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  • smart99smart99 Posts: 48
    I hear you. I remember the old days with a Mustang that should have been scrap. With everything given to them and these young whippersnappers with their pierced dingos and tatoos, it's no wonder we're all rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ...good one

    I know a 19 year old.....on his 3rd lease...never fixed a car....knows nothing about everything

    My first car was $300.....then $500...Then $1500!

    All bought by me.....never was on Pops insurance...paid thru the nose.....he figured I'd be the bad sis got to be on his insurance.....guess who racked up cars?

    - Tim
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    ...and I was hesitant to buy a 30k+ truck at the age of 35? When I was 16 I promise you my ol' man knew better than to trust me with anything more than the family Chevette and then only when he was in a good mood!
    Lets' see: 16yrs+4500 lbs steel+285hp=...well you figure it out.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Live hard, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.

    That being said, I read Edmunds special on young drivers today. The statistics are not in their favor. Check out the links:

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    young drivers don't know the true feel of a car and don't have the experience to counter steer..etc..when it goes out of control......I found out the hard way what happens when you slam the barkes on in snow...(long before ABS was popular) in a tank of a car!.....missed a tree by a hair...right before I ended facing the wrong way in the ditch!

    ..and then they think they can handle the speed....course they know it all ya know...

    - Tim
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I like RYAN am 21. We both OWN our trucks and have them PAID for by us Working. Both of us saved money towards a truck before we bought it. I drove a 88 towncar. Bought a 92 towncar. Read about new Chevy trucks didn't jump the gun and buy a ford. Kept saving, 1st to order at local dealership, took 4 months. Bought a 99 GMC New, traded for 4k for a 2000 4 dr. Finally got it paid off. I earned it. Pay my own insurance, gas, ect. I have never been in an accident in either truck. When I was 16-17 got rear ended several times with the 88 towncar and got hit in the Rear right Fender at the High School (NOT A GOOD PLACE FOR A NEW VEHICLE). 92 no accidents 1 ticket, spinning or squealing tires. (Had had a bad day at school). Never gotten a speeding ticket. Drive 5-10 over. Occasionally up to 25 over if in a "Pack". I consider myself a safe driver and concentrate on that. I find myself wanting more low end torque rather than HP in my old"er" years. Don't partically care how fast it goes if I got to rev it past 3500. Want instantaneos response without downshifting. Can you say 8100 or Duramax. Oh well a younger person can do well as a driver but from the people I have seen those who have succeeded the best worked for it. And those who had the Car/Insurance/Gas bought for them ended up in the ditch. Or without the right to drive for too many tickets.

    I wish him luck and wish him well.

    May he be a great driver in a great truck!

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    have no clue what just being on Pops' insurance means for savings.....Like Ryan!


    - Tim
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I was with a separate company all together for a while. He was SF, I was CC. Now we are both SF, two separate Policies.

  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    I bought my first car back in 1982 when I was 16. It was a 1967 Chevrolet Impala with
    a 396 c.i. V-8. Cost me $800 for it, paid for my own insurance, gas, and maintenance too. Didn't want to spend too much money on a car since I was going to college in a few years and had to pay for it myself.
    Spent a few nights under her hood getting the heads rebuilt, and tweeking the carb.
    And spent many more months fixing up her interior and exterior.....two-tone (French Blue / Corvette White).
    .......good times.

    I'll post a picture of it next week.
  • dead1dead1 Posts: 3
    a 2000 Chevy Silverado, as this is the latest year that has the manual transmission with the 4.8. I prefer manual transmission vehicles. I was wondering if anyone has any comments on this. I am new to the news group and have read about some of the problems w/the Silverado, especially the vibration problem. Does anyone think that it is a good idea to still buy this truck even though it may have these problems?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Take a long test drive to be safe.
  • truckchictruckchic Posts: 105
    Hi Everyone - Truckchic here! Back online finally. My computer at work had major malfunctions, so I was unable to check messages here for quite some time!

    To Recap - Nov 11, 2000 I picked up my Brand New 2001 GMC Sierra 4WH 4door Z71. I am loving it. Best purchase I ever made! No Problems to report. Had one glitch, the security light came on for about 5 minutes while I was driving one night and the manual said that it could mean there is a problem with the passlock theft system. The light went off when I got it home and parked in the garage, and hasn't come back on since. But, I will mention it to the dealers on my oil change next week.

    I have a question. Does anyone have the Pace-Edwards roll & Lock cover for the bed? I am still interested in getting this but need some more info, like in the Chicago area, how much should I expect to pay. Funny story to this: I found a truck here in our parking lot at work and it has the cover I want, so I'm trying to track down the owner of the truck! I saw someone driving a pickup with this cover and I almost followed them to find out about it - how desperate is that! The older gentlemen in the truck probably would have thought I was hitting on him....hehehe.

    Thanks everyone. Im open for your suggestions and comments!

  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    Who told you the 4.8L 5spd is not available? It is still listed on the Chevy and GMC websites, and it seems unlikely they would drop it.

    It is not available on an LT version, that model comes with a 5.3L automatic.

    All that aside, the 4.8L 5spd is a great combination. I have one (for sale) in addition to my 2500 6.0L 5spd.

    Mike L
  • dead1dead1 Posts: 3
    is not available on the 2001, 4.8 litre any longer, from the dealer and from various websites. I think it says so on and edmunds also. Let me know if this is incorrect.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    Has anyone seen the new composite bed on the trucks yet, or is GM having difficulties getting them out?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Can you tell if it's composite by looking at it?
  • Well in case you didn't notice, the participant truck picture at the top was removed. Because pictures slow down the download process..., we'll no longer be having that feature in at the top of any of our Town Hall discussions.

