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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • I understand your agony and of course it happened to me. I had my motor replaced with a used motor through the warranty I purchased when I bought my Durango. The Company found a complete low mileage motor. The motor was out of a 2008 and cost @ 1,800 complete with shipping. I had to cover $350. I had a Chrysler Dealer do the repalcement. They exchanged my carb, put in new plugs, wires, and dropped the new motor in. That was 2 years ago. The Durango is otherwise a great SUV. I pull a 24ft boat with it. I average 35,000 miles a year seeing clients, and the car performs great. It handles better than my 06 suburban Z71, it's way faster, and gets way better gas mileage. Put a K&N cold air intake and a Throttle body spacer on it. Changed the exhaust to a Flow Master Cat back 70 series American Thunder and I'm getting 19 city and 24 Hwy. at 75 mph. So I say, bump Chrysler, remember Mercedes basically designed everything but the motor, and install a rebuilt or low mileage motor. You won't regret it!
  • mmorisettemmorisette Posts: 1
    I don't have a durango I have a Chrysler Aspen with the same engine and my engine also seized and of course Chrysler is not going to honor the warranty> i am a mechanic and I noticed the problems and I took it to the dealership prior to the engine locking up on me. The oil light kept coming on and the engine was knocking one day when my husband came home like it was no oil in it. I had him shut it down when the engine cooled I checked the levels and the engine stated it back up it ran fine. I took it to the dealership and told them what was going on it was running smooth and nothing was noted. I think it needs to be a class action done against GM for this engine because like I said I'm a mechanic and I did what I was supposed to do and the engine still failed.
  • drrighteousdrrighteous Posts: 49
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    Don't know what to say because you post is confusing.
    Class action lawsuit against GM??

    And I will say again what I think of a "class action lawsuit".
    These are for the sole benefit of LAWYERS. Ever notice the TV commercials "if you have suffered (insert ailment) after taking (insert drug, or a surgical procedure) then you deserve compensation. Call the XYZ law firm 1-800-gotcha!.
    What those ad are an attempt to gin up a class action lawsuit. They are looking for enough people to file. It has NOTHING to do with justice.
    When you take part in one of these you sign your right to compensation over to the lawyers. THEY get the compensation you deserved, NOT YOU. Because there will be 100, 200, 1000 or whatever people that signed up as part of the suit, the plaintiffs share of the settlement (after the lawyers take them majority) is split up among you. So you get a check for $10.
  • @ drrightious:

    You are right. I had a hard time reading the post also. If they are a mechanic (as they say) they would know the difference between a Chrysler and GM. And the only ones that would come out ahead if a class action lawsuit was made against Chrysler would be the lawyers. We can only hope Chrysler realizes the problem and tries to fix it. Otherwise I WILL NOT buy another Chrysler.
  • Thanks for the information. I have tried putting my Durango in reverse and the service 4 wheel drive light indicator is still on. We also changed the transfer case fluid and the light is still on. The fluid was not red anymore and we did not see any particals or gunk int he fluid. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  • hlwallerhlwaller Posts: 1
    Hi there, I too have a 2004 Dodge Durango w/ Hemi. Love it. I have 187k miles on it. I noticed that in very heavy rain the engine would want to stall when I came to a stop. The dealership cleaned the throttle body and updated the software. However, with the next heavy rain, at 70mph on a freeway, it started to vibrate (thought it was a flat tire) and then realized something was wrong. Moved off the freeway and the engine stalled. Had it towed and the dealership did a compression test and found that there is a broken valve spring. Anyone knows what would cause that??
  • drrighteousdrrighteous Posts: 49
    Actually a broken valve spring isn't that uncommon, and normally does not leave to catastrophic failures in the engine. These Hemis use a "beehive" valve spring. This adaptation of a "race type" spring was very interesting because this design is superior to the older cylinder shaped coil valve spring. But the conclusion I came to because of the common failure of these is poor metallurgy in manufacturing. The springs fatigue and break.
    The vibration is basically a cylinder with low compression. A skilled mechanic can fix this by removing the valve cover and swapping the spring with the specialized tools for this kind of job.
    Again I will emphases the '03,04,05 was the fledgling years of the new hemi and these bugs have been worked out. You very rarely hear of these kinds of failure in '06 and newer hemis.
  • daonmdaonm Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I have a 2005 Durango Adventurer just paid it off, have performed all preventive maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape only to have it break down on saturday. I get a call today from 5Star Automotive informing me that the 5.7 liter hemi engine is DEAD-BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR, however, IT'S NOT MY FAULT, I COULDN'T HAVE DONE ANYTHING TO PREVENT THIS. I can't afford to pay $9000 for a new engine and I believe that the Dodge corporation should assume some responsibility for their faulty engines.
  • Welcome to my world as well as many, many others. We've all been there done that and Dodge hasn't helped most of us one bit. Its been 16 months since our 2004 shot a rod through the oil pan. It was fine the day before but happened when my husband started it one Monday morning. We are finally getting ours repaired (with our own money) which is not easy to come by for us. I will never understand why Dodge isn't being held accountable for this!!!!
  • Great SUV with a motor made with Chinese steel cranks and rods. I replaced my motor with a used complete motor, with 35,000 miles. The motor cost ruffly $1,500 and I had a Dodge Dealer install it. The dealer used my belts, throttle body, wires/ignition, etc. The new motor came out of an 08' vehicle and hasn't given me any problems. From what I understand, the problem is mostly with the 04' motors. All in all, the re powering event cost about $5,000
    including gaskets, fluids, A/C recharge, plugs wires, etc. Now I have a great SUV and motor! Hope this helps.
  • medueymeduey Posts: 2
    Might as well vent my frustration as all of you have with my 2004 Durango hemi Limiited. Yep, it ran like a champ and had no issues for 106K miles, which is when i guess Dodge decided that a car only needed to last until. In any case, my wife just went to start it one day and heard in her words, "an explosion". She was pretty close to right, since the rod went through the oil pan and blew a huge piece of the block out. I will also mention that I am anal about how my service records are and about how the car looks inside and out. Anyway my mechanic took the motor apart and low and behold, the motor was in perfection condition. "Brand new" were the words he used (except for the really big hole in it). So all that you have heard about sludge build up, overheating and whatever other crap they have thrown out there to cover their butts, is just that. I had pictures taken of all angles and submitted them to Dodge. It didn't take long, no not to get them to contact me, but to say, "sorry". Well 6 grand later I have a new motor and a 3 year warranty on parts & labor through my mechanic (you didn't think I would have Dodge do the work did you). I did have to mention that I got all this taken care of before Dodge contacted me. Here's the best part, they said they MIGHT have been able to help me if I had the work done at one of their service centers. That's a good one. Have them take it apart, give me a bunch of baloney and THEN tell me they can't help me. Oh and charge me twice what my mechanic did. Well vacations and whatever else are gone for a few years, but at least I have a dependable motor to go along with the great looking exterior. I was lucky in that it happened near my home, but to those out there going long distances in their 2004, take along a check book and have the tow truck number handy...
  • I just had pretty much the exact thing happen to mine only mine happened in the middle of an intersection same problem with a rod. I did some research and found several websites similar to this with many posts alike. I called Dodge and they told me there was nothing they could do. I think we should all get together and file a class action to get some of the money back that we have all put in my cost was just over $5000. Maybe if consumers got together more and went united to a company we would get answers.
  • I would love to find an attorney and file a class action suit few problems...1) we all have to find a safe place to put all contact info for an attorney...2) probably need to find an attorney in Michigan since that's the headquarter for Chrysler/Dodge but may be able to find one licensed in several mid-west states. I think this situation should be addressed this is a safety issue since my engine blew in the middle of a busy intersection with 6 kids in the car at the time.
  • Our Durango, family car for 6 of us, also died yesterday. It worked perfectly the day before and no dashboard alerts ie: Oil, engine lights displayed but when the engine turned over it sounded like rocks were in a dryer under the hood.

    We babied the auto, had a extended warranty that ran out right before. The best is that we don't owe on the car but now we are out of a car, with 6 kids I thought we could have at least had this car for a while.

    I did file a complaint with which I encourage all owners to document this with them.

    They repaired this "known" issue in the next years version but not the 04.

