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Jeep Wrangler



  • yellowmanyellowman Posts: 209
    I'm not a history expert, but I recall hearing that the Wrangler went away for a year between the YJ and TJ years, I think it was 1996 - anyone know why they did that? Were they considering getting rid of Wrangler, and then changed their mind? Maybe the same will happen this time - maybe they'll replace Wrangler with the Icon, see the drop in sales, and then bring it back the following year. Again, I'm no expert on this stuff - any thoughts on the possibility?

  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Some times car makers want to be the first on the block with the newest model . So when the last 95 YJ's were built the plant was retooled for the TJ.Then after this retooling down time, production started for the TJ . So to have the newest model out they started building new Wrangler Jeeps in 1996 and called them a 97 model.Never did Chrysler consider dropping the Wrangler. Vehicles are designed 3-5 years in advance so the idea of dropping a slow selling model and going back to a previous design would never happen . The cost would kill them. The best they could do would improve that slow selling model with a face lift . If you need proof of this ask GM about the AZTEK. LOL.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The all-new Jeep Liberty is a product of the Jeep Dakar concept vehicle. They just wanted to test the crowd's reaction to the four doors + the Wrangler/TJ front end styling. People liked it, and so DC built the Liberty! :-)

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  • jacknimblejacknimble Posts: 171
    ottowrkr, yellowman, lookin4sahara and twylie: all good points.

    BTW, I want to go on record as NOT defining what a REAL Jeep is. I'm so confused now, I'm not sure which one to hug.

    While I'm on the subject, and especially since everyone has dodged the question, what is a REAL Jeep? The Bantam and all its successor exclusively, or do cherokees, wagoneers, and jeepsters also get that distinction? What about the Liberty. Come on, dont be bashful, they're just opinions.

    For me, the jury's still out on the Liberty, and I never was sure about the Jeepster.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I go away for 2 days, and it takes me forever to get caught up with the discussion. I wouldn't mind greater ground clearance without resorting to a lift, or better gas mileage, as long as it has enough power to climb hills easily.

    I've driven some very old jeeps - thanks to Uncle Sam and a bunch of years of years in the Army. While I always loved driving military jeeps, both around garrison and out to the field, I wouldn't have owned one. In fact, I first looked at Wranglers in 1993, but couldn't imagine myself driving one for a 3,000 mile trip. I bought one as soon as they redid the suspension system. So change can be a good thing. While I love the exterior looks, it sure could be better in windy conditions.

    One of the reasons I'm stuck with that uncomfortable Taco is that I hate what Nissan did to their pickup. The new Frontiers look dreadful to me, and it seems many others - it isn't selling all that well.

    As far as the Liberty - my husband doesn't like the styling. I didn't find it as bad as the Frontier, and I noticed that the little things like the door handles were thoughtfully designed. However, I won't buy one until the back seats fold down flat - my dog wouldn't like riding on a sloping floor (I'm another dog lover, and tsjay you have a wonderful page for your dog).

    I would be willing to bet that when the redesigned Wrangler comes out it won't look that much like the concept car. Many of the really extreme styled vehicles aren't selling all that well, and I think car styles will shift in another direction. My only hope is that the next new style won't be so polarizing!
  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    The icon concept looks like CRAP to me. I also won't buy a SWB Jeep with IS front and rear. From what I have seen of the Puberty, I am not too impressed. If it is just another mall cruiser then I guess it is OK.

    I don't like the new Z car. But of course I liked the last model Z car the most.

    I don't think the frontiers look that bad. Maybe they have been out long enough I have gotten use to them by now. They seem to be selling good here. I see them all over. I hate the look of all those car/trucks either way though. But I can't help to love my 90 nissan p/u though.

    I see nothing wrong with throwing the top halfs in the back. You have to put the rear windows there so it will just be a couple of more items.
    Test drive a Jeep with full doors window down and then drive one with the top halfs off.
  • CRAP is a good descriptive word.....

    Is there that much of a difference with windows rolled down vs. upper portion of half doors removed?
  • I bought the 1997 Wrangler Sport last Friday!!!!

    Black, half doors, soft top, steel wheels.

    Did paperwork Saturday morning, had it on the highway to Maine by 10:30. Tire noise was pretty bad (I need new tires). Road noise OK. A carload of Hesser College girls screamed "NICE JEEP!" (must not have cared about or noticed my ring!).

    I had it on a fire road Sunday AM in Kennebunk, and loved it (except the mosquitoes!). Was a lot of fun!