    A special thanks to ryanbab and obyone for their participation in this effort..., as well as to those of you that emailed me their truck pictures.

    In the meantime, I think some of you might be pleased to know that Edmund's is taking requests for people that would be interested in having their vehicle pictures posted right onto the Town Hall front page.

    If you're interested, here's direct link to the place where you can submit links to your truck photos: Showcase Your Vehicle in Town Hall! You'll also find a direct link to this application on the Town Hall main page; look for it on the lower right corner where it says "Town Hall notes." Okay?

    Thanks for your participation! ;-)



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  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    do we receive any "modeling" fees? Curious mind wants to know. TIA ;-)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    talk about kissing up to your customers...

    - Tim
  • user20user20 Posts: 4
    Folks - I'm getting ready to purchase an 01' GMC
    Sierra ex-cab 2WD truck. I have not yet reached
    a decision on which combination of engine/rear-end to buy; they are 4.8/3.42|3.73 or 5.3/3.42|3.73. I have driven the 4.8 and 5.3 but not under any taxing conditions (big hills). I'll be using the truck for mainly driving around town and trips to the mountains during the summer (actually big mountains/long grades - the sierras). I will be towing a small boat (~1500lbs) - this will be infrequent though.
    I will probably not be taking the boat to the mountain though.
    In the short test drives that I made I really noticed that the 4.8/3.42 seemed to shift and drive much smother (more like a car?).
    I actually really liked the way it performed. I have not driven the 5.3/3.42. I did use a 5.3/3.73 for a weekend last summer - it felt like it was always in low gear (my current truck has a 3.08 rear-end; maybe I'm just too accustomed to this) . I'm not worried about re-sale value since I plan on keeping the truck for many years (>10).

    I would like to get the best gas mileage - and towing capability is not a big issue. Probably my greatest concern is acceleration and lugging up long grades. Any advice or experience would be welcome!

    This is my first posting. I have really gained a lot of valuable information from the great posts here -

  • i have a 99 serria slt 1500 ordered a new 01 2500hd 11/27 no build date yet sould know soon does anyone have any info on delivery dates how long after build date all info would be great!thanks p.s. first timmer
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You will feel the difference between the 4.8 and 5.3 when towing. Only a daily basis, not much of a difference. Seems that the 4.8 comes with the 3.42 and the 5.3 comes with the 3.73 flavors when bought off the lot. I have the 5.3/3.73 and wouldn't swap it for the world. Well maybe if they put the 8.1 in a 1500. I don't tow and carry only groceries in the bed of the truck....
  • ckulusckulus Posts: 24
    I have a 2001 Silverado Ext Cab, 2WD, 5.3L with 3.43. I have 1700 miles on it, and am getting 20 miles to a gallon at this point. I have the factory installed tonneau cover and about 75% of ny driving is at 45 miles/hour. I am expecting the gas mileage to go up when I convert to synthetic oil, take out the 200 lbs I have in the bed for additional traction, and summer comes.
    When I was researching my truck I debated between the 4.8 and the 5.3, my friends who have more experience than I said to go for the 5.3. If you look at the EPA ratings you will see that the 4.8 is only rated at 1 mpg better. In running the 5.3 it seems to me that I am barely taxing it and I like having the additional power when I have to get out into traffic or make a pass.
    Test drive the 5.3 and see what you think. What I did was test drive a 4.8 and a 5.3 at the same time. I took the 4.8 out and, then took the 5.3 over the same route, then took the 4.8 out again, and what a difference! This really convinced me to for the 5.3 and I am glad I did.

    Chet Kulus
  • user20user20 Posts: 4
    I'm on my way this very minute to try out a 5.3/3/43. Although I reallllllly want a GMC - this
    config that I want seems far and few between, yet
    there seems to be many more Chevy's with this
    config, so .. I'm actually going down the Chevy
    dealer to test it out. Still part of the GM family!
    I will report my findings - I hope I can
    recall the details of my drive in the 4.8. If the
    difference is small this is going to be tough. I will report my conclusions.

  • trw3trw3 Posts: 35
    A guy I work with has a pace roll top w/the electric motor,I believe he got it at cost because his buddy ownes the business "Big Boys Toys" I think its in Dwight,IL (south west of Chicago) cost was 1100.00 retail was 1400.00 Its got some nice features but is a little salty for me. Good luck!!!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    3.43? What is that? It is either 3.42 or 3.73 or. 4.10. So when referencing 3.43 which do you mean?
  • user20user20 Posts: 4
    You are correct, it should read 5.3/3.42. I don't
    know how I got started with the 3.43.

    Thank You
  • Has anyone taken delivery of a new gmc sierra c-3? If so, how well does the all-wheel drive work and what kind of gas mileage are you getting with the 6.0 motor and the 3:73 gears? Any info. will be appreciated. Thanks, PM.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    User 20- I'm also shopping for a 2001 SLE Ext Cab
    I'm curious what MPG 4.8 owners are getting. I'd like to have the 5.3 power but I'm trying to keep it cheap.

    The dealers seem pretty motivated to sell- I was quoted $1000 under invoice.
    $26176 sticker- they offered it for $22341- I'm going to ask for them to throw in a bedliner too. How doet that price sound?
  • user20user20 Posts: 4
    Thats a great price! We have a $1,000 rebate here
    on the west coast + the $500 GM rebate. I have been getting quotes @ invoice (- rebates of course). Maybe I should be trying harder. Unfortunately I only have 3 days until the 1k rebate expires. I have one more test run to make with a 4.8L then thats it - need to make my decision. Right now I'm still leaning toward the 5.3. I will know the outcome by the end of today.
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