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Kia Sorento Real World MPG



  • I am also getting around 26 mpg (actual-calculated hwy mpg) with my '12 Sorento. Has anyone on this forum noticed that their Kia doesn't coast/free wheel well when the foot is removed from the accelerator?

    I virtually never go straight to the brake from the gas pedal (except in emergencies), watching the traffic, lights and stop signs 1/4 to 1/2 mile up the road. I get the EPA rated hwy mpg on my '99 Odyssey and EPA rated plus 1 on my '03 Sebring. But when I drive the Sorrento and take my foot off the gas at my usual distance before stop signs, lights etc., the Sorrento slows down like I'm dragging an anchor. At first, I thought it was a transmission issue with the trans allowing engine braking and/or inappropriate downshifting. But then I free wheeled (in neutral) all three cars down the long gradual (not steep) incline in my subdivision. Both the Odyssey and the Sebring were still free-wheeling near 20mph when I had to brake for my turn about .2 miles after shifting into neutral. The Sorento was doing 5 mph before my turn.

    Anyone notice their Sorento doesn't free-wheel (whether in drive or in neutral) as well as it should?
  • Has anyone tried legal action against KIA? I wrote a letter telling them I was advancing a Lemon Law action against them and was called and told that my car was eligible under the fuel arrangment. I told them I knew that and that my intent was action under the lemon law. I was told that I could not do that. Well I guess we will see, because I am filling next week with a federal district court. It only costs $75.00 but maybe it will get someones attention..
    12mpg city, and 18 highway just doesn't cut it...
  • its really too bad that there isnt a way to get the word out to people before they buy the sorento to insist on a v6. same or better mileage and goes better. 4 cyl is too small and overworked on this car. everyone seems to like their car except for 4 cyl gas mileage. i dont hear many complaints about the actual car. only about mileage.
  • Yup I am using Johnson & Weaver
  • I bought a 2013 sorento 6cyl in Sept 2012. Took it to the dealership in Nov with the same free wheeling (coasting) problems as well as a really tight steering wheel and poor suspension (can feel EVERY BUMP, DIP, AND RIDGE) in the road. I was informed by the service dept that EVERY KIA SORENTO was made this way because it was built like a race car and the race cars have tight suspension and that all the new suv's have a fuel line connected directly to the gas pedal so that when you take your foot off the gas the fuel immediately stops flowing to engine which makes it start to slow down right away but it would never coast LESS than 5mph
    I also average about 11 mpg in the city. Nothing like what the sticker promised. This was my first NEW CAR purchase since 1997. Things sure have changed since then. I like the interior space of the Sorento. It came with a remote start and alarm system but I HAVE TO RESET IT MANUALLY TO GET THE DOORS TO LOCK, (My 97 remote starter/alarm resets itself) I chose this suv because of the mpg, warranty and interior space. Not too thrilled with it. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It feels and drives like an older car. Wish I turn back the hands of time. Would have gone with a different brand.

  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    I just got a '13 EX V6 and have experienced the slowing of the vehicle once my foot is off the pedal. I'm no mechanic but i'm pretty sure all cars everywhere have a fuel line driectly connected to the gas pedal and removing your foot will stop the flow of fuel. That;s what a gas pedal does.

    I think this is more of a transmission problem as it feels like the tranny is downshifting. 11 mpg is ridiculous and I'll be very upset if that is what I get even though I am usually a bit heavy on the gas.

    As far as the suspension, I am coming from a Mazdaspeed 3 which is the sporty turbo version fo the Mazda 3. This is like a Caddy compared to that. I haven't noticed any stiffness in the seats compared to any other vehicle.
  • picantepicante Posts: 27
    Here is a description of my first highway trip with 2013 Sorento EX V6 AWD. Highway driving with some adverse conditions. Got 21.66 mpg.