    I need a miracle to get a new car now. Best of luck to you all!
  • wuzziern2wuzziern2 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    We also have one of the clunkers. I called Dodge the day after , I think on 9/21. This was after I called NHTSA. The number they gave me to call Chrysler/Dodge is 1-800-992-1997. I called again yesterday and was told that they are not aware of the problem. They can't go into other web sites with reports,or so she says. And when I said that I want an investigation and believe that Dodge should cover the cost she again said they have no reports of this problem. So I said everyone has to report it to you also, right? She said yes. I told her to be prepared for an on slaught of calls. I am going to call daily. I tried to post this on that other site where all the Dodges are listed. I also talked to a "Lemon" Lawyer. Waste of time. NHTSA also said to call your state consumer advocate. Pass on the info. 10/2 3pm, I just spoke with Dodge again and she said it is most important to get it diagnosed by a Chrysler/Dodge dealer. That is how the company gets the info so that the NTShA can investigator and recall them.

    :sick: :mad:
  • mjbuddmjbudd Posts: 9
    out dodge crapped out over a year ago. i got the same response, there are no other reports, they are not aware of the problem. i had a lawyer friend even write a letter and got nothing. i contacted the news and they wouldn't do anything, i filed the compliants with NTHSA and nothing. i have been getting the updates from this forum for over a year and am still amazed at how many compliants / instances of this happening is out there. it still makes me sick that dodge can put such a piece of crap on the road and then deny any knowledge of what a piece of crap it is.....why else did they stop making them for years!!!!!
  • I too have had the value of my vehicle STOLEN by Dodge and their poor quality HEMI engine. We had only 114k miles on the vehicle, all of which were easy miles. No towing, no off road, mostly easy unloaded local trips and alot of highway miles. We maintained the vehicle with frequent oil changes. To no avail. No warning and no reason, we went out to start the Durango and were greeted by a loud banging engine. Our mechanic says the engine is a total loss. Given the cost for a replacement engine plus installation, the vehicle is effectively totalled. We loved the Durango especially in the winter when we needed it the most. Now we are stuck with a piece or scrap metal. Thanks Chrysler / Dodge. And the fact that you claim to know nothing of the problems, is more of a disgrace. Step up and make the replacement engines available at a reasonable cost so we all dont suffer. If there is a class action suit, I want to join. They should not get away with this.
  • lacy00lacy00 Posts: 4
    I am in the same boat as all of you are with my 04 Limited Durango. It had 140K miles and the engine shot. Main bearing spun and lifter stuck open. Who can afford the price of these engines? My question is you go and pay the $2400+ for a used engine and the same thing happens again when you hit 140-160,000 miles? Then what? You are out the money again? I would also be willing to join. I had no idea how common this problem was until I got online to search for an engine. I have a car that I still owe $4K on and no money to replace the engine.
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    Bimmerdriver - Sorry to hear that you too have been victimized. I was in the same boat as you as my engine crapped out right around 135K miles despite regular oil changes. I too had no option other than to put in a used engine ($3900 after labor), donate the vehicle to charity and take a tax deduction, or let it sit in my driveway. My understanding is that the problem really only exists on the 2004 hemi which was the first year that that engine was used. Fortunately my mechanic was able to find a late 2005 engine with 60K miles on it and I've had no problems since. I'm up to 130K miles on that engine now but I'm very reluctant to drive it on long trips for fear that the same thing will happen again. If you do end up replacing the engine on yours, make sure that you get a later manufactured engine. If it were my everyday car, I'd get rid of it ASAP. The thing that really irks me is that Chrysler-Dodge has trained its customer service people to flat out lie with a straight face and claim that they have no complaints or evidence of the '04 having any history of engine failures.
  • I just got told that my (i thought it was wonderful)2005 Dodge Durango with 117k miles on it had a bad main bearing and rod and i need a new engine. I have made sure that I changed the oil and maintained it as needed and was shocked when i was told that I hadn't maintained it properly. I'm happy, if you can call it, that it seems to a standard with these engines to fail. I have had to replace the instrument panel 3 times for failures (luckily its on the recall list). I also have had problems with the engine light coming on and off, with the mechanics unable to determine why. I have had a leak everytime it rains into the fuse box, which I also have had to replace. i don't feel so bad now, but expected to get at least 150k miles use. All of my previous vehicles i have been able to get between 175k and 200k, so i'm shocked that i have to go get a new car at this point. But i'm not getting a Dodge.
  • Our '04 Durango has nearly 170k miles on it.
    It is paid for but we had to borrow money from the inlaws to pay for replacing the engine in Sept 2010. I would like to sell it or trade it in but technically they have a lien on it in a certain respect.
    The biggest reason I want to get rid of it really isn't reliability; it is operating cost. 7 quarts of Mobil 1 at every oil change, expensive tires, it gets about 15 MPG around town. It is just to costly when gas is typically $3.50 a gallon (Thanks Obama).
    It is a shame. I have a 85 Dodge Ramcharger that is rock solid reliable and has been totally neglected as far as regular maintenance for years. I'm putting the wife in a car of some type and I will continue to drive the old Ramcharger when I need to. The Durango is going up for sale ASAP.
  • yup same thing happened to me ,started the car after being away for the weekend and it sounded like a wrench in the engine.
    mech says its the wrist pin or connecting rod.
    no warning, no issue or prior warning or failure. computer says engine was perfect order .mech says he cant explain why?
    im screwed and i am not going to put a new engine in this unless dodge steps up. and i will tell anyone i know about this problem ,... and i know a few:)
    any help here on this forum would be welcome and is there a class action suit pending and where do i sign>?
  • ifucantdodgeitifucantdodgeit Posts: 7
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    I bought an 04 Ram 1500 Hemi that had around 80K miles on it when I bought it in Oct 2010. It was AWESOME the first year and a half I had it, only minor repairs i.e battery, idler pulley, ignition switch. I did regular maintenance on it as well as oil changes. then in early April 2012 I was driving home after running some errands, the truck had run great all day just like normal, but about 8 miles from house I hear this "THUNK" and I have no power!!!! I called someone to tow it home that night. I did thankfully have another car to drive. In the months since I have been slowly tearing the engine apart with my Dad, this week we finally pulled the heads and discovered that my # 6 piston was completely disintegrated and had punched a hole in my block! My original thought was that this was just a random fluke and it was just mine, but after reading this I see that it was not just mine! I see that there has been some talk of filing a class action lawsuit against Chrysler, If you guys do this I would definitely want in on it!!!! this is ridiculous for an engine that has no more miles than this and had been properly maintained. My parents have a 1999 Ford F150 that has almost 300K on it and has not been maintained nearly as well... as my Dad puts it "it has been run hard and put up wet" this engine has run like a CHAMP! it even still has the original battery in it!
  • I have unfortunately now joined the club of those 2004 Durango owners with a 5.7 hemi with sub-100k miles with blown engine. My experience was very similar to others who posted here. Durango running fine in morning. Got in car in evening, turned key and heard horrible metal on metal/rocks type sound. Diagnosis-severe engine damage caused puncture to oil pan. Service guy claimed to never have heard of this problem before, claimed not to know what punctured the oil pan, and made special note on diagnosis that oil was "dirty" and "2,000 miles past scheduled oil change." It was as if they were trying to protect themselves. Earlier this year, in June, I had taken Durango in to the dealer for a steering problem, but opted to go to an independent garage for the fix--and had my oil changed there. So-claim of past due oil change was completely inaccurate.

