contacted the local dealers we found out that they are more intersted in giving us long tours in their parking lot and trying to sell us what they have. They almost did not try to go online and search for the options we have. How can we search where we can find a vehicle of certain options with a reasonable price?
  • volvo_guyvolvo_guy Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal or not?

    Here are the numbers I have...
    ****I owe 3 payment on current XC90 Lease - Total $1605.00***

    2010 XC60
    Metallic paint, Climate Package, Convenience Package, BLIS, and Personal Car Communicator. MSRP $41,795

    Term 36 mos
    15000 miles per year
    Residual 46%
    Residual Value $19225.70
    Rate factor 0.00250
    Approx Int rate 6.0%
    Payment $585.21/mo

    Upfront fees

    1st Payment 585.21
    8% tax 1685.40
    Origination fee 695.00
    Cap reduct cash 0.00
    Tax on Orig fee 55.60
    DMV etc 190.50
    Total fees 3211.70
    Total fees less equity 4816.70

    Loyalty credit (1000.00)

    Net due at signing 3816.70

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • does volvo have any financing deals like other manufacturers do? i have been unable to locate them on their website and it was implied at the dealership that the deals are more for leasing with them. is that the case? we're willing to cough a little more up for the vehicle than the other one we're looking at, but not if we cant get the same financing on it.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I think Volvo may have hit a home run with the XC60. The current issues of the buff books all have positive reviews: stylish, good performance, etc.etc. As a side note the exterior colors do seem limited, though.

    This is all good from a consumer standpoint except for one thing. The money is all wrong. It seems to me that a XC70 gives you more room, more comfort, better gas mileage, albeit with a little bit less technology for about 12K less out the door than a XC60. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    On a side note, some of the option packages I see being specc'd out above seem foolish. Take a look at the "convenience package". What is in it that makes it worth well over $1000. The 19" wheel package for upwards of $3200?? Other than shaking a few fillings loose and raising the cost of the replacement tires, is spending about 8% of the MSRP on fancy wheels a good idea in a family hauler?

    All in all, if you have to have an XC60 you might want to wait till Christmas and save some money.
  • charlesbcharlesb Posts: 43
    The XC60 package itself is a home run (or very close to one) but the pricing seems too much for what you get. A S80 with the same drive train, and purportedly the company 'flagship', can be had for less. Also the forced (no cost option) sunroof of the U.S. bound factory output and packaging the Dynaudio premium audio with the horrible navigation at close to three grand is clearly is an attempt to dig deep into the pockets of early adopters. I guess this segment is hot enough that this will play for a while.
  • ckd38ckd38 Posts: 1
    Just went through the Overseas Delivery program at my local dealer. Will be picking up the new XC60 in late July and have the car on the driveway by early September. Hearing other fantastic stories about OSD, we can't wait to go to Europe to drive our new XC60 around and experience it for ourselves. It seems like such an amazing way to purchase a car, and so far it has been extremely easy. All we had to do was fill out and sign a couple forms and pay a $2000 deposit (You pay in full 30 days before you leave for Europe). Volvo's travel agency is efficient and good to work with and my travel plans are already made. Best of all I got a great discount on a vehicle that is in high demand right now, and dealers are not willing to budge much from MSRP on the XC60. It was 8% off MSRP, which translated to about $1200 off invoice for us. Then you get the 2 free airline tickets and currently they're giving you 3 nights hotel in Sweden (loyalty offer). Our XC60 will be the Terra Bronze, Beige-Espresso Int. (which looks really sharp), and climate package. If we had known about the OSD program sooner, we definitely would have bought our old S80 this way too. Only thing i'm disappointed about is how many of my local dealers were unaware of the program or unwilling to do it. It seems like they try to steer you away from using the program as best they can and buy from their inventory. We found a dealer in North Jersey, about an hour away, with an OSD department at the dealer. We filled out the paperwork beforehand (it was emailed over) and were out of the showroom in 20 minutes. Great experience. Now, we have to eagerly anticipate our journey in a month!
  • emmagemmag Posts: 5
    Has anyone purchased an XC60 in New Orleans or Nashville? If so, was the dealer willing to negotiate? I was in Bergeron in New Orleans a few days ago, ready to order the XC60 T6 AWD with Climate, Convenience & Media Packages. They were reluctant to appraise my trade-in (although I was told on the phone prior to going out there that they would) until the XC60 that I'm ordering comes in. They were even reluctant to give me a specific price. I built the car on but there were a few discrepancies on what the salesperson said was standard and what was not...and she only wanted to offer $500 off. Anyone get more clairty and a better deal somewhere else? I can easily buy this car in Baton Rouge or Nashville or anywhere between.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No one is going to give you a number on a car that you can't trade in for at least 3 months. That is how long it takes to get an XC60 ordered,built and delivered to your dealer.
    There isn't much in the way of deals out there for an XC60,but you should be able to do better than $500 off.
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    The 2010 Volvo XC60 has gotten very good reviews overall in the mass media and, IMHO, is impressive. One negative is the so-so mileage on the original 3.0L turbo AWD version (16 city/22 highway). The cheaper 3.2L FWD version -- advertised on TV -- is now available. Its EPA figures look pretty decent: 18 city/27 highway. Our local dealer (South Florida) has a few 3.2L FWD XC60's in stock. He told me that the 3.2L will also be available in AWD in the future, but didn't know when or what the EPA figures would be. I'm in the market for a new vehicle and look forward to test drives.
  • We have over 6K miles on our XC60 and the average mileage is not as bad as we thought, given the amount of in-townish, 0-60mph type driving we have here in Austin. We also have been over 100 degrees almost every day since, A/C is virtually non-stop. Still averaging close to 19mpg overall. I'm a little disappointed that we can't get a little better highway mileage...70mph yields only 21-22mpg while our XC70 could get well into the upper 20s on the highway. On the other hand, the power is impressive, especially 30-60mph acceleration for merging/passing...zippy, to say the least.

    We embark on a 3000 mile trek starting tomorrow...should see plenty of rain in the Southeast and enjoy the twisties of the mountains in western North Carolina Doesn't hurt that petrol is $1.50/gal LESS than last summer!!! Adios!
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    XC60 3.2 AWD MPG is 16/22
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    XC60 is a different car from the XC70. XC60 is taller. Taller cars get worse mpg at highway speeds. The air can't get out of the way as quickly as it can on a car lower to the ground. Also, the XC60 has a much more powerful engine.">link title
  • yurkoyurko Posts: 24
    Hi, volvomax.

    Are you perhaps confusing the original 3.0L T6 AWD version of the XC60 with the upcoming 3.2L AWD version? The EPA city/highway figures for the 3.0L T6 AWD version are indeed 16/22, but I haven't seen any figures for the 3.2L AWD version. Nor has my local dealer. Given that the figures for the newly-released 3.2L FWD version are 18/27, I would think that the figures for the upcoming 3.2L AWD version would be closer to 18/27 than to 16/22.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No, the 3.2 AWD gets the same mileage as the T6 AWD.

    go to and look it up
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