    Almost got caught in the thunderstorms, but got last part of top done and windows zipped right as it started to pour. The rain followed me home. It was a good test of the top, and only a slight leak, but possibly because I missed where you tuck the top in to the door frame. Does anybody have directions for all this?

    Will report more later, but thought you'd like to hear a little for now.

    They put on new front brakes when I got it, and the window zipper came unstuck for me and as long as I use the left zipper pull it is OK. The back brakes squeak a little, and they said they can fix/replace those as well if necessary.

    Need tires. Has 225/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler GSA. I can't stand them. They are cupped.

    What is a good size and brand to go to?

    What is it about the 31 inch tires that you need the washers for again? What does that effect?

    Also, can you buy springs for a lift kit which also have trailer towing increased capacity?

    So long for now!

  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    I agree with jeep is the only "car" i've had to make me feel better just by driving it with that top down..WOW. it the 01 froentier'd you dont like..
    i have a 2000 model now..I kinda like the 01 better..must be a guy thing..

    I do have a question.. does the AC drain alot?
    after a full day its still dripping...just wondering..

    Twylie?..what model was your 240? My wife had a 93 240zx
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!

    Way to go...sounds like a great jeep!!

    i'm sure you will tell us all about it!!

    hey did all of you see edmunds "Top 5 vehicles that make us proud to be Americans"?






    But we all knew this anyway!!

    Got Jeep?



  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    I guess for now I'm living vicariously through you new or "used" Jeep owners. Let me know what all it had and what you finally paid for it. I know I definitely would prefer new but if I can't stand the wait, I may go for a used.

    As far as the girls yelling out at you...hey driving around in South St. Louis County area and I had teenage guys whistling and yelling at me from their cars. It was wierd, but eventually I just laughed and told one guy in a truck that I was old enough to be his mother. His eyes lit up and then he said, "so what"...then I left. :O

    Post your pictures on the owners section, I want to see them whenever anybody gets their jeep show your new baby.


    I liked the set-up on your black Jeep. Was it a sport when you started? What all did you have on it when you first bought it?

    Hug your Jeeps for me!! ;o)

  • nkelly1nkelly1 Posts: 105
    I would have to say that nothing gets the "wind in your face" like a good running HD. The jeep is a good second place though.

    That H2 thing looks more like a "poor mans" Hummer to me. I am going to keep an eye on this, if DC destroys the "jeep", this may be a good option if they don't make it like somebodys living room inside.

    TsJay - I know your out there watching all this, hang in there bud. I know there is a lot you want to say but can't, I hope you haven't pounded your key board into peices yet. CYA when you get here.
  • nkelly1nkelly1 Posts: 105
    I am glad to see you got one. Keep us posted on what you do with it.
  • Hey, this is Spyrodragon's girl friend. He's at the beach right now, so I'll answer your questions for him. Spyro is a 2000 Sport. I think that is just started out as a little Jeep. Fog, tow hooks, cruise, ac, cd, etc. Nothing really added beside factory stuff. It's a whole lot bigger now. Here's beach pics a couple weeks ago:



    There's another one. I don't like that letter limit. Oh well. My little TJ is getting his 33s put on Friday and his 3" lift is going on next Wed. I can't wait!

    alee and sparx

  • dwranglerdwrangler Posts: 127
    Nice Jeep! It makes me want one that much more. I want tan interior and tan soft top with the tinted side and back window. What package did he get? I'm asking because I want to have a better idea about the features so I have a good ball park figure. If I can get a better paying job, maybe I can get my Jeep alot sooner. I may have to finance it for longer than I would like, but I feel the need for freedom as I drive down the road in my new Jeep with the soft top off. The aggrevation of combing tangled hair would be well worth it all.

    Someone mentioned the interests rates and the finance period. Whoever mentioned those a while back repeat them and add where these rates are offered. At this stage, I'm afraid that 5 years is what I would probably have to finance it at so I will wait til' I can do 3-4 years. I don't want to pay that much extra in interest. If I get too desperate, then I'll try to get a second job to fit into part time school and my daytime full time job. Oh boy, that's getting desperate.

    Hug your Jeeps for me today! :o)

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I saw the one of the dumbest things today on the road. A front passenger without seatbelts in a black TJ w/o doors or tops. He was holding onto the rollbar and his seat as the driver made a slight left hand turn. Ugh...

