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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • Any update on delivery launch of the 2006 FX 35? I had heard late Oct to Nov, but Infiniti replied and said tentatively early 2006. Is anyone else on the fence with the decision of waiting? The seat controls on the 2005 do not bother me. Bluetooth would be nice, but is not a must have. Coupled with the fact that the rear window actuator on my Grand Cherokee just died (roughly $500 to fix) I really feel like pulling the trigger on a 2005 and maybe getting the Elec Pkg to have the rear backup camera (see if I can negotiate this at the dealer, for all we know, the 2006 may be the same price as the 2005 w/ this package).

    Let me know your thoughts.
  • I agree with this. I have one of the original FX45's (2003 - purchased Feb '03) and according to the trip computer I average about 16.5 in mostly city/suburban driving. Last week I topped $50 on a fill for the first time - OUCH!

    On the positive side I have had no problems whatsoever after having put about 45,000 miles on it. I've been using synthetic oil (Mobil 1) since I bought it, and have rarely had to add any oil between changes, and then only a half quart or so. I don't normally push it too much, in part due to the high gas prices but mostly because I want to avoid getting ticketed!

    Recently had to replace the original tires (I run 18 inch Blizzak's in the winter) and I went with Fushion ZR-1's. VERY happy with this purchase as they give me a much better ride without giving up anything in the handling department.

    BTW, my wife has an early '04 RX330, and it too has been equally reliable, but it has only about half the miles on it.
  • Sorry but thats pathetic. Ouch for $50 of petrol? That works out at about £27 here. For £27 pound you would ONLY just be able to fill up a a small city car with a engine smaller than a 1.0 litre.
    16.5 MPG not that bad really considering its a 4.5 V8.
    Have any of you thought that if your not moving in a city or town or stuck in any traffic, that you could turn off your engines? And them start them up for when you need to start moving. Lots of people here do it and theres a car here that does it it self and it does safe on petrol.
    Plus, when your not moving, your getting 0 MPG because yuor not moving, just burninb petrol?
    What a waste!!
    What you all think about that then??
  • kcwkcw Posts: 2
    I am thinking exactly the same thing. I need something new before the snow flies. I think the backup camera is a must have.

    Similiar point of view on the Bluetooth. It would be very convenient because it is so tightly integrated with the existing dashboard controls of the vehicle. In looking around, I haven't found any kind of after market product that even comes close.

    I'll probably just go for it.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    No doubt that gas is more expensive in the U.K. I live in Italy part of the time and its about $5 a U.S. gallon over there, versus $3.50 currently in Chicago. Nevertheless, in Italy I drive a very efficient Mini Cooper which sips gas compared to the FX.

    We in the U.S. have been spoiled by inexpensive fuel. That is about to change.
  • Petrol has just this week reached over £1 per litre. What people just here is buy diesels. Small family cars, VW Golf and Audi A4 size are popular here, as well as 4x4s like the Honda CR-V, which is very popular over here and has just arrived with a diesel.
    I just think if you're going to buy a 4.5 V8 with 316 bhp, then dont complain about what it costs to fill it up and what it does to the gallon. Didnt you know about it before you bought it?
    Or, you could of bought the 3.5, not exactly the most economical engine but more so than a V8
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    which is why I bought the 3.5 liter engine. plenty fast too. although still get about 14 city, 21 highway. my wife gets 18 city, 25 highway in her volvo xc70...
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    I get on average 18.2 mpg on when using 87 Octane and 17.5 when I use 91 Octane. You got to ease off on the gas pedal : )
  • No doubt we are a bit "spoiled" here in the U.S., but then again much depends on what you are used to. I certainly did not intend to come across as a "whiner" in my post - as I stated I am very happy with my FX45 ownership experience and its tremendous reliability - I have spent nothing except on Infiniti's recommended preventitive maintenance - has made up for the increase in gasoline costs since purchasing the vehicle about 3 1/2 years ago.

    I do tow a boat occasionally, which factored into my decision to get the V8, but given the same choice today - with gasoline prices having about doubled compared to where they were - I would probably lean towards buying the FX35, since it would perform adequately on when I do have the opportunity to use the boat. That said, this would still be a difficult decision, since in car buying history I have always favored performance over fuel economy. However, now that circumstances are different and the equation has certainly changed, I would (hopefully) "force myself" to make what arguably would be the more rationale decision!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,290
    Off topic....but, one of the reasons those of us here in the U.S. are used to "cheaper" petrol is we don't have as many taxes on our fuel (although still way too much). Plus, we do have oil resources via Texas, Alaska and elsewhere. Most of the EU does not have any oil resources.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    of course you are right, Peter. Pay to play... and playing is fun. Step on the gas and the engine roars to life. Amazing, such a relatively heavy vehicle and yet, it can bark to life with a slight step on the gas. i cannot even imagine what the FX 45 must act like...