    To fix this will cost me over $5,000 dollars-scandalous.
  • I called the NHTSA today to report this. EVERYONE who has had this problem needs to report it both to them and to dodge. If enough of us report it they will have to issue a recall on this engine. And I figure if everyone who has posted in this forum does this they will have to listen.
  • I called the NHTSA today to report this (MAKE SURE YOU CALL). EVERYONE who has had this problem needs to report it both to them and to dodge. If enough of us report it they will have to issue a recall on this engine. And I figure if everyone who has posted in this forum does this they will have to listen.
  • I too have a 2004 Durango with a blow rod and have been told by our dealer that it is not common and it would be over $6000 for them to install a new motor. My after market warranty refuses to pay for the replacement even though we have maintained the car to the recommended standards. We use Amsoil in all of our cars and have never had any problems and commonly drive cars to over 200,000 miles with no engine issues. We had our oil tested just like the other Amsoil user posted and water and metal contaminates were also found, though the oil had just been changed just before this happened. No warnings just some light intermittent ticking was heard and while the car was being driven around town one of the rods broke and it sounded like someone left a tool in the motor it sounds horrible! We had also experienced some engine stalling for no apparent reason just like other posters have experienced - no warning lights and the car would restart just fine. If there is a class action or we should contact someone to help us, please let us know.
  • Call dodge directly first of all file a complaint with them. Second call the NHTSA and file a complaint with them. NHTSA has to file a recall if they get enough complaints.
  • I'm quite sure everyone of us has reported this to Dodge and the NHTSA, so don't hold your breath!
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