    Trip report
  • par732par732 Posts: 8
    edited January 2013
    I bought 2013 Sorento EX in July 2012 which I have almost 5000 miles it. The best MPG I have been able to get is 15 in the city and 18.5 combined. I have called Kia a number of times, they told that I have to drive the car for about 5000 miles for the break-in. I am almost there and nothing has changed. Now they are telling me that it’s my driving and to register for their one mile rebate. My discrepancy is more than 6 mile or over 25%. I have stopped other Sorento owner on the road, they also telling me that they are having the same problem and their MPG average is about 20 to 25% below Kia's published numbers. I will be talking to my attorney to see what is my option. In mean time I am trying to inform potential Sorento buyers the facts and keep them from making mistake of buying Kia Sorento.

  • I am closing in on 18,000 miles and have lifetime measured mileage (dividing odometer miles by gallons recorded at the pump) of 19.8 mpg. I live in suburbs but there is occasional traffic and/or trips into NYC. Not so much highway.

    I figure a Highlander (my other choice) would have been at least as bad and would have cost a few thou more. On the other hand it might have had a higher resale value....
  • Pete,
    I bought my Sorento EX GDI 4cyl in Aug of 2012 and have been experiencing the exact same scenario as you. I drive 90% hwy and only pull 22mpg when the car was rated for 32mpg(est.) I purchased my car because of the advertised and therefore expected mpg with some minor variation of the 32mpg not 10mpg off. I will not be accepting the 1mi mpg adjustment as I feel it is as bogus as the original advertised mpg. I am currently looking into Lemon Laws in California to make Kia refund my $$. Please keep us posted on what your attorney advises and what is the result of your recourse action.
    - Laura
  • par732par732 Posts: 8
  • par732par732 Posts: 8
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    I only have a couple of tanks of gas on my V6 AWD model so I can't say much about what mileage I will get. However, one thing I have noticed is that the Eco monitor is a complete joke. Today I was accelerating pretty hard on an on ramp and the Eco was still lit. The tranny downshifted and the engine was revving pretty high (sounded high, I didn't notice the tach) DO you have to floor the car for it to go off?

    My wife has a Honda Odyssey with a similar feature and that is much more realistic. If you are accelerating or driving above 70 mph or so it goes off, which makes much more sense than what I see with the Sorento system.
  • First, I apologize for the length of this post, but wanted to include all the information I have. Second, oh how I wish I had found and read this forum before I purchased my 2013 Sorento. I bought the LX 2WD in July 2012 and paid extra for the convenience package which gave me the GDI engine. The sticker indicated it would get 2 mpg more than the standard 2.4L engine for a total of 32 mpg highway. I had been a faithful Honda Accord owner for years but wanted a vehicle that sat me up higher off the ground so I started shopping for a SUV. I test drove several vehicles but kept coming back to the Sorento. It was hands down the most comfortable seat for me and I liked all the features that were included. The fact that it would get 32 mpg highway and 26 combined was the thing that sold me in the end. Boy do I now feel duped by Kia. Now that they have revised their sticker, the GDI engine is projected to get no more than the 30 mpg for highway shown on the sticker of the standard engine. Well, I’d be happy to get 30. My mpg doesn’t even come close to that. In fact, it is getting worse instead of better. I didn’t keep track of mileage when I first bought the car but I soon realized I wasn’t getting what I should be so I started a spreadsheet and every time I fill up I calculate my mileage. At the end of October, I took a road trip that was strictly easy highway miles at speeds of no more than 70 mph and I got 21.3 mpg. With my last tank of gas, 64% was highway miles at speeds of no more than 68 mph. The balance was city miles. I got 19.8 mpg which didn’t even make the 21 mpg city figure. I use unleaded, 87 octane gas.

    I first complained to the local dealer’s service department the first part of November when I had about 3000 miles on the car. They did some software updates, gave me the excuse about the engine not being broke in yet and said that wouldn’t occur until 6000-8000 miles, and that it could also be the way I drive the car. Well, on the highway I normally set the cruise at 68, I keep the vehicle maintained as I should and I live in the Midwest where roads are flat. I don’t know how much better my driving conditions could be in order to improve my mileage. They also said the gas companies put an additive in the gasoline during the winter months that will reduce my mpg. They said to let them know how things are this spring, after the engine is broke in. The funny thing is this visit to the shop was one day before Kia announced the mileage reimbursement program and they never even mentioned this program to me. I just happened to hear about it on the news. Plus the service department never even contacted me after it was announced to make sure I was aware of the program.