    Don't get me wrong, i do not regret the FX35. Just wish it did a bit better in mpg...

    Ciao, happy motoring. Jon.
  • Well, I have initiated the buying process. Sent out 7 or so emails to dealers stating exacting what I want, and listing the MSRP and invoice numbers for the FX 35 and each item I want on it. Within 12 hours I had 2 voice mails and 2 emails. 1 of those voice mails and both eamils were from the same guy (Internet Sales Mgr) at one dealer. Without any negotiations so far, I am already at invoice (35,785.00 for a 2005 FX 35 with Touring Pkg, Splash guards, Sunroof wind deflector, Cargo protector and roof raill cross bars).

    Any one have some good figures to be working towards as far as a lease residual value (looking at 39 months 15K a year) and a money factor?
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    I hear you Dante, it roars. I roll down my window, turn off the radio just to listen to it every morning when I come in to work and park under a underground parking structure. The sound from the exhaust just resonate. I absolutely love it. :D
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Funny. Me too. In my garage (I park on the seventh floor in my condo so love the ride up with the windows down). Sounds very menacing (my wife laughs at me and says something about being a big nerd...). So be it!

    As I walk to work, I can always recognize Infiniti's on the road whether an FX or the G35 coupe. Very distinctive sound. Makes you want to stomp on the accelerator!

    Ciao, Jon.
  • I haven't started working on my lease yet but I have the price on the FX35 Touring RWD to 35,500.00. Wasn't sure if yours was an AWD or RWD. The dealer said that the price I was quote could be beat but his explanation on why was because his was in inventory, so I think you still have a ways that you can come down on the price still. I am trying to get 34900.00 for mine. Good luck. :D
  • Well the deal was struck (through the internet and the phone) and I signed yesterday (Sunday). Was a very smooth process and I got what I believe is a good deal at this time for where I am at. Loving the new ride!
  • Beautiful vehicle - good luck and enjoy!
  • What a stunner! Looks nice, nice wheels, they look like the 18 inch, are they? It would look better with the 20 inch wheels. Also, dont cars in the US have number plates on the front?
  • They are 18s. I purposely chose the 18s for the smoother ride. (this was at the request of my family). Cars in the US can have plates in front. That adapter was included and I have put it on. It requires drilling qty 2 10MM holes in the bumper. Had to have a couple glasses of wine to get the courage for that :)
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    It is a stunner. Enjoy it. I have a silver one, wanted black, but my wife thought it looked toooooo Batman-like... which I think is really cool! Jon.
  • Thank you. All I have ever own color wise since 1980 were either white or black vehicles (with the FX, the last 5 have been black).

    Curious, does anyone have a wood dash, or have installed one. curious about what color you chose for a graphite interior. Was thinking of one of the synthetics in Gray Burl (or something similar) but have yet to see a picture of one. Also read that the real wood looks better, but haven't found a gray toned real wood.
  • I have FX35 (with just touring package) and bought it in Sep 2004. I noticed a problem (which I am not sure if it is only in my vehicle or all FX35s), with the door locks, which I never paid that close an attention as I thought there may be something which I am missing. But in the last servicing (done a week earlier), when I mentioned the problem to service dept at the dealer, they seem to feel the same as I did.

    The problem is, when I lock all the doors sitting in either driver/front passenger seat, I am still able to open the doors from all the seats (front and back)while driving. After being conscious about this, now I am little bit scared of any accidental holding of the door opening lever which might lead to unwanted circumstances.

    Dealer came back and claimed that all FX35 which dont have Tech Package on them, they are behaving the same way as my car does.. I am surprised to find that any where in the internet I didnt find a single note where someone had a same problem.
    can someone respond if they had seen any such problem in their car (without tech package)?
    If not, what is the best thing I could do?
    I was planning to call Infiniti consumer affairs and report this?
    What is the best way to deal this?
    Appreciate the feedback.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Yeah, I noticed this, too. I think the door locks on the FX are meant to lock people out from outside for security reasons, e.g. carjacking, etc., but not lock people in from the inside for safety reasons, e.g. accident immersing FX in water. I know, it's weird. It's the first vehicle, that I owned, whose locks behaved in this manner.

    However, I don't have too much of an issue with this. Although, I make sure that the child locks on the rear seats are always engaged for my kids.