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  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    S'nut - my Z car was a '73 240Z. If your wife had a '93, it was probably a 240SX, which was released late '80's I think. While the body style was a 2 door hatchback, and the lines were similar to the ealy Z cars, you could only get the 240SX with a 4 cyl. A (bad) pic of mine:

    Alee - great beach shots. Is that the Outer Banks? We're going to Hattaras in the fall and I wondered if there was anything new to getting a beach permit. Last time I was there, you just went to the ranger station and paid by the week.

    drew - no regulating stupidity I guess. What you saw is an example of Natural Selection in my book. Does Canada have seat belt laws for all passengers, just front, driver?


  • crazyjprcrazyjpr Posts: 8
    Hey fellow Jeepers... I'm back from vacation and I finally have my '00 TJ back from the shop. Long story short - one dealer wanted to tear the tranny out and replace the rear main seals for an oil leak. After amazingly horrible service from this dealer, the DC rep had my TJ put on a flatbed and taken to a different dealer. The new dealer did its own diagnosis and found that the leak was from two loose pan bolts - NOT a blown rear main seal. So, dealer 'one' wanted a couple grand for all this work, and dealer 'two' tightened two bolts and I am back on the road - hasn't leaked in 400 miles so far.

    So a word to the TJ community in central NY - don't take your vehicle to the Sam Dell Chrysler Jeep in North Syracuse. I've written a letter to the Attorney General's office about their scam, and I have now made four calls to the regional DC rep about this dealer's service - one of which was made from the service manager's desk in the middle of an argument with him. I guess DC's "five star" program isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    On the flip side, the subsequent service I received from Lowery Brothers C/J in Syracuse was exemplary.

    Thanks to all of you who supported me in my troubles with the TJ. She's back on the road, or should I say back in the mud, and I am once again smiling.

    See you on the trails...
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I spent this past weekend near La Jolla and drove down in the Jeep. As I was cruising along with the heavy traffic around 60 mph, I watched a red Wrangler, top off, sharply weaving in and out of lanes. While I know how tough my Wrangler is, I am VERY aware of its limitations in wind and would never try to drive the way this guy was. Go figure...

    Texasjeep - I didn't care for the 2000, but actively dislike the 2001. Even my other half doesn't like it. And we both absolutely loved our '88 hardbody and only sold it last year because we went through 2 auto trannys in a year. It had 290,000 miles on it and the engine was still in good shape, but the 4 cylinder/auto tranny didn't hold up when we moved to the mountains.

    Sas - Congrats on your Wrangler!!! You are going to have a blast. My second set of Goodyears Wranglers (the ones the insurance company bought thanks to the idiot on the 405) were cupped too. I replaced the front tires with another set of the same thing and haven't had any problems yet. It's getting time to think about replacing the other two and that's why I've been interested in the discussion on tires. I've found that the Goodyears do just about everything I need them to do adequately, and I'm not so sure that some of the other tires would.

    dragonfly03 - love those pics! That's quite a jeep, and a lovely location.

    And one last thing. Since I moved to the boonies, I haven't had a need to parallel park much. This weekend I did, and it was great. I had forgotten how maneuverable the Wrangler is in the city. I fit into a small parking place that others had passed up. I'm not sure that the RV behind me would have liked it, but I thought it was great. I take that for granted when I am off-road somehow, and don't translate that into city living. Anyway, just thought I would bring that up since it is one of the advantages of the Wrangler.
  • "...saw the one of the dumbest things today on the road. A front passenger without seatbelts in a black TJ w/o doors or tops. He was holding onto the rollbar and his seat as the driver made a slight left hand turn. Ugh..."

    Yeah, everybody knows you are supposed to use your legs to push against the floor to hold you in.


    (Really, I remember tooling around in the back of an early 70's Landcruiser sitting on square boat cushions on top of milk crates!)
  • When you go out in the woods, especially in Maine, bring BUG SPRAY!!!!

    Really got clobbered.

    Drove around Worcester, MA last night with the wife, topless (the JEEP!!). It was chilly, and we had two sleeping bags to return to her parents, so they were in the back. She took one, and wrapped over her legs and lower body, and was nice and cozy.

