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Chevy Impala "REDUCED ENGINE POWER" message



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're pleased to hear that you were able to get this problem corrected. Generally, the parts warranty covers 12 months/ 12,000 miles. If you have any concerns related to warranty, or need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Hello everyone...I can see from the posts that I am not alone. For the past year I have been pouring money into my low mile 2005 Suburban. Ive replaced the throttle body, wiring harness, cleaned all grounds, and a few throttle positioning sensors. The "Reduced Engine Power" will not go away. The codes have changed over time, but now it is stuck on the throttle positioning sensor even after I have replaced it a few times. This is my 3rd Suburban. The other 2 were great, but our main family car is sitting unusable. Can anyone help me figure this out.
    Morgantown, WV
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    It's been 18 days that I went to my dealer to do a oil/lube/filter change and just noticed that there are spots of oil at different places up front (I always back up in my driveway) and also at the back. The rear bumper looks like smeared at one sot with oil. I past my hand underneath, inside the plastic rear bumper and can touch oily stuff.
    It must have something to do with the oil change because before that everything was oil...I when for a regular oil change and now I have oil spots on my pavement in the front and back on my HHR.
    Reminder...I always back up in my driveway and I'm the only car who parks there.
    If only I would have oil leaks in the front but...also at the rear? Weird.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I am sorry you are experiencing an oil leaking issue. Are you thinking about going back to the dealership to check out this concern? Let us know if you would like assistance throughout this process. We can be reached via Email at socialmedia(at)


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • I'm new here so please forgive me if I post this in the wrong place. Just wondering if someone could shed some light on the engine power reduced error. Had to have my van towed to the local dealership where I live. Van is pretty much useless right now, will not even start. I wont hear from them until tomorrow after they find out what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas why some Chevrolet's are having this problem? What could it be? After reading several comments about this error has got me worried. I hope they can find a quick fix and a long term fix. My van has 19,000 on it and its only a 2011. I can't believe I'm having this problem. Wondering if Chevrolet will issue any type of recall for this error? Thank God my van is still under warranty. Once again sorry if I post this in the wrong place. :mad:
  • We bought this 2011 Impala last year because our last car was nickel and diming us to it looks like our fairly new Impala is going to do the same thing. Our car doesn't even have to be moving and the stablitrak light comes on, and reduce engine power comes over the message board. Then when I go to accelerate there is big clunk and the car feels like it is being pulled back. After reading through this forum and other forums online I see this has been a problem for years, yet GM continues to put the same broken down parts in there Impalas year after year. Somebody please explain this to me. I also have been told that this is not under the warranty, which makes no sense to me. If the engine is being affected, then it should be under warranty. This is not right!
  • I have had my 2009 Impala SS (only 38500 miles currently) at the dealership 5 times already. (3) for service stabilitrak and (2) for an evap problem. The first two times for the stabilitrak, they found a fouled spark plug. The first time, they cleaned it up and moved it from cyl. 5 to cyl. 1. I don't understand why they swapped it but, they did. 3 months later, I dropped a cylinder again and this time it was cylinder 1. They replaced the spark plug and everything was fine until this past week, I had the service stabilitrak message again. My computer was throwing the evap canister code but not the service stabilitrak. The dealership ended up replaing the vent solenoid and the harness. That took care of the evap problem but now, the car is running sluggish again; like there is a misfire in one of the cylinders. I guarantee that I will be dropping another cylinder again fairly soon. So, I am pretty sure that I will be back at the dealership again. On top of all of this, I am going through oil at a high 1 qt for every 1k miles. I am starting to think that I am going to break my 18 year streak with GM and go import!
  • As i can see from all these complaints and the ones i see when i report a complaint of nhtsa I'm not alone in my reduced engine power message. I have had it with this car! I have a 2009 Impala LT3 and its been nothing but issues for me! Within the first month of owning it the thermostat went bad, but it was still under warranty so the repair was free and my Chevy Dealership did a great job.. Now to the issue at hand, my Impala turns itself off!! Its happened to me on the highway doing 70, on single lane roads almost hitting other cars, down busy streets, in the middle of intersections with my family in the car!!! Being that i have to commute to work and have to drive all around Indiana my mileage is past warranty. Based on how many others have had this issue i find it insane to further drain my account past negative to attempt to fix a fault part that GM has to be aware of!! I have no way to afford this being in my current situation so my Impala is a death trap since i have to commute on the highway to get to work and it dies at random times. GM could careless about our safety they just care about our money. I've given GM over $60,000 on my past 3 cars and this will be my last dime spent to them! To those experiencing this issue too and not aware what is causing it, allow me to share. The issue we are seeing is due to a PCM failure caused by either a voltage spike creating a hairline crack on the computer, or its just a OEM fault from ACDelco. Either way it is a factory installed item that creates false OBD codes such as tighten gas cap or Evap Canister Leak. The only way GM will repair this is if a death is recorded and on their hands! I can't take it to a dealership because im past warranty and I cant pay out of pocket so thanks alot GM for ruining my life!!
  • 2008 impala ss with stabilizer error what does this mean. I was driving on Friday stopped, the key would not turn to off, took it to a local shop, they couldn't get the key to turn totally off told me to drive it home disconnect battery so it wouldn't run down, on way home car started spitting and spuddering lost all power to the car and the cock pit filled up with me please is my car totally gone??
  • I just bought a 2009 chevy impala and within a week service stabilitrack light came on, not covered over warranty they told me and it cost me $350.00 to fix. They replaced one wire connected to computer system. 4 weeks later, the light is on again and service stabilitrack message. I have seen hundreds of other posts with people with same problem. This needs to be a recall.
  • It cost me $350 to replace a wire going to computer system. 4 weeks later light is on again. there are hundreds of other posts about this, when are they going to recall???
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi ihotaling