    On 11/14/12, I wrote a letter to Kia Customer Service. I told them I felt the 1 mpg reimbursement was not enough since I am getting several miles less than their stated mileage. I also told them I felt I should be reimbursed for the extra money I paid for the GDI engine when it is rated to get the same mileage as the non-GDI engine. I ended up calling them when I didn’t hear anything after several weeks and the first person I spoke with made note of all my complaints and said someone would contact me. It was interesting that she told me you cannot go by the average mpg showing on the cars odometer because it won’t be accurate. Well, I had figured that out pretty quickly but why wouldn’t it be accurate?? She said someone would call me in a week. Well, I did receive a call after a couple weeks time. Of course, I was informed the mileage reimbursement is the only thing they can offer. He said my low mileage could be attributed to how I drive so I explained my conservative driving habits. He said lots of people are reporting getting higher mileage than the sticker. Really? I’d like to talk to someone who does. He even suggested some driving at 48 mph get better mileage. So I’m supposed to drive 48 mph on the interstate? Seriously? Bottom line is they won’t do anything other than the 1 mpg reimbursement which amounts to nothing in my opinion.

    I feel Kia is guilty of false advertisement and companies should be held accountable for lying to the consumer. As somebody else has mentioned though, the only winners in class action suits are the attorney’s. I do not know what a consumer can do, but I think I will send a letter to the EPA for a start. I couldn’t be more disappointed with this whole situation.
  • par732par732 Posts: 8
    What you need to do post the real world mileage against the Kia's mileage on your windows and drive around the card and posted on the internet anywhere you can post. If you can convince one buyer not buy their car you won. thats what I am doing. Also with holidays and being busy, I have not had a chance to talk to a lowyer.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    I have been saying this on this board since I bought this pig last year. I still get 12 city and 18 hgwy. I have written to the pres. and have spoke to cust. serv. three times, and you guessed it, nothing, nothing but a glossy telling me how to drive for better mileage. I mailed it back to the president with some nice words. I must tell you though, I have in fact made a difference when people asked me about the sorento and what I thought. I did my part, I know they lost more sales than they got me for.
  • I went to vistaprints online and ordered window stickers for $11 each which I designed and are yellow and black. They state: KIA BUYERS BE AWARE --KIA ESTIMATES 22-32 MPG---- MY AVERAGE 16-19 MPG ..
    I also purchased 4 x 6 banners which I have occasionally used along with balloons.
    I have gotten honks, thumbs ups, waves, lots of smiles and laughs from people and the finger from a KIA employee.
    If I save a few people from the same problems I am encountering it will be worth it. Good luck.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    That 4 cylinder engine really sux. I've got the 6 cylinder and am getting much better mileage, ~ 19-21 combined and I usually get much less MPG than advertised on other vehicles I have owned. Only about 1k miles on the car so far though. The 6 cylinder has a bit of juice, too.
  • btb4btb4 Posts: 1
    I am considering replacing my 07 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a new (2013) Sorento EX AWD with the V-6, but am concerned with all of these posts about poor gas mileage. Is this a problem with just the 4 cylinder engines or the V-6s as well? Can some of you V-6 AWD owners tell me what your MPG experience has been - not what the trip computer tells you but what you have calculated yourselves. My Grand Cherokee only gets 17 mpg on the highway, even though the trip computer says it is getting 21.5. I don't want to buy another SUV that tries to pull into every gas station it passes! Even 22 mpg on the highway would be acceptable.
  • Dear btb4,

    I have a 2012 V6 Sorento. I live in a suburban area, not a lot of traffic jams, but short runs: 1 m, 2 m. 5 m. I get 20.0 mpg overall (now 18500 miles), measured using odometer and actual gas dispensed. City mileage is worse, highway is better by 2-4 mpg. A bit hard to compare since on trips there is often a lot of stuff (and people) in the vehicle.

