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    A little history:
    My 2011 Equinox is 13 months old and has ~17k miles on it. It has been well maintained. I live in a sub arctic climate, which means the vehicle sees temps as low as -40 or colder regularly in the winter but the car is parked in a garage at night an correctly winterized for the conditions. Other cars that I have had have not problems in this arrangement. I have had NO problems with the car up until now.

    The Problem:
    Last Monday I was leaving work (car had been sitting for about 3 hours, and I had let it warm up about 30 minutes before driving) I was about 30 minutes into my drive when my gauges zeroed, several service lights came on, and the screen behind my steering wheel displayed the message "Check Tire Monitor". My radio, however was working fine. Thinking this was very strange, I noted that I was only a couple miles from my dealership and changed my route to go straight there. I stopped at the next intersection and when I got going again I realized I had lost my power steering, my turn signals and head lights. This made me very nervous but I kept going.

    Once I got to the dealership I parked the car and decided I would try restarting the car to see if things fix themselves. I couldn't even put the car in park! So sitting with my car stuck between park and neutral, I tried to open the door, which of course, due to the "safety features" of the wonderful Equinox, stayed locked while not in park. I couldn't override the lock with the center console unlock button either. Panicking, I called the dealership (thank you iphone!) and explained over the phone that what had happened and that I was now locked in my vehicle in their parking lot.

    His first question for me was "Cobalt or Equinox?" second was "2005 or 2006?" He seemed very surprised when I told him it was a 2011. He told me to meet him at the vehicle (like I could go anywhere) and hung up. While waiting, I WAS able to get myself out using the peg next to the window (these don't seem to be meant to be used anymore, they go more of the way down into the door and aren't easy to grip). The service guy tried to jump the car and no success.

    I sat in their waiting room for 3 hours to be told that a "control module" had "burned up" and that it was literally smoking when they took the cover off of it. They set me up with a rental and told me it would be less than a week.

    Today, it has been a week. When I called, they told me it would now be more like mid week.

    I think what they intend to do is simply drop a new module into place.

    My question is...

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Is there a chance there is another problem elsewhere in the car that could have precipitated this issue? I'm a Mechanical Engineer but I have no clue when it comes to electronics.

    I drive 50 miles a day through un-populated areas to get to work. I need a reliable car. Do I need to worry about this happening again?
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    Re: Steering Noise - It's gone!!! They replaced the Electric Motor and Gear, now it works just like it is supposed to, QUIET!!! Don't let your dealer or GM give you the run-a-round!! Had it fixed at Capitol Chevrolet in Salem, Oregon. They did a fantastic job, found the problem in 30 minutes and ordered the parts. The part number for the Motor and Gear is, 20857570.
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    I'm glad to hear that Capitol Chevrolet took such great care of you, gfrustrated! Many happy, quiet miles to you!
    GM Customer Service
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    My 2011 Equinox has 14800 miles and is 11 months old. Daily I drive about an hour home from work in stop and go traffic. Toward the end of my drive one day a month ago as my car was shifting from 3 to 4th gear, it acted like it went into neutral, RPMs went really high and then several seconds later it "jumped violently" back into gear. This happened a couple more times over the next few days, so I took it into the dealer. They did software updates, etc. and then three (3) of them drove it, including one driving it home from work. Only one of the gentlemen who drove was driving it went the problem briefly happened. They suggested that I NOT drive it in ECO mode and switch it off and that might resolve the problem. I did just that and now it is still doing it. My fear is that when it happens I suffer from a rapid deceleration and since I am not applying the brakes, no brake lights go on and I am going to get hit from behind or it is going to stay stuck in "neutral" permanently. I have a 10 year son and I am afraid someone will hit us from behind when this happens. I took it to the dealer again yesterday. They couldn't find anything again, so they called GM. GM said that they are AWARE of the problem, but don't know how to fix it. Their suggestion to the dealer was to tell me to PUT it on ECO mode and see if it does it. I told the dealer that I had it in ECO mode the first time when I brought it in and they told me NOT to drive it in ECO mode and see if it does it. Basically, GM knows about the problem, doesn't know how to fix it and I am stuck with a vehicle that is CLEARLY unsafe. :lemon:
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    I'm glad to announce the nightmare is over! After months of frustration and fear, my 2011 Equinox is gone. A GM rep and engineer met with us today and offered us trade assist to get out of the nightmare. I upgraded to a 2012 6cyl with an upgraded stereo and wheels, same color that retailed for $3k more. I actually received the full purchase price, a discounted vehicle (thanks to the dealer), and a lower financing rate for less than $20 more a month. If we would have traded without the assistance of GM, we would have lost our pants! Thank you GM for listening. I would like to wish everyone else the same results. I also pray that no life is sparred due to the hesitations when pulling out. Thank you all for listening!
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    Congratulations on your tenacity in resolving the problem. I think it would be helpful if you would share some of your specific communications with GM that helped you resolve the problem - things that you learned to help you and things to avoid. Many of us a struggling with the same issues and any tips would be helpful.