    I'd be interested to know what comes out of your conversation with Infiniti consumer affairs. I would not be surprised if they said it was as designed. :)
  • Hi there

    Has anyone notice that FX35 lag ~2 sec until it actually picks up when you press pedal to the metal? With 2 sec lag how can you race? I had been driving 5spd for almost 10yrs and love the pick up. I used to race @ traffic signal when it turned green for 1st to 3nd gear only (short distance). With 5spd, the pick is right away, but with FX35...its kinda disappointed. I haven't tried the sportronic in FX35 yet, but I am sure its fail in comparison with 5spd. thanks

  • need the group's guidance. On Labor Day, I bought a new 2005 FX35 RWD w/tech/sports/SAT for $40,500 + $700 (dealer added) for SAT. This is my first new car, I have always bought pre-owned. I originally was looking for an '03 FX45 with low miles. A deal I had for an 03FX45 with 18,000 miles + full loaded fell through and I bought this new one instead. I love the 35 and it has only 500 miles on it. However, I am considering returning it and hoping that the dealer will only ding me a $1000 ($2 for every mile) and that I can get my sales tax back (DMV fees and registration are not refundable). I am intending to trade it in for an '03 FX45 fully loaded w/o SAT with 24,000 miles ($35,000) that the dealer just advertised in its inventory. I will add SAT by buying the kit from GRUBBS and having a mobile electronics specialist install it for an entire package less than what the dealer charged ($700). I always keep my cars for about 7 years. The main reasons for making this trade are the following: (1) Increased power (12%)/torque (33%) of the FX45 - especially 0-30 and 0-60 (I just came out of an RX300 and miss the power of my twin turbo Mistubishi 3000 GTVR4; (2) Most of the significant depreciation has been taken on the FX45 while a new FX35 wil take a huge hit; (3) FX45 has the DVD system that has the AUX input for my ipod; (4) AWD for the rare Southern California rainy days; (5) greater resale value in 7 years given the present relative scarcity of the fully loaded 45s; (6) having the top of the line FX; (7) savings in the overall capital cost (only about $4000 if the dealer only dings me $1000). All this is based on the following assumptions: (1) repairs will be the same b/c I am buying the Elite 7/100k extended warranty; (2) interior quality of the cars are the same; (3) suspension on the 2005 FX35 sports is the same as the 2003 FX45; (4) fuel costs are about $350 more on the 45 versus the 35; (5) insurance is the same (I checked with my auto insurer); (6) the VQ and VK engine and powertrain are equally reliable in the long run; and (7) there are no other appreciable differences between the 2005 FX35 and the 2003 FX45. By the way, is $1850 a good price for the Elite extended warranty with a $50 deductible. The thread dealing with this disclosed that in 2004, others were paying $1 over cost at Grubbs. However, this does not appear to be the case any longer. I would appreciate all advice. I understand that some of the questions are difficult to answer such as the reliability issue since the FX has only been around for two years.

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  • You obviously studied this thoroughly going in, so I'm puzzled why you didn't just get what you really wanted the first time. A simple lack of patience I suspect? Anyway I would get what you want while trying to keep the trading cost down, and consider it a lesson well learned.

    P.S. One other difference between the two is the exhaust note. The 45 has a deeper, more subtle sound, while the 35 has a raspier, more pronounced note - I liked the former better and it did play into my decision to buy the 45, but I know others really like the 35's better.
  • You are right. I acted impulsively, which is not my nature. If I do keep it, as I indicated, it will be for about 7 years. Did you purchase the Infinity Elite extended warranty? If so, how much did you pay? I purchased the 7 year/100k plan with $50 deductible for $1850. What do you think? I also want to add ipod integration; bluetooth integration; and the wood dash kit. Did you do any of these?


    Michael from San Diego, CA
  • I didn't notice this issue until you pointed out. Yesterday I thought & I was hoping that infiniti was smart to make the doors so that you can only open it (even when they all locked) when the car is in a complete stop, but when its in motion you can't open it. So I tested, but I was wrong again. Even when you MANUALY locked all CAN still open the door from the inside when the car in motion :cry: . Regarding the safety reasons as when the car immersed in water as Crikey should not open the door, but roll down the window. you wont be able to open the door with the force of water that forcing against the door, plus that the water will fill up the car quicker then u open the door, instead of rolling down the window. I guess the engineers @ infiniti forgot to implement door lock safety in the FX. :lemon:
  • Hey All,

    I am hoping to get people's experiences with FX35's and Gas Mileage on Highways. It would ultimately be a commuter car for me and I am on a budget. I spend 95% of my time on the highway.

    Car anyone help me with real expectations for highways mileage. While we're at it anyone with 45's can chime in as well.

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