    So, here is my just started list of things to keep in your Jeep:

    bug spray
    small blanket (space blanket or thin wool/fleece blanket should do)
    flashlight (always keep one in the car)
    towing equipment
    matches (if stuck in the woods, a fire is nice)
    rag (for wiping dew off the seats, or checking oil, or emergency bathroom use)
  • wheelshighwheelshigh Posts: 30
    Yeah I hear you about the bug spray. I was up in Maine last week near Millinocket camping about 30 miles from the nearest gas station in the logging forests. Man those bugs are tough I had bud spray and sprayed it on me like a mad-man and those bugs still were all around me. Well at least I had a good time, there is hundreds of miles of dirt road in that area where you can get lost easily.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Yes all passengers in a car must wear seatbelts all the time. Seatbelt laws in Canada became law in the mid -70's.We now have a 90 % user rate .
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    Crazyjpr - glad to hear you got the problem solved. While we need to be careful, I think it is advantageous to post info on the board if you have had either really good or really lousy service from a dealer. You have posted info that I think is appropriate for the board to know about.

    Personally, what I would like to see avoided is an initial post of "Dealer x is terrible!" with no explanation, but in your case, you had an issue, got a diagnosis, chose to get a second opinion (that countered the first opinion), had the secondd dealer do the work and up to this point are satisfied the problem was fixed. Thoughts about the appropriateness of calling out dealers based on thier service?

    As far as what to carry in the Jeep, I have a page that lists items compiled from JU. It is more geared toward someone that may have to fix something to get off a trail, but it may spark some ideas for items appropriate in our individual situations.


  • texasjeeptexasjeep Posts: 270
    Congrats. That is awesome. I hope your Jeep works out great for you.

    If you are not going to do a lift I would go with 31x10.50s. Tsjay and tonka are running them.
    What kind of tires do you need. If you are going to be off-roading a good amount or going through mud, I would get a mud tire. BFG muds or BFG A/T are great tires.
    A 2" spacer lift runs about $200 and is a good type of lift.

    Glad to hear everything is going good now. Thanks for sharing the info.
    Here is a link to a list of good and bad dealers if you want to share your info.

    I guess I didn't realize they did another change on the 01. I was just thinking about the 00 or when ever they did the last change. Haven't really seen the new ones much. The flares kind of look funky is all I remember.

    I think there is a difference between the full and half doors. The half doors come down a few inches farther and it makes a big difference to me.
    I love going to work and then maybe that afternoon at lunch or for the way home from work taking my top down and half doors off because it is so nice out. Or just rolling up the back window, taking out the rear side windows and removing the half doors.
  • I actually am not sure of the packages he got, he'll be home in 3 days so I'll let you know then.

    We went to Carolina beach and Fort Fisher. The first picture is from Carolina and the last two are at Fort Fisher.
  • "If you are not going to do a lift I would go with 31x10.50s. Tsjay and tonka are running them."

    Could someone please post pictures of the washer/spacer thing? What does that help? Does it eliminate the problem completely? If it catches while hauling butt off road, it would stink royally.

    "What kind of tires do you need. If you are going to be off-roading a good amount or going through mud, I would get a mud tire. BFG muds or BFG A/T are great tires."

    Probably a lot of road (obviously), but also some off road. I think the 4X4 is more important than the tires off road. Mostly, I want something taller than 225/75 for clearance, and do not really need width for mud or boulders. I am considering a second set of narrow tires for winter snow tires with studs. Opinions?

    "A 2" spacer lift runs about $200 and is a good type of lift."

    Yeah, but aren't decent "real" lifts like around $500 or so? Can you buy lifts with tuned springs for towing (heavier duty in the rear)?

    "I love going to work and then maybe that afternoon at lunch or for the way home from work taking my top down and half doors off because it is so nice out. Or just rolling up the back window, taking out the rear side windows and removing the half doors."

    Same here (only 2 work days so far!). How do you remove the half doors? I was wondering if anybody has tried a wingnut for making door removal easier. ?
  • Jeep wave: Apparently, girls do not participate in this. All males seem to, and some older women, but I have waved at many under 40 "girls", and get either straight ahead stare, or puzzled look. I guess they just don't get it.

    legroom: My 1992 Honda Civic hatchback has more legroom than the 1997 Wrangler. Does anybody know a way to move the seat back or if there are aftermarket "seat tracks" which allow one to move the seat further back?
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    sas - I have not seen anything that allows you to move the rear seat back. If the seat were moved back, it would be difficult if not impossible to fold the soft top down. You didn't buy a Honda, so please stop comparing it to one. Tell people it's the price they pay for riding in your Jeep. If it's your kids, have them start smoking so they will stop growing . As for heavier springs... the reason you can't tow more than 2000 lbs in a Wrangler is due to the short wheelbase, not the suspension capacity. A trailer should never have more than 15% (<10% is better) of it's total weight as measured at the tongue. If you need more towing capacity, you'll need a different vehicle.

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