    Good luck with the new Nox!
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    Glad to hear they took care of you! I have almost the exact same problems with my 2011 and have a small child and I fear exactly what you were talking about regarding pulling out and getting hit or getting rear-ended when it suddenly decelerates. I am working with my dealership and they are in contact with GM as well and hoping I get resolutions soon too! Congrats again and I hope the new one is safe and gives you no more problems :)
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    What great news, missydubo. I'm glad that you got a satisfactory resolution, and wish you many happy miles in your 2012!
    GM Customer Service
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    Good morning smazz,

    I see that you've made multiple trips in to the dealership, and can understand that the current "know about but no fix yet" you mentioned is frustrating. If I were able to look into progress with that I certainly would, but unfortunately I don't have access tho that information.

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this, and if we can assist further, please don't hesitate to contact us via email (I have two addresses posted in my profile here on the Forum).

    GM Customer Service
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    Still having problems with my 2011 Equinox LTZ. We took a trip to NC and the MPG was 27. Of course the best you could go was 55 mph because of the mountains. Going to FL. I could only get 26 mpg because keeping with the flow of traffic @ 75mph your mpg drops. I used to get 32-34 MPG on my Impala with a six cyl. I still feel the fluttering @ ~ 55mph and the clunking when shifting between gears on a slight incline. The rattling sound during start up was corrected after the actuators were replaced twice. The vehicle died once and had to be towed to be repaired. We were planning on taking a trip to MA and we are having doubts. I just think we ended up with a lemon. Our dealer wants to charge us $4000 to buy it back and get a 2012. This will have cost us a total of $34,000. to have driven 19,500 miles of worry of which several miles were back and forth to the dealership. Does this seem fair?
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    I've been having an intermittent problem with a rough/rattling start ever since I bought the vehicle new in July 2011, and I drive it over 500 miles a week. I've had it to the dealer several times, but they haven't fixed the problem and they only managed to witness it once. They have reprogrammed the ECM and replaced parts related to cams, but the problem has never gone away, and I may pursue a refund under the lemon law. I'm afraid that with timing and cam issues, major irreparable damage may be happening in the engine that will haunt me later. I am about to try another round with the dealer, but each time I end up leaving frustrated and just put up with the noise even though it started shortly after I bought it as a brand new car. Recently I've had a couple instances where it felt like the clutch slipped momentarily under acceleration, so I'll be taking this up with the dealer on my next visit. Mostly I like the vehicle, but this problem is driving me nuts and the dealer can't figure it out.
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    Just stay firm and persistent. Keep calling your GM rep and supervisor and don't take no for an answer. Stay as professional as possible in your communications and document everything. Ask for a meeting with an engineer and rep to drive your car. If you receive no satisfaction, retain a lawyer. The engineer explained to us that the 6 speed transmission works to remember the way you drive and hold the highest gear possible to help with gas mileage. When more than 1 person drives the car, it looks for a median. They in no way admitted anything was wrong with my vehicle but did satisfy my request to get out of it. 100 miles and my 6cyl is perfect so far! Good luck to you all.
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    I had the same problem when starting the engine. I heard that the cam actuators were defective and many defective replacement parts were still in the field, thus the repeat problem. Once the improved parts were available the problem was resolved. Your dealer needs to check on getting the parts that have been improved. Should be a different part number/revision number/letter.