    I am so sorry that you are dealing with a repeated issue. Work/parts done at a GM dealership is warrantied for 12 months. The wire should be replaced free of charge. If you want more information or need my assistance could you please email me at Please include a link to this thread or a brief description of the issue, your current mileage and VIN. I look forward to assisting you.

    GM Customer Care
  • Most entries about loss of power are for 2008 - 2011 Impalas, most of which have some miles on them. I test drove a 2012 Impala that was repossessed by a Credit Union and has less than 13,000 miles on it. My main complaint was that it was sluggish, without the quick acceleration that I like in the car (and also, the seat was uncomfortable, but most of them are!) That's why I started to research Impalas. Any recommendations for what I should do to check it out further? Have there been any recalls for 2012 models? Would I still be getting the power train warranty if I buy this car? And why wouldn't it be covered under it, if it is a known problem from past years and wasn't fixed in the newer model?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I believe the 2012 Impala has the 3.6 liter V6 engine. Numerous problems have been reported on older versions of this engine (e.g. 2005-2008 Cadillac CTS's and 2007-2008 GMC Acadia's) with the timing chains stretching. If you want an Impala, I would look for a low mileage 2006 or 2007 model without the Stabilitrak. Most "reduce engine power" problems are associated with Stabilitrak (GM's version of electronic stability control). The 2006/2007 models have GM's 3.5 or 3.9 liter V6 engines which are generally reliable with the exception of head gasket and crossover pipe gasket problems. I would think a 2006/2007 would have had the gaskets already replaced. A well cared for 2006/2007 could be a good buy. Good luck.
  • I will also never by a chevy again. I was so proud when I bought my 08 impala in 07 but I had issues practically from day 1. Thank the lord a lot of my issues surfaced while it was still under warranty, but I'm dealing with the reduced power issue now. suck!!!
  • du1152du1152 Posts: 5
    I can't agree more! I will never buy a GM produce. I had to replace the gas pedal, and last week I had to replace a side airbag to the tune of almost $750.00 The way they have it set up is if one air bag goes bad, it disables the complete airbag system so none of them will work. So in my opinion GM products are unsafe to even drive, and will never touch another one!
  • I have a 2009 malibu. This same problem started for me around 80,000 miles. I had gotten the lights before then but none of the symtoms til around 80. I get esc off, traction off and reduced engine power. I can always tell when its about to happen because it will start jumping and jerking while trying to shift. Then the lights come on along with engine light and the car starts shaking violently and then most of the time will stall out unless i turn it off for at least a few minutes. Sometimes it will be ok for a little while sometimes it comes right back on. I am currently at the dealer for the 6th time. Up until now they've been covering the repairs under the powertrain warranty. So far i have had some wires under harness replaced, ecm replaced, throttle body replaced and timing belts replaced... Today they told me its some fuel wiring and that this time i have to pay $300 out of pocket. Which i have to at this point because i need the car. My husband is a government employee currently not receiving a paycheck so its important that i get my car back and get to work. This is my second time here just this week. I just picked the car up last night because they couldnt get it to duplicate the symptoms. I picked the car up after the service dept closed or i would have taken it right back but it did it to me literally as i was turning out of the dealer. I emailed GM yesterday and theyre supposed to be calling today! I am so overly frustrated im at the point of trading it in and making it someone elses problem because nothing they do seems to fix it! The last time the wiring under harness was replaced it went 5000 miles before starting again so even if you think its fixed its probably not fixed!! Beware
  • I have a 2011 Impala LT luxery edition with 41,000 miles, I bought it used about a year ago with 19,000, and it has had the Service Stabilitrak and engine power is reduced show up twice. I called the dealership that I purchased it and they told me they could run a diagnostic (for $69) to tell what is wrong, I took it to advanced auto parts and got a free diagnostic done. they said it read that there was a bad throttle positioning sensor switch. I went to the dealer and asked if it was covered under warranty, its not. I don't k know anything about mechanic work but I am going to check into price and try to do it myself. This is the only Vehicle we have and it is used to transport my two young kids (3 and 6) back and forth to school, activities, and dr. appointments. It is ignorant that it is not covered under warranty and that there are so many complaints and problems that GM is ignoring.
  • I too have this issue. 2009 Chevy Impala LT 5.3L, Accelerator Pedal Position sensor error. Not covered by warranty - WHY NOT?!
    Is there anything new about recall on this part?
    I am inclined to pick up the sensor at local parts store and replace myself.
    There appears to be a simple replacement procedure? Any reason why I should not just spend $80 for the part and replace myself vs. $350 at the dealer?
    GM should certainly look into the quality of this sensor!
    -Angry GM Customer
  • du1152du1152 Posts: 5
    Just buy the part and replace it yourself. It is a easy replacement. Do not give GM any of your hard earned money! I know I will never buy another GM product.
  • patalexander01patalexander01 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I son is having the same issue this morning with his 2007 Impala. Can you tell me which sensor you had changed/replaced? Thanks!

