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2013 Ford Escape



  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Posts: 194
    Does the 2013 Escape have a flip up rear window?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    No it does not. It's one of the things we miss from our previous Escapes. Part of it is the styling.
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  • johnnyumajohnnyuma Posts: 54
    Some people post looking for help with a problem, others to ask about accessories and some more others to rant about their Escape. I'm just saying....I've now driven 10,000 problem free miles with my 2013 Escape AWD Titanium. Only trip to a dealer was for the first oil change and tire rotation. :)
  • pzampzam Posts: 19
    edited July 2013
    Glad you are one of the lucky ones. I've had 8 trips back to the dealer in under a year. While most included Sync problems, I had dash lights that didn't dim, nav that didn't work, a hatch that didn't close, proximity sensors that failed, and a few other things. Sync is the worst. Just yesterday, it decided to give me no audio. Next time I started, it was fine. I love the features when they work, but unfortunately Ford released a lot of software before it was ready for prime time. Let the buyer beware. Oh -- and the lack of Pandora (in favor of Sirius) just adds insult to injury. I have a great dealer, but I'm not looking at another Ford for my next vehicle.
  • I can echo your sentiments. I've got a black AWD Escape Titanium with all the gadgets, and the only issue I've had with it were some initial hiccups with the MyFordTouch software; I had to take it in to the dealer to upgrade to the newest version of the software which fixed the issues I was having, and since then it's been just fantastic. The motor on the power liftgate also died at one point and I had to have that replaced.

    With that said... I had an Escape SE as a rental once for a few days, and after driving that one, I can absolutely believe all of the problems that people report with these vehicles. Even the clock wouldn't work right on that thing! (It was running at about 20% speed -- it would advance a minute every five minutes or so.) There were problems with the tailgate not fitting properly, problems with the radio not working or randomly turning on/off, problems with the headlights, all kinds of issues with the fit and finish (door panels/center panel weren't fitting properly, etc.)... you name it, this car had it broken. It was a nightmare! I absolutely feel for the folks with problems with their Escapes... if the car I bought had even a quarter of the problems that rental had, I would be absolutely LIVID.
  • meg1234meg1234 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find a fix for your navigation? I have the same issue with mine. Have had it in once already to Ford and they didn't fix it. Round two coming up next week. They didn't seem to have heard of this issue before. Frustrating.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    We leased our first Ford last week. It is a Ford Escape SE 2013. We seem pretty satisfied with it overall. Some of the shortcoming that I find are:
    1. Radio Preset Stations: You must be in AM or FM to get to a specific preset station that was programmed. If you are in AM you cannot go to FM directly from an FM preset. What is the easiest way to jump from AM to FM or FM to AM?
    2. Sync: Way too many levels to drill down into. Read about Sync before and its shortcomings, so was prepared for it. When using Phone option - having problems with Call Name as it will not correctly identify person to call. Took to dealer and they will try a reload the Software (SW.) Dealer checked to ensure SW was up-to-date. Dealer agrees it is not working.
    These are the two issues that we will overcome assuming that Sync is fixed for Phone use.
    Will report back upon dealer fix.
    Thanks to all who have posted to provide all the excellent tips and suggestions.
  • bogey235bogey235 Posts: 12
    I reported several months ago about a few issues I was having. I am still dealing with a couple of them. First is that the front and rear doors on my Titanium 2.0 on both sides are not flush with each other. Where the 2 doors meet on each side they are uneven. What is happening is that if the front door is closed and you open the back door, the back door is clipping the edge of the front doors....chipping the paint on both doors. It is going back in tomorrow to get this fixed again ( I hope). The other thing is a front end noise when breaking. Sounds somewhat like a clicking, but you do not feel anything in the pedal to make you think it is the anti lock brakes. They are looking at that again tomorrow as well. These issues are now going on 1 year old.
  • bogey235bogey235 Posts: 12
    I forgot to mention that I was told that the dealer thought there was a bulletin out on the front end noise. I have not googled that yet.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    Dealer did not find a problem with SYNC. They said it is the way I list my contacts on my Note 2. Example: NAME 5552131234
    They said that you should not use UPPER CASE NAMES and any special characters. OK, changed all my contacts and now it works. However, this is a problem and limitation with SYNC as I have not encountered the problem with my other cars (GM and Mazda) using bluetooth phone search.
    SYNC needs some major changes!
  • bogey235bogey235 Posts: 12
    Got my Escape back this evening. The doors seem to be much better this time. They are pretty much flush on both sides. Hopefully that issue is behind me. The only thing that remains is the front end noise. They have ordered a strut bearing and I am hoping that will fix the front end noise. I actually did some searching on the Internet and have seen much more on this issue. Some real issues with the front end noise. Some other owners have experienced total front suspension replacement many others have not had to go that far. I will give an update once the part comes in and gets installed.
  • mikeqtmikeqt Posts: 9
    Ford repaired my gps by downloading the latest software update and by replacing my module bracket. This only repaired the arrow icon on the gps screen to follow the car on the road where it actually was on instead of being three blocks or more away.
    There are still other issues to be resolved.
  • mikeqtmikeqt Posts: 9
    All my phone listing are in upper case and I do not have any problems. The nice lady in my dash almost always understands who I what to call. I have droid phone. Some one at Ford is pulling your leg!
  • bogey235bogey235 Posts: 12
    I actually have had this issue as well. It usually catches up to itself after a few minutes but it is strange.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    I must agree with you. However, for now I will keep it as I changed it all. SYNC is not a user friendly system. Thanks for your input!
  • automelon48automelon48 Posts: 105
    I have a BlackBerry with over 2000 contacts. I am amazed that I can voice dial ALMOST anyone in my address book. It's not perfect, but better than I expected considering the number of contacts.
    One thing I did at the suggestion of a Ford tech, was to turn off the automatic phone book download. I do a manual download every now and then to update the book. This seemed to help with some other things. I think that updating a huge phonebook (every time you start the car etc.), hogs a lot of resources unnecessarily and can slow down other functions.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    I only have 134 contacts and have deleted and downloaded contacts 4 times in the car Phonebook to ensure that the contacts were valid. I do the manual download and I know that the download matches my contacts. Checked it visually in the car from Phonebook. SYNC really needs to be looked at. Been using voice recognition since Dragon Dictate came out back in the 1990s. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has no problem recognizing my commands. I am using Android version 4.1.2.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    FYI - MyTouch Version 3.6 will be released in August.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Different model, but perhaps of interest:

    Teaching My Parents MyFord Touch
  • Does anyone happen to know roughly when in August MyFord Touch v3.6 will be released? I was hoping for the beginning of the month but that seems to not have happened.
  • nr7000nr7000 Posts: 6
    edited August 2013
    2013 Escape 1.6L SE FWD. Currently at 1400 miles.

    My escape was built in April 2013, so its a fairly recent build. I was hoping for the best, but I cannot say I am satisfied with its overall performance. There have been a few things I've been wondering about and I'd like to know if others have similar experiences.

    Transmission: At middling speeds (about 35mph), my Escape tends to ride like a bucking bronco! I'm exaggerating the magnitude of the sensation a bit, but my car shifts a LOT. Is this continuing variable transmission or something, or am I just too sensitive?

    I also experience a delayed response when going from "park" to "drive," and I feel like the car lurches a bit as possibly a result of this. I read about this happening to others in this thread, so I think I need to take it to the dealer.

    Front end vibration: when I come to a stop at stoplights, the front end of my car sometimes develops a distinct sort of vibration (with accompanying noise) that I can feel through the brake pedal. It seems fairly inconsequential, but it is still annoying -- especially so because this is not how I suspect it is normally supposed to be.

    Wipers: when I turn the car on, they jolt a little and then remain calm. I think this is weird. When I turn off the car, they jolt again and "settle in" though they were already not in use. going on?

    Thanks for reading.
  • bogey235bogey235 Posts: 12
    I know there has been some front end problems.......strut bearings, etc. I am waiting on a part for my front end now. I am getting the noise but no vibration in the brake pedal. I have a 2013 2.0 Titanium.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    FYI - I read in local Detroit paper that new Update will be available for SYNC and MY Touch next week ~ 8/12 via Internet. In case someone is not familiar with download/install here is the link: load-software-updates-card

    Hope this helps.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I just updated the Sync and MyTouch today with the latest software which is NOW available. It took me several tries to get it right since Ford kept telling me I didn't have Java even though my computer said I did. Eventually after several reboots it uploaded to the thumb drive and the installation to the 2013 Ford Escape w/navigation took about 15 minutes during which you have to keep the car running. Haven't tried it our yet, but will report any enhancements/problems after I use it a bit. The on-line directions are pretty straightforward and if you don't encounter any snags it should go quickly.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    edited August 2013
    You can go to Java dot com to test your computer to see if it has Java and what version, and also download the most current version.
    Some cost money, but you can pick another one with less features.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    I just went to and clicked on Update Sync Software SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation ? Gen1 - V4.1.2.F
    and got this display: Your SYNC is up-to-date! Now, you’re running the fastest, simplest and best version of SYNC.

    Where did you find the update and what version is it?
  • I updated yesterday afternoon, and I've put on maybe 100 miles since then. I haven't noticed any major changes; it seems to be maybe a little bit quicker to respond overall, and the back-up camera now shows a little green/yellow/red box to indicate how close you are to an object. The display of RDS data on the main screen is also a bit improved -- it now shows the full song title and artist all the time, where I think it used to just show a few characters of one or the other.

    I haven't noticed any changes other than that. I'm assuming this update is mostly "under the hood" changes. Does anyone know what else has changed?
  • I was able to find it via as you tried. When I logged in to there was an image/message that said "A new update for MyFord Touch is here!" Checking for updates yielded a notification that the update was available for download, and I was able to download it onto a USB drive and install on the system. I wonder if maybe Ford is staggering the release for some reason.
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    Thanks for your post. I tried again and again it stated that my SYNC is up-to-date. So there was no update available for download. You might be right that they are staggering the release. Will check back again tomorrow.
    Thanks again.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I'm @ dealer right now. Update totally screwed up my display. Lost Sirius subscription and Nav. Nothing works as it should. More later.
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