    Good luck.
    Hope this helps

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    I have 21000 miles on my 2011 Equinox at this time. I has been to the shop several times for the same problems all other people have had on this forum. First was the crankshaft sensors which caused the car to run rough, decrease mileage and stall out at times and just die. Then it was the engine noise with the camshaft chain and sensors. Then the steering gear problem with the steering locking and binding up. Now it is the transmission, it acts as if the transmission is slipping while taking off, ussually does it from dead stop or when accelerating while turning at intersections. The vehicle jumps and jerks like a bucking bull. The vehicle also surges while crusing down the road at highway speeds now that they did the service on the camshaft and steering gear. The dealer has not been able to find or duplicate the transmission problem as of this weekend. The last time in shop was for 9 days for the camshaft and steering problem. Don't want to have future problems with this unit but seems to be a widespead problem with motor and tranny of this make and model. 2011 Equinox 1LT 4 cyl 6 speed auto. Somebody please help with diagnosis.
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    I first posted in this forum about four months ago; my 2011 Equinox (5 months old at the time) completely shut off while going 55 mph on the highway - it was diagnosed as an ECM issue, similar to what many others have posted. (As an aside, the dealership had the car for a week, arranged for a rental car from a local Hertz and has since stiffed the rental facility; now Hertz is sending me invoices, acknowledging that even though this was arranged by the dealership, the renter is ultimately responsible).

    All seemed OK for a while; we even drove from NY to Raleigh, NC in Feb and enjoyed the car on a long ride. Then last week, on two different days, the car stalled while waiting at a light. Luckily, it started up again both times but now I have to get this checked out and dread having to hassle with the dealership again.

    Understandably, my wife is now afraid to drive her new car and feels it would be irresponsible to drive the kids or their friends in it, potentially knowingly putting them in harms way.

    I appreciate the advice from others dealing with similar issues: how do I go about getting the dealership to exchange this car? We very much liked it and chose the Equinox after extensive research and test-drives. Or should i just cut my losses, sell it and buy a Honda?
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    Quote: "They couldn't find anything again, so they called GM. GM said that they are AWARE of the problem, but don't know how to fix it."
    I've heard this line before....
    My suggestion: Next time ASK to speak directly to the GM Rep they supposedly are talking to. I think this is a common pass the buck - appease the customer trick that is bogus! Nothing more than the old Good cop / bad cop ploy! Let's the dealer play the part of the good cop...
    BTW While on vacation I rented a Kia, angered me to think I chose the Equinox because of the fake 32 mpg claims GM promotes. Over my 2 week comparison... the Kia was a better vehicle. Quiet, excellent ride, great visibility.
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    The car has 65000 miles on it and uses a quart of oil every 1,000 miles Does t have a leak and is serviced reguarly every 3000 miles. Using mobil 5w30 syn. Like it requires. Engine runs rough when it is first started but clears up once it runs for a few minutes. Just recently the noise has appeared. I don t plan taking any bull from the Dealer. I know as a former Auto Tech what containaments do ta an engine. I will be takeing the car to the dealer this week. With all the service bulletins i ve read GM will have there hands full when dealing with me. They have one shot to get it right. : :(
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    We have the same problems with shifting and now starting to stall. Our dealer says they weren't able to duplicate the problem. My husband and I are on disability and bought the car because of the comfort and MPG. The highest we have ever gotten is 25. The dealer did a fuel induction they said was due at 30,000 miles -cost us $130 and our MPG dropped to 18. After 7 tanks of gas we are up to 21 MPG. We tried to trade in the car but couldn't get more than $17000 for a trade-in. Apparently other dealers know of the problems with the Equinox but not Chevy. We have had the car 14 months and have put 34000 miles on it. We want another vehicle if Chevy can't fix this one-further down the road I foresee major tranny and engine problems. We can't afford what these will cost in the future. Please help us.
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    So many problems with this 2010 Equinox.It has now gone to someone else to deal with the problems.I took a loss of over 10K on this vehicle.We will never buy another GM product.We replaced this thing with a Honda CR-V.Good luck with yours.
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    We'd be willing to look into this further with you! If you haven't already, please send us your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, a summary of your vehicle concern, and the name of your dealership to [email protected]

    My coworker Christina, who answers inbound emails from the forum, will assist you further.

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    I see that you had planned on visiting your dealership last week - how did everything go?