  • I had my car taken to the dealer and what they found causing the (engine reduced power) was a short in the wiring in the harness by the plugin socket down under the power steering pump. they cut the plugin socket off put a new one on. The part cost 35.00 dollars but the lieghbor cost was 360.00 bucks for 3 hours because they had to pull the power steering pump to get to it. from what i see this problem happens around plugins the wire gets stretched shorts out over time. i hope this helps out some.
  • What kind of sensor is it called
  • Annoyed10,

    Has your car acted up since this was replaced? I dont see any posts on here since March so I'm Hoping it hasn't.

    I have a friend who Finally got a nice car and now it's doing this (Chevy's Flag ship Impala).

    I'm a Dodge guy but I've always liked Chevys. She's had a lot of issues this car. She got it with low miles at a pretty good price, beginning to figure out why...
  • I have bought new tires every year since I have had mine,I was always a chevy person too,but I am thinking of switching,I have told all my friends and family of my problems,I am sure none of them will ever buy an impala.
  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm back and still disgusted. Same issue. Again. And again, while on a busy highway, in the DARK and ICY winter weather. Clearly if this is weather related (based on my Jan 2012, Jan 2013 and Dec 2013 issues), the design is shoddy. I can't wait to pay off enough of this piece of crap so I have an option besides fearing for my life every time I get into it.

    When will a recall be issued for this? And please do not ask me to contact customer service. Their only assistance last time was to look up my car and tell me it was still under warranty and to take it to a dealer and "discuss my concerns". SO helpful. Not.

    This is a KNOWN safety risk that continually occurs with no action on the part of GM. That is negligent in my book.

    No Love,
  • allwaysgmguyallwaysgmguy Posts: 2
    edited December 2013
    no recall yet?? wow. My 2006 impala
    this is ridiculous , almost got into a big accident two days ago... engine light came on and reduced engine power light, then car shut off, since wednesday been over shop and no one knows what the problem is ,snap on scanner said the amount of alcohol was ditributed to engine is 75% (not Gas) code p0172 (running rich) . Wow. why is it showing more alcohol level than Gas?
    reset the fuel ratio (scanner said 1% alcohol) and car is running fine for about two minutes then roughand 75% alcohol. funny isn't ??
    any suggestion GM? anyone?
    scared in ny
  • Its 2 months later and same problem and just about had a major collision. Driving 25 mph when bells go off, engine light comes on, and my car almost completely loses all power. On top of that it is snowing and the car behind me hits his brakes and ends up on the curb so as not to rear end my car! Really GM! ?Still don't think there is a reason to recall this shotty product of yours? Yes I am angry. I put my family in this car thinking we are safe but we are not. NO MORE GM/CHEVY cars for this family. Unfortunately we will most likely have to sink our Christmas money into fixing this lemon...AGAIN! I'm stuck with this nightmare until we can find something affordable but safe. Very disappointed for your lack of concern for those who are keeping you in business. This is a problem that has been going on for years. Shame on GM!
  • Its 2 months later and same problem and just about had a major collision. Driving 25 mph when bells go off, engine light comes on, and my car almost completely loses all power. On top of that it is snowing and the car behind me hits his brakes and ends up on the curb so as not to rearend my car! Really GM! ?Still don't think there is a reason to recall this shotty product of yours? Yes I am angry. I put my family in this car thinking we are safe but we are not. NO MORE GM/CHEVY cars for this family. Unfortunately we will most likely have to sink our Christmas money into fixing this lemon...AGAIN! I'm stuck with this nightmare until we can find something affordable but safe. Very disappointed for your lack of concern for those who are keeping you in business. This is a problem that has been going on for years. Shame on GM!
  • So why do you only respond to certain people on here. We all have the SAME problem. In fact, I just fixed this problem 2 months ago and now it is doing it again, but 10 times worse. The 2011 Impala that your company made just about caused a wreck. It was snowing when my car almost completely lost power. Bells went off, engine light came on, reduced engine power/service stabilitrac sign came on. The poor guy behind me didn't have a clue what was happening since my car pretty much just stopped on slippery roads. He or she...ended up on the curb to avoid me. I only wish that they would have stayed so I could get them as a witness to a near collision so as to point out the importance of this safety issue with your companies vehicles. Not only am I putting myself in danger every time I get into this death trap, but also my family. Its not like I can just go out and get another car!!! Now I will probably have to pay $300. plus again to fix this witch. There goes Christmas! If you are thinking "Geez, what a jerk" ...then try putting yourself in my shoes. Would this be ok with you?
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