    I bought this to replace a Toyota Highlander hybrid that got totalled by a falling tree during a storm (new Highlander hybrids were not available due to tsunami). It has four inches less rear seat legroom than my 2011 Highlander, but footroom seems ample and no one in the back seat has ever complained. My very subjective feeling is that Toyota build quality was a little better; on the other hand, the Sorento has a lot more bells and whistles than the Highlander and cost $6K less than the hybrid. In the hybrid I was getting 25 mpg (according to computer).

    My advice (remember what you're paying for it) is that the Sorento is fine if you can live with 20 mpg. So far the only "service adjustment" was to update the computer code. Zero issues, no rattles, squeaks, anomalies.

  • par732par732 Posts: 8
    New jeep Grand Cherokee gives you 26 for sure and quality is much better. With Sorento you will get the 22 and oppose to 26 adverized.
  • My family has been a Kia family since I bought my first Spectra in 2007. I loved that car and still do. We have 4 Kia's now (07 Spectra5, 08 Spectra sedan, 12 Soul+, and 13 Sorento GDI). Since 07 I could not speak highly enough of the Kia's. However, my Soul and Sorento are both part of the MPG advertising dupping issue. I will never buy another Kia again. My feelings are if they misrepresented (or lied) about the MPG what else have they or will they lie about. Moreover, even with the admitted misrepresentation they are not standing by their customers and making it right. The new mileage adjustments are still off they down graded the MPG from 32 to 30, but the best I can ever get is 22MPG with 95% highway driving.

    So basically Buyer Beware is all I can say to you when it comes to any Kia!! I wouldn't trust them again.
  • Hi, I have the EX - AWD with the 4cyl. GDI engine. Yes, the mileage is ridiculous! City, maybe 17mg. Highway, depending upon driving speed maybe 23mpg and 21.5 combined. Too bad, I love the convenience features and performance, The ride can be noisy at times and harsh over bumps. I traded a 2011 EX - AWD V-6 for this. I wish I hadn't. As soon as I can get a favorable trade value it is gone. KIA is useless as well as Hyundai. I won't be buying another of their products. I hope things work out for the rest of you. :mad:
  • I agree with your AWD GDI mpg assessment. The mileage is total crap! On the highway, I can get about what the city rated mileage is (~21mpg). I can't get anywhere close to the highway rated mileage on the highway, or the city rated mileage in the city.

    Never again buying any KIA product.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    Replying to: btb4 (Jan 21, 2013 11:50 am)

    New jeep Grand Cherokee gives you 26 for sure and quality is much better. With Sorento you will get the 22 and oppose to 26 adverized.

    Not sure where you get that from. EPA estimates on Grand Cherokee is 23 highway and cost will be many thousands more for all but the base models. On top of that I've heard bad things about reliability on all Jeep vehicles.
  • par732par732 Posts: 8

    this is class action law suit web site. I guess after this is settled we may get $150 back. Now is time to go back to reputable companies such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and even American Companies.
  • travelingirl, thx so much for your post. the length was necessary. i'm looking for new car. mpg is 1st priority. sorento was 1st on list w gdi info. in nov i almost bought. anyway, thx to this forum i will completely rethink next vehicle purchase. i am certain it will not be sorento.

    btw, i have 2008 sportage. in 2009 with 12,000 on a trip from nc to va i had problem accelerating. nearest dealership in petersburg didnt help. the autozone down the street did. later i had a defrost issue, a knocking sound they told me was the door btw the heating & defroster, brought it in a couple of times, unaware of the lemon law. thought i would never consider another kia purchase until i saw sorento advertisments w great mpg. saved by the forum! sincerely, mpg_matters
  • Yes, it is too bad. The vehicle has so much to like. However, the value is no longer there. Kia's pricing has crept to a place where it is no longer as attractive as it once was. Couple that with the gas mileage debacle it adds up to a product that has quickly become synonymous with junk. Hyundai and Kia spent billions trying to overcome buyers reluctance to purchase their products. They finally succeed in gaining a large market share. Now they are throwing it all away with a dishonest and indifferent reaction to their customers complaints. :lemon: :mad:
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