    GM Customer Service
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    My 2011Chevy Equinox under 29,000 miles.
    I have the same problem like everyone else. Vehicle's engine stalled when i waiting for the traffic light. The same fault has occurred five times. Also the vehicle jumps and jerks often.
    I bring my car to the dealer today. They said it was a computer failure, then they reprogram engine module to fix it.
    I just worry that the same thing will happen again.
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    Good morning xiande,

    Hopefully the reprogramming will have taken care of it. If you encounter any further difficulties,please send us an email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to look into things further with you.

    GM Customer Service
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    The dealership and GM took my defective 2011 back and gave me a 2012 V6 and so far it is fantastic. I drove one for a month as a loaner before making the decision to stick with the Equinox and have been pleasantly surprised and I am glad that GM made it right. My 2012 has a transmission made in the USA, not in Korea and it is a V6 not the 4 cyl I had before and it is like a totally different vehicle. :shades:
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    Has anyone experienced a problem with their air conditioner? Yesterday is was almost 90 in the NY area and with the air conditioner settings at max and the lowest possible temperature the vehicle never cooled off.
    Sending it to the dealership tomorrow, hopefully they can identify the problem and find the cause easily.
    I have been truly happy with my Equinox and I am really hoping this won't cause my opinion to change. :)
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    Do not be offended but did you remember to 'punch' the control to turn on the A/C... it should be lit up... I remember a couple of times last year where I somehow bumped the A/C off by accident.... Couldn't figure it out until I saw the control light wasn't on...
    Kind of the same topic... I have been quite displeased with the size and placement of the front dash vents. I can never seem to get them to actually blow on me for heat or cooling.
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    Oh no offense taken at all but yes punched it a few times to try to see if it would make a difference then perhaps punched it an extra time out of frustration :surprise:
    I agree with you also on the dash vents, for as large as they appear they don't seem to angle the air properly.
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    Hi, I have a 2010 Equinox and it is literally a hot mess.

    I bought it brand new from a Chevy Dealer in May 2009. Several months into driving it, the lumbar air bag in the drivers seat popped... while driving. I am a 31 year old female and weigh 130 pounds.... not big enough to be popping seats I would hope.

    A few months later, I turned my car on and you would have thought a family of cats were screaming under my hood. It was a grinding sound that woke the neighbors. I have read some forums below that mention this. I did take it in and they found this error through GM and GM is aware of this, but does not have a fix for it yet. They were kind enough to put me on the recall list for when they do. I wanted to see this GM list of issues for myself, so I logged on to my computer and after 2 hours of searching and hacking, I finally found this secret list on a GM/dealer site. It is huge and GM has it well hidden. Now, I haven't read all of the posts on this forum, so I could be a little outdated on the progress. However, the dealer where my car sits now says it is still unresolved. If you like, I can find this list and post the link.

    Now the fun part. About a month ago I was driving and all tire lights came on. Went immediately and had them checked and they were fine. Dealer blamed the weather. Later that day my engine light came on, then turned off, then on again. For about 2 weeks, my dash looked like a lit Christmas tree. Then it completely stopped. (I'm sure it was the weather, right??). Then, my remote starter quit. Having had enough, I made an appt to have it looked at by the dealer. However, this past Monday morning, I was getting onto the interstate when my gears decided not to shift. So my car would not go over 30mph. Had there been a car or semi coming, I would have been demolished... with my 4 year old in the back seat. I immediately took it to Auto Zone, Midas, everyone I could think of (for second and third opinions) to have a diagnostic check. I was pretty sure it wasn't the weather. My car has 40 code errors. My favorite being that it thinks it is stolen. I was told that they have NEVER seen this many errors and that I was driving a potential death trap. They were also kind enough to write these codes down for me and their description. It was towed to the dealer immediately and for 3 days now, I have had no update because they do not know where to even begin to diagnose the problem to the starting issue. GM is aware of this and I have a service ticket with them. The rep is very on top of calling me, gave me a free rental, and is treating me like royalty. This means they know they have a problem.

    I write software and know enough about computer systems to know that 1 flaw in the system can pretty much have a domino effect on the entire system. I also know that these errors can and will eventually also cause problems with the hardware (engine, power windows, brakes, whatever).

    I am sure that GM is smart enough to know that just because they fix a broken sensor, or computer flaw, that there is no guarantee that it is completely fixed. They also know (or should) that the computer system that has been installed into these cars are the same system built for the every 2010 Equinox. Doesn't mean that everyone will have this issue, but it does mean that everyone is at risk of this defect spurring up at anytime. I can understand 1 or 2 errors, but 40?

    GM needs to suck it up, take this as a lesson learned, own up to this, fix it, and take responsibility that there are a lot of people out there driving what could potentially be a 'deathtrap'.

    I am stating what I believe needs to be known. I am not telling you my theories... these are facts. Take what you want from it and good luck

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    I am no automotive engineer, but given the number and significance of issues with this vehicle, it's best to stay away from the Equinox. Simply put, these vehicles are so poorly engineered that the dealer can not fix them.
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    Right now my car sits at a Chevy Dealer and has been there since Monday. Everyday they have said there is no update for how to fix the below errors. Before taking it to the dealer, I took it to just about every place in town who runs diagnostic testing. I received the same results at every place even Chevy. I got a phone call from the dealer this afternoon that said after reviewing these errors, the GM technician has approved these errors and my car is safe to drive. Enjoy

    You will have to copy and paste the full link....

    https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=f9e3fed1e4d14127&id=F9E3FED1E4D14127!213#cid=F9- - E3FED1E4D14127&id=F9E3FED1E4D14127%21215&sc=documents

    https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=f9e3fed1e4d14127&id=F9E3FED1E4D14127!213#cid=F9- - E3FED1E4D14127&id=F9E3FED1E4D14127%21216&sc=documents
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    I can't seem to be able to pull this information. I would love to read it. I, too, am having multiple problems with my 2011 equinox LT..
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    How? I have brought my 2011 to the dealer and many other placed, replacing oil constantly, every 1,000 miles. I am at my wit's end. Called my lawyer Friday, but do not have a reply yet.
    Should I try the dealer another time? Feel like I was ripped off or have a lemon or something. I really need help with this engine.
    Read to put in Mobil 1. No help. I have been treating this by going to an oil change center that will fill it up when low. I have to drive in all the time.
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    I am not happy with the fuel milage I am getting. My car just turned 15000 miles so break in peroid is OVER. I been reading other post from people who are fustrated as me with the fuel milage. I have the 4 cylinder front wheel drive 1 lt. :lemon: In snow forget about using this vehicle. I know its not 4 wheel drive but even when you shut the traction control off it still doesnt help. thats 1 problem. The other problem I had was a Knock sound coming from the motor with G M handled when I posted the problem on facebook thank you. It needed a computer update. Now back to the fuel issue since day 1 the on board computer says I am getting 19MPG. around 5000 it went to 19.4 at 10000 it went to 19.6 now at 15000 it says 19.7. I have read that GM says its the driving habits I say BULL. Just yesterday I had the cruise control on and the instant MPG reads 26 mpg at 55mph with the cruise on so no touching the gas pedal. For the most part the fuel MPG is all over the place but not one comment I have read says its getting the 23c 32h. At the time I purchased this I was looking at the Nissan Altima because it supposly has the same fuel ecomony. I really wish I bought that instead reading all the problem this model has. :sick:
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    The links come up with 'document deleted or you do not have permission', or a message saying 'something went wrong'
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    I had the same problems, as so many reported, with my 2011 Equinox. My dealer (Jimmy Britt Chevrolet of Greensboro, GA) corrected everything, however, knowing I went through so much, Jimmy Britt replaced my 2011 with a 2012 for $3000.00. My new Equinox is great and my local MPG is 27 mpg. I will be taking a trip to NC next week and will get a feel of Hwy. driving. I can't say enough about the great service, patience and courtesy I received from the Service Manager Ben Hicks.
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    Dealer had my Equinox for a week and all seems to be resolved. I did email the service representative here and she was VERY helpful (Sarah).
    The dealer rep said that there were some Equinox's that were assembled incorrectly, but GM does not know which (not sure how this is possible) & mine was one of them. Timing belt issues, serpentine belt a bolt that was broken off in the engine.
    Somewhat irritated that I was charged for a $44 tire rotation that they had to do in coorespondance with engine noise, but that is all they charged for. Also, provided a rental.
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    We live on Long Island, and we picked up our 2011 4 cyl. AWD Equinox in July of 2011. Since then we have had many trips back to dealer. Our first issues started 3 months in when then car would stall at low speeds, intersections, etc. We called the dealer and was told to bring car back. Then one day, I could not get the car to accelerate past 15 miles an hour without constantly stalling. Check engine light never came on. Fearing a potential accident waiting to happen, I called the dealer and demanded they send a tow truck to bring my car back as I was afraid to drive it. Turns out there was an outstanding open recall on my engine to fix the stalling problem, that was issued before my car was even driven off the lot?? How could they let me take a car with this potential dangerous situation. The supposed problem was fixed and off I went. Didn't last long. Now the car is back in dealership for the same problem so many are having. The transmission clunks, seems to loose power and hesitates on pulling out. There seems to be "dead spots" in the transmission. According to the dealer, they never heard of this problem..seriously?? The car also lurches forward when shifting gears. Now I have also developed a rattling noise from the front end on the right side, especially when making turns at low speed. Dealership says they cannot duplicate the problem. Aside from the car sounding like a diesel truck, rough start, rattling, hesitating, 18 MPG, the dealer says "its a great car"!! Really GM??
    My car is still at dealer as they are "checking into the problem"! This forum is filled with the same complaints and nothing it being done!!! Whats Up GM...bet you wouldn't put one of your wives or children in this dangerous car?? Looking into my next options with the dealer and GM.
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    I'm sorry to read how you've had to make so many trips in to your dealership on this issue. If we can look into this further for you, please send the following information to [email protected] : your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership with a description of recent visits you have made in for this concern.

    GM Customer Service
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    You guessed it another 2011 equinox v4 owner experiencing the same engine problems that i
    brought to the dealer 6 times and the cannot fix. I've been getting the run around from gm for months what a great way to treat a long time customer that currently owns to chevy vehicles.
    gm will contact me after several messages only to say the person handling my case has changed or there waiting for a response from the gm rep that i could never speak to. today they
    call me and say they are offering me a trade to purchase and to go to the dealer. she stated that
    i would get my msrp minus mileage and would have to pay taxes title and fees. when i asked her what does that mean would i get back the tax and fees i paid on my original purchase she
    said i dont know and just go to the dealer. wow really your offering me something that you
    have no idea about. It sounds like im going to the dealer it will cost me thousands to replace a
    vehicle that never worked right, was scared to drive and cost me renal fees Not to mention
    it doesn't get the gas mileage it advertised. ill let you know how this nightmare continues when i take a trip to the dealer .
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    Apparently my 2011 Equinox is having some issues in shifting gears. It's been doing it occasionally almost since the day I bought it. Because of the break in time and the fact I don't drive it that much (less than 12K miles/year) I chalked it up to being a new car and the systems would improve as the car was driven more. I figured of the gas mileage was supposed to improve over the first few thousand miles (which it did), then the oddness in the gear shifting would work itself out (which it hasn't).

    In fact, the problem has become steadily more noticeable. There's a lag or loss of power between gears in the lower numbers (1-3 or 4) most notably at gear 3 or 4. When accelerating, there's a sudden drop or loss in the gearing then a sudden engagement a moment later. It's not caused any accidents as I give myself plenty of lead time before pulling out; however, this isn't good. I don't know about mechanics, but I do know that this is NOT normal and it's not safe.

    The car is just over a year old now and I've reported this to the dealer/service shop. Will be going in to see what they can do to resolve the issue. I see others have had some similar issues. If there's a defect, I hope it can be addressed quickly. I am rather quite pleased with my car otherwise. It's comfortable and secure and while not a sports car, it's a pleasure to drive on long trips.

    My 2011 Equinox is my first American car in decades, so of course I'm a little grumbly that this issue is happening. I was a Honda consumer for years because of their excellent quality and I never once had a problem. With all the economic chaos of the last 5 years, I wanted to give a US car company a chance again. I'd heard good things about the Equinox and when I test drove it, I was sold on the comfort, leg room and safety. I am counting on GM to help me through this - I took a big leap of faith and I'm crossing my fingers!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    I am hopeful that your with upcoming visit to your dealership service department they will resolve the concern you're having with your transmission. Please keep us posted on how everything goes, and if we can be of further assistance don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email: [email protected]

    GM Customer Service
  • stilllooking4stilllooking4 Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    We bought our Equinox in September of 2011. It has about 7200 miles on it and our mpg remains horrible. We traded our 2002 Lexus RX300 (with V6) for our Equinox because we wanted a comfortable, reliable, but most importantly a fuel efficient vehicle. We have been using "ECON" and are gentle on the gas and brakes and are getting between 16 and 18 mpg driving in-town/hwy. When we drove it from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA we got 21 mpg. We should be getting much better than that. I was getting 17+ with my Lexus and had the power to go with it. The dealership made an upgrade to the computer and we went from 15-16 mpg to slightly better...not even close to what Chevy says. Evidently the dealership doesn't think this is a problem since they were able to get 16 to 27 over 3 months of driving a comparable Equinox. We understand that driving habits play a part, that is not the problem, but seems to be how the dealership wants to look at it. Don't know what my dad saw in Chevy over the years, but they're about to lose another customer. Class action lawsuit anyone? :mad: :(
  • rmiles63rmiles63 Member Posts: 3
    I've been to the dealer and had the following service work done: "Reprogram TCM as per bulletin and reset transmission adaptive functions". Billed to WARRANTY. Also got an oil change while there and used my 10% off coupon from the dealer. Not a bad experience. 1.5 hours waiting so I walked the dogs in the area around the lot.

    We'll see if this solves the issue. The Equinox seemed to drive nicely on the return, both on city streets and freeway. Shifting was smooth, even and I did notice a difference in the rpms since the repgrogram. They seem to rev a little higher before shifting and the process is smoother.

    Crossing my fingers this is all that is/was needed. Since it refers to bulletin, I'm assuming GM is aware of this issue and has crafted a fix via software for the onboard systems? I'd prefer some more specific information on this if it's available. I'm a network technician so the concept of software/hardware integration is not foreign to me.
  • roykulproykulp Member Posts: 52
    I have my windows all tinted and live in florida and driving in 90 plus degree heat is very common in Florida; my a/c works great better make sure you have recirculate setting on or you will have temperture issues in extream conditions.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    I hope that the reprogramming of the TCM continues to leave you satisfied! If something should come up, we're available to look into this situation further.
    Many happy miles,
    GM Customer Service
  • missdaisy1944missdaisy1944 Member Posts: 14
    rmiles...Do you have a bulletin number? I have the 2011 4cyl LT with 12,063 miles. You are describing the same thing that my car is doing. I have had several other problems which seem to have been fixed but this problem remains.
  • missdaisy1944missdaisy1944 Member Posts: 14
    Sarah, is there a bulletin # for TCM reprogramming that rmiles63 had done. I am having the same problem and would love to have a smooth ride again.
  • rmiles63rmiles63 Member Posts: 3
    No, I don't have a bulletin number. I think I'll call the dealership and ask them for it. I'll let you know what I discover.
  • bwendiebwendie Member Posts: 1
    I purchased this vehicle NEW for the gas milage and reliability. My car has been in the dealership more than in my driveway!!! The worst vehicle I have ever owned!!! The car would constantly just cut out as I was backing out of a parking space and I would call onstar and ask them to run a diagnostic. They would reply alls well with this chipper voice, I would reply with REALLY, then why is the car dead in Wal-mart parking lot. This happend 4 times. That was within the first 3 months. Then I recieved the recall notice, I thought once I took the car in for the recall all would be ok...NOPE! The car shifts so hard it scares my children. We have had to pull over in Target cause I thought the transmission fell out. The car has serious transmission issues much like all the others listed. I to have filled a claim with GM an done all that they ask and all they do is give me the run around, close out my file and I call and no one returns calls. My advice is do NOT purchase this vehicle. I am a military wife of 20 years with a husband who is gone and I need reliability. I wanted to buy AMERICAN....sad they can't/wont stand behind their product. My vehicle has been in the shope about 60 days total.. It is not a year old!!! :mad: :sick:
  • equinox2011equinox2011 Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    Same problem with me. I bought Equinox 2011 LT FWD 4cyldr in December 2010. I was in impression that I will get at least 28mpg average since its expected 22/32mpg on sticker estimate. However I am getting way too off the estimation. It is averaging 22mpg. WTF?? I was told that in the beginning it will be like that but now I already drove 7800miles still I am getting same average 22mpg.

    I didn't purchase equinox for this low mpg. Also, I am having gear changing issue on low speed driving. It jerks like a hell when it shifts gear. Is this with you too? (Is this normal?) What should I do?? Horrible experience. First very low mpg and second gear shifting problem. I would had bought RAV4 or Highlander which gives way better mpg and very durable and reliable.

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